Create Harmony & Balance {Channeled}

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  SaLuSa: Your Objective Create Harmony and Balance
3.)  Master Serapis Bey: Creating your own Guiding Light
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  A Story Told on the Waves of Itself
6.)  The Beloved: Your Connection to Planet Earth

Isis' Message of the Day -
No man born on the earth has advantage over another.  All are truly born equal.  But, this equality is in spiritual things, not earthly things.
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
My dear friends, we love you so very much.
Celebrate dear ones for you are all moving forward once again in your lives. Whether the motion is "voluntary" or appears to be motivated by outside factors, each one of your souls is striving to create more joy, more love, a feeling of greater richness in the quality of your lives. Richness in your lives is never tied to the money in your bank account but rather, it is related to the amount of love and joy, connection and meaning that you choose experience on a daily basis.
And so dear ones, how do you add abundance to your daily lives? You first opportunity to experience an abundant life occurs upon awakening. Do you rush out of bed, stressed and worried about the day? Or perhaps can you experience this very same moment a little differently by taking a few deep breaths, stretching, giving thanks for your bed, your life, and another day in which you can create a whole new reality here upon your planet earth? When you arise, try this for a few days. Take just a few extra minutes upon awakening to fully allow your spirit to get back into your body after a night of being out and about with angels and guides. Take a few moments to breathe, stretch, and luxuriate in the feeling of having a body and the ability to breathe at all. Think about what you would like to do this day and ask for the help in achieving your tasks smoothly and gracefully. Envision your wonderful day. Ask that your day be filled with grace. Breathe. Feel yourself resting in the arms of God .
When you eat your breakfast, there too you can create an experience of lack or abundance. Do you even eat your breakfast? Do you rush? Do you throw something in your body without regard for it's desires and feelings as well. Or perhaps dear ones, can you stop, slow down, breathe, and ask your body what it wants to eat in ordered to be nurtured and sustained for the day ahead. Can you take a few minutes to prepare and eat your food with conscious awareness and gratitude?
When you greet your spouse, your child, your pet, or your co-workers are you present with them. Do you look into their eyes, seek the spark of light there within. Do you greet them cheerfully, see them as human beings - spirits in and of their own right who have cares and concerns just as you do - or do you see them as nuisances - people to be managed, avoided, taken care of? Do you share of your heart and your truth honestly and kindly with them, or do you close up for fear they will not care or understand you? In an abundant life dear ones, you are yourself and you allow yourself to connect with the people around you. You will repel those who do not belong and attract those who do, for this is the law of life. When you bring your heart to the surface without shame, without a need for acknowledgement, or without a desire to make others agree, your life will adjust to bring those to you who honor it.
These are but a few examples of how you can experience abundance in your life. An abundant life has nothing to do with money, but rather to do with an experience of love, joy, connection, and meaning. These things are all available no matter how much or how little you feel you have, for these qualities are within you already, there for the giving. Seek to love what you can. Seek joy in the simple pleasures in life. Seek connection with other human beings and let them sort themselves out around you. You can find meaning in the simplest act if it is done with love. Brushing your teeth can be a spiritual discipline if you do it with consciousness, gratitude, and love1 Indeed dear ones, find and experience the wealth you already have and in so doing you stop worrying about money. You stop worrying about what you do not have and focus upon what you already do. And in this state of being, you cannot help but attract more for you have at long last, discovered, your abundant he art, and the richness of your own soul.
God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels
With much love,
Ann Albers
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SaLuSa: Your Objective Create Harmony and Balance
May 11, 2011
The Galactic Federation is becoming more active all around your world, but even if you were aware of it you would not necessarily know the reasons for it. There are certain issues that concern your safety, but we are not at liberty to give you much in the way of details. For a long time we have so to say, cleared up the mess left by the dark Forces, who set out to disrupt and cause the maximum amount of trouble. This has been particularly evident in the last few years when they stepped up their activities. The bigger problems are such that we have relied upon our allies to help tackle them, and they have centered around the money markets and the Petroleum Industry. We have had to break down the controls that have brought about exactly what the Illuminati have desired, to give them absolute command of the key markets. Through their manipulation and dictates over oil prices, they have grown immensely wealthy whilst what you often call the “ordinary people” have had to foot the bill. It has not been easy in response to refrain from overstepping our authority, but there have always been boundaries that we have had to maintain. It comes back to karma and experiencing your creations so that you learn the consequence of your actions. We cannot just step in and prevent them but we can often lessen the impact upon you.
We find that the world is dividing into groups that have common interests, and in some ways that is the best approach to bring some degree of stability. Ultimately, when it is seen that you are One, there will be then be a strong desire to work as One having realized that it is the way forward. Competition such as you have now will be replaced by cooperation, and people’s energy will go towards positive functions in the interests of all people. On a spiritual level there will also be a coming together in understanding, as where strong beliefs were held these will be opened up to sensible discussion and changes if necessary. Eventually only that which is of the truth will remain, and by then Mankind will have learnt the lessons resulting from separateness. Your objective all along was to rise up out of it, and create harmony and balance through being able to adopt the principle of Unconditional Love. The sooner you can begin to live your life that way, the quicker you will reach the higher dimensions.
After many lives and countless experiences you have grown in stature and spiritual awareness.So now you stand at the door of opportunity, as Ascension draws closer offering you the chance to leave duality behind. As the purpose of life becomes clear, you will find it much easier to cut your ties to the material world. In the higher levels there is nothing that you will want for, and your needs will be nowhere as big as when on Earth. Yet you will enjoy all of the comforts you could possibly think of, surrounded by absolute beauty and spectacular colors some of which are presently unseen on Earth. Your creative power will enable you to create for your own pleasure and also for the general benefit of all souls. Nothing is owned in the sense of ownership as you have now, and all is shared without exception.
Time on Earth continues to fly by and you will be entering the final year of duality very soon. It promises to be most interesting and exciting as you will be working for a future that is assured, and one that can no longer be interfered with by the dark Ones. Yes, they will still be around, but exiled so that you can go speeding towards Ascension. We will have shown ourselves and all become involved in the need to prepare both yourselves and Mother Earth for it. To add to your joy and excitement your ancient ancestors will surface from the Inner Earth, as they too have a part to play in the end times. It will be hard to keep up with the rapid developments, but you will be well informed by our allies and us. The nightmare is ending and the dream is manifesting that will finally take you into the Golden Age.
Keep a positive outlook and remain centered at all times, and you will be untouched by the outer events. Walk through them knowing that you are already a Starseed, and a strong Being of power and purpose working in the Light. You will help others by doing so and your own levels of consciousness will increase exponentially. Each of you is unique and together you are a formidable power for good. Allow others to follow their specific beliefs and if they are not in alignment with the truth, they will soon find their answers. We ourselves will be making sure that the truth is revealed regarding any matter that is important to your evolution. It should bring people together more quickly who can then help each other to understand it.
The end of the cycle of duality must take place, and providing the Earth is protected and ascends it is not too important as to how it is achieved. However, there are many aspects that must reach a conclusion, and be cleared away to accommodate the new paradigm. The biggest change must fulfill the call for world peace, and removal of the Illuminati’s power and influence can only be established with our help. It shall happen and is not too far away from taking place. Already their removal is being negotiated and eventually there will be no other way out for them. They remain defiant but circumstances will seriously deplete their resources, including access to the enormous wealth they have acquired. They are like past dictators who have inevitably believed that they were invincible, and that is their Achilles Heel. They have fallen at the last hurdle and can no longer control matters as they would like. The people have for example awoken to what has been taking place, and their resistance to the dark Ones is helping stop their progress.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can inform you that you are getting closer to some major happenings, that will commence the final stage in the process of Ascension. Your long wait is soon to be rewarded, and if you are observant you may see the signs of it happening. Our presence in your skies continues to increase, but what is not so readily apparent is the progress we are making upon the Earth. We have controlled the outcome of the earthquake in Japan, and radiation from the damaged Reactors has been kept to lower levels that do not pose a major threat. We also continue to avoid confrontation with the dark Forces, who seek to cause an incident that can place us in a bad light. That shall not happen, and we shall reveal their plan if they try to engage us. Be assured that the Galactic Federation is on alert and acting on your behalf.
Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey
I receive my messages from SaLuSa telepathically, he is speaking for the Galactic Federation. I have never had the advantage of being able to have a relationship where I can ask questions. I sit down at a specific time to make contact and then I get images or what I call 'packages" of images or words which I translate straight away onto the computer. Since March, 2004 I have been in contact with beings from the Galactic Federation.  *            

Master Serapis Bey: Creating your own Guiding Light
Channelled through Natalie Glasson-09/05/11
With great delight I have been asked to step forward once more to channel my wisdom and energy to you with the purpose of aiding your spiritual development. I am Master Serapis Bey. In this communication I wish to discuss the method and purpose of creating your own guiding light.
Every person on the Earth has their own guiding light; it is the very essence of the Creator within them. It is that all knowing source of light that can offer tremendously important wisdom and can steer you in the correct direction even when you feel as if you are blind to the path before you. Your guiding light is akin to a lamp that you carry with you, always  the lamp shines brightly even in the darkest of times. The guiding light cannot be distinguished or tainted but represents an aspect of the truth of the Creator that you carry with you. If you were to physically carry a lamp in your hand everywhere you went you would be well aware of the lamp and it would become your constant focus, but because your guiding light is not a lamp that you hold physically but is a source of light within your being it is very common to forget the presence of the guiding light.
In the title of this communication I have used the word, 'creating' which signifies that one must manifest, create or make their guiding light.  To some extent this is true as you create or generate everything within your reality and so the process of spiritual growth and self awareness appears as if you are creating or manifesting new aspects of yourself rather than remembering or becoming aware. Creating symbolises to me that you are placing your energy and focus into a situation or thought to assist you in recognising its energy, so when I say to you create I mean energise and focus.
Your guiding light will always share with you the truth but your ego will only share with you thoughts generated from past experiences which can be tainted and untruthful. There is a need to create an existence where the guiding light can solely channel its wisdom into your being without the interference of the ego. While the ego holds a certain level of power it can be difficult to connect with the truth of the guiding light and this can manifest a feeling of being lost or without guidance. The presence of the guiding light is actually very powerful and can assist in stopping you from searching outside of your body and encourage you to seek the knowledge and wisdom you require inside of you. This means that the power of the guiding light allows you to see beyond the reality that you have created for yourself on the Earth and the guidance that others share with you. With the presence of the guiding light you begin to acknowledge the wisdom and truth within, understanding the truth of your reality on the Earth. The truth of your reality is that it is only a small aspect of your being or creation; it is not essentially your entire, magnificent being and is often influenced by illusions of the past. With this knowledge and without the presence of the guiding light you may view your reality as being unstable and a false experience, but with the presence of the guiding light you are able to see beyond your reality and to know that everything occurs appropriately but you have the ability to create or to energise and focus yourself to generate a reality born from truth.
There are so many changes occurring on the Earth this is because people are seeing that the reality they have created is born from the ego, from past experiences and so only causes limitations and fear. Many are beginning to create a new reality for themselves born from the truth within their being. The only way we can truly create a reality of truth is if we are aware of the truth within us. Many people would say that they are not aware of their truth and so how can they create a reality born from truth. When I explained the title of this communication I offered you the answer that you needed, it is that through creating (energising and focusing) that you will become aware of your truth. This process simply requires you to focus upon your guiding light, to energise the understanding that the guiding light holds the truth that you need and that is naturally you. With focus and energising you are actually placing your trust and faith in your own guiding light or soul. You are creating a reality for yourself where your guiding light is present and active; with this you are naturally diminishing your false beliefs, illusions and the ideas of the ego.
When you place your trust and faith in your guiding light you are surrendering yourself and energy to your guiding light which is an active and aware energy, it will give back to you much more than you could currently imagine. With focus upon your guiding light you naturally begin to interpret and develop it in your reality, and so it seems to manifest with greater power.
The purpose of creating your guiding light now is that many situations, ideas and beliefs that you have long understood to have meaning and truth in your reality will begin to be rocked, shaken and may even fall away. You may be asked to discard beliefs or understandings that have a great deal of meaning to you. It takes a strong person to let go of a lifelong belief and to replace it with a new belief or understanding, this process very often creates feelings of sadness, loss, confusion and even depression, because of a sense of being unsupported. If you are able to create your guiding light at all times (energising and focusing on your guiding light) then it will be far easier to let go of unneeded beliefs about your situation, reality, the world and your purpose on the Earth. It will also be easier for you to forgive yourself as often through this process a person feels remorse for connecting for such a long time with false beliefs. This is natural but not appropriate as everything in your reality occurs for a purpose. The guiding light allows you to view with love your current reality and the new reality born from truth simultaneously offering tremendous clarity. I must also explain that when I say a new reality bornof truth I am not speaking of an existence or place beyond your current existence on the Earth but a reality that allows you to be as you are now but with new and diverse experiences and knowledge. This is a reality that remains at a physical level but with a spiritual perspective and an expression or understanding of truth.
The method that I am suggesting in order to discover or create your guiding light is simple acknowledgement and recognition of the truth or powerfully wise source of guidance within you. To say to yourself regularly out loud that you recognise the guiding light within you and you welcome it to bathe you in its wise expansive knowledge, understanding and love. This would make such a tremendous difference to your reality and will allow the driving force and intuition of your guiding light to truly become one with your being and existence on the Earth. Essentially though this simply acknowledgement you are creating, focusing, energising your true guiding light encouraging yourself to be guided not by your ego or mind but by your soul, your essence, truth and by the Creator.
It is essential to be able to discover your own truth now, your own understanding of your reality and existence on the Earth.  This doesn't mean that you cannot be guided by a spiritual teacher but that each day you are able to understand your own energies. It is also essential to understand that you perspective or view of the Earth may be completely different to another person's, but with the presence of your own guiding light you are happy to allow others to be as they are because you know that they are following the correct path for them at this time. You can always add or send your energy to another to aid support but again this must come from a perspective that is free from beliefs or judgments but comes from a place of pure love within your being or your guiding light. The guiding light within you is predominantly for you alone but of course when you are connected to your guiding light you may find yourself expressing random words or actions to assist the growth of another. When you settle into your own guiding light then you are able to allow others to do as they please following their path. The Earth and the understanding of humanity is changing tremendously, this can bring up many fears, some people may wish to hold on to fear seeing this as the safest way to exist while others will be happy to release all illusions and exist as truth. Whatever is occurring around you, you have the security that you have your guiding light with you at all times and therefore are able to detect what is correct for you and the truth that will aid your spiritual development. Many diverse truths will become apparent, they will flow like waves to wash humanity, there will always be one wave of truth that touches your heart because it is the divine path that your soul wishes to follow in your current existence. It is important to remember that ideas, beliefs or understandings that you feel are not appropriate for you may not be false but simply may not currently be the correct path for you, they will touch the heart of another instead. It is now time for humanity to open their hearts to the diverse beliefs and understandings that are growing on the Earth, to accept and to honour all, this is the way forward. In a time of transformation the challenge of discovering the truth of the Creator becomes very prominent, all that I ask you to remember is that you are on your quest for discovery of your own truth. Therefore when you come across the beliefs of another and they do not seem to resonate with you, always remember that they still exist as truth to them and are helping them along their own spiritual path to the Creator. What we will see on the Earth is that there are many different and creative path ways to unite with the Creator, this is actually an additional lesson for us to trust in ourselves but to also honour others as well as realising how expansive and beautiful the Creator is.
Allow yourself to dedicate your focus and energy to creating your own guiding light as a support for the transformation and process of release that will and are occurring on the earth and within your reality now.
I acknowledge all as a beloved aspect of the Creator,
I am Master Serapis Bey
May you walk in the love and light always,

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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, it has been taught to you by your religious/philosophical teachers, the authorities as they call themselves, that the more you struggle in this lifetime, the greater your reward in heaven. Well, I say unto you that heaven is here and now, and you do not have to struggle.
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HEAVEN #3820
A Story Told on the Waves of Itself
May 11, 2011
God said:
There are no circles really. There are no squares. There are no shapes. All that you study in the relative world does not really exist, and yet the relative world is your existence on Earth. It is what you are involved in. It is very meaningful, and it is meaningful to you. In and of itself, life in the relative world is valuable. You know it is. It may not exist, and yet it is not nothing at all. It is indeed something.
It may be a tunnel, and yet it is a tunnel that you swim through. You get somewhere. Even when there is nowhere to get to, you get there. One might say that it is all in the mind. I am inclined to say it is all in your heart. It is all in your soul. You are, even on Earth, a soul traveler.
Do words even exist? They seem to. They exist even on paper. Words are saved. They are important, and yet even words are a passing thing. They are here one minute and gone the next. Words are marks in sand. They may be true or untrue. False words are words, and yet they are meaningless. They are not worth the ink they are written in.
Everything in the world is a passing fancy. You are drawn in a comic book, so it seems, so it often seems. Life is made of heroes and villains. Life is a story told on the waves of itself. It can be said that the Ocean exists, and, yet, the waves that come and go, do not exist. The sea goes deep. Depths take you to the heights.
Directions do not really exist, and yet life is purposeful. There are Great Purposes in the non-existent world. Do you see how amazing Creation is? Creation is created, and created not.
You exist, and you do not. Ice cream comes in all flavors, and yet ice cream and flavors do not exist. There is existence, and yet it doesn’t exist. Being exists. Being is eternal. Being is here to stay. Being is real. And yet there is really no word for it.
Love exists, and yet there is really no word for it.
I, God, exist, and yet I am not confined to a word. I cannot be defined. That which truly exists is indefinable. Isn’t that a quirk?
It is the physical that is not real. All that seems real is not. Everything is topsy-turvy. Who is who, and which is which?
The nursery rhymes and fairy tales, made of words and pictures, portray Truth. At the core of everything lies Truth. At the core of everything am I, and are you. We. One forevermore.
It is good to be aware of what is permanent and what is impermanent. It is good to know the difference, and, yet, the terms permanent and impermanent do not tell the whole story. The impermanent puts its mark on you. Stones are to sit on and wonder at. The sky is blue. It is universally accepted as blue. And grass is green, and yet colors are not real. Colors fuel the imagination, and yet colors are not real nor is what they fuel real either. The tangible is not real, and the intangible is real.
And yet We are moving right along to the passage where Truth is revealed, and Truth is discerned, and the Truth supports all that which is not true, not quite true, true-seeming and yet not true. The unseen Foundation is true. I am true, and you are true, just not the words and not the physical. Even so, the untrue is beautiful and quite a precursor to the simplicity of that which is undeniably true.
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The Beloved: Your Connection to Planet Earth
Received by Kenton David Bell
When the planet is going through its changes, so are you.  When you are going through your changes, so is the planet.  As a matter of fact, one cannot change and move, truly, without the other.  
The planet can survive without you.  It would be different.  It would be a different expression for the planet and not one that the planet chooses, by the way.  That's right.  The planet does choose, to a certain extent, its experiences as well.
There is an intelligence, a consciousness, that is linked with the planet, you see.  And that intelligence is also linked to the whole of humanity.  There is a place where there is no separation.  For it would have to be like this for the true nature of all that is is that there is no separation of all true conscious life.
Just as you are conscious, not in the same form or the same way, but just as you are conscious, so is the planet. And as your awareness comes to this matrix, this interconnectedness of you with humanity on the planet, some new awareness, some new consciousness comes into play, you see.
We are the Beloved. And so are you.
Planet Earth is alive in its experience.  Different than you or me, but nonetheless a Being of great magnitude.  You and I are linked to this great Being very deeply.  When we shift so does the Great Mother.  When she shifts, so do we.  We are connected.
Heaven is here on the Planet Earth.  It is the combination of your Divinity and the Spirit of Mother Earth combined.  It is the Oneness of your I AM expression and the intelligence of Mother Earth. Seeing yourself as part of the whole equation is the "key" to this new awareness.
Today's thoughts: I experience my connection to the Great Mother Earth and celebrate our connection. I experience the intelligence of Mother Earth.  I recognize its role in my evolution. I "Am" becoming aware of the inner connectedness of all that is.

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