Circle Of Love {Channeled}

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Sananda's Circle of Love
3.)  Hilarion's Weekly Message: February 6-13, 2011
4.)  Another View in Sight
5.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
6.)  Feeling Heart-connected and Soul-connected

Isis' Message of the Day -
There are no strangers or illegal human beings on this planet only family we have yet to meet. Each soul inhabiting a human body chose to incarnate on earth and was given Divine permission to do so. Think about that the next time you hear someone say another human being doesn't belong here.
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. We have been seeing signs of people being in fear again. What is Fear? Fear is an emotion and it is felt strongly. But what is the worst that can happen? You could die, but do you really die? No. Your spirit lives on and continues to thrive. Once you truly know there is no death, then many “fearful” situations are looked at and experienced differently. We wish you to open your hearts to the feeling of love that we offer. Remember, fear cannot be experienced at the exact same moment as love. The choice of focus is yours. Choose to feel us standing next to you, supporting you, and loving you. Know that you are worthy of our love just by being. We send our love and Bless Your Heart.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *   *   

Sananda's Circle of Love
Given through Susan Leland
Sananda addressing the January 25, 2011 teleconference:

Greetings Beloved Family, it is I Sananda, and I come with my heart full of Joy and Love for you. Well you heard a prophet from the past, and while it is true that some of the things are not taking place in this day, 'The Times Are Changing,' and this is cause for celebration, and this is cause for the feelings of togetherness and oneness, and this is cause for Peace, the kind of Peace that passeth all understanding. And yet, while everything seems to be raging out in the World, this is the time for Peace, and this is time to share Love with each other, and with the World. And we come with special Joy today, because today is a day of great change.
It is almost like a mark, a big mark in the book of history/herstory of Planet Earth, a day of change, day of progress, day of moving ahead in sacred, sacred journey. There are those who are fond of looking at numbers. Yes, and if you look at the different components you can find many sacred numbers within, the date on the calendar, but the important thing to remember is that this is a day of moving ahead, a gigantic leap forward.  So it is that when we come together in our exercise, we can celebrate, even as we share Love, and passion for Truth, and Gratitude and Forgiveness with the Planet.
And so I, Sananda, ask you once again to come aboard the New Jerusalem. And as you come aboard, look around. Greet each other and greet those who are here. I, Sananda am here. St. Germaine is here. Your Captain is Ashtar. The other Mentors, the Beloved Ones, Kuan Yin and Mother Sekhmet, Archangel Michael, Beloved Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius. All of the ones are gathered here to honor your presence, your acceptance of our invitation.
Breathe in the sweetness of the air. There is plenty of room for all of us, and for your Guides that accompany you, your Angels, and the Enlightened ones from among this great, great Universe, and the Kingdoms of Planet Earth, the Light Workers in the human bodies, the Animals, and the Plants, and the Crystals, are all represented here, and oh yes, dancing and sparkling are the Fairies, and all of the beings from that particular Realm of Light. We are all here. Join hearts, join hands, and join in consciousness, and feel the Love that we have to share.
And now let us bring before us representatives from these ones who even now are being arrested, who even now are being removed from their positions of power, who even now are symbols to you of all that has been going on for eons under the programming of the dark. Bring a representative, or more than one -you may have your eyes closed - but bring them into your field of vision with Love. They may try to project fear at you, but let us shine Love upon them. We have the Love. Shine it forth, surround them and let the Love permeate their beings.
By bringing them up into a higher dimensional position aboard the New Jerusalem, they have not so much venom in their beings. Let them at least have the Freedom for this moment by bringing them here, and then let them feel the Love coming from compassionate hearts. And yes, we know from courage as well, because it does take courage coming from your heart to bring them in front of you this close, but do it, because we are all here together joined in this great outpouring of Love from our compassionate hearts. And let us offer them in this Love, complete Forgiveness, no matter what they still have to face on Planet Earth in 3D. Let them know in this instance that they are forgiven, and let the Light shine upon them free, free from any darkness.
And now, Beloved Ones, let us shine forth upon them our Gratitude for showing us what needs to be healed, what remains on Planet Earth that is to be healed, because together we come forward as the healers, and it is as Creations, perfect and Divine, that we shine our Lovelight upon, even as we recognize the healings which are taking place to those various Creations.
In other words all that has happened, all that has been created, all that has been ever lived is in Divine Order, and it is for us to shine the Light of Love even more upon those beings, and upon all that has been created, which is dark, and it is to forgive and to be Compassionate with understanding Beloved Ones, with understanding, that it is all the beings on Planet Earth who have together done these Divine creations.
And so now let us share the Peace that comes. Let us share the Peace with those that we have brought to stand before us, and let us thank them once more for all that they have done. And let us assure them as we send them back to Planet Earth and to whatever their destinations are from there, let us assure them that they are loved, and we invite them to take back whatever this Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude and Peace they are inspired to do, and let us send them on their paths, whatever those paths may be, without judgment, for they have chosen, just as you have chosen Beloved Ones, and so we honor their choices.
Now we have more to do. We have cleared so much in this, and so now we send back support and Love and Gratitude. Now let us bring Obama into the center of our great circle, and let us bring all of those who support him, and rely upon him, into a surrounding circle. And now let us bring all of those who do not understand who he truly is, and place them in the outer circle next to us.
And so here we are all of us together, and let us start beaming, beaming our Love to the center of the circle where Obama stands, and it will amplify even more the Love he has for all who stand before him in these great circles. And let the Love waves join, and raise the vibrations of all who stand before us. Obama, see him light up, his helpers, the ones he depends upon, the ones that he knows are Light- workers and Truth tellers, his Guides, his Angels, his contacts upon Planet Earth in human bodies. Love them, Love them, Love them! Send them Gratitude, send them thanks, send them understanding, and support and appreciation.
And let these Lovebeams come back to this circle next to us, and our circle of Love. We send it through his circle, and Obama, and his Light Workers. Send it through this circle as well. They are being beamed from all directions, and this is joyful, and this is loving, and this is raising the vibrations of all!
And let the doubters fill with Love, and let us express our Gratitude to them for sharing their doubts, so that we could identify them, and beam them with our Love, with our Compassion, with our Forgiveness and our Gratitude. And let them know that they stand in high company now, high vibrations, and they can choose freedom from all dark thoughts and messages, and they can choose not to be messengers of the dark.
They can choose to open to receive the knowledge and the wisdom of enlightenment, so that they will find the Truth of who Obama is, and who we are, and who they really are. And so let us thank them for joining us here on the New Jerusalem. And let us stand together beaming for one last moment in this time together, all, each other, all who are here.
And, Beloved Ones, remember this Love is for you as well. So open to receive even more of the Lovelight within your own hearts, within your own beings. As we say to each other, 'Thanks for being together for this great outpouring of Love, and Peace, and Joy!'
And so it is that all participants are offered the roses of Kumara to add to those already in the hearts of you, Beloved Family, and could perhaps be a first in the hearts of those who are joining for the first time. Smell them, feel them and feel the loving vibrations as you accept these gifts which are offered to you in thanks and Gratitude for our togetherness on this occasion on this day of days. Remember we are always with you, and that we Love you beyond any words. Namaste!


Well it just keeps getting better and better, and you, Beloved Ones, just keep shining brighter and brighter. We always want to give the overview, and it is grand indeed. Savor these moments. Come back if you wish, and help yourself to even more Love and Joy. And I, Sekhmet, am with you. I AM becoming quite a clearer of blockages myself, so I invite you to join our jolly group again when we gather. And so it is! Namaste!
Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh
Given through Susan Leland, January 25, 2011  © Ashtar On The Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.   *   

Hilarion's Weekly Message: February 6-13, 2011
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff
Beloved Ones, 
Many changes are occurring within your physical bodies at this time and you are feeling many strange sensations throughout different times of your day. Each of you is being worked upon in the effort of bringing you into greater alignment with your Higher Self so that a greater connection and integration can begin to take place. As this process occurs, realize that at times, your nerves may feel frayed and you may experience periods of annoyance and irritability, which does not reflect on anything that is happening in your outer world, rather, it is a symptom associated with increasing frequency levels and it is only time that will alleviate this.
We advise that you continue your daily disciplines, take daily walks in the fresh air and commune with Nature, drink at least 8 glasses of water and practice deep breathing exercises. All of these will help you to align, attune and integrate and bring you greater ease and grace in coping with the many changes that are happening. Also this is a time where the nurturance of Self is important and daily periods of introspection, meditation or contemplation can be of great benefit. Being good to oneself in little ways each day can help you stay in the feelings of joy and happiness. Reward yourselves with that new book you wanted to buy and read, or take that long soak in the bathtub with some sea salt added. You are deserving of all of these and more.
There will continue to be more Awakenings occurring within all Souls incarnated upon this World and you will begin to see more and more people standing up and making their voices be heard as they start to realize that they ARE the change they want to see in the World. Gone are the days when this statement brought to mind that it was up to someone else to do the work and make the effort, for now it is becoming clear to all that in unity there is power for effecting peaceful change, with each Soul holding their brother and sister in honor, rather than enmity. 
As the energies increase, the impetus for the resolving of inner conflicts will continue to come to the surface and you may feel aghast at what comes forth from within you that seems so at odds with whom you think you are. Allow this to flow through you and just bear witness that whom you are NOT is surfacing and leaving your energy system. Do not get caught up in the drama of what is just leaving, simply observe and detach. Always remember to replace with the Pure White Light of the Christ and this will help to bring in and anchor your Christ Self within your outer self.
Be patient with yourselves and each other, and remember that what is leaving is not you and as this occurs, more of the REAL you can come in and begin to manifest your spiritual destiny. This is what you chose to accomplish before incarnating and this is what is now manifesting. The feelings of Love, compassion and empathy for yourselves and all your Loved Ones will help you to keep united during the many changes on many different levels that continually and relentlessly take place. 
There are many challenges for you to gain the mastery of and as you successfully navigate through these, you will experience greater fulfillment and a sense of joy that will become the emotions that will more often express through you. The REAL you is a Being of all that is good and positive, happy and joyful, humorous and fun loving, talented and creative, patient and kind, compassionate and merciful. Allow your REAL Self to come through, allow your beautiful Light to shine, for this is why you are here. 
Until next week…. 
I AM Hilarion
©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff
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Much Light, Love and Rainbow Blessings,


HEAVEN #3726
Another View in Sight
February 6, 2011
God said:
If you knew the Greatness of your Beingness, how upset could you get? What would throw you? Would you get upset at all? For what purpose? What is the gain? Knowing as much or as little as you know, why would you spend a millisecond of time getting upset?
So, you broke a shoe lace. So, you tripped on the carpet. So, your computer is down. Tell Me, what is the disaster exactly?
So, your true love doesn’t love you. Or you fear so. So what if he or she does or doesn’t? What exactly is the calamity?
Ah, yes, I see. The sky is falling.
Do you crave calamities, beloveds? I wonder if you seek drama at all costs. Perhaps you would rather something be happening than nothing happen at all.
Go ahead. Take a break. Let nothing happen for a while. Let time stop. Let urgency go.
Even if you break a leg, take it in your stride. Bed rest for a while. A cast for a while. A crutch for a while.
Even if you get lost, how lost are you? You are somewhere. You will find yourself anon.
Even if your body dies suddenly, you will get up from it and go on your merry way. You will be redeemed. You are redeemed. There is no need for redemption. You are not a hostage. There is not a price on your head. You have already been captured by Heaven. You will stand tall now. You will know up close what it is to be with God and all the treasures that accrue. You will begin to know what a treasure you are. You will begin to know all good things.
There is an ultimate. There is an ultimate beginning, beloveds. You are ultimately beginning. By that, I mean that you are taking off. You are rising high. Body dead or alive, you are rising high. It has been ever so. Life on Earth and in Heaven make room for you. Body dead or body alive, where do you think you are? Do you really think you are adrift on the bounding main?
You are with Me, wherever your body is or is not. That is the conclusion you will come to. Your body is not you. Your body is not even a semblance of you. Who doesn’t know that beauty is skin-deep, unless, of course, your beauty is deeper. You are collecting the beauty of your Being. Gradually, you add to the stockpile of your beauty until even you will know the beauty of which you are made. Your Beingness is beautiful. Your Beingness is beauty as is Mine.
You are not a cast-off. You are not a stowaway on a ship. You are not a stowaway on Earth. You are not an interloper. You are certainly not an interloper in Heaven. Step right up where you belong to be, here, with Me. Where do I belong but with you? And where would I belong but in Heaven?
Beloveds, the scars of the world can only be the scars of the world. Pain of the world can only be the pain of the world. Scars and pain are symptoms of illusion. Your intellect made a mistake. Your intellect made a whopper of a mistake as only intellect can. Your intellect scrounged for all kinds of reasons, and it found them. Nevertheless, the intellect put together the wrong package. Wrong package or not, the intellect is sure that it is correct. The whole world supports its correctness.
If there is suffering, the intellect has misconstrued. Until the intellect has a different way of seeing, it can only misconstrue.
You don’t have to be fooled by the intellect. There is another view in sight.
Dear Lady of the Light,
Your beautiful writing about the Statue of Liberty  *  * Thank you so much, dear friend. Gloria *
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, The Voice of the Master is the master within you. It is time. You have asked for this time. You have asked for challenges. You have asked for visions. You have asked for the nudging. You have asked for the masters, seemingly separate from you, to add their energy to you so that you can accomplish whatever the vision is. And I say unto you, all of that is happening and more, because the Voice of the Master is within you.
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Feeling Heart-connected and Soul-connected
by Jill Renee
February 5, 2011
Considering the various responses to the recent turmoil. . .
I had been noticing how my response (my perception of my response?) to all the recent turmoil has felt so different relative to others, even other "lightworkers" (my definition available upon request.  I'm trying not to overthink the difference nor judge it but yet, simply noticing it . . . I am feeling heart-connected, soul-connected to those personally experiencing the turmoil, whether it be Egypt's political upheaval, the Aussie floods and now cyclone, and on and on.  But, for me it wasn't an empathic, 2nd chakra kind of experience, in which we take on the pain/strife/fear/anger of those whose journey is directly related to those various situations.  I am holding the distinction between the role of those direct experiencing these events and my role as observer. . .
I feel led to maintain the highest energetic vibration currently available to me, holding as much light and higher heart love as I'm capable of.  This feels appropriate given how difficult I imagine it would be for lightworkers directly experiencing the turmoil to maintain their higher vibration while in that very challenging experience, if that makes sense -- I'm feeling led to assist in holding "the overall light" when they may be having a very hard time doing it for themselves (words are so limiting here, but I'm doing my best).  My response, similar to others like Daniel Jacob have shared in recent days, includes honoring the roles of the direct participants, understanding they agreed to play these roles in their specific regions as their communities undergo this dramatic change (again, this includes all dramatic events we are experiencing as of late).  I honor whatever responses people are experiencing, be it direct participants and all of us observing.
I do sense that in order to sufficiently clear, heal and then raise the overall vibration (what I often call light quotient) of humanity and Earth, these types of changes and events (political, social, weather/geological) will increase in frequency and with the same, if not greater, magnitude -- I don't share that with any fear-frequency but rather with underlying trust that, from our God aspects within each of us, a knowing that all is well and that changes are required to allow structures and systems to hold the higher level of light we will require on what many call the New Earth.
That leads me to conclude that it is important for as many of us who are able, to find our inner stability system (rooted in what I call our Higher Self) and hold our light quotient as steady as possible to keep the light on for ourselves in our own journeys and anyone else who may benefit from our steadfast love, peace/calm and possibly even joy. . . cause the boat is gonna be quite rocky for quite awhile.
Love and blessings to you,
Jill Renee
About Jill
I discovered my psychic/intuitive abilities as recently as February 2009 and have been sharing them and expanding them ever since.  The intense energies on Earth at this time allow for very rapid expansion and somehow I feel like everything is right on schedule for me; waking up amidst the "New Energies"..
By May 2009, I began to access my gifts as a conscious channel, starting as communication with my spirit guides and higher self.  Also, I soon began accessing wisdom and teachings from other high dimensional beings including Mother Mary, Jesus, Thoth, Gaia, Pleiadian and Arcuturian-based energies, and other higher dimensional beings including the Angelic realms.  The shared information has a high level of relevance, insight and, of course love.  I share their insights in articles, videos, group readings and speaking engagements as well as private sessions.

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