Changing Our Ways

From Cedomil Vugrincic Ph.D.
(PROGRESS Service Sector)

This is a message from David S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy received and transcribed byVince.

Mar 29, 2010 - 8:52:27 AM


S333 - Hushabye our Little Ones


Hello Dear Ones,

When we look at you all from our perspective, we see you as our Children, and as happens in many families, some of you have gone astray. Not content with gaining resources honestly to cover your living costs, you have stolen from others. In order to cover up your misdeeds you have lied and hurt other people, but in reality, the person you've hurt most of all is yourself.

God forgives all of His children who have strayed off the path of righteousness, but in order to be forgiven you have to turn to God and ask His forgiveness, and give up your dirty deeds and work to offset what you have done. It may be that you can't just give it up, as you are in fear of your livelihood, or even of the lives of you and your family.

There is coming a time of great turmoil in your world, and it will be of Biblical proportions. Every single person will be aware that it isn't what you would describe as ‘normal' and in some way every country well feel the effects of this turmoil. There will be adverse weather systems, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, loss of land in some places and the appearance of new land in other places; and many things besides.

Now, I know that volcanoes, earthquakes and adverse weather systems go on all the time on your planet, and that's quite normal, but if you were to study some of your present land masses, you will find evidence of ancient sea-beds at high altitudes, and land which was once in a tropical region, now in a cold temperate climate. The Earth has been remodelled many times before, and these movements don't just happen by accident.

There are many lands which have been made very dirty through war and conflict, through vice and depravity and through extraction of and pollution through oil, gas, coal, and other ‘raw materials'. There is also much surface pollution through burning fossil fuels and harmful chemical processes, as well as the usual detritus left over from your consumptive way of life.

These lands have to be cleansed and there will be a time of remodelling of the planet, and that will be visible to you in coming times. It should be a signal to you that bad things have been done on Earth, and that your salvation will be through turning to God and asking for His help. Of course, many of you don't believe that there is a Creator God, and so it will be hard for you to understand that everything was created and has to be managed and maintained.

Many of you have turned to those who have money, in your eyes seeing a kind of Deity at work; and isn't there a phrase in you banking and financial world; ‘Masters of the Universe'? Oh, My Children, how little you know!!! No amount of physical wealth is going to extract you from the coming times, even if you were to go deeply below ground, or escape your atmosphere to another nearby planet.

This will not be the ‘Wrath of God', for what will happen is the act of a loving Father who wishes to give His children an improved planet for them to carry on with their evolution and enlightenment, free of the mind control, and economic slavery of your present business, banking, and governmental overlords, who work for the forces of Darkness.

When these events are in full swing, there will be genuine ‘Shock & Awe', and we will say to you ‘Hushabye our Little Ones', it is only your Father giving you a wonderful gift of love, will you not turn to Him and give thanks, and ask for His forgiveness and protection, that you may be saved? Even those Dark Ones of you, will you not turn to God?

In the middle of the deepest turmoil, there is Peace and Love to be found by turning away from the Darkness, to the Light, and asking for your  Father's help.

Hushabye our Little Ones.