Cleansing The Dark Side



Message from Christ Michael on DNA Meditation

By Don Hynes

Aug 11, 2010 - 9:46:10 AM

Message from Christ Michael on DNA Meditation

August 11, 2010

CM:     The energetic exercises I have offered for cleansing the dark side influences from the structures within the human capacity, most particularly the DNA structures which are prime operators within the human experience and expression, are exercises that can be repeated daily, become a practice if you will, of morning meditation or whatever quiet time one can afford.

This is a delicate science and not a one stop service. In other words, one meditation will not accomplish the entire cleansing. Think of your DNA structures like a universe within that mirrors the universe without. It is vastly complex and finely intricate. The dark side has imposed its affects upon these structures over millennia.

You each were born with a DNA structure from your parents and though We heighten some of this inheritance for a few, it is the reality of human incarnation and one of the weak links in the Ascension Process.

The reason for the "exercise" of cleansing is to encourage your participation in our efforts to establish a more secure foothold in the human framework for the ascension process. The human experience is extremely inconsistent, coming and going with little constancy. The Ascension Process requires a strong, stable foundation. Cleansing and recreation of the DNA structures will provide such a platform.

We've encouraged the establishment of foundational structures through many activities, messages and various efforts. However, We see the energetic work at this time as a means to directly affect the core structures of the human capacity and assist in the primary movements before Us in the Correcting Time cycle.

I ask that you continue to explore this meditation repeatedly. There is no finite limit to what you can uncover and perfect through these efforts. I ask that you continue to focus on the DNA structures for the primary clearing and restructuring but feel free to improvise and create individual motifs for your meditative practice.

Here is an inspirational poem by Don that may encourage your efforts.


May the Earth Find Home

May the Earth find peace from ceaseless war

may the soil find release from constant poison

may the seas feed their own and flourish

may the air be cleansed and flow

with the purity of winged flight

may the flour legged creatures freely roam

the grasses blessed beneath their feet

may the two leggeds humbly rise

with the gift of silence

to welcome the Creator

and embrace the Creation

may the Earth find home

in the new life of Eden.

 - Don Hynes