Council of 12 : Predictions 2011

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2.)  Council of 12: Predictions 2011
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5.)  Rise in Love
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Isis' Message of the Day -
The Old Testament was written for the "Age of Aries." The New Testament was written for the "Age Of Pisces." Now there is a new writting . . . and a new form of understanding taking place. The old ways were based on form. The new ways are based on understanding and the realization wherein ALL ARE ONE with God . . . the One Infinite Creator of ALL THAT IS. There is not now nor has there ever been separation from God the Father . . . God the Mother. Love is the answer. Love is the key to the Kingdom and bringing Heaven to Earth.
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. We love you. We bless you. We start many times with this. Do you send love and blessings to those around you? Think about if those around you sent you blessings each time they encountered you. Think about those around you, if they held loving thoughts each time they encountered you. Do you feel your reaction to them would change? The power of love can be felt. The power of a blessing can be felt. Those around you would benefit from a daily dose of blessings. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *   * 

Council of 12: Predictions 2011
Channeled by Selacia
2011 - Year to Bridge the Gap
Note from Selacia:  "This message from The Council of 12 came during the September 25 global meditation channeling. A key focus of that event during equinox week was to address the gap between vision and manifested reality. As part of the group channeling and guided meditative experience with The Council of 12, participants anchored new energies to support a bridging of the gap." - Selacia 10/19/10

For thousands of years there has been a gap between the dreams of dreamers and what was truly possible.
Humanity's consciousness was fear-bound. People were indoctrinated by authority figures. Society's structures were too rigid to allow for true creativity and innovation. Some people managed to break away from the conventional mold and connect with their true divine power to create. However, the ordinary person could not connect fully with his or her spiritual potential. The ordinary man or woman did not have the spiritual fuel to leap across the gap. 
Things are changing now. The spiritual transformation of humanity, in process for a long time, is ripening. There is a synergy occurring as more people awaken, question the status quo, and take more enlightened actions. It is happening as people are more aware of the larger picture and the interconnections between people and life across the planet. 
The Focus in 2011
In the year 2011, humanity will turn its focus to bridging the gap between positive visions and what is manifesting on Earth. The gap relates to resources, appropriate use of resources, and respect for the Earth and all life.
The gap relates to imbalances in pretty much every aspect of life--from how you coexist with nature, how you cooperate with others, and how you manifest your dreams. The gap will be getting the attention of people from all walks of life, from all parts of the world. Anyone who seeks positive solutions for personal and planetary dilemmas will be looking at this gap.
There will be a sense of urgency, too, as people respond to crises and the faster pace of changes. Right now, in the 2012 window, you sit in an accelerated cycle of energies that is building momentum and intensity between now and the years beyond 2012.
What this means is that you and humanity are experiencing a time of rapid and revolutionary changes.
Everything is happening faster than it did before. One obvious benefit of the acceleration is that positive changes can occur more quickly. A key reason that this can occur is that people are becoming more aware of what's out of balance. There is more awareness, too, of what needs to shift to remedy the imbalances.
What is the Gap?

Right now, you are living in a gap. This gap is the energetic space that sits between the world you want to manifest and the one you are living in now. Your ancestors lived with the gap, too. There typically was a huge space between your ancestors' dreams and the physical reality they could manifest. Disparities have always been there.
In some historical periods, the gap was experienced differently than now. The downtrodden living within a caste system had no hope of escape. The spiritual practitioner in a traditional church, synagogue or mosque was not taught that he or she had the same spiritual potential as the elders had.

Humanity's consciousness in the earlier times did not support the sort of accelerated shifting you are seeing now. Not enough people were awake. Not enough people were questioning. When people in historical times dared question or hope for more, they weren't aware of how energy really works. They didn't know how close they really were to their dreams. They didn't have the tools to take action on their dreams, either.

Need for Trailblazers
There were no trailblazers in front of them, showing them that it could be done.  If your ancestors had dared to dream the sorts of dreams you have now, they did not understand the gap or how to bridge it.

You and others like you are here to change all that. After all, you are a Divine Changemaker--here on Earth to create the changes needed now.

Most likely, in recent times you have had your share of ups and downs. You likely have moments when you question your ability to break free from the conventional mold. You may see yourself at the edge, peering into the gap, and wondering how you will get to the other side.

The gap can seem huge at times. It is a large gap. It is temporary, though, and it can be closed. This gap involves the whole of humanity, and for that reason is big. The impact it has on each of you and the planet is profound.
Gap Gets the Spotlight
The year 2011 will be the year that humanity at large focuses on bridging the gap. You are already focused on it, of course. The energy is present even now for humanity to bridge the gap. However, the forces of positive change need to ripen more--before you will notice the bridge that indeed is being built.
Reminders of the Gap
You stand at the edge of the gap. You see it. You know, deep within your bones, that it can be crossed. Your inner wisdom often reminds you of the new more light-filled world existing on the other side of the gap. These reminders are not meant to discourage you. They are meant to catalyze your fire and your passion for change. They are given so that you will stay awake to your vision.

As a Divine Changemaker, you are a trailblazer. You often lead the way for others, bravely taking steps into the unknown. Right now, as you are reading these words, you have a reminder of your role. You are among those who will be taking the lead--setting the foundation needed for closing the gap.
How to Close the Gap
How do you do this? If the world is not presenting the reality you want to have, remember your power as a Divine Changemaker. You can change what you experience with your consciousness, and by consistently taking different actions than you see the conventional world taking. This is one way that you close the gap between the reality you now experience and the light-filled one you have long dreamed to create. The change occurs a thought at a time, an action at a time.
DNA-Level Belief Systems

Another way you can close the gap is by addressing the limiting views you have unknowingly taken on from your lineage, your early upbringing, and the mass consciousness. These views include thought forms of lack and limitation. These fear-based belief systems are held within the DNA of a majority of humanity.
Your ability to close the gap in your personal life is heavily influenced by these limiting belief systems. You can think positively about your success, but DNA-level belief systems can keep you in lack. That's because the beliefs you can't see in the subconscious mind are many times more powerful than the thoughts you are consciously thinking. The key then is to address sabotaging beliefs in the DNA.
Your Physical Body

You can address the gap by focusing on your physical body, too. Manifesting your vision is easier when your body is full of vitality, your energy is flowing, and your brain has the nutrients it needs. Remember to take care of your body, then, for it's the sacred temple for your spirit. When your body is nurtured, you will have fuel to accomplish your dreams in the world.
You are about to leap to a brand new world and a new way to experience being human. As a Divine Changemaker, you are at the forefront. You are setting the path for those who will follow you. 
Your Role Now

In the next phase, as you discover how to bridge the gap between your realities, you catapult yourself into a dramatically different kind of world. As you leave behind the old, fear-based ways and move forward, you set in motion a light trail for others to follow. People just now awakening will have that light trail as a guide. Those in future generations will benefit from it, too.

Know that it's always more difficult to be first. It's always more challenging to be the trailblazer. You take greater risk. You face greater obstacles. And yet, as you do, you advance exponentially on your path of enlightenment. Nothing is wasted. All is fruitful.

We ask you to trust in your power to create a brand new Earth.  We ask you to trust that you can bridge the gap--for yourself and on behalf of others. We ask you to trust that there is a divine purpose to your life and to all moments--including your most recent struggles and delays.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings.
We are The Council of 12
Copyright 2010 by Selacia, Channel for The Council of 12, * All Rights Reserved *  *  *
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Selacia: A channel for The Council of 12, is internationally known for her work in the inspirational/ transformation field. In her forthcoming 2012 book, readers will receive an understanding of their options during Earth’s pivotal years.  Selacia provides private sessions by phone to clients worldwide, helping them to navigate the 2012 window changes and to move into more clarity, joy, and empowerment. Known throughout the world for her work with The Council of 12, Selacia in 2000 brought the Council of 12's wisdom to the UNSRC's Society for Enlightenment and Transformation at the United Nations. She offers ongoing writings and teachings focused on healing and spiritual transformation. A gifted intuitive and pioneer in DNA intuitive healing, she offers regular seminars, DNA workshops, teleclasses and group channelings. Join Selacia’s mailing list at her website to be informed of seminars, worldwide call-in teleclasses, and global Council of 12 channeling events including the annual Wesak. To schedule a private session with Selacia:  Tel: 310.915.2884, E-mail: Web site:    *    

Still Standing But Barely Breathing
by Jennifer Hoffman
October 20, 2010
When I was going through a period that I would describe as one of the darkest nights of my soul, I was overwhelmed by the cascade of events, each one more challenging than the one before, that seemed to appear out of nowhere, on an almost daily basis. I knew that this was a mistake, that this was not my life and certainly not something I had volunteered for on any level.
The only way I could see to end the misery was to ask God to take me away. So every night, when I went to bed, I thanked God for the opportunities I had in this life, hoped that I had done some good in my life and asked God to please take me home. Then every morning I would open my eyes and say "Damn it, I'm still here."
Now I didn't do this once or twice, I did it for six straight months. And I would be so disappointed that each day I was still around to face the issues that seemed to have no resolution. I was still standing, but barely breathing. I still had my life but I was no longer involved in it. Overwhelmed with my problems, I had not really given up, I was just stuck in the cycle of what seemed to be endless problems, not realizing that I was at the source of this endless spiral of misery. How would this cycle end? When I started breathing new life into my sleeping existence.
I started breathing again and didn't happen overnight but through a series of events that forced me to start looking at my life from a different perspective and to consider other options. And as I did, other doorways opened up and things started improving, slowly at first and then quite rapidly. In less than six months I had a new job with a great salary, moved into a new home and began measuring my life in terms of how fast I was moving instead of worrying that I was going to stand still forever.
When life gets really bad, and many of you know what that is like, we can become the 'walking dead.' We're still alive and standing, but we are not breathing any new energy into our lives. We can't because we don't know where the energy is going to come from and are so grounded in our unhappiness and despair that we can't even figure out how or where to begin. Everywhere we turn we are reminded of the mess our life has become. Will it change and can we change it?
We look for help from others until the truth stares us in the face -- no one can really help until we find the will within ourselves to create the spark that will shift our energy. And we're engaged in a battle with our dark feelings and thoughts at one end, and faith and trust at the other. Which side will win?
At that moment we have two choices, we can fall farther into despair or wake up and realize that everything really is in our control. Once we start moving the energy things can happen very quickly, as they did for me. But getting to that point, from the place where we are drowning in darkness, can feel very scary and lonely. Where is this spark going to come from? It has three sources: our thoughts, feelings and faith.
Are you going through a dark night of the soul? Have you stopped breathing and even though you are still standing. Are you standing still, hoping that if you can wait long enough the worst will be over soon so you can figure out what to do next? Are you so overwhelmed by what you are going through or have gone through that you are looking at the past and forgetting that you need to live in the present moment to create conscious change in your life?
What will it take for you to breathe a new spark into your life? What happens if you change one thought about your situation? Just pick one, Instead of trying to figure out how you can change everything (and get more overwhelmed), is there one thing you can change in your thinking that will create an opening for the change you are hoping for to come?
What is one thing you can change about the way you feel that will help you get control over your emotions so you stop spiraling into despair? Can you replace one hopeless feeling with faith, even if you do not have any reason to believe (from the results you have had until that moment) that anything will happen differently? We can't tell the Universe to show us the results before we are willing to put our faith to work. But if we change our thoughts, which changes the energy, set a new intention and have faith that it will happen, we can start waking up and breathing new life into our reality and start living again.
Stay calm, focused, detached and aware and remember your thoughts are creating every moment of your life. Think the best ones.
As you ponder this and the other things that are happening at this time remember to:
Accept all gifts of understanding with gratitude and use them to apply forgiveness, release and healing to every situation.
Ask for guidance and confirmation and then wait for it to come to you.
 Above all, be grateful for this opportunity to be part of humanity's amazing shift in consciousness as we all ascend into the miracle vibration.
Many blessings in these miraculous and amazing times,
Jennifer Hoffman
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Naeshira: Arrival: Newness and Flowing the I AM
Channeled by Meredith Murphy
October 16, 2010
Remaining aligned with what is within you is what’s on tap for today.  Drink into your being all that arises in your inner knowing.  Allow it to cross-inform all of your BE-ing and realize you are continually being elevated and clarified.
You have asked to embody your entire I AM presence in this point of experience! The transformation is profound!  You will awaken to ideas and influences within your life that you never anticipated…and yet!  There will be a sense of rightness to them.  A knowing that you are indeed, divinely guided.
Within your I AM connection there are no agendas other than the expressive preferences of YOU; the unique energetic signature through which infinite resources flow.  As such, the ideals of the ego and the thinking process that have contributed to your decision making and choices in the past will be by-passed for your greater good!
Instead you will be innately and divinely guided to that which will deeply satisfy and nourish you.  That which will flood your life with well-being.
Try not to bring old fears and concerns about responding to life from now on as you have in the past.  Do not carry forward an expectation that you are capable of disappointing yourself in these new ventures!  You are refined and new in this moment, and completely able to experience the wisdom and oneness which you are without interference from the past that you were.
The way to do this is to yield fully to your inner guidance and love yourself immensely!  Realize that you have gifted your Self with this opportunity for fulfillment, but even more than fulfillment—for in non-physical expression you are entirely fulfilled—the newness here is what is so delicious!  The newness is the particular moment in time/space in which you choose to locate this focus reading this page and experiencing this Earth timeline and within this—harmonizing and making beauty more abundant and more richly complex and more radiant, and more light...All-That-Is.  Contributing this and making it visible to ALL.
This newness is what you came here for.
This is ascension.  Ascension is endless.  It is elevation of consciousness and expansion of the experience of dimensions.  You are BE-ing this.  It is the eternal, diverse, and here, beautifully collective arc of consciousness.

I AM Naeshira
Meredith Murphy
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HEAVEN #3618
Rise in Love
October 21, 2010
God said:
Open the dial of your heart all the way. Your heart does not have to discriminate. Your heart is simply to love, to love here, there, everywhere. Allow your heart to love.
There is something you have to understand. Love is not the personal expectation you have. To love is not a commitment. It is not an investment. It does not cost. Love loves without attachment, and so you allow your heart to love. It costs you nothing. You are not a bookkeeper of love. You are not an accountant. You are a dispenser of love, and there is no cost to it. No expenditure of anything but love. Let your love alight. If you are love, and I say you are, then why not be it?
Love hurts only when you make demands of those upon whom your love falls. Fall in love? The expression would better be to rise in love.
Rise in love, and then you acknowledge that you are as much a Great One as the Great Ones. You may not be famous. Fame does not make a Great One. Love makes a Great One. Be a Great One who is not famous. Be an anonymous Giver of Love. Love is felt from afar. I am the One Source of Love. No one need know your name. It is love that has to be given, and love that has to be known. The name of the Lover is love.
To enjoy the sunshine, you do not have to track it. To enjoy the sky and the green that grows on Earth, what has to be known? All anyone has to know is that there is a Giver and a Gift. The Giver and the Gift are all wrapped into One.
Open your heart. Simply love. Be the sun who radiates its light for all. The sun does not pick and choose. The sun does not think or say: “I must use caution. I must choose upon whom my light will fall. I must be very fussy about this.” Of course the sun does not think that. It is more like that the sun thinks: “How far will my light reach today? Upon how many will I cast my light? The world revolves around me so that my light can reach all corners of the Earth. Of course, the Earth does not really have corners.”
And so your love exposes itself to all in its radius and to all beyond its radiance. Light and love reflect themselves. Light and love simply allow themselves to be known. Love goes beyond the senses. The senses give you a dot of love. Love is greater than a dot. Love is Wholeness, and Wholeness loves to be known for the love that it is. And you, beloveds, are to be known and unknown for the love that you are. Love is not your possession to give or to withhold. As the sun was given light to radiate, so were you given love to radiate.
When did you start to believe that love was yours to withhold? I, God, am not seen, and yet I am not hidden. I am not held in reserve. I am not chosen for one and not another. I am not meant for a particular choosing. I am for all, just as love is for all.
Did I choose the Great Ones more than I chose you? The Great Ones chose love, and that is the whole story. Call Me God or call Me Love. It is the same. By whatever name I am known, I am Love. By whatever name you are known, you are the selfsame love, and you are the giver of My love, for all love is Mine, and My love is for all.
Dear Lady of the Light,
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, allow yourself to live as if the world is in a state of harmony, in a state of well-being. Allow yourself to know that that state of the world is possible, probable, and will manifest, because it will. But as more and more of you live as if that is already true, it brings it about even more quickly.
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Excerpted from: Sentinels of the Sky
Conversations with Chief Joseph and John Cali
Fighting for Peace
Chief Joseph
We've talked about this many times over the years. But we remind you again, lovingly, that human life -- your world -- your planet are all based on vibration. Not action -- but vibration. We are not saying you should never take action. You should -- you must, given that you are living in physical bodies in a physical world.  But we are saying action based on fear is always going to lead you astray. Action based on the notion the other guy, or girl, or nation is wrong is doomed from its beginning. You don't have to look any farther than your mainstream news media headlines to see that.
You are constantly being bombarded from all directions to do something. You're rarely exhorted to be. To be yourself, to seek that quiet place of peace and alignment within you. One person, fully centered in her/his place within, fully aligned with the higher self, is far more powerful than the many millions of disconnected and misaligned ones.
In your vibration of peace, love, joy, you -- one single, solitary being -- have far more power than George Bush, Tony Blair, Vladimir Putin, or any other of your world's leaders, political or otherwise.
Do you want peace on earth? Do you want your governments to stop wasting money? Do you want an end to human suffering and poverty?
Well, you cannot advance any of those causes by protesting or fighting against them. Remember, you live in a world of vibration -- like attracts like. That's the Law of Attraction in action. And so whatever you resist or protest you create more of.
Here's the bottom line, friends:

Get your own life in order first -- before you start protesting or marching against anything. When you are fully centered in that quiet place within, you are fully aligned with your higher self. And you will radiate an energy far more powerful than any other energy in your entire Universe.
When you get to that place, you will be inspired to take action. But it will not be the action of "fighting against" someone or something. It will be action deeply inspired by the certain knowing you are all one. In that place of knowing your oneness, your actions will always be inspired, and they will always be loving.
Then you, standing alone, will wield far greater power than all the hordes of armies and governments who've ever marched through the pages of your human history.
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