Xmas From The Council Of Light

Council of Light: On Christmas: Beneath the Crusty Layer
Channled by Rebecca Couch
Christmas Eve ~ December 24, 2009
Isn’t it wonderful to feel the interconnectedness of it all through interactions with each other? The holiday season is an important time to remember this. And if you have temporarily forgotten, that is the purpose of this message.
What is taking place is, like the moulting of the snake’s skin, the outer crusty layer is falling away in preparation for the new to be born. New and fresh perfect skin that radiates with in true living vitality. Let the old, crusty layer go. And so what has comprised the old? Limited beliefs based on old hurts and disappointments of the past, our human stories; limited perceptions based on these beliefs, and limited thinking as a result…see how small we have made ourselves? See how judgement has kept us caught in the crusty layer of limitation? See how this does not allow us to go deeper into the truth of who we really are?
And so how do we stop perpetuating the old and enter the new? Call upon grace. Ask that grace enter all aspects of our lives, our minds, our hearts, our experience. In the presence of grace we are kept in check…no judgements, no superficial living, no attachments to the desires of the five senses, no preoccupations with our physical world, no labelling, no restrictions, no confinements…only allowing, interconnectedness and freedom…you know: the squishy stuff below the crusty layer. We’ve really got to relax. We have to surrender to what is and just allow. If we aren’t pushing against anything, or manipulating or projecting, we can begin to feel that is really there - not how it looks or is acting. If we can get to this feeling within ourselves, then we have moulted and have become the new. The external is just what we have done to anesthetize ourselves, to try to stop hurting, feeling separate from or abandoned, to try not to feel so alone. And yet, the truth is that we are that same energy of source, sent out on a mission of great amnesia in order to remember. Remembering through the clamour and seduction of life is a profound feat, but we are doing it. We have begun in the recognition of dissatisfaction with the way it is - we are sick of not caring about each other or Mother Earth, we are sick of injustice and cruelty, we are sick of not being able to love like we know we can. Enough. And so in our yearning for more, for belonging, for connectedness, for peace, for simplicity, for truth, we call upon grace.
When we consider that we have created this great crusty layer from years of not knowing, it is awesome to realize that we can change it in an instant by choosing to surrender through non-judgement and non-attachment. Notice that we don’t even have good words for this state of being other than to state the opposite of what we know. And so we call it grace. Peace. Surrender. God. Oops - the big word. Yes, it is time that we BE GOD in our everyday lives, for we are human BEings, remember?
The greatest gift - and after all, the true message of Christmas - is to be like the one who’s birth we celebrate. Be the radiant peace of the world, be the love that we are all looking for, be the love that surpasses all understanding. It is not out there; it is in here. We are the saviours. We have no excuses anymore, nor is there time to waste. For just as the voice of this channel has changed today to truly be integrated into me*, you can do the same as you sit with your family and friends this holiday, and hold the light of God at all times. No matter what, just hold your light of God. I am, so we are.