Creating Peace


Meet and Meditate
To Create Peace...

A Channeled Message - Author Unknown
Make peace and the preservation of all life your greatest
desire. Make it your Number One
Priority. For it can be done when such attention and willing-
ness are given to the Divine plan.
   Give yourself wholeheartedly to this effort, beloved ones,
so all of humanity will be freed of its negative limitations, and
the family of man will go forth boldly in the great love effort
required at this time. We notice that you talk, walk, or march
for peace, but I say to you that if you do not join in a mutual
meditation with us during these activities you lose much of the
healing energy.
    Please provide us an avenue through which our energies
may join yours. At any meeting, but especially in those with
high attendance, you should always ask God to join you in en-
 ergizing prayers or images of peace for the earth herself and all
 upon her. Then MEET and MEDITATE! Ask for all human
 hearts to become peaceful and to relinquish violence and sepa-
 ration. Let earth become unified in peace once again.
    No peace organization with only a survival-of-self motive
 serves the greater good of all humanity. And if it does not call
 to the heavens for blessing and assistance it is weak indeed.
 We notice that many peace organizations are afraid to use the
 word "God" for fear many people will not be drawn to their ef-
 forts. In this we are not allowed to interfere due to your free
 will. But peace is a spiritual issue, if you think about it, and
 your peace organizations' attempts to bring change by adding
 additional numbers only works if the intention is based upon
 the power of love in your hearts. Since love is God, there is no
 avoiding such a connection. Therefore, if the leaders of the
 various peace movements fail to recognize the source of peace
  as love and the source of love as God you will lose great power
  in the movement. Combine them all with the mortar of com-
  mitment, however, and your results will be phenomenal.
     Recently we noticed meetings of peace groups in which not
  a single meditative or contemplative thought was used to bring
the separate energies of the people together. NOT ONE.
Therefore, because the audience had not focused its tremen-
dous energies into a single channel of intention, much power
was lost.
   Let it be known, then, that the purpose of your own designs
cannot win without God. Hasn't your past history taught you
that your own efforts have brought war and violence - less than
the desired effect? Do you really believe that humanity, with-
out God, can surmount the horrendous effects of your past er-
   No. And this is not said to discourage you.
   It is said to remind you that your own plans, without the
guidance of God, have failed you for thousands of years.
Surely it is time to acknowledge that the assistance of your
Creator is needed.
   I hear comments among the peace leaders saying that "if we
get religious we will lose our members." I say that if the mem-
bers among you refase to acknowledge God, you foster a sickly
purpose indeed and there is no cure for the diseased state in
which you dwell!!! For it was your self-chosen motives and
separation from the Great One that caused your fall in the first
place. Do you really think in your feeble attempt to make it
better that you can do it all by yourselves?
   I say it again. Your peace movement will fail without the
recognition of a power greater than yourself which YOU
MUST INVITE into your midst. No, we do not care what you
call it. Call it God, or use phrases such as Source, Creator,
Power of the Universe ... Holy Light ... Holy Energy ... and
so on. But the invitation must be offered in order to have the
additional light and energy given. At a recent meeting of thou-
sands of people who were hoping to change the course of hu-
manity's disaster, not a single mention was made on your TV
about calling forth the higher power. Hear me a final time:
This does not serve your cause at all.
   What does aid and assist it is to acknowledge that peace is
love and love comes from the Creator. Therefore, invite the
greater presence to be there with you for we can imbue each
person with greater awareness and with the sense of peace
within, which will assist in creating peace on the external level
of manifestation.
   You are image makers given free will. You image fre-
quently but without sufficient intentions for peace.  Your
thoughts must desire peace and your hearts must also long for
it if this negative separation is to cease.
   Let me ask you a few simple questions. If you were fight-
ing a fire and had only 30 firefighters while the fire had already
blazed so far out of control that the whole countryside was on
the verge of destruction, would you insist on standing there
alone or would you call for an immense armada of airships,
men and materials that would be helpful to you? Or if a plague
were discovered in a certain town or region, would members of
the small, local medical staff call upon outside help or would
they merely attempt to handle the situation by themselves?
   In these questions and your answers I hope you see the mes-
sage I bring you. The God-of-All has said we are to give you
immense energy of love and peace in these troubled times ...
and we await your call. We who would work with you cannot
do so unless you request our help - unless you express a will-
ingness to call out for assistance.
   We stand ready, in ways you cannot even imagine, to give
you our energy and love to help you in your many tasks and
works in the months ahead.
   If you fail to include the aid of higher consciousness, your
efforts will fail and you will bear the effects of a personality-
induced purpose. For if humanity fails to understand that your
 yearning for peace is a response to the call of God to the hu-
 man heart to love, you misunderstand the entire history of hu-
 manity's soul evolution. This would be ignorance at its high-
 est! It would signal yet another defeat in mankind's eight mil-
 lion year adventure on earth. Without God you are cruel, at
 best. Without God your heart is empty of love. Without love
 you could die as individuals, nations, and as a planetary citi-
    Therefore, even if you only call upon the nature of love to
 give a cohesiveness of purpose to your peace meditations,
 meetings, marches, and other activities, I suggest in the very
 strongest of terms that you do this. MEET and MEDITATE.
 Begin by stilling the group, gathering, or audience and then fo-
cus all minds and hearts on the nobility of love. Agree to ex-
press only the best of humanity's God-created nature. For in
that agreement you center the most powerful holy energy in the
Universe as your assistant. Ask always for the pure and holy
light forces of the Universe to come forth to assist your cause
and to aid the work. To do less than this is to allow the fire to
burn uncontrolled and the plague to spread unchallenged.
   Do you hear and understand my concern? Will you accept
the offer of our higher, peaceful realities to guide your worthi-
est mission?
   In the name of our Creator I ask you to accept the strength-
ening assistance we stand ready to give. Know that we await
your response through soul willingness and personality behav-
ior change.
   You are the seed of a new humanity. You are the tomorrow
of love trembling to be born. You are a cosmic being in the
making. Acknowledge this as your true identity and join with
all of heaven's power and caring to complete the task at hand.
The planet and all of humanity need your aid in establishing
peace on earth. We must move quickly, in strength and cer-
tainty, to reclaim this planet for the Light.
   Time is critical. Will you help?
   In peace, and always with a greater love than you have
found, but eternally seek, I call you forth to your glorious hour.

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