Create Space 4 Your Intentions

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Create Space for your Intention
by Jennifer Hoffman
January 2, 2011
Every new year begins with resolutions to be better, smarter, more successful and happier. And this generally lasts for a little while then we step into our old ways and the new year can become a repetition of the previous one. What happened? We set out with good intentions and yet nothing changed. There is a very subtle understanding that will help you create resolutions that you will be able to keep and see the results you want in your life, and it has to do with how you set your intention. 
We make new year's resolutions at the end of the year, when we look at all of the things we didn't do, the things that didn't happen or all of the things that did not work out the way we wanted to. Our resolutions then become the focus for fixing our life. But there is nothing to fix because there is nothing wrong. Everything is always perfect and in divine order, in that moment. We can change anything we want to change when we do the one thing that will allow change to happen, which is shifting our thinking. Without that, nothing is ever going to change because it is the energy of our thoughts that creates the reality in which we live.
When we intend for something to happen an energetic vortex is created that begins to move energy towards our intention. This new energy vortex connects with everything that supports and is in alignment with it and clashes with everything that is not. We feel the alignments as supportive, positive events and the clashes as fear and resistance. And if we try to hold on to everything, we are going against the transformative energies of our intention and not allowing them to manifest. Then we feel stuck. 
To create powerful, positive and lasting change we must start with the realization that everything in our life is perfect. Then we can allow the energy vortex to expand and as it does, it will attract what resonates with it and push out everything that doesn't. One thing we can learn is to gracefully release what is trying so hard to leave so we can invite its replacement. This flow of release and receiving is what allows our intentions to manifest. For this new year set your intention for what you wish to have in your life in this moment and be prepared to gracefully let go of whatever needs to leave so you can create space for your intention and allow miracles to unfold in an effortless flow that creates the fulfilling, powerful, joyful life that you dream of and can create, with the right intention.
Article Copyright 2010 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.
About the author
Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She also channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel.  Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder of, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel.  Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email for information.   * Enlightening Life  *  email: *    

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