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Question: Dear Spirit, I am a 50-year-old incarcerated woman. I
am currently serving a 20-year sentence for a fatal accident
that occurred while I was drunk. I don't recall much about what
happened during the accident, but I knowthat I am now paying the
 consequences. I began reading spiritual material while in prison,
 including one of the Spirit books. I have read about our spiritual
 contracts, but I am still struggling to understand how this works,
 Did I prearrange to "accidentally" kill this man? Did he agree to it
 beforehand? If so, does this mean we were both doing God's work?
 l am confused about how contracts work in such tragic instances.
 Please help me with this, as I struggle with it every day. I truly want
to know how I can make amends.
 Answer: Thank you. dear one. for this profound question.
Indeed. Human tragedy is most difficult to explain in terms of
contract, but your intuition serves you correctly regarding your
agreement with this man. His family might not agree, but they. as
well as you, have a duality that is strong in this area--seemingly
inappropriate death and victimization.
    The two of you decided together to bring about a situation that
would be a catalyst, or "gift." to those around you. In the process,
you helped to facilitate (1) those around him, and (2) those around
you. We have spoken before about the fact that often it takes going
to the lowest Human ebb of life to create attributes with the
potential of spiritual change. Not only do you find yourself at that
bridge, but the potential was also given to the man who agreed
with you to provide the gift.
    Everyone around this situation of his death and your incarcera-
tion can do one of two things about it: (1) Dwell in the drama of
the tragedy for your life--grieving and being constantly the victim.
or (2) understand the "gift" of potential for change that has been
willingly given, and celebrate the event by taking responsibility for
part of the agreement. Then you can ask, "What now? What does
it mean? What am I supposed to do with it?"
    If you chose the first option, you have chosen to void out his
life--making it meaningless and ignoring the energy of the
experience-- and the love that went into its facilitation for you.
    Now, as far as you are concerned, no amends are necessary.
It's time to see it for what it is, and time to start speaking to him
every day and celebrating the fact that all went according to the
potential you set up. By taking spiritual responsibility as well as
moral responsibility, you now have to start looking around to find
out why you are where you are. You agreed to it, now look around.
Expect synchronicity in prison. Is there a place there where you
can help hold your light? Were you brought there perhaps for this?
What good thing can come from your time there? When all is done
and you discover that good thing, realize that the man you
"accidentally" killed knew very well of this potential, too. Mourn
his loss appropriately, then celebrate the gift of his love that
allowed him to go through with it!
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"Vibrating Higher" {Channelled}
 + What hurts your vibrational growth are the following things:
1. Remaining in fear when you know the real truth of the way
   things work.
2. Worry!
 3. Creating drama around things that are solvable without it.
 4 Holding on to portions of your life that you know very well are
    of low vibration because you can't think of a way to exist
    without them.
 5. Not trusting the angel/divinity within.
 6. Having a wavering intent in spiritual matters.
 + What will assist your vibrational growth are the
    following things:
  1. Claiming the power of your inner guidance.
  2 Lack of worry (peace) about the future, and an absolutely
     "knowing" that all is well.
  3. Creating peaceful circumstances around areas that have poten-
     tial for drama.
  4 Casting away inappropriate energies in your life that at one
     time might have seemed "sacred," but which now you can
     indeed live without.
  5. Spending time with Spirit meditating in a new way: (a) celebra-
     tion of everything that is happening to you (no matter what), (b)
     visualization of melding to your higher self, (c) continually
     asking, "What is it you wish me to know?" instead of trying to
     "outguess" what might be the solution to problems at hand.
   6. Realization of self worth to facilitate the creation of pure

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