Changes Ahead R Numerous

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  SaLuSa: The Changes Ahead Are Numerous
3.)  The 11:11 Gateways
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  One with God and Everyone
6.)  Balancing The Energies

Isis' Message of the Day -
The Universe is right on schedule - everything is happening as it should. The Divine Plan is being manifested.
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
My dear friends, we love you so very much.
Each one of you is special, precious, and unique in our eyes. In the heavens we never identify you with you circumstances, your thoughts, and your moods. Instead we see you as the beautiful and courageous souls that you truly are. For indeed it takes courage to be upon your earth at this time. Mother earth herself is stirring, rumbling, trying to awaken her children to the fact that you are all one human race. She wishes for nothing more than her children to get along peacefully with one another, or at least, to find peace within their own hearts. And so, dear friends, the greatest gift you can give the world, and the greatest honor you can shower upon your Creator, is the gift of being yourself. And being yourself includes, not only finding ways to express your gifts and talents, and authentically expression your truths, but most of all being "yourself" means being the loving being that you truly are.
We know so many of you have to earn a living. And that is alright because even going to a job that is less than perfect in your eyes is an act of love. You love your homes, your cars, the food upon your table, your children, your pets, and you want to care for these beings. You love yourself enough to say I will create for myself some income to support me while I pay attention to the things that really matter in my life. And some of you are lucky enough to love even what you do while earning a living, but if you are not, don't judge yourselves dear ones, for everything you do, we choose to see as an act of love.
If you are not happy with how you are earning a living think first to yourselves, "How can I be myself in spite of the situation?" "How can I do my best given the constraints I face?" "How can I be loving even when others are not?" And in so doing, you release yourselves from the perceived limitations you face, because although the world might limit you in some fashion, you are unlimited in your capacity to love. You are unlimited in your ability to choose to see the light instead of the darkness. And the more you love - self first, then others - and the more you look to the light, the more your situations will begin to improve.
We see so many of your judging yourselves around the subject of money and we send you so much love, for we know that money is only a tool you use to exchange energy in the world. If you earn your money with love, even if you perceive yourselves to have the lowliest job in the world, then indeed you are rich with the pennies you do earn. You are rich because you are feeling filled with love. If you earn your money with anything less than love, you will find yourself feeling impoverished. Those you consider 'greedy' are often the poorest of all in our eyes because they do not yet know the abundance of God's love.
Love is the currency you all seek to exchange upon your planet earth. Love is what you are made of. Love is how we see each one of you. Your spirits were created in love and you will return to love. Why not embody the truth of your love here upon the earth and enjoy the special, unique, and precious journey that your soul truly intends to create?

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels
With much love,
Ann Albers
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SaLuSa: The Changes Ahead Are Numerous
Received by Mike Quinsey
November 14, 2011
The big Love Wave has peaked and that is not the end as it continues to lift the vibrations upon Earth. From hereon the levels of consciousness will noticeably rise, with individuals experiencing it in there own way. The whole affect is to bring more harmony and balance into being, thus lessening the need for changes of a catastrophic nature. You cannot help but have noticed that in spite of dire predictions of a physical nature, they have not been as far reaching or serious as you have been led to believe. We are responsible for keeping the outcome to a level that does not have serious results.
Our activities never cease, and we are involved in a constant monitoring of many occurrences whether natural or man-made. Mother Earth will however need to push on with her own cleansing, but again we are involved to ensure that all goes as smoothly as possible. We would stress that the souls who find themselves in what prove to be dangerous areas, are where they planned to be as part of their life contract. Often these situations are a means to an end, so that they may exit the Earth before the end time comes. We know it is hard to understand the thinking in such circumstances, but moving out of your body and passing on from Earth is little more than falling asleep. Clearly we know that where illness or accidental death are concerned, there can be pain before the end. However. immediately you are out of the body you are released from it, and any emotional affect is quickly overcome. You will feel free and elated as you will have thrown off the yoke of the physical body, and the burden of carrying it around with you.
When you reach our stage as you eventually will, the body is much less physical and not subject to the ills and other problems you experience that you have now. It does not age or need the degree of attention that your present one demands, even to the point that it absorbs energy rather than your need to feed it. However, we do enjoy what you would call delicacies and juices that are extremely tasty and satisfying. Your path will soon take you towards natural foods, and chemical additives will be a thing of the past. In fact they will be unnecessary, as when foods are grown in the correct environment you will find that they are far more tasty and nutritious. Yes, you have heard of food replicators and you could view them as an interim measure, until your needs are properly provided for.
We find you are slowly getting used to the idea of change, and ready to set your life on a higher level. Much of what you enjoy now is in many ways harmful, and why you suffer so much illness and discomfort. Strictly speaking, even now you should be able to go through life and maintain a healthy body at all times. It has been entirely your choice but you also have to experience the consequences of them. We must however admit that your dark Ones have followed a plan to keep you in an unhealthy state, through adulterated food and waters. Plus the immense degree of drug use, with the attempted elimination of natural healing methods. You have in fact coped quite well in the circumstances, and proved that you have immense willpower and wonderfully adaptable bodies. Much valuable information has been obtained this way, so your experiences are not wasted.
As you are beginning to realize, the changes ahead are numerous but all to your advantage by taking you into a new level of existence. But for the fact your progress has been held back, you would by now already be enjoying many of the benefits and life would be so much easier to deal with. The dark Ones have effectively kept you in a 3D time warp, whilst secretly using and enjoying them for their own advancement and military purposes. By doing so they have made you continue to toil and work hard for what is often a meager existence. Now you know why it is so necessary to rid the Earth of the dark Ones power and influence. Their day is all but finished, and you will not have much longer to wait before you see proof of what we tell you.
Knowing what awaits you should enable you to handle the present period of chaos, by seeing it as a necessary and unavoidable time of discomfort that must precede the New Age. Fear is as ever the biggest stumbling block to a smooth transition, and this is where those of you who are informed and aware of what is happening can be of great help. There are bound to be questions asked and few in authority will have the right answers, but you will. Without imposing your knowledge on other people, try to guide them onto the right path of understanding. A few words here and there can set off a line of thought that will lead people on to the right track. Understand that most souls already hold the answers within their subconsciousness, and just need waking up to it.
In the seeming turmoil around the world people recognize the urgent need for change, and when the right leadership emerges they will have no difficulty getting support. Our input should ensure that all proceeds well as at some stage disclosure will have been made, enabling us to help and advise the newly emerging government personnel. We oversee such appointments, as we obviously have the means to know all that needs to be known about any individual. Most importantly, we know the spiritual level at which people operate and their true intent in what they are engaged in. In doing so we observe the privacy necessary to avoid delving into your private life.
Dear Ones, you are wonderfully loyal to those you respect and we are pleased that many still hold President Obama in high regard. That is in spite of continual attempts by the dark Ones or those who do not understand his position, to show him in a bad light. Be aware that he is a great Being of Light, who is having to play a role that requires him to "play" along with the dictates of those who advise him. He has achieved a degree of success even although he has faced opposition all along. He needs your continued support and love, and you will see him blossom and take charge once he can fully implement his own policies without interference.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and bless you again for standing solidly against the attempts to divert your attention away from your path to Ascension.
Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey
I receive my messages from SaLuSa telepathically, he is speaking for the Galactic Federation. I have never had the advantage of being able to have a relationship where I can ask questions. I sit down at a specific time to make contact and then I get images or what I call 'packages" of images or words which I translate straight away onto the computer. Since March, 2004 I have been in contact with beings from the Galactic Federation.  *     

The 11:11 Gateways
As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
When the forces of Eleven become fully activated they have the power to change history in the making. Within the number and sequences of Eleven (29, 47, 38, 56, 74, 92, 83, 65) lives all answers and even more questions. Eleven teaches us every problem comes as a divine opportunity to learn. It shows us how to see beyond what is everyday and boring. It try's and tests our faith and our belief system and our faith. It forces us to listen to that small still quiet voice within the silent witness. It reminds us we are all vast beings who have come to earth to help with the healing and awakening process starting with ourselves. It asks you to locate the light within and share it with all. Eleven is our Best Friend and Teacher. 
Within the vibration and sequence of the number eleven and the 11:11 Gateway lives a de-light-full smorgasbord of experiences. Each experience is designed to offer food for thought through a maze of learning. Tasting new energies seems wonderful to those that seek the thrill ride of enlightenment. Tools for transformation are not always what they seem as one stumbles through the lightless Light to find a friendly shade of gray. 11:11 in all of its glory is an Initiation beyond what can be seen and felt. It demands 100% of your attention as it makes its way through your veins and life. Within it lives bio-chemical encodings that house a dormant DNA configuration that awakens. All gates of 11:11 depart at the same time sequence since linear time is neither here nor there. Even though certain aspects of the 11:11 encodings place themselves at the top of the super luminary chain of events, all layers of the 11 are seen and felt through time sequences of earthly incarnations. 
29/11 Gateway
Watching of ones words is animated within the structure of 29/11. The power within the word and how one chooses to use it. Speaking problems and solutions in and out of existence. Balancing positive thought creation with doubt and confusion. Wanting to finish but sometimes afraid to start. The lungs the heart and the throat hold the vibrations of 29/11 stresses and strains in manifestation or creation is seen in these areas. The volcano holds its tongue until it is ready to let go in fullness. Learning to hold ones power via the spoken word until it is ready to birth at a higher vibration. Using your heart and head as the Creator would. Knowing "All thoughts count!" Believing absolutely in your ability to create. Divine certainty on a DNA level. 
92/11 Gateway
Earth is a planetary home for a group of entities that are destined for greatness beyond their awareness. The announcement of 92/11 asks one to embrace the thought of GREATNESS, without anything attached to it. God is seen face to face in the reflection of ones deeds and thoughts. This sacred encoding asks what God do you worship and do you believe there is more light beyond the level of God that you are aligned with at this time?? Light was birthed to become more. Seeking more Light, more God, more truth beyond the highest thought of God and Light you can have. Standing at the threshold of immediate change and shift in alliance with every expanded thought. 
38/11 Gateway
The holiness within the trinity (3) moves into the never-ending creation of infinity. Going beyond space and time as a defining area. The field of possibility expands into places and planes yet to be seen by the eye in the sky. The votes are in and counted. Who believes and who has replaced belief with a cloudy vision on a sunny day? Who still clings to the blood sweat and tears tale of human toil and trouble? The scales of light tip as the populace believes and un-believes shifting outcomes over and over again. 38/11 demands a higher potential and unlimited possibly be reached. It demands that the higher power that guides humanity be revealed and come out from behind the curtain of time. Creation demands acknowledgement everyday until it becomes fully materialized. Gateways of the past and future are accessed within the hidden sequence of proof positive. 
83/11 Gateway
The DNA spiral grows restless and seeks a doorway of expansion through the sacred encoding of 83/11. Redefining and regenerating the living light is demanded of this sequence. Renewal on all levels of being and living. Releasing the fear of any outcome on any level. Being comfortable in your creations. Entering the library of all thoughts that are affecting the biological and bio-luminary aspect of humanness. Purifying through love and wisdom changing the consciousness of the cell structure. Pointing them towards actively pursuing a higher knowledge beyond earth based awareness. New information is then bio-chemically realized which changes the blood template. Oneness is achieved bio-electrically allowing active awareness to be issued to all inner and outer dialogue and thoughts. Thus changing the en-titled tables past seasons and logic. 
47/11 Gateway
This sacred vibration teaches one to believe in what cannot be seen, but only known. 47/11 comes through the heart not allowing anything to sway it from the destined path of enlightenment. The four representing all that is of earth and material, dances and tries to seduce the seven out of his holy place. Material beckons and calls to all that is holy. Only by acknowledging the God within all things will we make it through this teaching vibration. What calls is only fleeting and not worth losing the holiness one has accrued. Discipline is needed to keep peace of mind and keep one from drowning within circumstance. When Divinity dons her full costume of light one realizes there are no needs... for all needs are fluid and able to fulfill themselves. Pass thru this gate with a deep knowing. 
74/11 Gateway
Standing at the narrow threshold of transformation heavenly (#7) searches for what is earthy (#4). Time for the Light to get off of its high horse and come on down to earth. Observation is needed to be felt as the Light looks at life and all of its teachings and learning. Enjoy earth and her heavenly Essence without succumbing to any entrapment escapades. Knowing one is of a higher sharper cut and experience life without losing your edge of light. Negativity grows fast on earth, fed by the systemic seeds of doubt that linger in a humans genetic DNA. Hope can become an endangered species if not cared for. If you had one month to light the fires of your life how would you use it?? How are you spending your life light?? Hope needs the fertilization of your believe system to survive the seasons of earth. 
56/11 Gateway
Humanity seeks the keys to total completed awareness through this sacred portal number. Hallways are exposed to all that are dimensionally astute. Scales shift into a new definition of balance as the new formation of light plays with the balance of sacred time. Experiences quicken as the incarnational day shortens. Several lives are experienced within one, shortening the need for reincarnation on earth. Christ hood is sought on a planet that has never allowed themselves to experience that. Needs are met vibrationally before the matter can rise to a new day. Global awareness shifts with this sacred configuration. 
65/11 Gateway
Within this gate way the heart dances with the mind and thought double dates with emotion.   Love integrates with so called reason and a balance is attained. One awakens divine sensitivity interacting with the vibrational encodings of heart that lives within each person and situation. Looking fore the reason by way of alignment with love instead of just using logic and judgement. Time for the soul and Oversoul to commit to each other as all levels of self and soul give each other a hand. Seeing divine guidance from the inner resources within ones own light awakens a connection that cannot be plugged in any other way.  Uniting the head and heart as they walk through all levels of light and wisdom and life.
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
You have belief system that the body is going to grow old at some point. It is going to have aches and pains. It’s not going to be as flexible as it was in an earlier time. I say unto you, that is hogwash. At any point in a lifetime you can recapture the fluidity of life as you will allow yourself to go back to that memory as to how it felt to be young, how it felt to go with an ease and a joy of living. It does not matter what the outside appearance looks like, although I will say unto you, as you change the inside, the outside is going to change as well. It is energy, and you are energy, and you are the creators who create your reality based on belief. Now, you have heard it said that you can change your reality by changing your belief, and this is very true.
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HEAVEN #4007
One with God and Everyone
November 14, 2011
God said:
You have heard the expression: "Don't confuse the messenger with the message." Most often this applies to when someone receives bad news. It's not the mailman's fault. He is the innocent messenger of a message.
By the same token, the deliverer of wonderful news is also an innocent deliverer of messages. You are not to be agog at the mailman. You are not to be agog at anyone. You can like, appreciate, yet remember who is the originator of the message and who is the deliverer of the message. The deliverer hands you the messages. He is not more even when he delivers the best news in the world.
Certainly, you don't ignore the mailman. You simply acknowledge that he dropped a message for you in your mailbox. In the case of My messages, you might as well adore the mailbox as to adore the one who delivers My messages to you. The delivery man is to be respected yet not adored for being the delivery man.
There is a tendency to impart exaggerated qualities upon the ones who deliver My messages. As much as you want to adore the mailman, it is not so good for him that you adore him. He is just delivering the messages on My behalf. He has a nice role, yet it is a humble one. I am within him, and I am within you.
There is the sense in which you are to appreciate everyone. There is the sense in which everyone is My messenger, and everyone is I. Everyone delivers messages on My behalf. Love the messages and not the delivery man so much. This is advisable on your behalf, and this is advisable on behalf of those who deliver messages to you.
The message is admirable. The mailman may be a great mailman, yet he does not write the messages he delivers. He did not think of them. He drops the messages off.
There is the sense in which We can give thanks to everyone for everything. Thanking is one thing. Aggrandizing is another. When you aggrandize the mailman, you are also liking the idea of coming closer to the Throne, so to speak. You are already close to the Throne.
When you turn a movie star into something more than he, the person, really is - when you turn him into an idol - you are fantasizing. When you turn a spiritual person into an ideal, you may well be concretizing your dreams the same. Adulation is adulation. It is not real. It is built on a presumption.
Much falling in love in the world is writing your own movie. It is fiction. You project your dream.
On Earth, a man may be a great sage, yet he is a man. A man may be a great Holy Man, and yet he is a man. He may be a perfect Holy Man, and yet he is a man. Learn from him. Value his knowledge. Value his goodness, and don't go crazy over him. He has his role, and you have yours.
Love goodness. Love intelligence. Do not put any man above yourself. Embrace the gifts a speaker gives, yet do not idolize the speaker. Serve, help, give, yet do not give up yourself. Surrender to Me, if you please, I Who am your True Self, even as I am present in everyone.
When you feel you have the best, the most, the most superlative anything, you may be leading yourself down a garden path. Superlatives are of the relative world, and so are finite. The man before you is not your discovery. Love is your discovery, love without tying anyone up, including yourself.
Be One with Me and Everyone.
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Balancing The Energies
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
November 12, 2011

Taking stock of all that bides within and lending strength to all that needs support, for on this day lays countless opportunities for savoring and tasting all with the inner soul. Grand are the climes and great are the possibilities as all manner of man and woman are tasting that which serves well the heart or titillates the very soul in every depth or favor. A time of being still and laying in the sun kissed heavens that are evident now this day as all manner of 'goodies' are there to satisfy each soul with that which each one does seek. No time is wasted then this very day for the bountiful and abundant energies caress and bless each one that allows and accepts that which is proffered on these day of days. There is no substitute of that which this day does bring and the ofference is for all and everyone whose heart and higher mind invite and invoke  that which truly is. Drinking deeply then of all that flows in abundance, filling the coffers to keep the gift alive and active deep within, for savoring it indeed is a joy and a power that is to behest and behoove, for so it is.
Seemingly a recharging of one's batteries, for deep and long does one to fast upon these titbits of delicacy and infinite pleasure. Deep down and long does one store away that which is this day accrued and so shall indeed the following days to store and harbor deep within. This month will be a one that is fraught with incessant opportunities of collecting a harvest that will satisfy and gratify an eager soul that makes the journey home, to be indelibly and energetically etched, or defined with continuing energies that will uplift and instil in each heart the strength and the where-with-all to intake. There will rarely be a time when the energies will be 'stilled' or transparent, for the ever increasing raising of levels will surely be on the rise for one and all to freely taste it's flavor. The secret indeed will  be on of maintaining the balanced way which will not be hampered by over zealous or unstable participating by one being over anxious to savor all, no matter what the cost. Discretion, no doubt.
The beautiful planet surely shows her patience, as she holds quite steady as the tremors shake and disrupt, yet the greatly diminished 'releasements' issuing forth are ever always dire and tragic to those dear ones whose life's path have been drastically changed in the blinking of an eye, so to speak. Allow your hearts to fill with pure love as you send forth the healing balm to those in the areas of strife, and to the Lady Gaia for she too will assist with her own might and energy to appease and support those dear ones affected so. The times are changing much and the positivity upon the planet held by the light workers and the Starseeds, along with the multi-thousands that are daily awakening are co-creating a world that they want and not a world that was 'loosely predicted' by some of the prophets and seers of yesteryear. It becomes clearer now that those visions of doom and gloom to such a gross degree, might well have been placed in the frame for the greater populace to further see, but not accept that un-reality, and so focus upon a far more lighter way that is occurring. Where there is 'light' will it ever surely pave and co-create the way for even greater victories and sure success, for so it is.
Placing one's best foot forward it is now a time of reasserting our own power and expertise and to encompass ourselves within that multi-colored coat of many colors. Encloaking ourselves within it's crystalline beauty, likened to a vibrant pulsating cloak, within the 39 crystalline rays of God. Feeling ever that intimate relationship with beloved Mother Earth,  we connect deep into her mighty crystalline heart center with a warm loving  embrace. As above so below. Drawing down from your mighty I Am presence' above flows the golden white crystalline light which flows into your diamond heart center, activating a 12 pointed star and the rapid expansion of your light-bodies, or Merkaba of light. Placing one's heart and soul into the very Oneness of being, embracing all that is in highest good, thereby   encompassing yourselves within the radiance of Mother Father God in all it's beauty. Go forth being the lighted being that you are, who is selected to grace the planet with your love and light, simply 'being' whom you truly are. Be still and know that you are God!
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