Climbing The Apple Tree

God said:

The less you have to know about what will transpire in life, the more secure you are.

Life in the world requires trust. And what does trust mean? It doesn't mean you can count on life's giving you everything you want. Trust doesn't mean your body will never die. Trust doesn't mean everything will be as you wish. Trust or not, life befalls.

Trust means that you let go of trying to control life. Trust means you let go of tension. Trust means that you have an inkling that, whatever transpires, you will be all right.

Trust means that you can allow yourself to be carefree within the allotted time and life you spend.

Trust means you spend your life freely and don't worry so much.

Trust means that you give your life to Me. You know it is not your singular life. You know that life on Earth is a gift you were given to use, and you like to use the gift well. You have a life to share, and you share it. Life becomes like rolling off a log, that is, when you don't hold on so tight.

You do not grip life. You do not tense. You let go. As you live life, you let go of it. You are not so attached to outcomes. You enjoy the ride. Bumpy or not, you are riding along in life. You enjoy the ride and the scenery, even as the scenery is ever-changing.

Life does not present you with a map. Life points you in a direction, or many directions.

Life is like climbing an apple tree. You climb. You do not pick all the apples. You drop some. Some are out of reach. Some are perfect. Some are not ripe. Some have worms. And, no matter, you have fun climbing the apple tree.

It is only as you feel insecure that you hold on to the tree of life and demand that the tree give you a certain kind of apple. When the tree does not provide you with that apple, you try to shake it into abeyance.

Sometimes the same tree produces McIntosh apples and Granny Smiths. You can't be sure which kind of apple the tree will bear today. You can be sure that you are climbing the tree, and you can be sure that you will climb until the day you fall off. You do not know the day. You do not know the apple.

You can be sure that you are alive on Earth right now in a human body. And you make the most of it. Making the most of it means that you give yourself to life wholeheartedly. You desire. When you do not reap the desire you desire, you don't pout. You don't demand. You live life.

This is the course of life. You cannot predict it. You can only live it.

The more controlling you are, the less secure you are. The more you require that life deliver to you what you order, the more afraid you have been.

I suggest that you accept what you receive, and move on to the next page of your life. Your love of life is not dependent upon the orders you give. Your love of life depends upon your signing for what arrives and getting on with it. Certainly, life can deliver what you do not want. By the same token, life can deliver to you what you do want.

And, so, whistle a merry tune.

You don't have to stride through life. You can take a walk through it. You can walk through a park of such exquisite beauty that you are humbled. You can walk through a dark forest, and you are scared or angry. Wherever you walk, you can enter a threshold of well-being within yourself. The thing is that you walk, and where you walk is not the whole story. You are your story. You are reading your story as you go along. The tone in which you read makes a difference to the story.