B-Like Columbus: Discover Yourself


Discover the Peace Within ...



Heavenletter {Channeled}
Listen to Your Soul
God said:
Your life on Earth is an exploration of possibilities. There is the brick and the mortar, and all the concrete world that has been set before you. There is plenty for you to find out about that is ready-made. And then there is that which you create. There is something more yet to see. There is always some place where you have not yet been. In terms of the concrete world, there is always somewhere else. And there is the essence, and there is the abstract which is beyond your fingertips yet not beyond your vision. And as your vision explores and gathers, so you create.
You can trip over things in the world, and yet there is that beyond the world.
You are a many-dimensioned being who lives in a many-dimensioned world. There is also the dimensionless. There is that where no dimension lies. There is the unboundedness.
When you look up at the sky, day or night, you are reminded of the unboundedness of creation. It must be that looking up at the sky, day or not, reminds you of your own unboundedness.
You simply are not stuck to Earth. You are irrespective of your body. Your body has a circumference whereas you do not. You are measureless. You are immeasurable. There is no yardstick big enough, no measuring tape, no string that can encompass you, you, the fruition of My glory.
Are you not amazed at all I have created with no effort at all? Creating takes no effort. Creating is not a task to be completed. It is an exploration. Something was out of sight, and then it appears right before your eyes.
Creating is rather like exploring a mountain and finding a lode of gold. Creating is coming across something. You may well have been searching for it, and yet you stumble upon it. Suddenly, now, you have an idea right before you. It may have taken many steps to reach your discovery, and, yet, you were always in reach of it.
Or We can say that creating is the same as listening. You listen to the rumblings of your soul. And then the time comes when you hear the music outside you as well. There comes a time when there is no division between inside and outside. There is the sense in which there is no outside. It is yourself that you explore. And it is yourself that you find.
You climb a mountain, and when you reach the summit, whom do you find but yourself standing there waiting for yourself to arrive.
You find a shining copper penny on the street, and you have a glimpse of yourself.
You see a need, and you fill it. You fill another man's pocket only to discover that it was your own.
You are a pioneer in life. You are not a settler. You are not established. You are in process. What you are in process of is great discovery. Like Columbus, you set your foot upon a New Land. Every day you do this. Every day you travel where you have never been before. Before you is always a new vista. No matter how many times you have stepped out of the same bed, you step out into the Unknown. You are the Knower who breaks the boundaries of the past. Say Eureka, or say holy-moly, you see the boundaries you break no matter how well glued together they may have been.
You have a hammer, and you crack open the mysteries of the Earth, and every time, you find yourself. The wrappings are different, and yet, right before you, is always yourself. What a find you are.