Coming To Know GOD

Heavenletter #4239 Coming to Know God, July 3, 2012
God said:
You already know that another name for Me is Love. And Love is your true name as well. And you know you have experienced love by other names - by joy, happiness, good luck, reunions, eyes meeting yours and so on. I am introducing Myself to you in many ways. When you come to think of it, you come to feel it, experience it, know what you are already experiencing of Me as your Very Self.
Yet some keep plodding along without the awareness of the blessing of knowing Me. They may be contrary to Me, and yet they are receiving My blessings just the same.
There is no one and nothing in the Universe that is without My love. That is an impossibility.
The thing is that some or many hold a list of what I must be like, what I must do before I can win their favor, how the world they dream must change. They must think they hold the cards in their hands. Of course, to a point they do, and you do. Your thoughts can call the shots. Your thoughts can change Destiny.
Yet I am not to be proven. I am to be known. Let Me say that again. I am not to be proven. I am to be known.  You cannot prove Me. You can only know Me. Despite everything, you can know Me.
Santa Claus, who is admittedly fiction, has come to be known. Characters in novels can be known, perhaps better than many people you interact with. Someone doesn't have to appear physically before you in order for you to connect. And, so, I am unseen, and, yet, you can connect to Me. I don't have to have a beard or drive a sleigh or appear like the cow jumping over the moon for you to know Me.
The fact is that your heart knows Me. You just have to wake up to what your heart knows. It's not that you must wake up really. It's that you come to know your heart. All in your good time is fine. I know you will wake up to your heart, and that is good enough for Me.
Believe it or not, I am much easier to please than you are. Actually, I do not know displeasure. I know love. And My love is constant. My love is ongoing. My love never dims no matter how it may seem to to your beleaguered mind. My love is a lit candle that never flickers. You have My love. It is already yours. You are fully established in My love. It is your love that you may not have yet imbibed. In the midst of whatever you see as tragedy, I am still here. Under all circumstances, you can pick up My love.
My love is set on the table for you, perhaps like a glass of lemonade. All you have to do is pick it up. Someone served you lemonade, yet it is you who has to pick up the glass to drink it. Lemonade is in a glass you can see through. When it comes to My love, you are already drinking it, or you would not exist. For you to have conscious awareness of My love, you have to serve yourself. You have to get up from the bench you sit on and come over closer to Me. I can't move closer to you. Come over here to Me in your awareness. You can do it. You are the only one who can do it when it comes to you.
You can help others come closer to Me, but only so far. And that is also so far as anyone can help you. You are your own deliverer, do you understand Me? And yet, at the moment when you do find Me dwelling within you, it may seem that you were be-knighted by a Godly Being, yet you are a Godly Being Who be-knighted yourself.
You and I are One. There is only One God by whatever name He or She is known. Is there anyone to look to, beloveds, for you and I are One.