Channeled from the Divine Collective

Many of you walk in darkness seeking a light to guide you out.  Do you
not see the light you search for is within you?   It is imperative that
you find the light within and wake to the responsibility you each have
as stewards of this planet.  By the autumnal equinox will Emotion and
Intuition be fully out of the stream of society.  They will be fully
engaged in that which they have descended to do.  This will cause great
disruption in the standards and protocols of the ways of man that you
put so much stock in.

They will be back to being one with Mother, spreading her ways among any who will listen, and so will that which
was easily obtained by man find a sudden hindrance.  For without Emotion
and Intuition you will neither feel or know.  Once Emotion and
Intuition leave,  Apathy and Ignorance will replace them.  Where Apathy
and Ignorance reside, there can be no progress, no peace.

You must stand for what is right for Mother Earth, not what is profitable
for man.  For you are only wasting yourselves with your current ways of
living.  You spend a lot of energy talking about the potential damage
your way of life causes, then you cast it off into committees of men who
are only concerned with sustaining greed.  This must stop.  You are
blinded by fool's gold, failing to see the riches of the natural world
and the beauty in the simple symbiotic relationship you could have if
you let Emotion guide your heart and Intuition guide your intellect.
 But you have chosen Apathy and Ignorance, the offspring of greed.  It
is this choice that has driven Emotion and Intuition back to nature and
in so doing will leave mankind scrounging for the answers that are so
easily obtained when Intuition guides and Emotion inspires.

Many generations ago, the prophecy was given to the Natives of this "land of
plenty" that now reeks of greed, that there will come a fork in the path
of mankind's road.  The short fork walks the path of living against the
ways of natural order and follows only greed and destruction.  The long
fork walks the path of symbiotic living with Mother Earth and continues
at a steady pace.  Mankind has chosen the short fork, so we must let
you lead yourselves to your own end, for it is only at the end that a
new beginning can be born.

And so we will watch and wait.  When it is time to begin anew, we will hasten our involvement.  Think us not
cruel, for what we do is out of love.  Sometimes love requires harsh
lessons.  Learn fast and the lesson will be less severe.  As for Emotion
and Intuition, they will remain earthbound until the end, but their
work will be selective.  Only those seeking them in earnest will find
them.  In the most unlikely of forms, they will be there to keep the

The path you have chosen will lead to only one end.  The gulf crisis is the aortic dissection of Mother's heart, only it will
not cause death to the planet, only emotional death among the vast
majority of the people.  Next will come the downfall of the economic
systems.  This will cause division among people.  The ones hopelessly
reliant on living in a world of materialism will fester and rot with
their riches while the rest will choose to give up everything material
and start over living simply.  Once this division is fully complete,
those who have gone back to Mother's ways will awaken to the truth and
be prepared for ascension.

You humans spend so much time talking about Eden, and yet you fail to realize you are smack in the middle of
it.  It does not look like paradise because you have destroyed its
beauty.  Mother is full of abundance in beauty, yet you destroy that
beauty to create the artificial eye candy your greed coerces you into
creating.  You have lost the ability to see the beauty in nature.  You
look at vast feats of human architecture and marvel at its creation, and
even weep when it is destroyed, but you fail to marvel at the beauty of
a 300 year old tree or a deep canyon carved by millions of years of
slow cutting water.

If only you could relearn the ability to see beauty in the complex simplicity of Divine creation.  Perhaps then you
would classify the health of Mother Earth as a higher priority.