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Dearest Spirit Family:

There are many new people who have joined our family in the last year. For this reason I am making available to the entire list this transcript of the August 3rd Tuesday meditation, and explaining once again the various possibilities for joining us in the monthly meditation circle.

We meet once a month on the first Tuesday of the month at 8:30 p.m., Central time. At this time, Yael brings forth a beautiful guided meditation of about one hour in length. If you wish to participate by phone with us, there is a phone bridge. Please dial 760-569-6000 and then access code 590157# and we will greet you. If you are unable to be present with us on the first Tuesday but would like to hear the meditation as presented, there is a recording available at 760-569-6099, same access code. You may listen at any time.

If you wish to receive the typed transcription of the meditation (such as is offered below), here is the way. Unsubscribe yourself at the bottom of any of the messages we send. Then re-subscribe yourself anew and check the box that says "I would like to receive transcripts of the Tuesday meditations." For those who wish, there are also available on CD many past Tuesday meditations on a variety of topics. Go to, and click on Tuesday Meditation.

And now, here is the August meditation so that those who are new may touch this radiation from Circle of Light and feel the vibration of the monthly meditations.  With deepest Love from all of us at Circle of Light, ShannaPra  (Yael and Doug)

Tuesday Circle Meditation, Tuesday evening August 3, 2010
Circle of Light

Beloved God, we open our hearts to you tonight, asking that you would use our hearts as a pure conduit for Your Love. We ask that you would join our hearts together and create of us one heart, dedicated to becoming the heart of God consciously available in the world.

As we join our hearts, we ask You, God, to bless us with Your Love, with Your presence, to open us to the living Spirit and allow it to move through us in new ways. We call to all beings of Light and ask that you would assist us in bringing pure Love, pure Light and the awakening consciousness of the living Whole into the world, that it be useful, powerful and blessed.

I open my heart with my beloved, with my Twin Flame, and ask to be a crystal clear conduit for this experience tonight. Amen.

As we begin, we feel our hearts awakening to the glory of this Love and as they do, as our hearts expand, they touch and move within each other. Our hearts become a conduit for Love, a vortex of joy. We feel the energy moving through us, heart to heart, around a circle of Light that is electric and endless. As the energy moves now clockwise around this heart we share, with every rotation we are lifted and transformed.

As we feel this heart together, we feel our attunement, our unity with every heart on Earth, and we allow our hearts to acknowledge the joy that we feel as hearts remember their Home. So too do we also feel the joining of the one breath of life that moves through All, making us the tide of Love and consciousness that moves through the world to open and bless every life.

As we breathe together, we allow this Love to move through our being. As we breathe out, we become pure Love. And as we breathe together, we rise and open into the unity of life and breathe out that unity into the world, effortlessly. We breathe in now, into the presence of God and breathe out that pure communion into every heart and life. We breathe in, rising upward to the pure resonance of Light, and we breathe as Light into the world illuminating.

Breathing in now to the Ocean of Love, we breathe out that song of Love into every heart. Breathing in we breathe pure clarity into every life and heart. We breathe in to join with the Whole of God and breathe that pure communion again into the world. As we breathe, we open our hearts, we remember and listen for the voice of Love.

Beloved ones, I Am here with you. I Am alive as you and our communion is the nourishment that gives you life and breath. Now as you allow this presence to move through your heart deeply, your heart begins to recognize how vast it truly is. Your heart opens easily like a flower in the sun, and drinks this elixir of the presence of the One, the One Love I Am that sings your name in holiness.

As your heart rises in joy, let this song of remembrance begin. As you sink easily into your heart completely, remembering you are the heart of God and you are Home in Me. Thus, do you feel this touch, My presence, giving birth to a grand new awareness of the truth of your being and your heart responds by opening into the vast ocean of Love where it recognizes itself in the movement and joy.  Wider, deeper and more alive you rise upward, beyond every perceived limitation..called by the Angels, you become pure grace, pure Light and your heart now extends into the whole of Love, becoming pure awareness.

The communion is constant. You rise even higher into the presence of Love, and in this moment there is a spark that ignites deep within and you find yourself open to the whole of God I Am. Your heart is listening, waiting to experience every stream of conscious Love that is alive in the whole hologram of God.

Beloved one, as you feel Me alive in the essence of your being, you are freed, moving easily beyond every to dance through the cosmos as consciousness, as Love and every life speaks to your heart. As you feel the soft greeting, these shining streams of living Light . each one instantly brings to you the awareness of the perfection of life seen from every perspective. As you rush outward even further, more alive, until you are pure Love moving through everything.interwoven with the fabric of Creation.

In this moment that never ends, this fabric of all Creation gives to you the gift of experiencing the Whole, instantly, effortlessly and purely through your heart, your heart that is as grand as everything I Am. Your consciousness is alive in this endless dance of grace, acknowledging Love as it weaves life in new ways.

In the center of this endless joyous discovery is that spark of life that is unique to you. So I bring your focus now back into your heart and ask you to acknowledge this spark of Light that is you and through your awareness, through your deep "Yes" to Love, I ask you to build the spark of life you are into a flame for God.  As this flame ignites, beloved one, I call you to allow the pure energy of Creation to feel you. As you feel this pure ignition rushing through your being, the spark, the flame becomes the life of God I Am, being One, right now, brand new. In this great explosion, the instant of Creation, you are alive perfectly as the expression of My Love and you burst into being, two flames entwined, pulsing forth Creation in an ecstasy of Love.

All the while, the spark of Light that knows itself as you is given pure awareness of the perfection that you are. And so this moment resonates through All That I Am, the rejoicing of the awareness of all endless and perfect Love. With every pulse, the heart beat of the heart of God remembers that in this endless moment, we are One and we are Love, ever, for eternity.

As I open your awareness and you breathe this presence in, you easily can experience that you are the Whole of God, and you are this perfect spark with whom I share this Love, acknowledging that I Am able to love the heart within. Beloved one, accept this pure gift of how I see perfection as I see your heart in Me, and let My gaze upon you fill you with joy as you breathe to Me your worship and I breathe to you My close that we are One, and yet perfectly alive, feeling this Love extended because we share this gift.

As you know this moment and accept its pure expression, that you are the heart of All That Is and I Am the Creator. We share this breath of life in the endless joy and unity. All your heart rejoices as you breathe this Love within. You are moved into the glory of this great exploding breath and suddenly all the sparks of the fire of life I Am are open within you, and you are the heart of One, the heart of All That Is.

Breathing in you dissolve into the whole of Love. Breathing out, you see all the other expressions of the cells in the heart of Love I Am. Because your heart experiences effortlessly all dimensions, it is easy to be dissolved and to know this Love. And so you feel the joy of Oneness and you feel this holy Love. And you feel the breath of the living God, awakening as you are. All of it is the song that lives within your being.

Every breath is breathing now through you. The living Spirit is moving through the hologram, and your focus now becomes moved by the living Spirit to encompass the whole of the living Love I Am, to know it as the essence of your being. The focus of this Love passes through your heart, so much Love it soothes you until you know every spot, every life, each movement of the living whole of God, for you are alive in this living Now forever.

Gently this living Spirit turns your precious focus, reminding you of your commitment to give this Love to others. I turn you gently now to focus on the Earth, on the world and your agreement of the consciousness within it. Yet, you are available as the pure heart of God to hold and touch the world in this same open communion. Your heart is in perfect resonance with every heart on Earth, and each one speaks into your heart the whole of its perfect being.

And so, instantly, in this Now Moment, the hearts on Earth are singing into your heart, beloved one, and each one is waiting to receive the pure acknowledgment of how perfect it is and the assurance that that heart is perfectly loved by Me. Thus do I live and move as your being now, that you might be the heart of God, consciously alive in the world. As you feel My presence moving through your being, heart beat by heart beat, the message of Love is delivered.

Because this is a hologram and every life is cherished, then your heart acknowledges this communion with the whole of the world, Now. You can feel within the vast and limitless heart you are, millions of sparks of Love as they receive this Message. Every spark ignites and feeds this flame of Love, a million flames of joy, and all of them are burning within Me. You are the heart of the Whole, and able to experience this endless and holy communion of the heart of Love together.

All of these flames of acknowledgment suddenly are burning steady, for it is this communion we share that makes the flames hold true. You are meant to receive this acknowledgment of your perfection in Me, in the endless moment of grace that is the Moment of Creation. As the transparent heart, you are available to deliver this Message of perfect Love to every heart on Earth. As the Message is received you can feel as it is accepted. Those who are starving for Light are suddenly ignited, and those who are waiting for the spiritual food are fed now, deep within them. A calm, a peace begins to move through every heart on Earth. A peace of knowing that they are perfect in Me, and perfection is acknowledged in every Now Moment, endlessly.

And yet, because of the illusion of being separate from My Love, then you, dear one, can stand here now as the heart of God remembering and giving forth this message of My Love. Because the heart is a hologram, then every heart on Earth is part of this flower that is blossoming, this many-petaled heart of God. As each one is nourished, the heart now can fly.  Like the spark that is contagious, heart after heart receives the Message of perfection as seen and held by Me.

As you hold your heart open and wrapped around humanity, you can feel the message of peace that whispers, "No more more believing the 'not good enough,' no more looking for value. The deep and powerful peace of knowing you are loved." As your heart delivers this message in a million ways, each message received gives the gift to you of a burst of glorious Love and thus, that which is given is ever returned, multiplied.

And now, beloved one, I ask you to multiply this Love consciously in your heart now. Acknowledge the heart you are as a Twin Flame heart of endless Love, the power of all Creation, housed perfectly here in you. Thus this atomic energy is delivered to the world to fuel the recognition of the unity of Love. As you hold the world in tender Love within you, you begin to feel a new life emerge as the hearts on Earth create harmony together. Your heart is the vehicle through which I commune as this Love I Am washes you in grace and joy.

Thus do you receive all that you wish to give and more and you multiply the gift by giving it forth again. The beauty of this communion of every heart on Earth is spoken to the depths of your being and lifts you in joy. Suddenly you recognize that the heart of Love is reborn. All the sparks have become flames and the world is a living sun. The unified heart of the One, the one Love I Am, grown, expanded, multiplied through all that has been experienced, and gently you can feel a new song being sung in the perfect and endless harmony of the heart of the One. 

And now, dear ones, for each of you, you recognize your heart as the vehicle through which you live, receiving this endless Message of your perfection and this Love. That which believed it was separate, knows at last it is held in the perfect circle of endless Love I Am. Thus does your heart acknowledge that the illusion is dissolved. The belief in separation from Me fades away at last and the world that saw itself separate is brought into the whole again and the living and endless cosmos, the hologram of God rejoices in the fully conscious open heart of Love. Every cell in My heart is alive to this endless Love and communion and the perfection of this Love and unity.

Thus are you held in this moment, breathing in My Love and breathing out acknowledgment of the gift of life, given and received. Can you feel the waves of rejoicing as every heart remembers and the song of Love is singing through you, the song of life expanded. Thus do the sparks of Love become a conflagration, a great celebration of joy, the Moment of Creation where everything is new again.

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