Channeled Christmas Messages

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Archangel Raphael: Christmas Message
A little but yet important message from Archangel Raphael 

Dear ones, I am Archangel Raphael and as everyone is aware, the Christmas holidays is soon upon us and as everyone will be having a wonderful Christmas this year, please bare in mind that it does not include everyone on the earth plane. Little ones, during this Christmas holidays, do some good deeds this Christmas time, a little token to someone less fortunate than yourself, whether that be working for the homeless, children in poorer countries, everyone who is less fortunate then yourself. Many people who will be enjoying the Christmas holidays sometimes seem to forget about the less fortunate, so little ones, I ask you ALL to do something nice for someone less fortunate then yourself, not only at Christmas, but ALL year around, show them that there are people like YOURSELF that care and that you are willing to offer them some help and let them know that the help you offer them is straight from the heart of yourself.

I am Archangel Raphael, many blessings upon you.



A Special Christmas Message
From The Teachers

For many people this time of year is difficult. For many others it is 'nothing special' at all. For many others it is a time of celebration.

It does not matter which group you yourself fit into, the fact remains that at some point in your year life must be celebrated. Every group on Earth has some time when they celebrate, be it a religious celebration, or cultural, or family oriented. However, we would like to ask 'why do you limit your celebrations to specific times of year?'

Why not celebrate life each time the opportunity arises? Celebrate it with other religions, cultures, races and, if you are lucky enough, with other families. Celebrate!

Do not look to some time in the future when you will celebrate, for then you waste the time in between that moment and this moment.

The scent of flowers. The scent of onions frying in a pan. The smell of pie baking in the oven. The taste of chocolate. The taste of curry. The taste of an apple. Are these not moments of celebration? Yes they are, and it is only your viewpoint 'that they are everyday occurrences' that makes them seem less than a celebration. This can be changed in an instant.

That instant, that decision to celebrate every little thing, is the step towards 'living consciously', and being aware in every moment.

When your temptation is to run through life, racing to get to the end of the day, or to lunch break, or to the holidays, you run past everything that makes your life wonderful--look at that word 'wonder-full'.

Slow down. You are missing what you are meant to be seeing and celebrating.

Whatever your reason for  being alive on this planet at this time, YOU ARE HERE! Look at what is around you and truly see it, truly smell it. It may be deemed good or bad by you, but it is still there and it is still a part of your existence.

Have you considered that the scents, sights, smells and touch of everything may act as a key to unlock potentials within you, or to release latent knowledge you did not know you held? The taste of 'Tang' orange drink can immediately place you back in your Great Aunt's kitchen, you are there, a child, remembering what it was like to be there, how content and peaceful you felt in your Great Aunt's house. Why did that 'Tang' come into your life again, why did you buy it from the supermarket? Something drew you to purchase it, in order to unlock a memory, relive a feeling, reconnect to a childhood appreciation--children live 'in the moment', they experience more fully.

Life is full of different experiences, each one happening for a reason. You can sprint past them, or you can pay attention to them.

Celebrate the moments and all they contain, each and every moment.

Celebrate every day, not just Christmas, Hari Raya, Deepivali, Passover, Thanksgiving, celebrate all things. It will have an effect not just on your mood, but also on your vibration. You see, it is not just the physical and mental bodies that need uplifting, it is also the emotional and spiritual bodies. You cannot uplift one without uplifting the other, and it is well past time that people began to uplift their BEingness on every level. That is our Christmas Key gift to you.

May your every moment be filled with inner peace, joy and love.

The Teachers