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6.)  The Pleiadian Light: Looks at the Current Walk-in Situation

Isis' Message of the Day -
"Fear does not see the future, but only the past.  Fear will tell you to do what appears to be safe, but since life is change, doing what was safe yesterday is not necessarily what is safe in the long run.  Life flows and you must flow with it."
"You will not find fear within this moment.  Fear lives in the past and in the future.  Fear cannot survive the light of now."  ~ Quado~
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. We know you. We love you. We see you. Do you see you? Do you know how incredible you truly are? You don’t believe it because of the “human frailties” that you see in yourselves. Begin to open to the “Greater You,” the "You" who loves floating in the Sea of Divine Love, the “You” who has the greater vision given by God/Creator/All That Is. Begin stepping fully into your greatness, Your greatness comes from Being who you are. We see “You.” Do you see the "You" we see? Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *   *      

Changing of the Guard: failing systems of the old paradigm
by Lauren Gorgo
August 31, 2011
You are currently witnessing a complete turn around in the earth's dynamic, an edifice of human thought that is no longer in alignment with the old paradigm of separation, but one of greater fortitude and of a higher vibrational constitution.  What we mean is this, the soil of your earth has become fertile enough for your pure-hearted intentions to take root."  ~The Seven Sisters of Pleiades ~

For those of us here on the east coast, we've definitely weathered a few unsettling days as hurricane Irene danced her way up the eastern seaboard.  Many around me are still dealing with the aftermath, but I was very fortunate in that I only had to endure a minor 14 hour inconvenience without power, which in and of itself is pretty amazing considering 180,000 people in my area experienced an outage and some will remain powerless for several days.  And even though there is damage, in some cases punishing winds and pounding rain produced serious local flooding, overall a much less severe impact than predicted and the result of which the unseens say is related to the many prayers and visualizations of you kind and conscious folk, so many thanks for the love (and the very kind emails too : ))
"We would like to bring your attention to the resulting efforts of those of you who have brought forth the energies of love for this time.  There was a weakening effect of the storms pull toward destruction and even though damage resulted, greater disasters were annulled. Much of this was due in part to your contributions of love, your visions of protection, and the prayers of unity that spiraled outward from a place of true heart-based interconnectivity.  We would say…job well done." ~ Seven Sisters ~
From the perspective of the Pleiadians, there was also a sizable (collective) shift in consciousness that resulted from these east coast events, a notable shift toward greater love which spawned a new approach to reality thru oneness. (goooooo Team!)
From what I can gather, the earthquake that preceded the hurricane in Virginia/DC area (and also shut down some nuclear reactors where once again, mamma nature is warning us that nuclear power is not only antiquated, but way too toxic to play with in these changing times) was actually a precursor to this massive clearing, an interruption in "life as normal," which provided what they refer to as a "loosening effect" on discordant energies. 
Apparently the masses were jolted just enough to be taken off guard to temporarily release the grip on reality that we were collectively locked into, and then Irene followed behind with a swirling mop, hose and bucket to provide us all with a colossal clearing as she thoroughly washed away all the (emotional) energetic debris that we were willing to let go of all that which was not anchored to the foundation of our truth.
And here we are now, 5 days away from the entrance of the 6th day according to the Mayan Calendar (short count), which is considered the "flowering" stage of the tree of life and with only one night and one day left to go (42 days-ish) until the full tree is formed.  As I see it, this means we only have one more "inward" period (during the 6th night: 9/23-10/10) left before we enter an entirely new cycle of human consciousness.
Pretty insane when you think about how long we've been at this.  Just this morning I was thinking back to my personal activation period, which, like so many of us second-wave initiates, kicked off in 1999 in mostly violent and insidious ways and with the disheartening disappearance of my 20's and 30's as I gave my life over to the greater plan the changes that have taken place both within and around me since that activation. From an evolutionary perspective it's mind-blowing to think about how far we've come in our mental expansion, emotional responsibility and creative potential but from our lower-mind (and physical bodies) it seems like we've been sitting still thru so much internal clearing and isolation for so unbelievably long, that seemingly nothing significant has changed. 
The interesting thing about that is the sisters say that these two perspectives are now merging into one and that we will lose all time-based perspective as we become anchored in total presence (zero-point), like amnesia? And from now into the next season (equinox) we will be settling more into this new timeless groove.
"Please be aware of the magnificent affect that you have on the field now, the realization that all those connected to the web of oneness, consciously or not, are protected from harms way without fail, and the understanding that what is or may be perceived as negative in your life is simply a pushing-thru, a clearing required to allow the good to follow.  This realization was embraced by many in the last days and though many more are unaware of the precipitating forces behind these global changes, the results of victory are the same."  ~ Seven Sisters ~
Financial Governance

"As we see it, the fruits of a faltering global economy would be that financial governance systems become more transparent, accountable and overall effective in their quest to serve 'the people'."  ~ Seven Sisters ~
Because we are experiencing more of the "physical" changes now at the end of the 9th wave (the completion of 16  b i l l i o n  years of evolution) the Pleiadians want to offer us some information with regard to the dismantling world/paradigm, more specifically they mention two major impasses that we as a society are soon to face.
The first impasse they would like to discuss is with regard to our financial system.
"Now we say this with great care for we understand that there is great fear that surrounds this topic, so please listen with your feeling center: There is coming a change in global financial governance.  Not in the sense that there will be a major disruption in your life affairs, but in the sense that the state of governance over your global financial affairs will be sorely tested.  We say this not to warn you, nor to elicit fear, but to simply alert you to the positive aspects of these necessary changes."  ~ Seven Sisters ~
I hardly ever talk of the falling world, firstly, because that is not my j-o-b (and the unseens rarely go there), secondly, because this focus tends to draw a fear-based and unpleasant crowd, thirdly, because our reality is created by what we think, and how we feel about what we think, so what would be the point in focusing on gloom? But mostly because it doesn't serve any of us to feed the collective focus of destruction. Not that it isn't real, just that there are plenty of people lending energy to that reality and we are here specifically to focus on constructing the new earth/divine blueprint.  But just like with any new construction, the old structures must first be demolished before we can begin to build anew and from what I am hearing, that is coming on the heels of some kind of financial crisis.
Besides, when we are fully and consciously creating our reality, the whole point to our personal ascension process, the outside world becomes so much less impacting because all of our external supports get rerouted/reconnected to our own internal Source of potential, which essentially means we create an activated forcefield of 12th dimensional consciousness and self-sustainability through resonance versus causal creation.   Many have nearly completed this reconnection phase, but because we are all at different levels of activation, and therefore some are still dependent on the outside structures for support, the Pleiadians want to allay any fears that may arise from upcoming changes with the assurance that all is well, and we are all perfectly guided in all ways to be exactly where we are supposed to be. No exceptions.
I am hearing that there is much that will be overturned that will directly impact the financial structures of our world and those institutions that uphold an outworn system, but that these changes will, in fact, birth a new part of the future plan and a new system of governance that will benefit the whole of humanity and not just a select few.  It has to become a consensus of all to improve the current financial system and develop a more equitable and efficient structure of governance for that system, and apparently we are about to take another major step toward that end.
More than anything, what the sisters hope for us to take from these coming changes is the deep, unwavering understanding that true prosperity is a state of consciousness, not a state of world affairs.
Changing of the Guard

"We will say this…as the collective world consciousness inevitably cascades into greater levels of fear from the dismantling financial structures, and their overall sense of security is rocked, there will also be those of you who will be simultaneously rising to meet great success.  Those who are to meet great success will then be sought out by those who are losing their grip on convention and for this reason alone many of you will have a great opportunity, an opening, a readiness to be heard and received so that you may begin to share your wisdoms of the new way."  ~ Seven Sisters ~
Along with the financial changes that my unseens-sources speak of, they also mention that any hindrance that the failing financial system has on our lives will quickly be replaced with new ideas, opportunities, and insights that will spur great and rapid development toward our benefit, "If" we are looking for solutions and listening to our inner-voice.  These ideas are being birthed from the new earth paradigm and will be presented to those who are open to receiving them, meaning, those who are not focused on the failing systems or fear: "if you have the wherewithal to look beyond the collective energy of chaos and crisis that will undoubtedly ensue, you will be gifted with profound realizations that will be a major boon to your earthly success."
The sisters also mention that there are those who believe that a financial downfall would crush the existence of greed, however, they say otherwise, that greed is only the symptom, the motivating force behind our financial system, but that greed can only be healed individually, and from within.  So for those who are willing to do the inner work to align with the new systems, there will be great reward.  For those who continue to live in self-gain, there will be much turmoil.  Either way, greed will be rising to the surface in many areas and for all to see and most likely it will get ugly.  No matter, all darkness must eventually return to the light.
From Sick-to-Well Care

The second impasse that the sisters speak of is with regard to the U.S. healthcare system.
This deadlock that we are approaching has been coming for a long time and is directly related to the financial system, but what is really being threatened here is the sense of security that comes with externalizing our power to a system that is not in support of wellness. 
"Again, we say this with great care for there is just as much fear surrounding the current healthcare system as the financial one, and though we understand the implications of this dilemma, we assure you that this seeming crisis is what will, in essence, force many people to begin to look within themselves for true sustenance."  ~ Seven Sisters ~
Certainly there is great advancement in the medical industry that could serve millions for the betterment of mankind, however, these advancements are being held back by the many complexities and overseers with a gain in maintaining an outworn healthcare structure built upon a foundation of greed.
And while we are on the topic of greed, consider that the health "insurance" industry, which is really not insurance at all, is a multi-trillion dollar industry that contributes nothing to direct patient health, and is driven by those who power a hideously large portion of the financial world, those B.I.G financial players, so naturally healthcare and economy go hand in hand.  As one goes down, the other will follow, but in its wake, a new framework will arise to take its place. 
The reason that the U.S. healthcare crisis in particular has reached a stalemate is due to the fact that most in this country are under the delusion that this current system deals with health, when in actuality the motor behind "health"-care is fueled by "sick"-care, a small technicality that governs the very large and (profitable) collective momentum of the medical "industry."  This underlying intention is what is crumbling before our eyes as we approach unity consciousness and necessarily so, for most are just now starting to awaken to the realization that we cannot expect to experience wellness, while focusing on illness. 
And just like with the financial system, when we are individually operating at full capacity, meaning reconnected to our only true power-Source, wellness becomes our default setting and any support we need at this stage can be derived from within ourselves. So healthcare for way-showers, starseeds, crystals and rainbows and all those at the front of the light-parade is mostly a moot point by now, especially because the vibration of conventional medicine is becoming dangerously low for the fully-activated new human form.
For those still dependent on external forms or systems of healthcare, no worries, the unseens want to make clear that everything is in perfect order, that the interim of this process will be chaotic and a full change will obviously not happen overnight, but to be at peace knowing that the pillars are in place to support the changeover to a new system that upholds the highest good for all.
As many more people awaken to the collapse of an outworn healthcare system there may initially be great fear to contend with but ultimately a shakeup will spawn an infusion of more natural earth-governed systems of Wellness and support that are both good for humans and the planet that provides for these two-legged's.  Novel idea.
"There is nothing to fear with this change, yet many will be displaced by the feeling of disconnection from a false sense of support and the growing realization that they have misplaced their power, given it away in blind-faith.  It will be for many of you in fields of natural health, wellness and healing to begin the implementation phase of educating those who suddenly find an interest and curiosity in self-sustainable systems of governance and wellness."  ~ Seven Sisters ~
To the Pioneers and Path Pavers

The sisters would like to conclude this update with a message for those who have been fighting for years to keep your heads above water, even thru the high tides and tumultuous waves of the end times.
"To those who have held true to their internal knowing and honored the voice of the One, we say this to you:
"Be prepared not only for greatness, but in the sharing of it. The tide has turned and a new wave of energy is arriving at your shore. Nothing promises to be the same again.  For those of you who have weathered the many storms to arrive here, you are the lighted ones, those who others will seek in times of continued destruction and darkness. Redemption is at hand, but it is because you have redeemed yourselves. Be astute to your untapped potential, for there is much yet to be explored, much that will surprise and delight you.  We are the proof of your success, for we are the future of your now. 
"Remain in peace through the physical changes that arise both within and around you and remember your role as a true bearer of light.  This comes in many forms, not just in moments of greatness, but in the tiniest acts of kindness.  The time to be true is now. The time to be YOU is now.  Pray tell."  ~ Seven Sisters ~
To still keeping our heads above water...
*  *     

Weekly LightBlast: Exercising My Rights
by Jamye Price
September 1, 2011
Hmmm. Sometimes when these LightBlasts come through I’m like, ‘what?’ but then I always enjoy discovering why we are guided to look at something a certain way when I sit to write. Exercising My Rights can mean a lot of different things, so find what resonates with you. While you’re welcome to ponder some of the traditional ‘rights’ which are defined within the laws of a country, state, religion or society; we are going to discuss the inner journey.
Boundaries have been coming up more pointedly since around May (haha! Yes, you may or no you may not!). If you find yourself feeling less able to keep your mouth shut and just endure, congratulate yourself on Exercising Your Rights! Most current societies are based on control, and collectively we are only beginning to relearn to navigate personal freedom with respect for others, no matter their age or station in life (i.e. Do you treat the janitor the same as the CEO?) As we move from suppression to healthy and wise expression (not indiscriminate actions, emotions and words), we are beginning to balance our personal needs with that of the Whole. Wisdom knows that if you deplete, there is no more flow; and if you amass with greed, there is no more flow. Boundaries should serve flow. Are you nurturing yourself and teaching others with your words and deeds that all people are capable? Are you sharing your unique Light and teaching others with your words and deeds that all people are valuable? Are you courageously moving beyond your previous comfort zone and teaching others with your words and deeds that life is benevolent, even if some moments are challenging? Thus maintaining your boundaries becomes a joyful sharing that supports you and those around you, all while you are Exercising Your Rights.
Let’s talk about right and wrong. Truth not only changes, but it is personal. Each individual holds their truth within, even if outside influences helped to form it. What is right for you today, may not be right for you tomorrow. What is truth for another, may not be truth for you. You learn what is right for you by listening and experiencing. Listening to your inner feelings, your heart, is very important and takes some skill in the beginning as you filter through societal programming and fears. When you listen to your heart, you find your truth, and since it is coming from the flow of the heart, it can progress with you. Experiencing your truth is observing the truth of others without needing to convince them of yours. Experiencing what’s right for you is finding others that resonate and watching it expand. Experiencing what’s right for you is listening to your inner guidance without allowing fear, shame, abandonment or need to suppress your enjoyment of Life. I love to listen to others talk and observe how their words and intentions are affecting me. If I find an emotional charge, it’s time to go within and strengthen my own Knowing that their judgments, choices and perceptions need not deplete me. Even by listening, I'm Exercising My Rights.
Exercising Your Rights really begins with an inner workout. What is ‘right’ for you? Are you holding onto someone else’s ‘right?’ Are you suppressing yours for fear of abandonment or for acceptance and admiration from others? Are you trying to force others to adhere to what is right for you? Examine your instinctual feelings (heart) and you’ll discover that your right is right for you even if someone else thinks it’s wrong! You’ll move through the fears that held you back from self-expression. You’ll release the needs that kept you pleasing people to your own detriment. You’ll discover joys that feel like play instead of work. Like any workout, you’ll be glad you did it and you’ll feel better for the journey!
As we sit to Blast Exercising My Rights, we are discovering our unique perception and experiencing the world through the filter of self-Love that sees All Life as unique and beneficial. We are remembering that Free Will is bestowed implicitly because choice is the only way to True Love, all else is obligation. We are finding our voice within and letting that resonate through the silence, nourish through the laughter and release through the tears. We are perceiving ourselves through our inherent Divinity that All share equally within. We are strengthening our Love to flow courageously through this beautiful, ever changing world. We are honoring the gift of Life by sharing Love. Blast on!
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, nowhere is it written that when you reincarnate you must go with human form. If you want to come back with another form, it is a free choice. Now, I know that your religious/philosophical organizations, for the most part, do not teach that. But many of you have experienced the intelligence of the four-footed ones and even the intelligence of the trees, of the flowers that grow. They don’t have to move around, gather the golden coins, or put on raiment. They just be.
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HEAVEN #3938
A Tribute to You
September 6, 2011
God said:
Of what sing the birds and the trees? Of what shines the sun? And what wakes you up, and what puts you to sleep?
You know there is something more than yourself that walks the Earth. There is an orchestra leader that beckons you to begin the day and close the day. There is far more than you, this person who struts, tumbles, pauses, speeds up etc. on a patch of Earth. There is more than where you place your feet at this moment. There is more than mind can see or even imagination can conjure. There is greater than mind and greater than body.
There is a whole thunderous heart and soul of you. All the angels are clapping for you at My behest. They can't help it anyway, because when angels see something beautiful and wondrous, they can only clap. Beloved, the whole Universe is clapping for you, cheering you on, inviting you into the sunshine and beckoning you forward.
The same power that elucidates music from the birds taps you on the shoulder, and your feet start dancing.
This Heavenletter is a tribute to you, even though you do not yet recognize the power that stirs within you. Even so, there is nothing you can do about it. Power is within you, and it is yours.
Orchestrated from above, you are your own orchestra leader at the same time. How can that be? You are the follower and leader at the same time?
There is a great wise guide within you. You hold yourself in the palm of your hand. You toss yourself up in the air, and you catch yourself. You are multi-tasked. You juggle many oranges all at once. You wear many hats.
And, yet, at the same time - at the same time (which does not exist) - you are Oneness Supreme. You don't know what's going on, and, yet, subterraneously, you know exactly what is going on, for you pulled the script from your depths, and you see that the handwriting is familiar. The script was written in your hand.
You pulled yourself out of the fire, so to speak. You started the fire, and you blew it out. You ordained yourself. Strange as it may seem, you wrote the score to the music, and you played it, and you watched it, and you couldn't believe it, and you believed too much in it.
You are the Source, and you are the evidence. You are the song and the one who sings the song and the one who hears the song and the one who dances to it.
What immense star in the galaxies are you? From what galaxy are you, if you are? Surely this rough-edged person who runs around on Earth is not you, certainly not the whole of you. You are only a visitor here on Earth, and yet you are the host, and yet you wander through a palace you believe you have never seen before.
You know nothing, and you know everything. You are nothing, and you are everything. Everything is of the utmost importance, and nothing is important. Everything changes every second, and nothing changes ever.
Your fingers play the piano on a table without keys, and still you make music. And all come to listen to your music, and I listen to your music, for I am like a player piano within you, and I love the music I make, and I love the imagined player of it, and I love and I love, and you love the same. How many ways can I say it? How many ways can I say that there is no you? There is no We. There is I, and nothing but I in all the Universe.
There never was anything but I, yet in the guise of you.
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The Pleiadian Light: Looks at the Current Walk-in Situation
Through Hannah Beaconsfield
September 6, 2011
Walk-ins, as you call spirits who take on the body and life of a spirit who wishes to leave, are still coming on to the Earth plane in large numbers. Those who are assisting through variations of this exchange process: soul braids, stand ins, etc. are also expanding their help to the ascension of your world culture. The chaos of Earth’s many elements, both light and dark, at the time of this channeling (2011), have reached the level of either combustion or transcendence. We support the transcendence scenario. And each spirit walk-in to your plane is supporting this transformation of your species.
Many of the walk-in-type arrivals of spirits, at this time, are those who have extensive experience with life on Earth. In the earlier decades of this project, many of the souls were closely connected to extraterrestrial cultures. This alien energy gave a strong impetus for the world culture to expand its perspectives and move toward a new path. The ET resonance provided a pattern to which you could entrain your own energies and jump-start your ascension. Although there are still incoming ETs, there is a large influx of souls who resonate a strong Earth signature. Some of these are even recently departed from your plane. In part, their reason for leaving, in your recent past, was for the purpose of returning as walk-ins, the concept having been presented to them in their recent Earth incarnation.
The return to Earth, after a very recent life, helps the incoming spirit in terms of adjusting quickly and moving on to his/her own agenda. Ordinarily, a soul that crosses over is not inclined to return without first digesting the most recent life and learning and expanding on the spirit plane. But these are not ordinary times. The drama of Earth’s ascension is so variegated, so multidimensional, so tenuous that unusual circumstances must be called into play.
When we speak of ETs or strong Earth spirits walking-in, please understand that all spirits working on this level of assistance have incarnated many times, in many different world cultures. The difference in the energy that they resonate is more the choice of the walk-in in order to tap their former Earth lives or to pull in the vibrations of other worlds with which they are familiar. The choice is to clothe themselves in the qualities that would be the most helpful in what they wish to accomplish.
As we have said before, a walk-in does not need to take on the phenomenon as their personal identity. It is simply a means to change. Having an awareness of the spirit exchange on a conscious level is only of value to the walk-in or those close to the walk-in who can better give support with the understanding. This is helpful if there are difficult problems that need to be resolved from the earlier life or conflicts between the walk-in energy and the original soul energy.
There are many soul exchanges in which the walk-in has no consciousness awareness, no knowledge of the phenomenon and no reason to have the awareness or the knowledge. There are many “ordinary” people who realize there was some change in their lives after which he or she began to move in a new direction. This could be a waitress who charges the food she handles with a nourishing energy beyond its natural characteristics. Or it could be a bus driver who creates a pleasant energy on his bus that gives the passengers a lift. These people are walk-ins who don’t do anything special. They came simply to be present and increase the light factor.
The ascension of the Earth species has reached a level of overlapping elements with regard to walk-in problems and ascension symptoms. Everyone will be dealing, to one degree or another, with the symptoms of detoxification from all your bodies of consciousness. As the transformation progresses many will feel an altered sense of identity, which is disorienting. Your species is dealing with changing genetic patterns. It is handling alterations in time. Walk-ins get a double dose of adjustment requirements, but unlike ten or twenty years ago no one is totally unaffected by this world roller coaster ride. This is the destabilized state you are presently experiencing and which will evolve into a stable world culture operating at a whole new vibratory level.
What could possibly be comforting about this information? Well, the more common the discomforts the more empathy/sympathy you can share and the greater the movement toward the integration of the disparate elements of your world. These are the elements that create your endless wars, the destruction of your planet and your inability to sustain happiness. Integrating the opposing elements of your world will bring peace, from which all that is benevolent flows. And we wish you Peace.
© Hannah Beaconsfield 2011
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Hannah Beaconsfield has been channeling for many years, beginning with automatic writing, which she still uses most of the time. In 1989 she began voice channeling with the help of Lyssa Royal and her channeling course. Hannah is a metaphysician, Choreographer, and Artist.
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