1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Message from Melchizedek
3.)  The 'Less Than' Code
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  The Dominion of the Past
6.)  The Beloved: Tune in to your Source Channel!

Isis' Message of the Day -
All Spiritual being is in man. A wise old proverb says, "God comes to see us without bell," that is, as there is no screen or ceiling between our heads and the infinite heavens, so is there no bar or wall in the soul where man, the effect, ceases, and God, the cause,
begins.  --Ralph Waldo Emerson --
All Creation is connected with a thread. It is what you do with that thread that determines your life.
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
In the higher realms all of you are warriors of peace in my Legions of Light. There you all are androgynous, a perfect balance of masculine and feminine attributes of the Creator. It is also time for you to remember that you promised to be our representative on the physical plane of existence and to allow the refined frequencies of God Light to flow through you out into the world.
~ I AM Archangel Michael ~
Transmitted through Ronna Herman * *    

Message from Melchizedek
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff
April 26, 2011
Beloved Ones, 
Everywhere around you there is much activity taking place and changes are happening within the hearts and minds of every Soul upon the Planet. As these changes are taking place, there is much inner turmoil, confusion and cloudiness of vision as all that is ready to be cleansed from each Soul is now in activation. Realize that there is a cycling to this process and do not think of yourselves as having failed in your progress, rather, see it as a spiral upward in your forward momentum. Everything works in cycles, Dear Ones, and that is why you feel as though you take one step forward and two back at times. Do not despair, keep on keeping on, for good things come to those who persevere. 
Holding to your truths is very important at this time and calling on all the forces of Light each day will align you with your highest visions. You have each chosen to go through these experiences and indeed, many of you have done this many times before, although not at such an accelerated manner; for growth in previous experiences required many, many lifetimes to bring you to transformation. Higher Love expressed to yourself and those whom you love will ease the stress of these times. A hug can work wonders these days and everyone is in need of the feeling of a stable foundation amidst the elements of change and the death of the old and the renewal that inevitably occurs on its tail.
Keep the faith, Dear Ones, for though the way seems long and heavy, it is in fact, lightening up considerably. This would be a good time to cultivate laughter and good spirits, joy and the playfulness of having a good time. It is important for each of you to take regular breathers from the ongoing tasks. You are allowed to rest and give yourselves some down time and we note that most of you need a reminder of this at this time. Taking a day off or several days is not going to hurt the overall picture and will do a great amount of good for the recharging of your system. A great many of you will be requiring greater amounts of sleep at this time. There is much taking place upon the inner planes and so the need for extra rest.
Still others of you find yourselves restless at night, with your mind working overtime, trying to sort out events in your life and making sense of them in a way that will allow you to let go, to release and move forward. Again, Dear Ones, we point out that these come in cycles and if each of you started recording your feelings and symptoms each day, you would be able to correlate these with the greater cycles of the Moon phases and planetary influences that are occurring during those times. In this way, you begin to work with these cycles, honoring them and being kinder to yourselves as you realize that truly all Is in good timing. You will begin to find your most productive times during each day, each week, each month and can become aware of working these to your forward progress. 
Becoming aware of these more subtle but powerful influences can help each of you to cope with all that is happening around you as you begin to see that there are greater purposes to all that is transpiring around you and upon your Planet Earth. It is a continuation of the process of release and purification of your bodies, your thoughts, your words and deeds. Taking full responsibility for all of these will help you to speed forward in quantum leaps. We realize that sometimes it is very difficult to see yourselves from a higher perspective and that you sometimes flounder in seeming inertia. This is not so, Beloved Ones, for you must remember that you are the ones who are in the forefront of the Awakened Ones, and that means you are taking the brunt of processing these lower and confusing energies into clarity and greater Light so that those who come in your wake will have an easier time of it in days to come. 
Each of you has willingly and lovingly chosen this task so that Humanity has the greatest chance of being prepared for the coming times that still lie ahead. You have no idea of the greatness of your service, Beloveds, but your willingness and heroism in these days is duly noted and revered. We work with each of you, trying to ease your way forward in whatever way we can, to help you clear the cobwebs even further. Rest assured, you are not alone in your tasks but in reality have Legions at your stand. 
I AM Melchizedek
©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff
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Much Light, Love and Rainbow Blessings,


The 'Less Than' Code
As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
We stand at a point in-between what we believe in our hearts to be possible and what we see in our world. We hold tightly to the spiritual lifeline that dangles from the high cliffs as we try over and over again to propel up the side of what seems to be an insurmountable slick surface. All techniques we have been taught in the past do not seem to adhere to the molecules of this new world that writes its own rules. Prayers are not heard, answers are not received and memos are thrown in the trash, nothing seems to be listening to our cries for help. We stand in the street of our life with the eye of the tornado looking straight at us.  We all seem singled out as the very lint from our pockets is spent to gas up or feed our families. We yell at the gods in dismay as we feel so many promises have been broken. We search the yellow pages for answers and no one returns our calls.
All seem to be in a trance as they walk aimlessly through their lives with no hope of a shiny future. Every price we said we would ‘never pay,’ we do now with a great anger that is stuffed away and internalized. We hold back and hold on to what little we have strangling the very economy enforcing the ‘less than’ code to the fullest degree feeling like the ‘last hope’ has left the building. We do not see any reprieve from this onslaught of darkness that has us all by the throats. We know life will never be the same and mourn for simpler safer times that were only a few months ago but seem light years away.  the sandcastles of old have been swept away as the tides seem to turn against us. Yet deep within us still lives a single grain of faith. It is not our faith in God that counts right now, it is God’s faith in us that brings closure to this reign of fire and brimstone.
Darkness feeds on doubt and fear. It wants us to give up and give in to a bleak future with no hope. Since we are the guardians of the last hope fueled by the Creators belief and faith in us it is our mission and duty to hold this light of hope high for all to see. Speak hope and granular faith into all those you meet, do no allow them to take you down into the muck of hopelessness and drown in the sea of fear.  You are the light in the dark future that so many see. Let your little light shine on what seems like the darkest of days. Hope now gently boils to the surface after too long a stay on the bottom of the barrel. For one spark of hope can ignite an entire world. Don’t fuel the fears of the masses. Keep your light bright fanning the flame of hope to keep the planet warm and safe.
Humanity is the only species that was made in the Creator’s image holding all the credentials and ingredients for doing great feats. it is time to take the faith that has been placed in us by the Creator and invest it in a future filled with hope. We can never stop believing in better days, in the goodness of people, in universal justice.  We can never stop believing in our dreams for ourselves and those we love. 
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan| PO box 217| Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217|  | |      

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, if you would know love, be love. Know yourself to be walking, living love, invulnerable to anyone else’s beliefs. Your belief about the present is one of wholeness, of harmony, of love itself.
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HEAVEN #3806
The Dominion of the Past
April 27, 2011
God said:
Letting go is hard for you. Something in you is determined to hold on, as if what you hold onto is a precious diamond. Even a precious diamond cannot be held onto forever.
Everything in the world is a symbol. Keep the symbol, and let go of the attachment.
If someone loved you and gave you a diamond, you had the experience of receiving the diamond. The diamond was a symbol of love. Keep the love lively in your heart. The diamond is not crucial. It is a symbol. A diamond is a token.
Most of your attachments are to that which serves you not at all. Quite the contrary. You held on tight to that which did you no favor in the first place. Childhood memories, for instance, are impressed upon you. Everyone you meet is your mother or father or someone from back then who treated you a certain way, perhaps even mistreated you in some way, and you assort the dynamics of your life into the same pattern, whether it graces you or not.
You may go so far as to keep all the tokens from childhood as if you cannot part from them, as if they ennoble you now, as if, they belong to you, and you must have them or – or what, beloveds? What would happen if you did not keep your baby shoes? What would happen if you freed yourself from hurtful memories, if you let go of the hurt, if you could accept yourself as innocent. Even those who hurt you, they too were innocent. They were acting out, just as you act out.
Patterns in life are not to be set, and they are not to be handed down from generation to generation. You cannot go back and change the past. You have to let go of it. As you let go of your attachment to the past, you are letting go of the hurt. You are letting go of your reaction to it. You can’t rewrite the script. You can, however, rewrite its power over you. You can rewrite your reaction to it, not by dint of will, but by realization. Those who may have hurt you are not holding on to their dominion over you now. You are holding on to their dominion over you now.
You came out of it. You live now. You are no longer the helpless child. Whatever disasters befell you in the past, they are present only at your say-so.
In years past, there was a hurricane. Where is the hurricane now? There was a tidal storm, and now the storm has gone into the garage of the past. The storm was just doing what storms do, and now you are out of the storm. Its effects do not have to gather on you now.
A human being today present in your life may consciously or unconsciously remind you of your wicked stepmother. I say wicked stepmother here as a convenience. And now this offending person before you, a mere token of your wicked stepmother who had power over you, unleashes the wicked stepmother in you. Yes, in you. You could not please your wicked stepmother no matter what you could do. Cinderella could not please her wicked stepmother. Now what happens is that through your life, when you see your wicked stepmother in another form, you become the essence of your wicked stepmother. You will not be pleased no matter what. You find fault no matter what. The headline could read: “Innocent victim turns into essence of wicked stepmother.” You have done this time and time again. And, now, no more. Park the past in its garage, and walk away a person freed from the past.
Dear Lady of the Light,
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The Beloved: Tune in to your Source Channel!
Received by Kenton David Bell
The Source Channel. You see, it's always there but we're just bringing your attention to that frequency; the frequency that is you, the frequency that is Source, the part of you that is Source, and that is what the Great Remembrance is about.  Really about just tuning in to our frequency that reminds you of your true nature, your divinity, you see; just tuning into a frequency, not much different than turning a radio dial, not much different at all.
You see that you are made in the eyes of the Creator, you are the Creator, made in the image of the Creator because you are the Creator, you are part of the Creator.  And when you turn to Source, whatever you might call it -- God, Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Allah -- whatever name or facet or expression of Source that you are familiar with, really what you are doing, what you're truly doing in that moment, is seeing your own expression.
And in that moment that you are having that experience of tuning in and feeling oneness with your God Source, what you're really doing is just seeing yourself, you see.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Because when you see God Source, you're seeing yourself.  Because you are made in the image of the Creator.
So what would happen if we begin to recognize that we are all one?  We are all cut from the same cloth?  That we are all ladled from the same soup, in a sense?  Because that's the way it is!
In this time of Great Remembrance, the things that cause separation, the things that cause hate (seeing that you're right and the other one is wrong) is beginning to fade, beginning to dissolve.
We are the Beloved. And so are you.
Truly all of the great spiritual teachers told us that all are able to attain such oneness with Source.  How could this be true from some and not for others?  It has long been a false belief on the Planet that true enlightenment is reserved for a special few.  Not so, dear friends.
A mentor of mine, Alan Cohen, says, "you spot it, you got it."  This is true.  Whenever and wherever you see Source, you are seeing yourself.
Whenever you see or experience something other than Love, it is a lie.  Love is the only real expression of Source.  Source is you.  As we remember our true nature, the separation begins to fall away.  Judgment can't live in Love.  There is no fixing, there is only wholeness.
Todays thoughts: You are always connected to Source.  It is only an illusion that you cannot be.  However, that illusion can be powerful enough to have you not in your power.  Allow yourself to let go of the resistance.  I set my dial on my Source Channel!
I have the same DNA, the same ability as the great ones before me to know Source. I  look for Source everywhere I go, in everything I do.  Knowing it is me.
I choose to live in the truth of Love.  I allow all thoughts of separation to fall away.


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