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One More Cup Of Coffee
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{Channeled by Spirit}
QUESTION: Dear Spirit: I see that society is consuming more and more coffee every day. Now it seems to be too hard to wake up in the morning without a cup or to fully function during the day. Some people say that it's good for our bodies, and that it contains a lot of antioxidants. Others say that it should be treated like any other drug that causes addiction. What can you tell us about the effects of coffee in our bodies (other than waking us up)?
ANSWER: The answer is simple: Anything you take into your body that is a stimulant is not natural and would not have occurred normally. Therefore, it disturbs the ability of a Human Being to regulate the body's chemistry in a natural way.
With all of that said, it's also important to reveal that logically you might also say the same thing about a chocolate bar or piece of candy! The real secret is to eat or drink these things that you enjoy so much in a way that honors your body. Consume occasionally rather than consistently. If you feel that they're interfering with your health, then they probably are! Your body has a wonderful communication link with your conscious mind, if you'll just listen to it. Also, don't be shy about using energy methods [the pendulum method > "see below"] to ask your body the important questions: Shall I eat this or not? There are even Radionic-based biofeedback machines that can help you with this in your new science.
Anything in moderation will probably be fine. Your body's system is designed to be robust in its ability to "snap back" from occasional stimulation due to foods that contain overabundances of sugar, caffeine, salt, and chemistry that would change your ph. balance. But when you "live on" these substances, your body never has the chance to balance itself.
You're in charge. Use your intuition, and "ask" your body what it needs or will tolerate. Then enjoy yourself within these guidelines, for many of these foods were created for your pleasure.
What To Eat
QUESTION: Dear Spirit, my first questions are regarding stabilized oxygen water. Is it really of any value other than to the people selling it? Is it a good idea to pH-balance our water before we drink it? What is the best water accessible to us, in general?
My second question: I’m extremely confused regarding what foods to eat and whether pH balancing is really all I’ve heard it is. Would you expound on this?
I guess my most profound question (to me, anyway) is, through the power of intent and melding with our total self, is any of this really necessary?
ANSWER: The answer to these questions are quite logical, but they don’t conform to a simple answer.
Three years ago we told you that there would be more water products coming your way than ever before. The reason? Because your heath workers would begin to understand how important this basic sustenance is for you, and the beginning of the "secrets" of real biological balance would begin to be found. We told you that you’d discover that what you had felt was needed and healthy would end up looking like the dark ages of knowledge. In other words, you’d say, "How could we have ever believed this would be good for us?"
Now all this is at your doorstep. There are many waters available, and the first thing you do is ask, "Which one is right?" What if most are right? Why do you wish to limit your options to just one? Yes, the pH balance will be new information that will be controversial, then be validated over time by the health of the individuals who drink it. The process is still not fully understood, since your health industry still gives no credibility at all to the body’s intelligent structure. That is to say that the body isn’t just a chemical machine that reacts. It’s a creative machine that actually calls upon processes that are beyond chemistry, and which change portions of your DNA that speak to all cellular structure, and which create new paradigms of reality for you . . . immune setups, and longevity schemes that you haven’t discovered yet.
Are some just making money from this new fad? Yes. So what do you do? The answer is obvious: Try samples of what is offered and decide for yourself. Don’t weigh what others say or experience as your guide, since many of these new products aren’t generic to all biology. This means that they will affect some more than others. This is knowledge we brought to you many years ago. Throw away the idea that all biology is the same, and that a cure is a cure is a cure. It’s not, and you’re going to begin to see far more individuality within medicine and health substances.
The same is true with food, and there will be many discoveries there as well. But through all of this, we’ve also given you information that says that above all, the power of your consciousness can change both food and water. You can balance both to allow for everything you need. You can even change matter, and create a situation where ingesting food or water that might make another sick will actually nourish you. This is the promise for those who wish to examine this issue and take it all the way.
So, greet the food and don’t worry about it. Change it to match your own biological structure. This is actually very old spiritual information, lost along the way of modern civilization.
Dowsing - "the pendulum method"
QUESTION: Dear Spirit, some years ago I bought a dowsing pendulum from a New Age shop. It’s made up of two pieces of mineral stones joined by a chain. I used it several times and thought it was inaccurate, so I put it aside.
Recently, I took it out of storage and used it again. Somehow, now seems like a more appropriate time. Are the answers that we get from the dowsing pendulum reliable? Where are the answers coming from?
ANSWER: The ability to douse and to receive answers from a pendulum are completely dependent on the Human Being using them. These instruments are an extension of what we’ve called "Intelligent Human Cellular Structure," as we told you in the last answer.
Let me ask you this: What is the principle behind kinesiology? Did you ever wonder how the body could "know" what you’re holding in your hand, and could then produce communication about the substance through the strength of your muscles? What about homeopathy? Did you ever wonder how a substance that was so small that it was undetectable by your modern chemical analysis could send a healing message to your body?
The answer is that your body has a process that goes way beyond chemistry or biology. Some have the gift to extend this bodily "awareness" to douse. It’s simply that your body is connected at an interdimensional level to everything around it. It knows about the earth and more. Did you know you could douse for oil? Yes. That’s not all. These are gifts that are just being discovered, but now they’re being considered seriously instead of being "strange and unusual powers."
So the answer is that the power to douse comes from your internal connection to the earth. It’s only as reliable as the Human using it is, and it’s not for everyone. But we encourage you to try it. You might be surprised!
Intuitive Healing
QUESTION: Spirit, I'm a BodyTalk System healer, and have been getting more intuitive lately, which has helped my work. The protocol I follow seems somewhat restrictive. What can I do to move more quickly and deeply into my clients’ needs, and help them realize that all healing comes from within them? What can I do differently to help them get better results faster so that they can feel more encouraged?
ANSWER: Change your protocol! With your intuition, expand what you’ve been taught about the way your system works, and go beyond it. You won’t violate the system. If you work with the meridians of the body, then find the other meridians that are above the ones you know . . . and so on. As far as meeting your clients’ needs, you can do that far easier than you think. Each client’s consciousness field is shouting at you exactly what they need. So "tune in" to this and make the appropriate moves. You never have to tell the client what’s happening, since sometimes this gets in the way. But you’re still dealing with the individual’s healing power, and actually talking to their divinity process. Remember, there’s no accident that they find themselves on the table before you.
Become a channelling, intuitive, BodyTalk system healer!
{Much more to come on your Health & Healing, please check back.}