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30 Days of Guidance: Day Twenty-Two, Soul Contact

Posted: 03 May 2010 09:44 PM PDT

[Blog (Non-channeled) May 2010]

815942_snailMost of us are familiar with a feeling, upon meeting someone for the first time, of having known that person for years, if not lifetimes. Years later we remark on that feeling, as if you had always known one another, and use it as a basis for a special relationship.

But what about the little moments? The glimpse of a face in a train window sliding past you as you wait at the signal in your car. Two harried eyes peering up at you from the Up escalator while you are headed Down. Indelible images that stay with you and populate your dreams.

Who are these people? Why do they stay with you? Is there meaning to such a brief moment?

Today I went to the post office to buy stamps and mail some letters. The line inside was long, and the line at the automated machine was shorter but slower. I waited in both a while (yes, I’m impatient) and finally settled on being the second person in line at the machine behind a woman inexpertly applying postage to a raft of packages.

A man, or rather a man-boy, scanned the post office lobby and eventually settled in line behind me. He was rather urban for this hippie town. Urban like Los Angeles urban. He stood quietly behind me a while, then finally asked if the machine sells single stamps.

I think it only sells stamps by the packet. But I’m buying stamps and you can have one of mine.

The man-boy looked relieved. He explained that he needed a stamp to mail in his rent. Some address in Oregon. I hoped the distant landlord took care of the place, for his sake. Otherwise I might feel compelled to take Man-Boy home with me.

When the stamps came out of the machine, Man-Boy handed me two quarters.

I can’t take that. It’s a stamp. Keep your money.


I looked at him. He needed to pay for the stamp. It was a part of who he was. I let him be himself. His eyes met mine again and spoke.

At the library just afterward, I was walking in when a little girl and her father were walking out. Her head turned as she walked past me, eyes locked with mine. They spoke. I know you. From sometime.

We all have these little moments. They weave in through the fabric of our days seamlessly and often unknowingly. But they are just as significant as the big moments, the ones that hit you over the head to get your attention.

It’s soul connection.

I find as my connection to Who I Am increases, so too does my awareness of the connection to all. To everyone. I’ve always been a people watcher, loving the wee vignettes of realness when slowly scanning an airport gate waiting area, or families at the seashore or amusement park. When people are engaged either with themselves or with one another, there’s a realness that you’d never see if they thought anyone was watching.

But that’s like observing life from a seat in the movie theater.

Real connections -- soul contact -- are far more personal and even more life-changing.

Want to challenge yourself?

Take a walk tomorrow in a place where you know there will be people. Remain open to connecting is some fashion with someone unexpected. Then just walk with your eyes and your heart open. You’ll know the face when you see it.

Life-changing. Those two people from today will always be a part of me, even though for me they will remain suspended in time.

One small moment is all it takes.