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Isis' Message of the Day -
It is not the spirit world that is moving closer to us; we are moving closer to Spirit.
Sometimes it hard to remember that we are the ones who have had to experience separation and we are the ones who have to take the steps towards reconnection. If you feel separated from spirit this week, remember that you are taking steps towards reconnection with each thought, belief, word and action. See yourself as connected with spirit at every level, know that you are always divinely supported and guided in all things. And remember to ask for help and guidance in all things.
~ Archangel Uriel  ~
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I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. Blessings to all. We love you. We bless you. You are each a part of God/Creator. We are here to remind you that God is always with you. You have only to go within, take the time to get quiet, and silence the active mind. This allows your rememberance of the connection to the Creator to happen. Then feel the peace and blessings fill you. Be at peace. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *   *      

Lady Mary: This Is Your Future
Received through Mercedes Kirkel on January 11, 2012
February 15, 2012
Blessings my Beloveds,
This is Lady Mary, who many of you know as Mother Mary. I come to bring my blessing, to bring my words, to bring my help in whatever way that I can to be of service to you at this time. I come to talk to you especially about love, for love is the quality that I resonate with most strongly and that I have been entrusted to help guide the people of the earth in relation to. And so I wish to talk to you about love. 
It is rather humorous, because in some ways there is not much to say about love. Love is a quality that we manifest, a state of being. In some ways, words about love tend to distract us away from it. It is a practice of being in your heart, of staying in your heart. There are many ways of doing this, many techniques, and many of you know many ways of doing this. What is important is to find what works for you and to develop strength in it, so that it becomes more and more natural to you to reside in your heart, to stay always connected from your heart, and to more and more locate yourself in your heart. 
When someone speaks to you, rather than responding from your mind, from your thoughts about what they said, you can center yourself in your heart space. You can feel their response. Feel what is alive in you and feel what you are moved to do. If there is joy in your heart, then you will feel this and you will be moved to respond from this joy. If there is something less than joy in your heart, it is a sign that something within you needs attending to. Something needs support or healing or love within yourself. So rather than responding to the other person, attend to yourself until you feel yourself return to joy. 
Love and joy are very connected. Yet, when you are in love it will not necessarily be a state of being in an excited state, as though you are filled with energy and bouncing that energy within yourself and around yourself. More and more you will experience it as a very centered, balanced kind of joy. It is a joy of opening—opening yourself to all that is and being in communion with all that it is. So it is not the kind of excitation that you might sometimes associate with the word “joy.” It is a very balanced, centered state. It is very expansive, while at the same time being completely centered within yourself. It is a simultaneity of being one-pointed in your heart and being expanded to infinity in all directions. 
That may or may not make sense as I speak it, but as you more and more start to experience it you will have the sense of what that is. That is the beginning of your transition out of assuming separation. That transition happens at your heart. When you are in the third-dimensional consciousness you feel yourself separated from all else, and in some ways you feel yourself separated from yourself. Similarly, you feel yourself separated from God. As you make this transition out of that third-dimensional consciousness into higher consciousness, that old sense of separation will start to change. It will start to more and more become a union, a oneness. You will sense yourself as an individual being, and yet you will sense your connectedness to all else. They are not in conflict. It is a simultaneity. You will experience that as love at your heart. You will experience it as love of yourself and you will experience it as love of others, because you will not experience a difference between the two, while still being able to differentiate them. You will be able to tell the difference between yourself and others at the stage that you are at. Yet at the same time, there will be this sense of union. Both will be happening, and it happens through love. 
This is a very wonderful thing. Many of you have experienced this to certain degrees with other people in particular frameworks, perhaps in a man-woman relationship where you love this other person and you feel this sense of union with them—at least at times—and you feel this joy of love. Perhaps you have experienced it in a parent-child relationship, either with yourself as the child or the parent. Perhaps you have felt it with a friend, or a spiritual teacher, or any number of other ways. But you are going to begin to experience this as your continuous state. This is what many of you have called unconditional love, and it is a very beautiful thing. 
There will still be people—those who you have a unique relationship with—where the love seems to go deeper, seems to touch you on a deeper level, or you have the ability to open at a deeper level with those. It is not different, this love. It is just that you are opening yourself more fully to it, immersing yourself more deeply in it. 
This is your future, to more and more be in the field of love, to more and more be the field of love yourself. It is a wonderful future. The more that you can allow yourself to experience this, open to it, go into it, the more easeful your life will become, the more magical your life will become—because you will be being guided by love. There is a logic to love, a wisdom to love, a pattern to love that is different from the one that so many of you have known in the past, which has been much more about your mind, much more about the sense of separation. So you are shifting into this new pattern, this new logic, this new wisdom of love where things will work for you so much better—in ways that you will probably find surprising, especially in the beginning, because the laws are different and functioning differently than when you’re operating out of separation. 
It takes trust to make this shift when you have been trained to believe that you must operate a certain way or you will be in danger, you may not survive, that difficult and negative things will happen to you if you don’t operate those ways. It takes trust to let go of those old ways of operating and to go with the new, based in this love. This is something to be developed, this trust. One of the ways to develop it is to experiment and to explore, perhaps in small ways at first, what happens when you operate in this new way that’s based in love, which is different from the past. Remain very conscious and notice the results. As you do this over time it will build trust in this new way. 
You also may see others operating in this way. In fact, you will be identifying them through your heart, you will feel them operating in this way. These beings are often very attractive. It was the attraction that so many had to Yeshua, that so many still have to him. You have that ability to recognize when beings are operating from love. You may feel it from your heart. You may see it in them, because when they’re based in love they shine the light of Creator through them. You may sense it through your wisdom, your higher guidance, your higher self. Learning from these individuals can help you to build your base of trust, as well, in this other process—by noticing what happens in their lives when they operate out of this trust in love. 
You are being given great help for this. There are so many beings who are serving and supporting you, intensifying the light to help you make this transition to living as love. We are so dedicated to helping you, because we love you and we celebrate your growth and your transformation every step of the way as it happens, and because we are connected to you. Your growth is our growth. We grow together. So I bring you this message today, along with my love, in hopes that this is helping you, blessing you, supporting you, benefiting you in your transformation. 
Now I would like to hear your questions and help you as best I can with whatever you would like to ask. Please ask me your questions. 
Question: When you say we’re getting this help, is this through our guides or through additional help? 
Lady Mary: Both are true. The first form of help is your higher self, which is always with you. Yet at the third-dimensional consciousness, most of you are separate from that, as part of your sense of separateness. So you are reconnecting with that. Your higher self is helping you, shining this light of love, brightening it, stabilizing it, strengthening it for you, helping you to connect with that source and to come from that place more and more. 
Then there are your guides beyond that—your angels, the beings of light who bless you, who support you. And then there are many, many, many beings from all parts of the universe who have come to be with the earth at this time, because the earth is going through an amazing transformation, and many, many beings have been called to support you and to help you. Some of these you are aware of. Many of these you are not aware of. It does not make any difference. You are being tremendously showered with love and blessing and help to make this transformation in your world. This is why it is happening so quickly and so relatively easily for so many. You may not think it is easy, but the transformation you are going through is immense, and the ease with which you are undergoing it is so much greater than what would otherwise be happening if you were not being given such tremendous support. So know that you are being greatly helped, greatly supported. 
Some of that help is coming through talks such as this one that I am giving today through this channel, to help you with your understanding, to help you with the things that are challenging you in the moment through responding to your questions. Even this kind of support is very, very new and has not been so broadly, widely accessible in the past as it is now. And it is just one aspect of the many, many forms of support that are being given to help you. You are so greatly loved, all the way from Supreme Creator and Mother-Father-God to all the levels of beings of light and love that are here to help you.
Return To Love
Question: For those of us that have lost our parents, where are their spirits in this whole evolutionary process of shifting into living as love?
Lady Mary: Most likely, they are in the fourth dimension, in the inter-world between lifetimes, where they are blessing this process and being part of this process from that space. It is possible that they have incarnated somewhere else, but it is most likely that that is where they are. They are very much involved in this transformation, too, and going through it in their connection to the earth, in their connection to this realm and being incarnated in this realm.
It is another way that beings are making this shift, through that inter-world space. It is somewhat easier to make the shift in that space, because they are not in their physical bodies. Here you have your physical bodies and are making this shift with your physical body. That is more of a challenge. The physical body is the densest frequency that you vibrate at. It tends to call in—through the law of attraction, of resonance—the slower, more grounded, and oftentimes lower frequencies. It is one of the reasons why the earth realm has been a difficult place—because of the physical manifestation here and the level of frequency that tends to be associated with this kind of physical manifestation.
It is part of what is so amazing about the transformation that you are going through, because you are going through it with your physical body. You are upleveling your physical body, rather than releasing your physical body, to make this transition. Along with that, the earth is upleveling Her physical manifestation to this higher frequency that She is moving into, which very much parallels the process that humans are going through. It is part of why this transition is so characterized by the feminine, because it is grounded in the physical, which is very feminine, and because you are doing this with your Mother Earth holding you, supporting you, being with you. So this is very much grounded in the feminine. And this is another way that is more unique to this particular transition at this time, in this place, on this planet. It is also why it involves you so directly with your emotions, because your emotional life is very feminine, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.
The higher dimensions that you are moving into—the immediate higher dimension being the fourth dimension—have these qualities of masculine and feminine. They have the qualities of manifestation, which are more the masculine—manifestation through intention, will, creativity. And they have the qualities of feeling and emotion, which are also involved in manifestation, but a different kind of process of manifestation. So you are transitioning with your physical body and also with your emotional body. The more you can prepare your physical body and prepare your emotional body for this transition, the easier your transformation will be. For you, the more quickly it will probably happen and the more easefully it will happen.
This is why the physical elements, such as what you eat, are important—that this can be filled with as much life-energy and blessed with love as possible. The foods that come from your Mother Earth directly, that are not interfered with and carry the Mother’s energy most directly, are the best foods. The plants, the fruits—these are the ones that have the frequency of the Mother’s love and the Father’s light most strongly. If they have been interfered with by the use of chemicals, this lowers the frequency of love and light in your food. This is why it is best to eat the purest food possible, because it has the highest frequency.
Similarly, you want to keep the frequency of your emotions as high as you can. This is why it is important that you heal any emotions that need healing. Be careful of the tendency to suppress emotions. That is not true healing. That is hiding the emotion. That will not help you. As a matter of fact, it interferes with your emotional body and your energy body, often your physical body and often your mental body. So you do not want to hold down an emotion by thinking, “Oh, I shouldn’t be having this.” Many of you have been trained to do this. You must be very, very aware of how rampant this training has become. Many of you have the idea that you are not having emotions, when in fact you are unaware that you have emotions, because you have been trained so strongly and so consistently to suppress your emotions—to deny them, to hold them down, and then to think that you do not have any.
So you must be very conscientious of re-opening to your ability to feel emotions, which happens in your body, in different places in your body. Very often it happens in your belly—you feel certain emotions in your belly. Or you might feel certain emotions in your heart. It can be in all different places in your body. Your body can be your great help in reconnecting with your emotions. Notice what is going on in your body and connect it with feelings. This will help you. Invite those feelings to come back to you—or really, you’re inviting yourself to come back to the feelings, if you have separated yourself from them. This is part of the old process of living in separation—separating yourself from emotions, which so many of you have learned. So for many of you there is healing to do, to reconnect with those emotions and allow them to do what they are meant to do. Allow them to return you to love, which is what emotions will do, if you allow them, if you do not stop them. They will bring you to the healing that you need, and through that healing you will be grown in your ability to stay in love. Your heart will be deepened. Your vessel for holding love will be expanded.
Question: If you are holding your emotions in, can you make any suggestions as to how to get in touch with those emotions?
Lady Mary: Many of you will need support in this, because of your patterns that you have learned to hold emotions in and separate, and also because you have not had models who are modeling to you how to be in union with emotions. The work that Mary Magdalene is bringing forth is one of the ways, one of the sources that can be of help to many people in learning this process. She has spoken through this channel very specifically about the process of healing the separation from emotions. That wisdom is available through this channel and will be more available in the future in writing. That is a very direct and spiritual process that she has brought forth.
But many of your guides, who you refer to as counselors or therapists, understand these emotional processes and can help you. Do not give your power away to another, but you can allow others to help you and to guide you. Part of it is to have your intention to open to the emotions and to ask your higher self to guide you in this process, whether it be direct guidance or guiding you to someone who can help you. There is much help available.
The primary step is to realize that—if this is the case for you—that you are holding back your emotions. For most people, this is connected to covering over the emotions with their thinking. The thinking specifically takes the form of analyzing, judging, blaming, thinking about right and wrong. So this process of reopening to your emotions is an integral part of what will allow your thinking to return to its proper relationship, where it is not controlling you anymore. That has happened largely because you have denied your emotions. Your emotions protect you. They actually are a tremendous source of guidance for you. When you deny them, you do not have that guidance available to you, so you necessarily need to guide yourself and protect yourself through another source. The means that most everyone has employed is to live from your mind and to be thinking all the time, as a way of guiding and protecting yourself. But this has deepened your separation from all. As you heal this separation from your emotions, you will also heal this pattern of being controlled by your thinking, and your thinking will resume its more natural function of supporting you, but not dominating you.
You also can pray. Pray for the healing of your heart and your emotions. That is one of the strongest avenues available to you. Pray to be given whatever you need for this healing to occur.
[Lady Mary speaks slowly now.] Do you feel the quality in your heart right now? Do you feel the love, the openness, the expansiveness? Are you aware of the great quietness surrounding it? Can you feel yourself being held in this space of love? Can you breathe it? Can you open to it? Can you relax into it? Can you shine it out from your heart? Can you feel your connection to life through this love?
This is the blessing I bring to you, the blessing of love. I invite you into this space of love, where I embrace you with love, where you are love, where I am love, where all is love.
With all my heart, I send you my love.
I AM Lady Mary, and I love you entirely.
Mercedes Kirkel
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, are you waiting to ascend until all of the collective gets its act together? Well, that may take a little longer. It may take quite a bit longer, because there are still ones who want a human experience and want to know completion with every nuance of the human experience, and that may take them some more lifetimes. But does that mean that you have to hang around and suffer with them? Why wait?
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SaLuSa: Concentrate On Your Future
Through Mike Quinsey
February 15, 2012
Events on Earth are without doubt speeding up, and although few of you are directly involved you will know this to be true. Some key figures of the Light have given of themselves, to bring about a greater impetus to some positive happenings that will reach your ears. Many of their achievements have been prevented from being reported in the media, but there will come a point when that will no longer be possible. They have destabilised the dark regime, who no longer have the degree of control to stop the outcome. It will result in a victory for the Light, and once people see proof of it the floodgates will open and more success achieved. Naturally we are aware of actions being taken, and as far as possible will aid our allies to ensure they achieve their objectives. Most of them are aware that we are with them and constantly protect them, and it gives them courage and determination to bravely go forward. It is needed as they are often operating under threats to their lives.
All of the time there is a continual stream of energy increasing your consciousness levels that are rapidly rising up, and so the grand awakening spreads. We wish that ultimately every single soul would reach the point of being able to ascend. However, it is your choice and you may be assured that any soul that is ready will naturally desire to ascend. If there is concern about loved ones that do not ascend, some may want to immediately return to the lower dimension in service to them. That is quite acceptable as you have a free choice where you future is concerned. Naturally that path and alternative ones will be explained to you, but in the end you choose your destiny. God gave you freewill, and would not take it away from you. You can go ahead as might be termed "for better or worse" and it will be what you make of it.
Many options are open to you after Ascension, and many will join the Galactic Fleets. For some it will be where you will meet your true family, as most members stay on board the Motherships for hundreds of years and it becomes their natural home. In some sections of them there is little to show that you are on a Space Craft, and everything is created for you to feel at home. It is not like military service, but more relaxing and designed for maximum comfort and happiness. In fact weaponry is used purely in a defensive nature, but is not for destructive purposes unless it is as last resort to repel attacks. Even so we remove life forms first as occurred when you lost a shuttle immediately after take-off. We respect all life and have many different means of protecting ours, and can place a protective shield around our craft if necessary or an invisibility cloak. In fact such a use is why you do not see all of the craft that fill your skies.
Little by little you are being prepared for our coming together, and it will take place before you ascend but become more normal after Ascension. First come the changes needed to propel you into the higher dimension, that will commence the Golden Age. Clearly it cannot start on Earth until it is cleared of the lower vibrations, and that includes all souls who are desirous of staying in them. Much work is being done and has been done for many, many years to ensure that every soul knows what Ascension is about. That includes the occasions you are meeting with your Guides when out of the body whilst your physical body sleeps. So you may not necessarily have waking knowledge, but subconsciously you will be aware.
We know that people worry about what may be left behind so let us make it clear, that everything that you cherish and love can be replicated in the higher vibrations, so in effect you lose nothing at all. Pets that you also have a love link with will also travel with you, but have a much superior form and "talk" with you telepathically. When we told you that you would want for nothing, we meant it, and in fact what you re-create will be far superior than previously. Your most welcome gain will be a physical body that does not age, or experience illness because it remains in its perfected state. You have so much to gain, it is well worth any effort or sacrifice you make getting there. This period you are going through is one that is so important, that each soul is getting maximum support and encouragement. Forget the dark Ones and concentrate on your future, as their fate is sealed and you have everything in front of you.
So how do we see matters on Earth, we would describe them as hectic as many Lightworkers are head to head with the dark Ones but they will come out victorious. Financial matters seem to be in pole position, and we would expect it to be the area where most progress is made. We also see more members of the cabal being removed, and look forward to seeing the top Illuminati members included. The legal approach is under way and action is expected very soon, However, remember that legal matters are usually fraught with delays, and the dark Ones are quite astute where such matters are concerned. There is no way that progress can be stalled indefinitely, so expect to learn of these situations.
As has been told before, there will no catastrophic end to this cycle, and by comparison only minor disturbances of a physical nature. There will be repercussions from weather changes and volcanic activity, but you will have fair warning of them. Also we are always calming situations down, but at the same time have to allow mother Earth to go ahead with her cleansing. You have the technology to predict major changes and can adequately forewarn people in any danger. However, it is in your own interest to take precautions where you are in areas that have a history of regular earthquake activity.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and love every soul upon Earth, and wish to tell you that the new energies coming to Earth are a wake up call for many souls who fight any supposed threat to their beliefs. It is easier to jog along with what you are used to, but now is the time to be adventurous and step outside of your self imposed limlts. Try to understand what is happening and bear in mind that Ascension is not a religious happening, but a big step in your ongoing spiritual evolution. Yes, it involves God, but that is everyone's true God within whom you have your very existence. God is love and even when you deny God's existence that love is never withdrawn. As the often quoted saying goes "you are a Spiritual Being having a physical experience."
Thank you SaLuSa. 
Mike Quinsey
I receive my messages from SaLuSa telepathically, he is speaking for the Galactic Federation. I have never had the advantage of being able to have a relationship where I can ask questions. I sit down at a specific time to make contact and then I get images or what I call 'packages" of images or words which I translate straight away onto the computer. Since March, 2004 I have been in contact with beings from the Galactic Federation.  *  
Words on Discernment
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
February 12, 2012
Hello, please accept, we do not judge people and certainly not our off planet friends and fellow travellers, for all are doing their work of sharing, caring and informing as best they can and from whatever or whichever plane or dimension of expression that they might reside within - which might also reflect in any message that is forthcoming. I would not judge anyone, nor will I commence so to do, for I believe that all have the divine gift to link and share, and ultimately to be At-One-Ment. What many dear souls on planet may not be aware of is that there are so many off planet beings that can quite easily mislead the earnest seeker on planet with a false identity - claiming to be a Michael, a Sananda, and yes even dear Ashtar, whom I am blessed to know well and journey with. I can also relate, as you, to being one of the many who has travelled back to this 'now time' to assist in this sacred ascension process that it is now called. 
So all I am feeling is that we have a divine right to ensure that the energies we are personally dealing with are the bone-fide ones whom we all love and walk gladly by the side of. There are many imposters out there and it is our personal divine right and responsibility to discern who or what feels right, or who or what feels wrong! We owe this to our bone-fide galactic friends and masters or angelics, and also to ourselves as we choose and search for the clearest channeling which rings truest and is not overly tainted with a one's own personality.These few words are also relative to any channelling which I might also be blessed to scribe, as ever first and foremost is that you discern what you are reading - no matter whom or where it comes from. 
I am talking generally and so I have referred to the 'real Ashtar' in my last resume as one that is bone-fide to me - and to him!. There are more than one would be imposters out there who are not working for the Light and are misleading many unwary and trusting  souls on planet, whom seeking earnestly for the truth are gladly believing and not seeing, at times, the pitfalls which undermine the just efforts of the true light- beings that do us such true and just service for the light, in the light, as the light. As you read these few words dear friends, I wish you God's Speed on your immaculate journey and may your God be ever within you and guiding you, for in highest truth are you your own best teacher and channel for the highest truth...test it...feel it...know it...and if it feels 'uncomfortable'...ditch It! If it resonates and warms your heart and soul...then can you accept it, but never ever without discernment. Be still and know that you are God, and again using your precious and vital gift discernment wil,l you find your own highest truth which is indeed second to none.

Selemat Jahin

Alec Christos Gabbitas for Ashtar with the Universal Mind and ever United Kingdom. Be Still, Be! *  Please Copy and share giving due credit to the source of these messages. *  
Team Beloved: This is Your Day!
Received by Kenton David Bell
February 15, 2012

Welcome to this day! This is the only day that matters .. Why you ask?
Because it is the only day that is here "Now."  On this day all is possible. On this day anything can happen, anything at all! Empires have been started in a single day. The greatest love stories ever began once upon a time, just like this time. Cities built out of a vision that occurred one day. Babies created from a twinkle from some daddy's eye that happened one day. The greatest life memories took place on a day, just like today. This is your day!
What is your heart calling you to today? Why not listen and act on it? Make this day one of those days that they will dare write about!
As you become aware that you are the one co-creating your reality it becomes increasingly important to call forth the ideas and desires that are going to pull the big energies though you.

When you get up in the morning what are the thoughts and impressions that allow you to stretch into new territories? Where is your growing edge? We are not talking about the things on your to-do list for the day. We are speaking about your Soul's to-do list. We are speaking about about the experiences that grow your "Soul." These are not always the safe looking choices, These are not the hedging your bet choices. What we are talking about is the put all your eggs into one basket and really go for it choices! You don't even need to know how it is going to happen. As a matter of fact if you do know how it is all going to happen it isn't a big enough thought!
How do you want to look back and celebrate when it is all over? Are you going to celebrate the opportunities you took or the ones you passed on?
Welcome to the greatest game in the Universe!

You are one of the very luckiest beings to ever play!

Rule #1  The one with the most fun, love, adventure wins.

Rule #2  You cannot get it wrong.

Rule #3  Play big or go home.  
Rule #4  Struggle is not required

Rule # 5  Loving others as if they were you brings bonuses points.
Allow yourself to see the fun in this adventure. Allow yourself the freedom to make the choices that bring the experience of contrast so you may find that which you desire! 
Team Beloved & Kenton

Kenton David Bell, 5042 Wilshire Blvd, #15349, Los Angeles, CA 90036, USA * Phone: (928) 274-2026Email: * Follow The Beloved on FaceBook:  *   Coming soon (expected publication in October, 2010).  The Beloved, Book One Remembrance:  The Keys to Creating and Experiencing Heaven on Earth * Channeled by Kenton David Bell; Transcribed and edited by Gaile Burchill. *