-COMPETITION- an Old Energy Concept





{ Channelled, i.e., "Spiritual Guides"  Family }

    Let it not be lost on anyone here, what the guides are for, and
what the family is for. Because we stand beside you and we walk
with you through your life, we help create the synchronicity. When
you take self-worth and finally put it upon yourself--when you say
into the mirror, "I AM THAT I AM"--when you start to place value
on yourself, then abundance will start flowing into your life.
Competition--an Old Energy Concept
    There's one final item that we would like to discuss. One
lightworker meets another. They realize much to their horror that
they're working on the same thing. What they thought was "their"
energy or their project only is suddenly being seen in the other as
well. So what happens, do you suppose? One decides to get ahead
of the other. After all, they can't work together--one has to go.
  Plans are made to make it difficult for the other, perhaps even to
  discredit the other. "Oh, I'll know what we'll do. We'll call the
  other oneeuil. That'll do it. That will create fear, and many will
  run the other way. Then we can have our work and our ideas
  to ourselves."
      Does this sound harsh? It is a fact. It is an old energy concept
  that remains ingrained in the old cellular structure. It says to you
 that there must be a winner and a loser in all things. The thought
 that both could win is not a consideration--and this odd assump-
 tion is with you today, even among lightworkers.
     There is a woman who gives birth to twins. One is a boy, the
 other a girl. They are precious, loved beyond measure. She
 watches their lives and sees that they are both developing some-
 thing artistic. Indeed, they are fighting over the crayons and
 brushes. So, of course, the mother decides that only one can be
 an artist, and she denies the other access.
     Again, does this sound reasonable within the scope of the love
 of family? No. What you just heard (and read) is not the reaction
 of a loving family. Instead, it represents what a competitive rule of
 humanity used to do in a competitive energy. It represents an old
 energy way of thinking--as though the other lightworker might
 somehow diminish the work of the first--simply because he is
 doing the same thing. It shouts that there is fear about not having
 enough of something--or that there is a limit. It assumes that two
 cannot have the same thing--and it does not celebrate the true
 consciousness of the love of family for family.
     When the mother saw that the children were both interested
in the same thing and fighting over the same tools, do you know
what she did? She went out and got another set of tools! She let
them grow together, and the two children together created five
times the energy that one alone would have done. Lightworkers,
are you listening? When you find the one who seems to be in
competition with you, let it be known that there's synchronicity
around this. What do you have to give them? What do they have
to give you? Together, perhaps--existing together on the planet
doing the same thing--you might have five times the energy
created because of the integrity of Spirit that allowed them to also
have what you had. Again, this has to do with balance and the
movement of energy. Watch what happens when you share with
them what you have, and you both exit to your respective lives--
both with a balance that neither had before. It's this wisdom of a
new paradigm of working that will create additional synchronicity
and abundance for both. BOTH WIN! BOTH ARE ENHANCED. BOTH
    This exact situation also has to do with the new paradigm of
working with the portion of the world that is Islam, that is
Christian, that is Jewish, that is Buddhist, that is Hindu--and all the
systems in between, including the indigenous of the earth. What
are they all about? They represent the individual search for the
Love of God. They represent a cultural quest to find the God
within. They are all about family! What are we asking of you? That
someday there can be a new consciousness that has all systems
coming together in one room, and raising their hands together
proclaiming: "We love one another!" We have our own ways, but
the other is no threat. We honor the other, and we honor
ourselves. It's time for the walls of the boxes to be lowered. We are
    Let me tell you who else is in that room. It's the one who calls
himself/herself, "New Age." It's the one that calls himself/herself
"metaphysical." For they are not in judgment, either. They are
right alongside all the others, letting each belief exist, not in
competition, but in celebration. All join together saying, "Isn't it
great, finally, that the family has the option to love another--to
bring down the walls of the boxes?" Impossible, you say? The
actual grid of the planet has now changed enough for all of this to
be manifest through the cellular shift of humanity--but it will take
conscious intent. Perhaps those of you hearing and reading this
will help it along? What is your intent?
    There is a new wisdom on the planet, even though you might
wonder sometimes when you watch the old and new energies
  battle it out in these last years before 2012. The balance between
  the old and the new is profound, and there will indeed be sparks
  as it settles the differences and decides where the balance should
 be. Do you remember when we told you in 1989 about the
 potentials for chaos in 1999 regarding unbalanced world leaders?
  Look for it in past transcriptions.
      Potentially, the dictators will slowly die out and be replaced by
 the potentials of choice for their countries--but they will go down
 "swinging." The old energy will not die easily. The walls are thick.
 The tribes that fight between themselves now will have the
 opportunity to draw new borders right through existing lands that
 haven't changed for hundreds of years, and they will begin a
 mending process instead of one of annihilation. These are the
 potentials--not certainties. These are your challenges, for unlike
 any other time, right now the time is ripe with your ability to make
 a profound difference. Your intent is the key.
     You know what could happen? It's called Peace on Earth.
 Nothing can get in the way of a planet whose Humans have
 learned to love one another! It's an old message, is it not? You can
 find it in Scripture, and you can find it in the sacred writings that
 are very, very old on many continents. Because that particular
 message was given to you, dear ones, thousands and thousands
 of years ago in many places at once. It has not changed. It will not
 change. That is because your family does not change. The love is
 absolute. The difference between then and now is that the "family
 on Earth" has changed. You now have the power to create
something that was always elusive before--true tolerance, the
ability to tear down the walls of cultural protection, and the
beginning of world peace.
    There is a woman who gives birth to twins. One is a boy, the
other a girl. They are both loved beyond measure. They are a
piece of the whole of the Mother/Father. They are family. That's
who you are--a piece of God. There are no favorites, and the
family does not smile on one and not another. For all are equal in
our eyes--all with great gifts waiting to be manifest into abun-
dance and peace. Like the mother at birth, we hold you in our arms
and say, "Welcome to the planet again."
    It will take the wisdom of a shaman to sort out the overview
of what is really happening on the planet in the months to come
and the years to follow. Many will follow a path of "shadow
termination" [a concept of cellular memory of the former end of
the Planet--one that leads many to "go with the old".
Many will never see the potentials that we speak of, and will
only see the way things were. That's what choice is all about on
     Remember the new mantra of the times: "Things are not
always as they seem." Today's seeming setback is tomorrow's
learning. Today's hurt is tomorrow's healing. The fact is that
today's potential is far grander than anything you've ever seen as
Humans. This house called Earth is in renovation--and much will
have to be torn out to allow for the new to begin.

    To get you through this?

    "Love one another."

    And the walls will come tumbling down.

    And so it is.



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