Communication With The Federation of Light {Channeled}

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2.)  Communication with the Federation Of Light
3.)  The Energies of February
4.)  Master Jesus: The Balance of Devotion
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Isis' Message of the Day -
Although you believe that your physical essence is on this Earth Plane the you that you really are is gathering with your Spiritual Family and The Creator to celebrate yet once more your remembrance of HOME.  Peace be with you My Beloveds you are surrounded by all that is love.
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Uriel's Message -- "Be" Where You Are
The presence of your physical body is also the presence of your spirit  the place where you are in the material world is where all of your aspects exist. You are your most powerful when your aspects exist in integrity and harmony with the highest vibrations of your soul's desire for you. But you judge your reality as being more or less powerful, joyful or peaceful and then believe that when you are not at that level of being your life will be better elsewhere. The present place is the place where you live your life and to experience the fullness of your learning and ascension you must learn to be where you are. 
Thinking that your life will be better at another time, in another place or when you have ascended or reached higher vibrations removes you from the most powerful place you can be, in the present moment. There are reasons you have chosen this experience, the place you are in, your soul group and the reality you have created. Your purpose is not to focus on the future and hope that it will be better, it is to use the energy of the present and shift it into its highest possible expressions. Everything exists in multiple vibrations and your intention to connect to the highest ones will allow you to be in alignment with them.
The victim paradigm is one that humanity has lived with for eons, it is the foundation of the third dimension and is also why there is free will. But when free will is used to perpetuate the victimhood you have all suffered through, then you believe that life beyond what you know is better and that when you reach that place you will be blessed. The blessings you seek are where you are, when you can learn to "be" where you are and find your power, strength and courage in each moment. 
The most powerless situations express your victimhood and that is where you resonate until you can find a higher expression for your energies. How can you be powerful within this moment and place, transform the energy and stay mindful of the present instead of trying to escape into the future? All of your power and your ascension exist in this moment, so be within it, learn from its energies, choose those you wish to experience and let the transformation begin. You have chosen this place, this moment and this lesson for your soul's healing and growth. If you are not fully within it, you are not within your life purpose and path. And as soon as you can "be" in this moment, you create new possibilities for the release of the victim paradigm and new realities where you express your highest energies to create your highest potential.
Article Copyright 2011 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.
About the author
Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She also channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel.  Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder of, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel.  Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email for information.   * Enlightening Life  *  email: *     

Communication with the Federation Of Light
Received by Blossom Goodchild
January 28, 201
Good evening to you. As usual I have been doing a lot of thinking about things. As usual, I have been thinking about my relationship with you. As usual, I always come up with the same result. To TRUST in the fact that what you FEEL appropriate to talk to us about is probably the most valuable information we could have at each given time we connect. So, once again, as usual, I leave it in your capable hands ... despite the fact that there are those who FEEL you should be coming forth with a lot more information regarding matters that are taking place on earth at this time.

We thank you for respecting our wishes and we KNOW also that although at times we may deliver words that seem to be of a repetitive nature ... we are aware of our plan and why we do so. For those that find our communications with you a little stilted, then of course we desire only that they find their path and satisfactory answers from other sources that are available to them at this time. What we wish you to keep in the forefront of your mind is that we, as so often stated, are here to assist. To bring about within your BEING that which will serve you and therefore serve the whole. It is not that we are unconcerned with navigational pulls and matters that seem to pull many into unrest, indeed this is not so. Yet we TRULY desire to bring to you that which can uplift and raise the frequencies of all involved in this great shift which lies ahead.
We do not FEEL it to be of great benefit to dispel words that can be so easily destroyed and contorted, so that there leaves only confusion and doubt. We wish to offer you knowledge regarding "yourselves." This is "our" mission. It is therefore necessary to keep to that which we find most useful to you.
We do not like to see you feeling lost and confused. Especially where we are concerned. Yet we are aware, that for each of you, it is your own journey. We cannot walk these steps for you. We can guide you, we can consider actions to take in order for the highest results to be achieved, yet we cannot make your choices for you. If you allow yourselves to melt into your own hearts ... instead of so often as you do ... allowing your minds to take control ... you would "truly" find that you had walked a mile when you had thought it had been just a few steps.
Ok. So, what is the topic for today? Oh! Just one quick thing if I may? More and more of these LIGHT Pillars seem to be appearing, in unusual places and now are displaying unusual shaping's ... even the weather experts are saying this is not normal. A few words on this ... if you wouldn't mind?
We are more than aware of critical information that appears in what is 'laughingly' told to you as factual news. In that, there are those who are ostracized for what they know to be Truth and indeed it is. Yet sadly, in your world for a long time, what "is truth" has been swept under the carpet and trodden on heavily. We might suggest that those who 'speak' to you regarding climatic change and many matters regarding what is appearing or indeed not appearing, are little more than 'property,' if we may put it kindly. So many of what you assume are 'important' therefore 'factual' issues are far from what they are made out to be. You wonder why, others ask you why we simply don't speak to you in a more 'factual Truthful' way about this. We are incapable of mistruth. Yet, what we "know" to be Truth is more often than not best kept for a time when those that shall announce what is "really" going on, are able to do so, without it being heard from 'other places' first.
What, do you mean from you?
Why though?
Because that which is to be revealed is of such magnitude that for those who choose to know and accept it as "truth" are ... if you like ... already 'obliged' to retrieve certain information from certain souls. It has been decreed. And it is not for us to interfere with particular plans. If we were to reveal what is to come, before the time when it is most appropriate to be revealed, then we would not only be deceiving you but ourselves as well. Please accept that there are matters we can offer information about and matters that we cannot. Again we reiterate our position. We come to give hope. Although we are aware that some these days feel 'hope' to be a position of 'lacking.'
Eh, you've lost me there, well ,actually I do understand the sentence. Meaning one needs hope because they do not like the situation they are in perhaps? (lacking in something)
This is how some now look upon it ... yet for ourselves in our position we would always wish to shower you with rays of hope. For in this time that is upon you we "feel" that where there is hope there can be strength to carry on. We 'hope' that we shall continue to offer 'hope.'
And I hope you do too! Back to the pillars then ?? I know ... I'm a bit of a cheeky chops!
We wouldn't have you any other way. And indeed , we are happy to be brought back on track. We have been asked by you before, if these pillars on display have anything to do with our 'tactics.' What we choose to add is that we can not only influence power structures, we are able to account for many phenomena that your world may 'strike off' as something other than what it is.
So ... are these pillars from you ... ? ? ?
We are picking up on your frustration and we are smiling at you smiling. We would say that they are influenced by us. We would also say that due to impending conditions we shall make it known that there shall be a difference between those pillars of Light that are influenced by us and those which are directly from us.
Oddly enough the ones I have seen lately, even though different and apparently unusual, still don't have the 'hallmark' of that which you showed me in my mind when you first spoke of them. I feel there will be no question when YOUR pillars are displayed. I FEEL we will know.
It is for the benefit of those on your earth to have these definities. How often have we explained that there is reason in all we do. It cannot be understood by you at all times and we are aware that because of this, much confusion and doubt may enter. And yet, here you are dear Blossom still talking to us.
We have many times also used the expression "Hold on to your hats." In this year of 2011 you will grasp more of why we have spoken this way. Yet, we wish to amplify the fact over and over that...
"There is nothing to fear."
Do you 'get that'? Do you really ... from the deepest place of your heart "know that?" We ask you to seriously and most conscientiously work on this. Allow yourselves to "know" from within the very depth of who you are ... that ...
"There is nothing to fear."
There never has been and there never will be. Fear does not exist unless you choose to give it life. Therefore choose "not" to give it life. Not to give it one moment of your precious breath. Let every breath that you inhale and exhale be only in the deepest sincerest "knowledge" that you are moving forward into "the most incredible times" that your souls have yet experienced. How can you fear that? "Know" that all that is taking place and all that is to take place in the times ahead of you, are part of the master Divine plan that is to bring about the downfall of those that have for so long underestimated the power that is Love.
Connect with your heart in a New Way. Get to know your heart and its qualities. For when you do so ... it will allow you to enter into a new understanding of who you are. These things we "can" tell you.
Think "with" your heart. Think "about" your heart. Enter "into" your heart in every moment. "Be" your heart. Find yourself within it. For that is Truly where your soul resides whilst you are upon this Earth. And is it not the time now? ... and it is all in the timing ... for you to go there and find the Higher aspect of You? The You that is to come out into the open and awaken others. For by Being Love there is not one soul that can deny that you could be anything else.
Feels like the end of the session. Thank you . I for one Feel more at peace with what you have offered here. I look forward to talking with you again soon ... and I look forward also to seeing 'Your' pillars of Light , not just the ones you have influenced.
And we look forward to the energy that shall abound when you do. Keep your spirits up , as they say in your world. It is indeed the only way for them to FEEL at home.
Will do our very best. Roger over and out! In Love and thanks as always. for info on more Light pillars.
Blossom Goodchild
Blossom Goodchild is a professional ‘direct voice’ channeling medium working with spirit and cosmic energies. *  *      

The Energies of February
by Jennifer Hoffman
Can you believe that January is over? It went by so quickly and that will be the case for this year as we continue to break down the boundaries of linear time and begin to understand how to manifest what we want. I'll share my recent manifestation story on this week's radio show-I've been asking for easy access to a yoga studio and I found one! But if I hadn't been paying attention I would have missed it. Listen to the show to find out how I created this and how you can use the powerful energy of manifestation that is available now to manifest what you want.
February begins with a new moon and the Chinese New Year, a very auspicious time for all of us because there is so much energy focused on new opportunities. Use the energy on that day (Feb. 3) to set your intention for the year but more importantly for your life in this moment. Do you want to be happier, feel better about yourself, and have more fulfilling relationships? When you set this type of intention you let the Universe bless you with miracles. And when you keep your focus on the present moment, you are using your energy in the most powerful way. You have no power in the future because it is the present moment that matters. 
We will see the expression of a lot of anger in February as people begin to see where they have allowed themselves to be limited and their anger will be directed towards those who they think have been their source of pain. This is the point where change can begin but getting beyond the anger may be difficult. Anger without spiritual understanding is simply the expression of fear. It takes the application of a higher vibration to use anger constructively, as a vehicle for change. And of course this is the month of Valentine's Day, when we can wallow in self pity because we haven't had a relationship in a long time or set our intention to create one. 
The world around us and our individual worlds may appear to be full of angry people this month. Our goal will be to understand that we can be the object of someone's anger but we are not responsible for their feelings, emotions or beliefs. Be detached, do not allow yourself to get involved in situations that move you into energies that you do not want to be part of. Be selective with your energy and allow the people who are moving out of your life to do so. This year is about choice, how do we choose to live, who is part of our lives, what kinds of energies we want around us and to experience them in our reality. Remember that you are powerful, and you can use this month's powerful energies to create it. Have a great month.
Article Copyright 2011 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.
About the author
Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She also channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel.  Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder of, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel.  Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email for information.   * Enlightening Life  *  email: *    

Master Jesus: The Balance of Devotion
Channelled through Natalie Glasson
My beloved brothers and sisters I extend my love to you now and honour the sacred existence that is your truth and natural being. Let us take a moment to attune to the love of the Creator and bathe in the sacred vibrations, energy and wisdom that is the Creator. Let us feel this love embracing us now from the outside as well as the inside of our beings.
I have been graciously allowed to come forward to share a teaching with you once more through Natalie, which is a great honour. Time and a space to share ones thoughts is so sacred especially when I know that many ears and hearts are listening, to you I send my thanks.
I come to you today my beloved brothers and sisters with a story which I hope will bring enlightenment and insight to your own spiritual growth. The story is to assist in understanding the energy of devotion and to acknowledge where balance is needed.
To begin my story let us imagine a woman of great spiritual potential and connections, a woman with a pure heart and a great desire to return to the truth of her being. This woman was on the Earth many years ago living a simple life within a small community living off of the land. An understanding of the Creator was evident within the community and many would take time to pray and attune to the energies of the Creator and the Earth, understanding this as a way of moving forward with their reality and ensuring their protection. The woman who we shall not name was due to be married and to begin a family life with a man that she felt fondly for, but her spiritual practices and dedication to the Creator were of greater intensity than any other within the community. She felt a compelling desire to be at one with the Creator, to mediate and link with her own truth, energies and essence. This desire and drive enhanced each day and gradually she became so attuned to the Creator that nothing else in her realty seemed to have meaning or purpose. She was aware of herself disconnecting with community life and wanting only to be at one with the Creator. Understanding more of the truths of the Creator she removed herself from the community and her future partner and travelled to a mountainous area in seek of solitude, peace and spiritual refuge.
As a much loved member of the community, the woman was missed greatly; their inability to understand her move away from them stirred both sadness and anger. It was the community's belief that through connection and communication with each other they would discover the truth of the Creator.
The woman was happy in solitude; it was what she needed in order to explore her energies and to discover the energy of the Creator within her. After many years the woman became lonely, she missed the touch of another person, the interaction between people and the caring nature of another. She had explored the energies of the Creator and felt truly connected and at one with the Creator. With the goal achieved she decided that she must return to the community to integrate into life once more and continue from where she left. Unfortunately the reception that she received was far from welcoming, the community had grown and evolved in their own way, her once future partner had married another and her friends felt suffering and pain from the rejection they had felt from the woman leaving without explanation. The woman tried to clarify to the community all the wonderful experiences and insights she had gained and her wish to teach them to become one with the Creator. She was not prepared for the suffering and pain that the community had experienced due to her loss nor was she prepared for the abuse that followed as they tried to portray her as being of evil intent in order to justify their fears.
The woman retreated back to the solitude of the mountains, she realised that her devotion to the Creator and the solitude experienced had been needed and was an essential aspect of her spiritual growth. The lesson that was prominent was that she should have remained connected with the Earth, realising that life and to experience life was a great gift from the Creator. The woman now saw that through a mixture of solitude, an eternal connection to the Creator and acknowledging the Creator within all other humans and beings of life, she would have created a complete life and spiritual development for herself that would have allowed for a true experience of the Creator's love. Her devotion to the Creator had been so strong that she had neglected the other aspects and gifts of the Creator.
With this realisation come tremendous pain, anger and fear which consumed the woman. She began to blame herself so strongly. No longer could she see the essence of the Creator within her, it was her own hate, darkness and despair that was evident now. The woman suffered in this way from many years, she couldn't find a way out of the suffering that her ego was causing her. She was reverting into a victim and pushing away all the blessings she had gained from the Creator because of the loneliness that she felt. The Creator and her guides never left her side, they loved her constantly but she became blind to her truth, her eyes focused only on suffering and pain. The woman didn't realise that the Creator was offering to her the greatest test yet, it was a lesson to finally be rid of her ego and to love those who didn't understand her, knowing love to be the greatest healing and the most powerful energy of connection. If she had remained in a state of love and connection with the Creator the attitudes of the community would have altered and forgiveness would have flown through the community. The woman did begin to connect once more with the Creator but her despair remained close to her heart.
Let us agree that this story has notes of sadness but there are many lessons to be grasped from my story. Firstly as a being awakening on the Earth there is a need for you to spend time alone, being at one and happy in your own energy and attuning to the energy of the Creator. To make time for your spiritual practices is essential as you must learn to feel and understand your own energies and the Creator's presence within and around you.
Secondly there is a need to appreciate everything that you have in your life and reality, your life is your creation, it is the Creator's creation as you are the Creator. Whether your reality holds good or bad aspects appreciate that you have been given free will, the right to live a life as you choose and to think as you wish. Your life is essentially the foundation for your connection to the Creator; it is precious and must be valued. To love life is to love yourself and the Creator as all are intertwined and are one. Your life on the Earth is so important every moment will bring you closer to the Creator every second will help you learn and overcome spiritual lessons. This doesn't mean that you must go crazy in your life and experience everything; it indicates that you treasure everything that your soul guides you to achieve on the Earth and you value your connection with others. It is through our relationships with others that we can link on a deeper level with the Creator. Value all that you have in your reality as it was created by the Creator through you and your thoughts. The woman isolated herself from everyday life and missed the opportunity to watch the light of the Creator grow in others, to be a healing and inspirational support to others. She was unable to experience living as the Creator in a physical life which is the greatest gift. To be aware, loving, compassionate, healing, understanding, supportive, at peace with the ability to anchor and express the Creator's light and love is a wonderful experience.
The woman's life indicates to all that when we are following a spiritual path balance must be obtained between our focus of being on the Earth and connecting with the Creator, but balance goes beyond this, it is to remain balanced or aligned to the Creator while you experience life on the Earth, this is such an amazing experience as you see the truth of the Creator all around you. In the past it may have been appropriate for individuals wishing to connect with the Creator to isolate themselves from society to focus and devote themselves but now the challenge is to accept and experience all that you would if you were to enter into solitude while conducting a life that allows you to integrate with others. Solitude for a period of time may be appropriate but being of service and sharing your light and growth is also important.
Thirdly there is a need to train your mind to think that everything in your reality is a lesson of growth and greater unity with the Creator. There are no mistakes, there is also no pain or suffering. If you can see everything as a lesson from which you can gain understanding about yourself, maybe habits that need to be dissolved or a realisation to remove boundaries aiding your connection with the Creator, then you will never miss golden opportunities. When you are suffering or are in pain, say to yourself,
'There is no need for me to suffer, I am attuned to the Creator, there is a lesson here that I must learn from.'
Then ask yourself what the lesson is, what you must gain from the experience. When you can understand the lesson, you can then release the suffering and pain knowing that it is only a reaction to an experience or thought; it is not true nor is it essential in your reality now. The truth behind the suffering is the real enlightenment that the Creator wishes you to discover.
The purpose of my story and communication was to assist you in understanding that-
Solitude and connection with the Creator is needed for spiritual development in a way that is appropriate for you and your growth.
Appreciation of life and all that you have is an essential way of honouring yourself and the Creator, ensuring that you remain grounded into your reality and centred within your being.
Being fully present and aware within your reality allows you to acknowledge growth that needs to be made or understood by you, as well as assisting you in being of service to others in a humble and loving way.
Balance must be gained between the physical and spiritual realities but balance must also be obtained by the person remaining attuned to the Creator at all times.
You can gain understanding, attunement and enlightenment within every moment of your reality.
Suffering and pain are simply reactions to an experience or thought; they mask the true meaning and purpose of the experience. Look beyond your suffering to see the truth and the lesson that must be grasped. A person will never suffer without a reason; there is always a higher purpose for everything.
These are simply a process of thought and understanding that I wished to alert you to.
I hope that you have found my words of benefit to you,
You are sacred light and love on the Earth and I bless you,
Your brother and friend,
Master Jesus
May you walk in the love and light always,

Natalie was born in 1984, UK. Over seen by Archangel Michael, she now works as a channel for a vast variety of spiritual beings and Masters in the spiritual hierarchy. Through her website  she shares the channelled messages of the Creator’s helpers to expand the awareness of humanity and assist in the raise in energy vibration of the planet.  She offers a service of channelled readings from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Unicorns and Fairies.
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, it is much easier to steer a moving car than a parked one. So, in other words, get moving. Then if you want to change directions, you’ve already got the impetus and the energy going and you can make a change in direction. But the important thing is to come alive. Know yourself to be alive. Know yourself to be the master who has had great courage to choose humanhood one more time; great courage.
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HEAVEN #3721
What’s Happening
February 1, 2011
God said:
Life in the world is like an avalanche that keeps coming or like a fresh waterfall. You are your own destiny. You are the actor and the reactor. You ad lib. You also memorize lines. You are a car that steers itself. With sight or without sight, you steer, and you follow. Life is a surprise only because you couldn’t see around the bend.
One point on an unseen map nevertheless leads to another point. In one sense, your life has been mapped out. Somehow you followed it. Perhaps your map is ever-changing. Perhaps the route was not mapped out until the moment you reached a place. You set your life as you go along. Was there an irresistible force that led you to go this way and not that way? Could your choice have been destined, or was it a spur of the moment decision? Were you the decider or not? Certainly, there was a choice, or was there? If you made a choice, when did you make it? Was there really a choice to make, or, at the moment, was there only one way open for you to go on?
If there had been two ways open for you, or a dozen, and you chose only one, what drove you to that choice, if anything?
You had a choice whether to keep going or not. Or did you even have a choice to go or to stay? Before you chose the way you were going to go, could you have meantime had a picnic or taken some photos?
The sun changes every moment. Does the sun choose its orbit, or did the sun choose long ago, and yet make his choice perpetually? There are so many factors. The position of a tree, a branch, a leaf, a mountain. I think the sun is happy to go where it goes. The path the sun takes is new to him. Each day it’s new. Each day it’s a new beginning. The sun is a tried and true traveler, and so are you.
In your life, there is no repetition except as you think so. The sun does not have wild thoughts. The sun is too busy covering its territory to think of unseemly events. The sun is never tired. The sun is not in a rut, for every moment is a new day for the sun, a new sunrise, a new trail to follow, a new never-seen before light seeming to circle the Earth even as the Earth circles the Sun.
Are you the Sun or the Earth? Is the Earth your body and the light of the sun your soul? Who are you anyway, and what are you doing? What is the sun doing but fulfilling its path, even as it stays still? And you, the same, even when you don’t grasp what it is you are doing or when or why or how.
All you really know is that you seemingly are somewhere doing something, playing at life. You do a pretty good job of it, or you fool everyone, or you fool yourself in passing.
The sun in the sky seems to go to sleep. It is said that there is a sunset and a sundown. The same goes for you. You go to bed at night, and you get up in the morning, and yet you have not been out of living your life. Like the sun, you keep rolling right along, so to speak. You are up to something. You are in the stream of life, and you follow an inner path that is of your making although some of the time you think you are simply riding the rapids.
Is life happening, or are you happening?
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