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+ Finding Harmony In Chaos +
{There Are No Accidents}

The Threads of Life Are Woven
When you concede that there are no accidents in life, then you accept, not that everything is ordained, but that everything that appears holds a message for you. Every person who appears in your life, every word they speak, holds a precept for you. They may not know they have a message for you, or, if they think they do, the message may be different from what they think it is. Every message holds an insight for you. Within every message, there is a gift of light for you.
Messages are often wrapped up in other messages. They may be in code. They may be puzzles. The message may not be the one you think, or the message may be obvious to everyone but you. Messages can be interpreted in many ways. Within every message that comes to you is a harbinger of good to come. Even a falcon may carry a seed of love in its beak.
All messages that life presents to you have merit. All messages in the universe have positive impact. Now, beloveds, don’t start looking for a list of examples that belie what I have just said. Like it or not, all messages directed to you or that you observe are furthering your evolution. Surely you know that you are evolving in this experience on Earth. All of life is not an apple dumpling served with volumes of whipped cream. Sometimes you are served dry toast or no toast, not even a crumb. Sometimes you are served your ultimate desire in life, and then, before your very eyes, it is removed from your plate.
All the threads of life are woven perfectly. Everything is on schedule in this train station of life. There are no mix-ups. There are no train wrecks. The messages are for you to interpret. They may be telling you to take something more seriously, or everything less seriously!
Do not consider the messages that come as karma. The messages are not payback. They are advice. Even pain tells you that there is something that asks for attention.
Messages that others receive around you are also yours to observe. Maybe a message you receive is for those around you as well, and you are designated as the deliverer of it.
Consider this: Every word from your mouth that you would call back is not an accident. You speak from your volition, beloveds, and sometimes your volition is not in your awareness. If something rude or foolish falls from your lips, there is a message for you as well as for the person who hears your words.
When there is a hurricane or a mine tragedy, there is a message for you within it. By now you must know what it is that lies within every message ever sent and every message ever received. The message is that your heart and mind are to open wider. There is a door or a gate or window that needs to be raised so more light can come in and more love go out. Tell me, beloveds, is there ever an occasion that more love would not benefit?
Every message offers you an occasion to step up to the plate, or the dais, or to the head of the table, and perform an action or make a statement that raises the consciousness of the world. Maybe all the messages that you receive and all the messages that go out are saying: “Go higher. Go higher.”
You interpret that some messages are bad and some messages are good. What if all messages are good, beloveds? How would your life change then?

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