Creating A Better Future-Our Return Home

Arcturian Light Transmissions: Easily Creating a Better Future (May 5, 2010)

Dear Arcturian Star Sisters & Brothers,

I found this channeling online and thought you might like it.

Love & Light,
Andi-Donna-Mira aka "Jane"

* * * * *

Yes, we are with you and are ready to begin our transmission. Thank you for
connection and allowing us this opportunity to provide insight and love. Let us

When you think about what is to come, ask yourself from what reference point you
project what is now going to happen or what is going to happen in the future. Do
you believe that what is coming in your future will be similar to what has
happened in your past? Or do you believe that what is going to happen is going
to be worse that what has happened to you before? There is an overriding belief
pattern, held in the collective consciousness of your planet, that you cannot
create anything better then what you have created before, meaning that the
future holds things that are equal to or not as good as what has happened in the
past. This belief pattern causes you to create from the past and not from the
point of reference which is the now. Believing that you can only create a future
that is similar but not better than the past actually holds you in the past and
keeps you in the 3D (present) reality.

We want you to know that you can change this belief and immediately change what
you are creating. When you hold the belief that you can create whatever you want
to create and you know that the next thing you create will always be better then
what you created before, you place yourself in the perpetual state of newness.
You can detach yourself from the energy of the past by simply stating, "I now
create everything new from this reference point, and everything I create is
better and more joyous than past creations."

When you think of the past to create the future, you anchor your attention in
the past and you pull that energy into the future. We would like you to think of
a new way to create your future and that is to create it new each and every
time. You do not need to reference the past to create your future. You only need
to know what you want to create NOW, no looking back, only thinking about what
it is you want to create in this moment, no reference from the past, creating
from the now.

When you choose to look at what you have created in the past and use that as a
reference point for creating now, you have a tendency to create the same thing
over and over. Over time, this has become a very deeply seeded belief pattern.
We want to remind you that you are creator beings. and if you choose to create
the same thing over and over, then that is your choice. But we are asking you to
have a renewed awareness of this pattern, and if you want to choose to transcend
a repeating pattern in your life, then you need to be aware of how you are
creating it. Repeating patterns are simply you choosing to create the same thing
over and over again because you are not consciously aware that you can create
something newer and more expansive. It is not because you cannot change this
pattern. It is simply because you are unaware that you believe that you can only
bring the same energy of the past into your creations of the present and future.

This is a very simple shift of thought form, but a very important one. It is
also one of the keys to shift your vibration into the new reality, the fourth
dimension. As you want new things to appear in your life, begin consciously
thinking that each and every time you create something it will be NEW. It will
be a little more expanded then the thing that you created before. It will look
and feel a little different, and it will look and feel a little better. Try it
out on very simple things, and then watch it expand to more.

Another belief pattern that holds you to creating the same thing over and over,
or creating something the same as what you've created before, is that you do not
look at what you've created before with gratitude, appreciation or peace. You
judge what you've created before as being bad or not good enough. You want to do
better, but you do not allow yourself to believe that you can do better. Your
frustration over what you've already created is holding you and anchoring you to
what you've already created. It is bringing the past into your future. To create
new, you must let go of the past creations by looking at them and feeling peace
and then gratitude. Believe that what you've created was good, because you chose
to create it as a creator being and now you can let it go and create something
new. That is what you are here to do, create new things. And each and every time
you create something new, you can expand your creation. Simply allow yourself to
let go of those things you created before, do not judge them, be grateful for
them and allow them to be. Then create anew.

Be happy and grateful for every new creation. Every thought you think is a new
creation. You can choose to think new and more empowering thoughts. Your
thoughts of today can be a completely new today! Let go of what you thought
yesterday! You do not need to bring those thoughts into your NOW reality…..think
new ones and create a new reality today, and your future will always be more and
more joyous. And when you are creating a more joy filled reality, other people
will feel this energy and begin to do the same. And when more people begin to
create more joyous creations, it will have a ripple effect to all the
inhabitants on your planet and to Mother Earth herself! Think and Create New
Each and Every Day!

We love and honor you.

Thank you for this time of connection!

With love light and conscious creating!

The Arcturian Circle.

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