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1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  SaLuSa: Changes on Earth Are Becoming More Widespread
3.)  Archangel Gabriel: Message
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  Archangel Michael: Unity Emerges . . . 
      The Womb of Creation is at Hand
6.)  Let God Serve  

Isis' Message of the Day -
Each day is a new beginning . . . another chance to learn more about ourselves, to care more about others. To laugh more than we did. To accomplish more than we thought we could. To be more than we were before.
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Last week we spoke to you about worry. This week we wish to address the topic of anxiety because so very many of you are experiencing anxiety at this time.  Worry and anxiety are close cousins. When you worry, typically you are projecting a specific fear out into the future.  When you are anxious, the fears are often unidentified and muddled in your mind. Worry says, "I fear this specific outcome is going to happen!"  Anxiety says, "I fears something is going to go wrong! I have no idea what.  I am not in control. I'm not sure I can handle it," and so on and so forth. 
Just as prayer and a focus on the desired outcome can cure worry, so too prayer and a focus on your desired outcome can help calm the fears that cause anxiety.
For many of you anxiety is a habitual and learned way of being.  You feel you must be concerned about every possible future scenario that might occur in your lives. This robs you of the joy in the present moment.  When anxiety creeps up, breathe slowly and deeply, then sit down and write down specifically what you fear. Make a list until all the fears are identified. Now you have your power back. Now you can look your fears in the face, ask yourself if that is really what you are planning to create, and then resolve pray for what you really want.
For some of you anxiety is an emotional virus that acts up up as soon as life starts going well. There is a culture of struggle on your planet that humanity has created, believes in, and perpetuates. Beliefs such as "No Pain. No Gain," "You have to pay your dues," "No Guts. No glory," continue to reinforce the idea that struggle is required to achieve anything of value in life. While we would agree that work, effort, and labors of love are required at times, struggle is not, for when you feel you are struggling dear ones, what are you really struggling with but your own hearts? When you ignore your hearts enitrely you set up a mentality that life must be hard, drudgery, etc. And unfortunately you become used to this reality.
Suddenly, one day, after years of struggle, you change your ways. You decide to pay attention to your heart, to put your faith in God, and to pray for your dreams to come true. You surrender a bit of control, and then all of the sudden, dear ones, absolute magic begins to happen in your lives.  And then the ego feels as if it is dying. It is no longer in control. And so it begins to fret and worry and create imaginary possible problems for you to worry about that rob you of your joy.
Anxiety is the ego's way of taking your soul hostage and preventing it from living in its true power and in the truth of God's love and abundance.  When you become anxious, take time to sit still and ask yourself, "What do I fear?" Look each fear in the face, pray for the desired outcome, and if all else fails, sit, breathe and call upon your angels to help you feel, once again, the truth of God's abiding love.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels
With much love,
Ann Albers
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SaLuSa: Changes on Earth Are Becoming More Widespread
July 19, 2010
Fame and wealth are looked upon as an achievement to be desired; yet so often they are difficult to handle. Your privacy which you value is intruded upon and literally your life is not your own. Some people are prepared to withstand such a loss, and live out their make believe lives in circumstances that are no guarantee of happiness. Show business is surrounded by glamour and the need for success, and failure is often experienced with inconsolable grief. So who can lead a so-called ordinary life and find happiness and satisfaction. The majority of people are in lives where they struggle to make ends meet, or even to survive. Yet some manage to find a purpose in life that does give satisfaction, and it is through serving others. When you have found a way to help others, it gives an inner feeling of having discovered a true path, that allows you to express your love and experience fulfillment.
There is within each one of you a desire to love and be loved; yet not everyone can express that in terms of freely giving of themselves. The energy of love is powerful and can work miracles, and costs you nothing to share with others. When it is given without seeking reward, and with no conditions you are well on the way to being able to give unconditional love. That indeed should be the goal you are working towards, and if you struggle to achieve it do not be too concerned. With the ever-increasing upliftment of the vibrations you will naturally attract higher energy to yourself, and it will become much easier to hold the love vibration. Everyone can work towards such levels, and those that are successful rarely seek fame or gain beyond what is necessary for their immediate requirements. Light-workers know their life plan and are not distracted by the search for fame, although it sometimes comes with success. It is knowing how to control it that prevents it from taking over your life, so that you can continue with full focus on your work.
Service to others is not necessarily seen as an attractive occupation, yet its rewards are manifold. You cannot take anything with you when you complete your life plan, but you will have the inner growth and joy of having spent it in a beneficial way. It does not require that you become one of the leading lights, and every contribution however small helps uplift the level of the mass consciousness. The capitalist way of thinking tends to promote greed, but there are of course some successful people who because they are blessed that way, do not forget to share their wealth. Because of it they sometimes achieve exceptional levels of generosity, but it is not the amount that is important but the thought behind it. This is exemplified by the biblical story of the widow’s mite, as she gave when her needs were as great as anyone else’s.
So where are we heading with our message and why now, and we will tell you that the changes on Earth are becoming more wide-spread, and leaving many people in dire need of help. That position will worsen for all manner of reasons, and it begs of you that until it changes for the better that you try to help ease other people’s distress. The challenge of these times is putting a lot of pressure on you, but you can help prevent it becoming chaotic by getting together and organizing some kind of relief. It will provide an answer until the coming of real help, and the changes in your governments that will start a new era of beneficial changes on a large worldwide scale.
Be assured that at all times we continue to keep a check on the well being of Mother Earth, with your Ascension in mind. There is a balance that we are responsible for, and it stops matters really getting out of hand. You will complete this cycle as decreed and in that sense it does not matter whatever the dark Ones attempt to do, they will not stop completion as planned. After all Dear Ones, you may conjecture that you have God on your side, and the Light is all-powerful. In reality God favors no one, but allows all souls to experience as they desire, using their God given freewill. In fact God loves all souls and is waiting to welcome them back to the Source, by which time your Light will have been completely restored.
As fellow travelers we admire your confidence and tenacity in taking on duality, as it is far removed from the wonderful levels of Light that you came from. Now you are at the end of your journey and hardly realize what you have achieved. To have left your home of absolute beauty and bliss amongst the stars, and an enduring state of being within the love vibration was an immense decision to take. You were aware of the nature of the challenge, and took heart that whatever happened you would never be forsaken. You were promised help and direction, so that no matter how far you became immersed in the lower energies you would rise up again. That promise has been kept, and already you have emerged from the dark sufficiently, to recognize your own divinity and link to the Light. The awakening continues to speed up and you are beginning to feel the expansion in your consciousness. Now Ascension is in your sights and so near to taking place, that you have only a few more years before you lift up with Mother Earth.
When you look at the larger picture, realize that you can ignore what is going on around you as it cannot last long, and you are stepping onto a new path that leaves it all behind. The new paradigm is taking shape, and as you focus on the future will imbue it with the power to manifest. You are creating all of the time but now you have the powerful energies directed to Earth, and they are far more potent than ever before. Because of this latent power it is in fact good practice to monitor your thoughts and emotions, and direct them only for the good of all. As time passes you will be helped to master such a degree of control, and it is one of our tasks when we arrive upon Earth. We come to do much that is of a physical nature, but we do not forget that your upliftment is for your spiritual evolution.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and already feel the joy at the thought of traveling with you for the last part of your journey. We come as friends and for many also as family, but more importantly as your spiritual mentors and guides. You shall feel our love that we give unconditionally, and it will lift you up out of any worries or concerns you may still have.
Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey

Archangel Gabriel: Message
to X-Radio Listeners 7/14/10
Recieved by Shanta Gabriel
Dear Ones,
There appears to be so much fear around the situations that are affecting many people in the world today. From disastrous occurrences to the economy, there is great change in people’s lives. Because it is unclear where these changes are leading, the natural response to the Unknown is one of fear. People respond with fear when facing an unknown future, when their livelihoods are affected, and their personal world changes. This is understood.
We are suggesting a different way. There are more Angels available than have ever been present on earth. Unprecedented times bring unprecedented action. The realms of Heaven respond to prayer. The forces of Nature respond to thought and attitude. This has been proven by the science of Physics. In many experiments it was shown that the focus of attention and pure thought could change the direction of the experiment.
Our way of seeing the vast experiment on the Earth at this time is to call on those who understand these principles to gain strength in numbers to create new responses throughout the world, thus bringing forth a Spontaneous Evolution. The intensity of any situation foremost in your news is a good place to start creation of new thought and the realization that each person can change their world-view with their thoughts and feelings, and change the actual situation as well.
Gain through prayer and meditation the same feeling of intensity that you see on the news by focusing on Divine Love, by focusing on Divine Light, by focusing on Peace. These are all attributes of the Presence of God – All that Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be. The expansiveness of this energy quickens the frequency of vibration within the body, mind, and emotional state, and these uplifted frequencies of energy then radiate to others.
Science has proven that the radiance of Divine Love and Peace can change the energy of not only one person but also the world near them. Consider what has been called The Butterfly Affect, showing the interconnection of all things, The Maharishi Affect proving how a group of meditators could bring down the crime rate for miles around them in more than one city, and the famous experiments of Dr. Emoto who showed that words could change the molecular structure of water. Imagine the waters of the Earth being blessed Peace and Love and the waters will change. These are demonstrations of the interconnectedness of your world and the importance of working with your own thoughts and feelings to change the reality you live in.
Optimism is a great attribute and happy people definitely live more pleasant lives. More than that, the Earth needs you to create change in your own being by knowing that positive change can come through what appears to be loss and chaos. The Unknown is a blank slate and each person can, by their intentional actions and feelings, create a better world for themselves and all others as they change their thoughts each moment. When you gather together with people of like mind to bring inspiring thoughts of Love, Peace, and Hopeful Possibilities, it changes not only your being, but the world around you as well.
You are not alone. There are many beautiful beings of Light available to help. The Heavenly Realms bring forth Light and this blesses all with more Divine Love and that is the key to change. High frequency interaction with your world allows Creative Solutions to appear where none were known before. Does it not seem as though there must be a creative solution to every situation facing you in your personal life and in the world? Does it not seem as though if you could see with a more expansive vision you would see the answer? That is absolutely true. You can ask for this Divine Assistance and it is available.
Start wherever you are but understand that bringing hope into despair, faith into suspicion and love into anger, has more power to create the positive change you require because those attributes of God vibrate at a higher frequency of energy. It is up to each person to create new life where none is obvious. Imagine that there is are amazing possibilities facing you in the wake of what appears so dire. Ask for Benevolent Outcomes and know that radical change opens doors to new opportunities. Nothing in Nature ever stays the same. Why would you expect that in your life and world?
Know that you have the power to create Beauty, Peace, and Harmony and this magnifies when you join with others who also believe this metaphysical truth. Remember the highest frequency of energies open the way to Creative Solutions, so keeping your energy vibrating at a high level magnetizes these energies to you. Einstein said a problem cannot be solved from the place of immersion in the problem.
As long as you keep your thoughts and emotions in alignment with these attributes, you can ask your Guardian Angel to show you new possibilities for a happy life and peace in your world, and so it shall be. You are not alone – ever. Know with every fiber of your being that Divine Energy exists within all things. Allow yourself to receive from this Light of Divine Grace and you are blessed.
And so it is.
Shanta Gabriel

For Archangel Gabriel
(c)2010 Shanta Gabriel is an inspired teacher, healer and the author of "The Gabriel Messages." This volume of compassionate wisdom for the 21st Century from Archangel Gabriel, is personal as well as practical, and provides clear suggestions for emotional and spiritual balance. Shanta's new book, Messages from Archangel Gabriel on Divine Light is now being offered as a free E-Book download on her website. *  Shanta posts regular messages on her blog, * Shanta also leads an experiential seven month Archangel Study Program. For more information about this powerful soul's journey, her private sessions or workshops, visit   *   

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, if you as spirit, if you as Light energy are unlimited—and you are—then you must blend with the Light of other ones as they seem to be individuated energy. And if you blend with the Light of all other ones that seem to be individual, you cannot deny that you are One. It follows reason, yes? It follows logic. If those of you who are into the linear mental thinking follow that reasoning, you can understand it.
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Archangel Michael:Unity Emerges . . . 
The Womb of Creation is at Hand
channeled by Meredith Murphy
July 11, 2010
There is a fierceness in the air of late…which you experience as urgency.  What we experience as fierceness is something you would welcome being on the side of, and indeed are; for this means protectiveness.  Unrelenting protection.  It is this energy which is peeling forth from within the cosmos in alignment and support for Lightworkers who are bearing heavy loads and experiencing the also fierce clearing winds of change and the increasing affronts of those still decidedly participating in duality as the light increasingly leaves this holographic form: resulting in an increasingly unbalanced sphere and a local (and therefore limited) perception of current worldly events and experiences.
The matter at hand is filled with great joy for those of you who have long awaited the second coming of the Christ consciousness; for it is now as you well know and FEEL being assembled in your midst—within YOU.  The love-factor is increasing!  The orientation to unity is at hand.  The collective perception of consciousness as ONE is becoming increasingly possible in the collective as the holographic template of Unity Consciousness is amplified by those who stake their allegiance and unremittingly orient their thoughts on the truth: the Law of One.  Going beyond this is not necessary.  For all IS within the Law of One and the unfolding and particularization of that to each his or her own; such is the amazing creative diversity of the Earth plane.
Humans and starseeds, dolphin energies and non-physical sentries who have joined this Lightworker Collective* to see what is taking place: report back to all you encounter: the time of Love is at Hand.  The time of ONE is at Hand.  The Law of One is in order. 
The time for shifting all your eggs to the interwoven basket of your multidimensional consciousness is NOW and within that basket you will safely go with the flow on a ride that takes you ashore in a new land: Terra Nova.
The emerging New Earth is a fertile, diverse, thriving organism unlimited by the distortion of the past, and duality--rather alchemically transforming duality with love and forming, with the diversity and the knowledge of One: a trinity.  A divinely stable and self-perpetuating standard of life which expands, expands, expands, expands…eternally.
No more will there be the need for death or destruction of matter, no!  We are moving into a domain,  All-That-Is, as a result of our collective coming together in orientation and perception, to an endlessly creative and expanding cycle which until now has never existed anywhere.  And the potential for this will exist everywhere.
In the past the Earth has gone through, as did all of creation, many cycles of creation, then return to the void—as your caterpillar returns to the nothingness of squishy form?  No.  Total void.  Then rebirth—as in the Big Bang type of re-birth.  No longer.  What will emerge from the Law of One reaching the pitch we are approaching in the Ninth Octave, is unlimited creative potential.
As we turn toward the narrow opening which is the space of infinite light and Oneness, we move beyond all that has been—beyond what is called chaos and what has been generativity—to self-perpetuating wholeness.
The time is NOW. 
To experience this in your Lightbody, do this simply thing: Place the infinity symbol at your third eye.  Feel the architecture as your third eye connects to your heart chakra.  Now we have combined knowing with love. {Smile}  Information / Light + Love! 
Now turn your attention to the center point of the infinity symbol and know this is the portal we are moving toward; you feel this as the compression of timelines you are experiencing as opening to multidimensional awareness.
Although not all of you have parallel lives at this time, many of you do.  And as you awaken to these there is a unifying of your sense of self and a mirroring of “As Above So Below” which is creating a thoughtform and experience of Oneness.  Heaven on Earth.
You are healing.  You are cross-pollinating your creations from multiple perspectives.  You, within yourself, are a network of focal points creating and informing all channels for expression within your focus.  It is a Renaissance of Divinity, my beloved ones and Family of the Light.
In closing, let us know take a moment to recognize the auspicious moment we now share.
Return in your hearts to a state of quiet and stillness.  Realize that now, as in the past that as promised, and after what seemed an eternal wait: the green grass veins the dry, cracked ground… and notice one more,  the quiet, radiant, eternally burning light within your heart—realize this for what it is: God goes again to birth.
I AM the Archangel Michael.
Meredith Murphy
*The Terra Nova Transmissions: a specific focus within Expect Wonderful providing messages, emergent themes, updates and communication from the Archangel Michael and the Terra Nova (new land) Council.  Telepathic transmission through Meredith Murphy. *  © 2009-2010, Meredith Murphy, Expect Wonderful | Modern Paradise Publications – You are free to share, copy, distribute and display the work under the following conditions: You must give author credit, you may not use this for commercial purposes, and you may not alter, transform or build upon this work.  For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get the permission of the copyright holder.  Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by the author.  email:   *   

HEAVEN #3524
Let God Serve
July 19, 2010
God said:
Be more of an initiator and less of a reactor. It is more fun to initiate than to react. It is a better practice. Once again, I am speaking about your not zeroing in on fault. Taking offense is finding fault. Will you let go of trying to set the world and the people in it straight?
Be what you want others to be, and you will be setting the world straight.
Whatever it is in another that angers you, do not act in kind. To make progress in life, you have to do more than simply refute others' ways of portraying themselves. If there are alternatives to other's way of doing things, there are also alternatives for you.
Again, I also have to say that this doesn't mean you are not to represent yourself. This doesn't mean you put up with everything thrown your way. I don't ask you to be wishy-washy. I ask you to be straightforward, courteous, and aware that others, as well as you, sometimes come from ignorance.
When you react, odds are you are being hasty. Give yourself a chance to let the real issue at hand sink in, and address that. I know you don't want merely to perpetuate unwieldy situations. Set yourself straight first, beloveds.
Get yourself out of the mode of thinking right or wrong. Consider perhaps what the real issue is. Perhaps you have not been heard. Perhaps you have not heard what was being said to you. Perhaps there is misunderstanding or misinformation.
As best you can, stay away from judgment.
Let Us say you have difficulty putting together a jigsaw puzzle, and this is frustrating for you. You do not yell at the puzzle pieces. You do not swear at them. Maybe you get up and have an apple, and then you come back to the puzzle refreshed and ready to begin again. This makes sense to do with a jigsaw puzzle, does it not?
Use the same sense when dealing with people or situations that are frustrating puzzles for you.
Have self-expression, yet maybe wait a minute. You want to make sure that you have all the pieces of the puzzles in life in front of you.
How much of life do you spend on offense and rebuttal, and how much time on joy and joyous response? You wonder about the priorities of others. Now I ask you: What are your priorities, beloveds? Where do you put your attention? Maybe you can move it over.
What if you had no time for irritation, anger, and resentment and didn't have them? Why have them now? You can accomplish more without them.
This does not mean to relieve others of their responsibilities and take it all on yourself. This does mean to do what you can and let the emotional aspects take a break. Do you accomplish more with irritation or less? Do not think that anger and blame serve you. Have you thought that anger and blame serve you? Have you thought that judgment serves you?
Let Me serve you. Let love and wisdom and a long view serve you. Go for what you go for, and go without anger.
If you must be angry, don't vent it on any person. Punch a punching-bag instead. Kick a football. Run around the block. Or plant a garden and create beauty. Then come back to sending an email to someone. It may be less fiery.
To take care of a situation, you don't have to give in to anger. If you want results rather than to vent, surpass the situation. Get beyond it. Outdo it.
Dear Lady of the Light,
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