Illawarra District, Australia, May 15, 2010. 

Celestial Engineer, Isaac

Subject: “Circuitry of All Kinds.”
          “Mind to Mind Communication.”  (part one)
Received by George Barnard.

Isaac: “I’ve only just arrived back on your world and enquired about what you were up to.  It seems some progress, some regress, but we both must carry on forward with our communication-associated tasks – you in talking to all and sundry, and I in installing and servicing the circuits of many kinds.
“Think of a universe without communication.  You can?  Really now!  No, you can’t!  It would not be like being lost in a forest on an overcast day without a cell phone, unable to speak to anyone, unable to determine north from south, indeed, unable to think.  The absence or loss of all kinds of communications, and all kinds of circuitry, would spell disaster.  Even a momentary disruption to the gravity circuits would spin us all out of control.
“Today we are briefly looking at the circuits I’m involved with in both installation alteration and maintenance.  They are many, because there are many different celestial creatures requiring circuitry to suit just their physiological makeup and or function.  Sometimes a species’ needs for privacy demands special circuits, as in the instance of the Archangel circuits, over which many aspects of positive or negative potentials are communicated in absolute secrecy.
“Those of my order (Celestial Engineers) are involved with more than thirty diverse kinds of circuit, and we are gifted with the innate mathematical insights to install these with the necessary loops and slack to keep them functioning as your planets orbit and rotate.  We are also gifted with the ability to communicate over each of the circuits we install, add to, occasionally contract (reduce in size), and repair.
“We are not at all involved with the varied processes of universe reflectivity, which have no need for circuits, or the different processes of mind-to-mind communication.  We are responsible for our efforts to the highest celestial order present on a planet, a mansion world, or headquarters world connected to the circuits we install.  On your Planet that is Prince Machiventa Melchizedek, my Friend and Teacher.  More later.  This is Isaac.”
Receiver’s notes: We frequently hear from our Friend, Isaac, as he often visits on our planet -- his favorite holiday destination.  Not often does he have an actual message or lesson for us.  He is simply more a Friend than a Teacher. Isaac is all about circuits, energy and communication.  He is capable of being totally focused on his work for days on end, even weeks without a break, after which he may visit here for three or four days of R&R.

 The 11:11 Progress Group.
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