From Chaos To Glory , From Ego To Love !

And Some Big Fish 2 Fry ...



Chaos / Glory
Message Received From Sanada, universal name of {Christ}
My children, this is Sanada.  As your world reconnects itself to the heartbeat of the universe, you will notice many things changing in the way you think and feel.  The spiritual energies you are now being connected to have a physical consequence in your bodies and on your earth.  Uncomfortable as some of these changes are from time to time, they are here to help you transcend the stagnant energies of fear and doubt that have long festered in human consciousness.  Welcome this time of “uncomfortableness” as it is moving you from chaos to glory!

Participate more fully by your agreement and commitment to change…changing your thoughts, changing your habits, and recognizing that the positive direction of peace, love, forgiveness, compassion, and tolerance is always what you want to focus on.  You are in control of your minds, as in reality this is the only thing over which you really have control.  Your Mother and I have given you many lessons to help you understand this most marvelous vehicle of life you have been given—your consciousness, and now it is time for you to become masters of it.  Much help is provided if you continue to strive in this direction.
Focus your minds as you sit in quiet reflection upon your Father, my children, and your Mother and I will fertilize your thoughts with peace and security.  Learn a little more each and every day what it means and what it feels like to sit with us as we grow you in the loving circuits of life and light.  Welcome these changes, beloveds, and know that you are doing your part to transform not only yourselves, but your world!
{Mother above is referred to Christ's Mother}
Ego / Love