Creating A New Reality



Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. We, in the Angelic realm, are here to assist you. We wish you to know that the spiritual realms are real. There are many changes coming. We ask that you learn to “center yourselves.” Changes are for the best, but the more resistance one has to them, then the more difficult they are. When one can see the bigger picture, then it is easier, and enables one to see the beauty. Life is about living. Live your life to the fullest. By this we mean, by being the expanded being. Open to your senses. Open to the inner guidance that is there for you. Be at peace. Teach Only Love. Bless Your Hearts.
Channeled by Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.     

Quan Yin: Speaks about 2012
Channeled by Rev. Debbie Dehm
December 29, 2011

I know it seems to all of you that you have been waiting a very long time for the year of 2012 and all you expect to happen at the end of that year. For me and the other ascended masters who have been helping you and guiding you all along the way it has been a much longer journey and I am very glad to be nearing the end of it. But let me remind you that it is not a set in stone date, your ascension, but a long process; a journey into Oneness with Creator, without having to die to return there. This is a great accomplishment for the Earth and all sentient beings who reside on her. This really has never been done before in any universe. This is one reason the Earth has become the center of attention to so many people and beings from other dimensions and planets. They are also here not just to watch the show, so to speak but to help you in anyway they can because they are already in Unity consciousness and know that we are all One with the Creator. Yes, they all believe in God too, for who could see the wonders, the symmetry and beauty of the Universe and think there is no intelligence behind it?

So you wish to know what this wonderful future holds for you and I will share as much as I can but some of it isn't even written yet. "You" create much of it as you go, and we are just as surprised as you are. For instance, you have a desire in your collective consciousness to bring back animal species long gone from this world and it is happening. You seem to have such a curiosity about them you would like to bring them back. Maybe a unicorn, a giant, a hairy elephant? They may be appearing soon. We don't recommend bringing back the dinosaurs but you have so much interest in them it might happen. Earth already has much more variety of flora and fauna than many places so this is fascinating to us, that you would want to do this.

But this is later; let me tell you about the year ahead. For those of you still asleep or on the fence "Wake Up!!"  Your world is changing dramatically all around you. Your government systems will be completely over hauled and changed and will be based more on intelligence and ability than who has enough money to get elected. More women will be taking charge out of disgust at first, for the way things have been going, and then with real compassion for all. When women realize how much influence they have over every aspect of life, they will quickly end the nonsense that is your government system and change things without needing to even involve the government. They want to see a great future for their children and they want to take care of the Mother Earth because they know she takes care of them. Men will catch up when they see they never really had the power they thought they did, when their wife's, sisters, and mothers no longer go along. Eventually, men will come into balance again with the divine feminine and remember the respect they once had for  her. As I said, this is a process and will take many yearsfor all of these changes to happen but if you look you can see them starting already. (Women a special message from me to you. You are the ones really in charge, start acting like it. You are women; you don't need to, and never should have acted like men. You are more powerful than you feel right now but that will soon be restored as you come together in groups and take your power back. I  and Mother Mary, Isis and Tara are all here for you, call upon us and we will help you.)

You know your monetary system is collapsing but you can weather this storm by sharing goods and services with each other on a barter system. You can also start to really trust the Universe to supply all your needs and give to others knowing that if they do not return the kindness to you someone else will. Some of you will even be reaching the point where you can instantly manifest whatever is required in the moment. Won't that be fun?

Relationships will also be in flux. All who are not in integrity of right relationship with you will fall away and many will be reunited with their soul families, if they have not been already. Such a light of recognition and belonging you will see when you meet there will be no doubt between you. These families will cross racial, economic, and social boundaires  that you now have and this will create a more peaceful world, for you will not go to war with your soul family. War will end very soon. We know how tired of it you all are and we are very happy about that. You do need to lay down your weapons and stop fighting just because you are told to, or because you need a job. You do have free will in this choice even though we know it doesn't always feel like you do. Be really brave and stop killing each other no matter what.

Let me paint you a picture of your future world. There is no war, or disease or poverty. Everyone's needs are take care of, the Earth's environment, her land, water and air are restored to a pristine condition. Your homes are designed to fit into it beautifully. You have much more leisure time to pursue art and music and enjoying each other. There will be great places of learning that are free to everyone where all knowledge will be revealed for the asking. You will need to eat and sleep less and your bodies will become ligther and lighter until you are again beings of light. There will be no organized religion, but you will do ceremonies to honor the changes of the season, the Earth and whatever you wish to celebrate. There is so much peace, joy and love in your future that you can not now even imagine it. Your future is assured, just keep going, have faith and know that you are dearly loved and never alone.
Quan Yin

Rev. Debbie Dehm  Reiki master

Polaris: 2012: Unlocking Your Humanity, The Year Ahead
Channeled by Talyaa Liera
December 30, 2011
2012. Twenty. Twelve.
A whole lot of energy has been placed into those words. The number. The date. The year Everything Becomes Awesome. Right? Is that what you have been holding out for? If so, you are not alone. A billion breaths are being metaphorically held. A billion hearts beat a little faster, thinking about the "Great Change To Come." A billion collective souls are actively helping create an opening into new ways of being, new countries formed and old ones dissolved, and new beings brought into the collective global pool of potential.
And six billion more people, maybe more than that, are simply living their lives. Going from day to day. Eating. Working. Loving. Surviving. Learning. Growing. Dancing.
Who has it more right? Those who yearn for change and hold onto the promise of something new, or those who are making that change with every breath, every heartbeat, every step?
There is no right answer.
There is no wrong answer, except perhaps to deny oneself the pleasure of physical being while holding out for something better. No judgment here. But 2012 is the year you will learn more about the business of being human. And it is from that place – the place of reveling in the beauty of being an exquisite creation of humanity – that you will create the sweeping changes yet to come across the planet.
How's that for exciting?
What does this mean to you? How can you become more aware of your humanity? And how will an increased global attention to the gorgeous physical aspects of being in a human body create change?
What it means to be human

Perhaps you have not thought about this in a while. So think now. What it is about you that is an essential part of your humanity? Is it part of your body? Your beautiful heart? Is it your way of thinking that sets you apart as human? Or is it an evolutionary thing, like having opposable thumbs? What makes you human? Perhaps that is a rhetorical question, but it begs an answer. What makes you....You? Perhaps it is all the things mentioned: your body, your heart, your thought, your way of being in the world. And that is a good thing, yes? That you are here and that you are a gorgeous creature of stunning proportion, capable of doing oh-so-many things? Capable of feeling. Of choosing. Of loving.
This year, you will likely guide yourself on a path that includes a deeper exploration of your own humanity. Of your connections to other humans. And of your collective connections to each other and to the world in which you live.
Exploring individual humanity is part of your collective human path. That is 2012.
How can you become more aware of your own humanity?

A mirror is your best tool this year. Look into it. Use an artist's eye as best you can and look at yourself in the mirror every day. Describe to yourself what you see there. Be ruthless. Honest. Compassionate. Do this daily. Keep a journal if you dare. Notice what changes you see, and notice also what stays the same. No two days will reveal exactly the same being.
There is another side to the mirror. You are on one side. On the other side is everyone else around you. Remember that they are mirrors for you. What you see in your loved ones is what you possess inside yourself. And you, yourself, are a mirror for those around you. You provide a deeper glimpse for those you love. Not everyone likes this, to be deeply seen. Remember that as you go about your day. Remember your own morning self-inspection in your own mirror and extend your beautiful, human, compassionate heart to those round you who – like you – are struggling to live, to love, and to make a difference in the world.
Increasing compassion is part of your collective human path. That is 2012.
How does being aware of the beauty of humanity create change in the world?

First, a question to you: How can awareness of the beauty in humanity "not" create change in the world?
Greater attention to the beauty of humanity – as opposed to the burden of it – creates an opening, a pathway, to increased levels of beauty in the world. Attention to beauty creates greater satisfaction. Greater satisfaction creates greater levels of kindness. More kindness makes people happier. Happier people make better choices. Better choices include room for more people. And more people feeling supported, cared for, and productive helps everyone feel connected, loved and valuable.
Is that the future you wish to help create?
Becoming more aware of the beauty of humanity – yours and everyone else's – is part of your collective humanpath. That is 2012.
What To Expect in 2012...

Becoming more aware of one's own humanity can be deep work. Expect revelations this year: skeletons rushing out of dark inner closets, to be fully fleshed and clothed in beauty as you breathe life into their dusty bones. Try not to be afraid of what you find deep inside yourself – you once placed it there with love and care. Remember that you are a sacred being, as are the deep dark parts of yourself that you are afraid to look at. It is they that need the most love.
Every year presents a roller coaster spectrum of experience for most people, and this year will be no different. Some days will feel better and some worse. That is part of the beauty of human experience, the fact that there is such a wide variety of experience to choose among. Allow that to be part of your exploration. Let yourself wake up some days wondering about the amazement in store for you that day. Let yourself wake up not knowing whether you will feel better or worse than the day before. Let yourself wake up in a state of readiness for whatever you create that day. Let yourself wake up remembering that you are a sacred being. Let yourself wake up knowing of your beautiful heart and deep compassion. Let yourself wake up in wonder at your exquisite humanity.
By year-end, if you attend to your inner exploration with love and trust, you will walk more firmly, love more deeply, live more fully, and be more beautifully human.
Dusty skeletons running around free from their closets could certainly wreak havoc with relationships, yes? Interestingly, however, the energy of the year lends itself to stability in relationships overall. Not for everyone of course, but in general the effect of this year's energy will be greater compassion, kindness and feelings of support and trust. This translates in general into stronger relationships.
Do not worry of your relationship is not among the strong ones that lasts through the year in harmony. Perhaps your past has run its course. Perhaps skeletons – yours or someone else's – feel too scary or unwieldy to manage while at the same time being a mundane being who has to get to work, remember to buy milk on the way home, and only gets to sleep in on Sundays. Let that be okay. Let any relationship that comes apart be your impetus to gaze more deeply into the mirror and remember how what we feel is mirrored in those around us. Strive to give thanks, if you can, for the courage of the hearts around you in their own struggle to accept the beauty of humanity and to relinquish the burden of it. Give thanks as well to your own courage, to the valor in your own heart, for having loved.
If you are blessed with a degree of intimacy and warmth that feels good to you already, then 2012 will likely bring you additional gifts of blossoming and unfolding of your present relationships into deeper, warmer and stronger connections. As you dive inside to unlock your inner boxes, you naturally allow your heart to open wider. This is a natural part of the inner exploration process. The more you trust in the inherent goodness of your own human nature, the more you will see the beauty in the people around you and the more space you will hold for inner exploration and opening in those people. In other words, increasing awareness of your own human beauty will help everyone around you have the courage to love their human natures more as well.
Communities remain in flux this year. Not everyone will be on the same page with their inner exploration and increasing awareness of the beauty of humanity. Some people will need to see ugliness before they can feel beauty. As best you can, let this be okay and remember there can be compassion for a spirit trapped in ugliness. The more firmly you walk on your own path, the more light you hold for those still in darkness.
Bring your own light that comes from your personal exploration of the beauty of your own humanity, and bring it to the places that are closest to you: your own neighborhood; your workplace; your family; your city; the community circles that touch you most. It is these places that you walk in most and can make the most difference. As you explore your own face in the mirror this year you will begin to see your inner change reflected in the faces you see in the communities around you. Remember that everyone is waking up in the morning to wonder, or to heaviness and despair, or to fear, or to magic. Every person you meet each day has woven a new story since waking that morning. It is up to you to determine what part you play in that story. As best you can, try to make your part come from your remembrance of your beauty.
As with some relationships, you may find yourself releasing communities this year that no longer feel like a part of the path you walk forward. This is a natural part of your inner exploration process, but you will wish to allow yourself space to grieve. Try to be clear what it is you are grieving: is it connection? Is it what might have been? The feel of being needed? Give yourself plenty of time to muse over your circles and how they reflect your inner mirror. Remember that your life is inextricably intertwined with the lives of many many others. When you exhale, others breathe. When your heart beats, it beats in time with those around you. Cast your light a wide and far as you dare.
Global Politics
Inner exploration has far-reaching consequences, sending shocks and reverberations across the globe. While some wars are ending, others begin. Political tensions increase as some people walk more deeply in their fears. This too is a normal part of the process of awakening to the beauty of humanity, but for many people life may look worse this year before it gets better. Politics, power plays, fear-based regimes, and increased external protections will likely be common.
At the same time, there are a few places in the world that are overtly beginning to walk in a more heart-centered way and the governance begins this year to reflect this. . . Iceland, Denmark, Fiji and New Zealand. Small nations, perhaps, but with reverberation that eventually walks around the globe.
2012 is not a year of great sweeping change politically. Too many people wish to hold on to what they believe they have to allow that to happen. Yet change is significant nonetheless. Remember that nations as well as people act as mirrors for one another. What you observe occurring in a nation across the water may well be a reflection of the political climate of your own. It is well not to cast stones but to instead go more deeply inward to enact the greatest change outwardly.
Earth Changes
Shocks and reverberations? Why...yes. 2012 is potentially a year of greatness in the realm of earth-centered change. Icebergs slipping into the ocean. Mountains shuffling their feet. Volcanoes becoming restless. Land swallowed up by the sea. All these occurrences are of course a natural part of growth and change for the planet, but at the same time it appears that 2012 holds the potential for monumental and possibly devastating earth change. Earthquakes in Italy, Portugal and the South Pacific. Volcano activity in Hawaii, Japan, and the Pacific Northwest U.S.. Iceberg slippage in Antarctica that creates change in ocean level. Land slippage from mountainous oceanside cliffs in many places: Southern California, Mexico, South America, the British Isles, Madagascar, Scandinavia and Russia.
There are no inherently 'safe' places to live on the planet. Every location is fraught with the peril that comes from the sheer experience of being alive. While this can feel disconcerting, it can also help you open to connection to the flow of energy and life that is the human experience on this planet. And why would you deny yourself the power and majesty of fully dropping into your humanity and connection to the beautiful rock that is your collective home?
If at times you feel that the movement of the planet under your feet feels like more than you wish to take on in that moment, let that be okay. But know as well that you can increase your feeling of connection to the flow of the planet easily. From that connection might also emerge a greater feeling of awareness of your own humanity. Win win.
To aid in your feeling of connection to the planet, try this:
Place your feet on the floor. Feel how the soles of your feet meet the hardness of the floor under them. Feel how solid the floor feels to you now. Take this in to yourself now by breathing deeply, up from the soles of your feet into your heart. Imagine there is a current running through your feet and legs, right up to your heart. This current enlivens you. Awakens you. Refreshes you. Feel how alive your feet and legs feel right now. Feel the gift, also, that lies in your heart as it touches the current that comes up through you from the earth. This gift is you. Your beautiful, human heart. Your humanity now touches the earth and enlivens it. Awakens it. Refreshes it. Remember this feeling and touch into it when you feel the need.
Global Spiritual Changes
Ah, 2012. This was to be the year of Great Change, was it not? Could the Mayans have been wrong? Or could they simply have failed to account for a planet that lived far beyond their lifetimes? Have you been holding out for Great Change this year? Then perhaps you will feel more connected, more loving, more attached to the outcomes of your experiences and choices if you allow your every action to become permeated with the knowingness of your own humanity. As best you can, in each moment. And then allow your inner change to be the mirror for the changes occurring all around you.
That is, in essence, the magic of 2012. Increased attention and awareness to the beauty of humanity. More compassion. Better, more mindful, choices. Greater love for the person within you. Greater love for those around you. Greater opening, awareness, and flow.
A year from now, you are invited to look back. To remember the journey you took since today. To reflect your inner desires out into the world. To give love and thanks for the person that you were that has brought you to the person you are now. To remember the gifts you offer collective humanity and the pleasure you have felt in diving into your humanity.
Thank you for your courage, for your heart, and for your love.
Copyright(C)2006 - 2012 by Talyaa Liera. All rights reserved.   

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, you have gifted to yourself a lifetime. Only masters can do that. You are not sent here, far off, as punishment for great sins. You chose to be here, and you chose out of great courage to be here one more time—because this is not your first time in this reality; it may be, if you choose, your last time in this reality, or not, because you may choose that you want to come back in full awareness at a time when the collective consciousness has reached full awareness, and that will happen, even in time.

Lords of Creation: Part 4- Creating the New Reality Through Self-Love
December 29, 2011
We have come to speak about self-love.  It is the single most important aspect to one’s consciousness.  It needs much more attention and acknowledgment than it is given.  It is never in too much abundance, and to alter the reality in which we live is to love ourselves more than we have ever before.  It is not the love that we seek but the light to come in and fill our bodies when we are loving ourselves on levels we have not done before. 
We need to love ourselves like never before because the physical planes have been in cleansing processes for over a year now and this evolution is new cosmically speaking.  We need to replace the duality consciousness with the new consciousness of unity and respect for all of creation and the divine feminine.  This channel has undergone the most challenging time of her lifetimes and she has lost the ability to communicate what she has known for millennia because she did not love herself when she needed to in the lower chakras and this opened the door to the most powerful dark attacks she has ever experienced throughout her lifetimes.  She knows that the light will prevail but she has encountered the most forceful resistance by the dark she has ever experienced because the dark forces want to continue with the old status quo of separation consciousness and duality of the divine feminine and divine masculine.  The light of the Creator needs to fill in the space where the cleansing has occurred.  We are in the process of physically creating a New Reality on earth with the Light being in charge.  This channel is not able to communicate this as effectively as she has always done in the past because she has not been able to clear the darkness from the physical body and the dark cabal is doing everything they possibly can to stop her .She will heal everything and will not be able to communicate until she is healed herself and rids the lower chakras of the impurities from the sexual abuse she has endured in this lifetime. 
The physical plane of the cosmos is being recreated at this very important juncture.  It has developed duality consciousness through both lack of consciousness and the dark forces taking advantage of the evolutionary opportunities for growth in this area by conditioning the collective consciousness with duality and separateness from the inner Light of the Divine Soul.  We must recognize this conditioning and create divine light unity consciousness.  We must remember that Mother/Father Source is divine light and love and only wants the best for every one of Her/His children and this faith carries us through the darkest of nights to the Kingdom of God that is within.
[Writer wishes to reamin annonymous]