Creating New {Channeled}

Isis' Message of the Day -
"As we have often said, like attracts like and purity and innocence are in themselves protection. But so also is knowledge, if rightly used and accompanied by wisdom. Fear,not to be confused with wise caution, is your greatest enemy and, strangely enough, it is one of your own creation. Dispel this and you will be well on your way to mastering your next time-zone sidestepping those negative energy forms that are having a final fling at your expense."
~  KAINI a Paschat from Sirius ~
From the book "The Lion People" Intercosmic Messages from the Future
by Murry Hope
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Team Beloved: Creating New and New Again
Received by Kenton David Bell
The Universe is as big or as small as we perceive it to be. It is as expansive or as limited as we choose to see it. This pretty much holds true with everything we experience. It takes more energy to keep things small than it does to allow them to be expansive. It takes no more Source Energy to create a bread box as it does a castle. The difference lies in what you are willing to allow as a creation into your world. Once again the choice is yours! What do you choose?
If you choose the unlimited, unknown growing edge of my Desires from moment to moment. Allowing the expansiveness of the Universe to constantly shower you with the gifts of new experiences and unbridled Joy, Happiness , Love and Abundance! So be It! And so it is!
When you allow your dreams and desires to bubble up from deep within your Essence and you begin to follow the signs,pulses and choices that appear as to manifest them, you begin to engage the Creation aspect of your Source. As you begin to engage the Creation aspect of your Source, you are in alignment with that which you desire to manifest... this is your personal gauge to manifestation and creation.
Your dreams and desires are "locked" away in your DNA. Waiting to be "unlocked" by your imagination and childlike engagement of Self, this is also the "key" to your personal, oh so fun and absolutely tantalizing, evolution of your very being!
Emotional muscles are really so similar to the physical muscles in your body...You need to exercise them in order to keep them happy and healthy!  The difference for success is...  the emotional muscles like light-weight exercises, as the physical muscles need heavy-weight exercises to workout.
How are you treating your emotional muscles today and every day?? It really is the little silly, no-holds-barred giggles that make or break this muscle building workout! Have fun and Laugh out Loud!
We often think of confusion as an undesirable "state"...  Have you ever noticed that confusion often precedes clarity? As a matter of fact, confusion is often necessary as you move into new understandings and create new experiences. Confusion is the result of old structures being challenged by the weight of new information and experiences. Hence you might say that confusion often is the mile marker on the road to new experiences and new realities!
What if confusion was something that you readily welcomed into your journey? Knowing that this is a sign that evolution is happening! While no one wants to dwell in confusion for long, it need only be a momentary phase on the way to new worlds and experiences.
New experiences are the very things that drive our evolution as spiritual human beings having this journey. Recreating the same over and over again is a choice. Creating new and new again is also a choice. It is easy to fall into the illusion that the familiar is safe and secure and that the unknown is scary and unsafe. These are only illusions. Who has ever proven that the familiar is safer than the unknown? Most often the greatest solutions lay in the unknown.
Just today, do something that puts you in the unfamiliar. See what you can learn from this choice and action. Notice where you might bump up into the illusions of the familiar, do something that scares you a bit, that challenges you!   Have Fun!
Team Beloved & Kenton