Closing The Generation Gap

Closing the Generation Gap
by Jennfer Hoffman
When I'm out I always observe how parents and children interact because it is such a strong indicator of the changing times we live in. While having lunch today I watched a young boy, around 9 years old who was clearly an Indigo. He talked fast and loud, he moved quickly, could not sit still, and knocked things over several times. Instead of being angry, his parents were calm and patient with him, trying to channel his energy instead of being frustrated and annoyed by it. What a difference that is from when I was a child and for many of you too, who may have been like that young boy, full of scattered energy but with parents who found your behavior challenging and who were trying to make you behave with angry words, wooden spoons (my mother's favorite) and harsh punishments. 
I remember being totally unable to relate to my parents, who I thought were very old, out of touch and much different from me. And they were, so they tried to get me to become more like them, which didn't work. In my day this was called the 'generation gap', which was used to describe the vast difference in communication and understanding between generations. It was true of my generation but is much less true today. As I look at today's parents I see a level of connection that I never experienced with my parents and I know this will continue to improve in the future. And we can congratulate ourselves on closing the generation gap so that all generations after us can enjoy a level of connection and communication that has never been part of parent/child relationships before. 
As children we keenly felt the separation from our parents, as they didn't understand or relate to us in many ways because they couldn't. We represented a kind of freedom, openness and power that they were afraid of. So as we were struggling with their denial and rejection in our lives, we also vowed to not be like that with our children and we weren't. That isn't to say our children appreciate it (and some don't but that is another story), we did our best to be firm but loving, understanding, compassionate and respect their power instead of fearing it. There is very little generation gap today because parents are more aware, understanding and closer to their children's energies. We 'get' Indigo, Crystal and other high frequency energies because they match ours. 
There are so many loving, light-filled and powerful children being born today who need the kind of parenting that embraces their energy with love, compassion and understanding instead of seeing them as a threat to their energy or status quo and forcing them to change. Parents today celebrate their children as part of a new and bright future and see themselves as stewards of their precious energy, which helps these children feel more comfortable about themselves and powerfully manage their energy. I think many parents are aware that the earth's energetic and light legacy is with these children and are committed to being supportive of their path. So let's keep on closing the generation gap until we are all aware of ourselves as the family of humanity, on a path of healing and reconnection, each of us helping close the gap between spiritual and human in our unique way.
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