1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
3.)  Archangel Michael: Stand In Your Courage And Strength
4.)  How The Shift Will Happen
5.)  Be Fair to Yourself

Isis' Message of the Day -
Archangel Michael rang my doorbell again last evening at 4:12 pm
I always know when it is him, because I can set the jumper inside my doorbell to ring either the usual two rings or the Westminster Chimes. I have the jumper set for the usual doorbell sound and he rings the Westminster Chimes.
For those new to the list and haven't read this before . . .
When he began doing this months ago I asked why, this was his answer...
"When someone wants to come into a residence they ring the doorbell. I do not ring your doorbell to come in because you have allowed me to come into you heart as you and I are One.
"There are other reasons to ring doorbells. 
"They are for attention ... this is not me either as I know I have your attention.
"Doorbells are rung to celebrate and that is the reason why I ring your doorbell. This is a celebration that I offer to you. Your heart and my heart entwine and I ring the bell. You might say it is an exclamation point if this were written joy.
"Well done, lady of my heart. Well done.
"Time is growing short and you and I will have accomplished our mission here. Let us drink together the bliss of celebration.
"Long live joy and justice and above all love."
Archangel Michael
These doorbell rings are meant for you as well . . . Time is growing short, so let us drink together the bliss of celebration. And long live joy and justice and above all love.
I AM the Goddess ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. We often tell you, open your heart to receive. This sounds very simple. Yet we have noticed many of you struggle with this. We have given several suggestions on ways to do this. We wish to repeat them here. First, imagine we are standing in front you. See us beaming light and love into your heart. Imagine you opening to the love we have for you. Second, Imagine a circle on your chest and a tube, like the transporter you have seen in your Star Trek. Imagine the circle and tube becoming larger in diameter. See it filling with light and love. Third, remember a time when you were filled with love, whether it was the birth of your child, the love from a pet, or your first time in love with someone significant in your life. When you bring this memory to mind, remember the feeling associated with it and experience that feeling now. Love is love, no matter how you bring it to mind. We love you. We bless you. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"   * 

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, love one another as I have loved you. Be, in awareness, the chalice of love.
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Archangel Michael: Stand In Your Courage And Strength
Through Rev. Michelle Coutant
May 2010

Dear Ones,

We have given you many tools to assist you as you move through the ascension process.  Each exercise, each tool has a specific purpose and will bring an aspect of you into balance and harmony.  When you use these exercises and tools in combination and with all the tools that we are giving to you, you will find that you begin to come into balance and harmony within every aspect of your Self.  This is a process, Dear Ones, that does not happen overnight.  It has taken longer than any of you can imagine, for you to have taken on the density of the third dimension and you cannot expect to return to the higher aspects of your Divine Self overnight.  This moment in time is but a cosmic moment and within the concepts of the higher dimensions, you are returning to balance and harmony "in the blink of an eye."  It is only in the third and fourth dimensional frequencies, that it appears to be a process that is slow and quite painful for many of you.

We ask you to stand in your courage and your strength.  These higher aspects of your Self which will help you follow through; these strong character traits will help you "get the job done." The time is at hand.  This is not a time for the faint of heart; it is a time for each one of you to stand in your personal power, to achieve the merge with your God Self that you have been longing for since your fall into the third dimension.  It is only an illusion, Dear Ones.  It is the veil of forgetfulness and the game that you have played through this great and grand experiment, which has allowed you to believe that you are anything other than the God Self.  There is only One and It is God.  You are God.  All are God.  Creation is God.  It is the All That Is, and It is God.

Go the distance, in your truth and integrity.  As you lift yourselves up, you will be assisted as never before.  The Divine Dispensations are being given freely and with great Love, to those who are willing to do the work that is needed to release and by pass the distortions of the third and fourth dimensions.  These gifts are of such magnitude and Divine Love, given with great compassion and blessings, to assist you in your return to balance and harmony.  Only you, each one of you, may take these blessed gifts and turn them into the love, the joy, the peace, and harmony, the beauty and the abundance, that you so desire to return to your lives.  We cannot do it for you.  We can surround you in love and joy, we can reach out our hands, and we can lift you up as you soar, but you must take the first step.  You must begin, and then after you begin, you must continue, with strength and courage.  You will have our help and the help of the company of heavens, the moment you take that first step.  We will be there to lift you up with our wings, as you begin your journey home.

There are many of you who are beginning your journey home and we are here to guide and assist you, so you may follow those who have led the way, the way showers, in ease and grace.  These brave ones have blazed a trail of shining light, through a forest of density, pain and suffering.  These brave ones have lighted the pathway for those now stepping on the path, as you brave ones, who now begin your journey, will light the way for those coming behind you.
It is a grand and joyous process, Dear Ones, as we ask you once again, to live in the Now Moment of Creation.  This Now Moment is the only moment in which you have the power to create.  It is your ego which draws you into the pain and suffering of the third dimension, and it is the God within you which returns you to the Now Moment, the Still Point of Creation.  Your greatest desires of your God Self can only be manifested in pure form and for the highest good of all Creation, when you create in the Now Moment, in the Love of your Sacred Heart.  Your creations based on ego desires will only bring you more pain and suffering, as these creations will only be imperfect, and bring with them, lessons for you to learn and wisdom to be gained through the learning of the lesson.  Side step this process in ease and grace, Dear Ones.  You no longer need to experience pain and suffering.  Release it, into the light and transform it, transmute it with the violet flame.  Stay in the Now Moment, in Love, and watch the miracles occur, as you flow in the River of Life, as you flow in the Love of Creation.  The Adamantine Particles will flow freely, as you create only that which serves your highest good and the highest good of all Creation.  It is the law, Dear Ones.  We may give you many Divine Dispensations, yet you must still follow Cosmic Law, as you bring your Self into balance and harmony.

The miracles are flowing freely for those willing to take the mantle of light that is being offered to them.  We ask each of you to be one of these brave ones.  Courage and strength will assist you to move forward with ease and grace.  Dedication, determination, vigilance and your willingness to return to the sanctum of your Sacred Heart will bring you to the heights of the path back to the One.  We will be with you, each step of the way, lifting you up with our wings, as your soar into the New Age, this golden cosmic moment of eternity.

I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth.
Michelle began her spiritual practice in 2002. She studied intensively, meditated, and extensively educated herself. She continues this practice each and every day. She fully immersed herself in the wisdom teachings of Archangel Michael, through Ronna Herman. She quickly became so dedicated to the joys of her spiritual journey, that she was ordained in March of 2003 as an honoring of who she is.
Michelle attained certification as a Medical Intuitive and Quantum Practitioner. She became a vibrational healer, practices healing touch, and also works within the human energetic matrix. She is a messenger for Archangel Michael and Jeshua, and also receives wisdom from the Ascended Masters & Teachers through the Akashic Records, and is a disciple of the Kriya Yoga spiritual lineage.  *  3472 S.W. Oar Court, Palm City, FL. 34990, USA *  Email:   *    

How The Shift Will Happen
by Owen Waters
The ancient Mayan culture gave us more than the Mayan cosmic cycles. They were an early test case for the process of physical ascension that the entire planet is about to experience in the near future.
Their cycles work made us aware that December 21st, 2012 is when several long-term cosmic cycles of influence upon human consciousness come to a close, all on the same date, and new cycles begin. There is a 5,125 year cycle, a longer 26,000-year cycle, and some even longer-term cycles as well, all converging on that one date.
The Mayan civilization existed up until 830 A.D, yet their astronomical knowledge exceeded today's level of knowledge in many ways. They not only knew the precise orbits of the planets in our solar system, but also the orbits of the stars in our galaxy. They even had cataloged information on major cosmic events going back more than 400 million years. The Mayan calendars are masterpieces which illustrate the repeating time-spirals of cosmic cycles within cycles within cycles.
Then, the Mayans suddenly disappeared from their cities, leaving no traces behind as to where they had moved and, yet, left their cooking pots and utensils behind. There is no sign that they suddenly died from some mysterious ailment and they did not move to another known location. That means they didn't relocate anywhere here on this physical earth. Instead, they moved up a level from our third-density level of existence into fourth density. They didn't move away; they moved up.
Fourth density is less dense than our world, but it is still physical. It is also home to the spirit realms or the afterlife. If you were a physical human living in fourth density, you would find it relatively easy to contact people in spirit bodies. They would live in a higher sub-realm of fourth density than you, but you'd both be in the overall fourth-density layer of existence on this planet.
The Mayans engaged in a prototype experiment to ascend from third density to fourth density. They weren't the only test group engaging in such experiments. In New Mexico, for example, the residents of Bandelier and Puye Cliff Dwellings successfully ascended, as did the residents of Machu Picchu in Peru. Those test groups moved from third density up into fourth density.
The ascension that is about to happen on Earth in the near future will be very similar and, yet, it will be different in one major respect. We won't be leaving our old world behind to move into a new one. Our world will ascend along with everything in it, including us.
Our entire realm of existence will increase in frequency and move up into a fourth-density frequency band. This time, the cooking pots and utensils won't get left behind; they'll come with us, as will everything else in our reality.
When this occurs, people who are alive in physical bodies will experience physical ascension, right after those in the after-life experience their ascension to a higher sub-realm of fourth density. In fact, they'll vacate the sub-realm that we'll be moving into.
The nature of this global ascension was foreseen as long as two millennia ago by Jesus, who even foresaw the sequence of events. He said that, in the twinkling of an eye, the dead shall be raised and we shall be changed. But first, he said, the 'dead' shall rise and then we will be caught up together with them in the 'clouds.' (i.e. higher realms.)
So, the 'dead' - the spirits residing in the afterlife - will first rise to a higher sub-realm of their fourth-density existence and then we will be moved up into fourth density.
This upcoming transformation of our world into fourth density is referred to as the Ascension, the Rapture, the Resurrection, or simply as The Shift. Today, we think of The Shift as the phenomenon where everything is changing very quickly. In the future, however, The Shift will be looked back upon as the day the world suddenly changed or 'rose in the heavens.'
The Shift will occur when the time is right for humanity to handle the experience. This means, when a critical mass is reached in the emerging New Reality consciousness. Fourth density is a heart-centered frequency band of consciousness. When enough people operate in that level of consciousness, then humanity will be ready to make the mass shift into fourth density.
Percentage-wise, the number of people required to reach the tipping point is small because higher consciousness has proportionately more influence on the global mind atmosphere than the lower frequencies.
After 2012, promoting widespread New Reality consciousness will be a lot easier then before, as the old cycles will have finished and the positive influences of new cycles will be in effect. That means that your efforts to change the world through positive thought and action will be working in a positive environment instead of the old, decaying, end-of-cycle environment.
Every step that you take to foster heart-centered consciousness within yourself and others affects the global mind atmosphere profoundly as we work towards that tipping point.
When the global ascension of The Shift happens and the New Reality blooms, it will become the most wonderful transformation in  recorded history.
It will be remembered as the time when humanity literally built heaven on earth!
Now Available: Love, Light, Laughter * by Owen Waters  *
The New Spirituality is available now in paperback and as a downloadable e-book at:   *  Paper Back at: book link:   *   

About the author:
Owen Waters is an international spiritual teacher who has presented his insights into the New Reality to hundreds of thousands of seekers. In 1963, while growing up in a mystical part of Britain, he encountered his first spiritual awakening. The surprise of this mystical experience was such that his life became focused upon a continuous search for spiritual answers.
Almost forty years of study and research followed, along with the development of his inner vision. By the year 2002, like many of the spiritual teachers who are coming forward for The Shift, his realizations began to unfold rapidly. Today, as Editor and cofounder of Infinite Being LLC, he helps people find inspiration, love and creativity through heart-powered consciousness.  *  

HEAVEN #3441
Be Fair to Yourself
April 27, 2010
God said:
Beloveds, what would you like to talk about today? What would you like to hear? What do you want, and what do you not want? What is going on today, and what is not going on? Whom do you love, and whom do you not love? What is going on with you today, and what would you like from Me?
There is virtue in knowing where you stand.
Then ask Me: "God, what would You like to talk about today?"
I would like to talk about you and your well-being.
Then ask Me: "God, what would You like to hear?"
I would like to hear you are happy.
Then ask Me: "God, what do you want?"
Then don't ask Me: "God, what do You not want?" Beloveds, I cannot think in these terms. These are human terms. I do not particularize. I cannot think in those terms. I have all.
Then ask Me, "What kind of a God are You?"
I am a God of Love. My vibration is love. My creation is love. You are My creation, and you are love.
Then do not ask Me: "God, whom to You love, and whom do You not love?"
This is not even a question for Me, beloveds. I love all the same, the way I love night and day, sun and moon, fireflies and the light shining in your eyes.
Then ask: "God, what is going on today?"
Love is going on.
Then ask: "God, what would You like from me?"
What would I like from you? Everything I have given I would like from you. I would like the sun and the moon and the stars from you. I would like the oceans deep and the tides that pull. I would like you to feel pulled to Me just as the moon pulls the waves. I would like you to feel, and to feel only, the energy of love. I would like you to express that energy of love and fill the world with it and make the world as I gave it to you. .
In this way, you would have peace in your heart, and this peace would radiate over time and space.
From love, the world came.
From love, you are the one to make My vision for the world come true. In that sense, beloveds, you are My wish-provider. You hold the magic scepter that delivers to Me all that I have given. It doesn't matter that I gave you that scepter. It is nevertheless yours now, and it is yours to wave and have light sparkle from.
There is no secret surrounding what I ask of you, is there?
And now I ask you to ask of yourself what I ask of you. I ask so little of you, and yet it seems to you like a mountain.
Illusion is of the world. If you see blocks to your full expression of My love that truly exists within you, these blocks are but illusion. Your impression of the outer world does not have to rule your heart of love. The outer world has no right to rule you. Enjoy the illusion of the world, and keep the Reality of Love shining brightly like the sun in the sky. Nothing is to deter you from love, beloveds, nothing.
That must seem unfair to you the same way that life itself seems unfair to you, and, yet, beloveds, everyone's heart came from Mine, and I ask you to love no matter what. It is unfair to yourself not to love.
Dear Lady of the Light,
Your beautiful writing about the Statue of Liberty  *  * Thank you so much, dear friend. Gloria *
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