Change & Renovation




     You may not call this miracle a gift, but it has
 to do with cellular structure and awareness, and it's called change.
 Just when you get used to feeling spiritually different, it'll change.
 There are those of you walking the planet, in the process of
 "waking up," understanding your spiritual essence. One of your
 interesting attributes is that in the midst of your awakening to
 spiritual things, you are anxious!
     Many of you are "waiting for the other shoe to drop," as my
 partner says. There's a level of anxiety because nothing is staying
the same. And you're feeling it at the cellular level, of course.
That's where the change is. It's time for you to grasp the theory
of a constantly changing cellular structure being the normal
status for the spiritual evolving Human Being. The evolution will
not stop from now forward. It is called ascension because there
is a rise involved, a constant, continual evolvement. This indicates
that it is always changing, which is the way of things for you now.
    What you couldn't do today, you'll do tomorrow. What you did
today okay, you'll do tomorrow great. There will be discoveries
in your life about why you're here on the planet. Great honor goes
out to those who will feel the urge to leave one place and go to
another, feeling "called" to do it. That's change! It's about holding
your light, and holding the energy in other areas--and some of
you will respond to that task. That's why we call it "work." Because
there's always the duality that will talk to you at night in those
strange hours about three o'clock in the morning and say, "You're
a fool." And as long as you live. I'm here to tell you that the darker
parts of your duality will be there too, usually presenting their
arguments to you in half-awake moments, when you are most
vulnerable. But there's part of you that knows better, that puts it
to rest and says. "I'll be okay." That part is the new and peaceful
wise part that carries the light now. It knows the truth--that now
you're wearing the mantle of Spirit. You are now aware of the
angel inside, and nothing will ever be able to take that awareness



     We have said that this meeting is going to be about the future
 of Humans. Indeed, let us speak about this future. Right now, we're
 going to tell you something that may seem odd and strange. It goes
 like this: Gone are the days when Spirit can predict what you are
 going to do, or what is going to happen on the planet. Gone are
 the days when there is an overlay of strong potential that can lead
 a prophet to a conclusion based on energy. Gone are those days
 when any prophet can stand up in front of you and say, "This is
 going to happen," or "That is going to happen." And I'll tell you
 why. Humans are in what we will call "renovation." And as you
 renovate the very core of your existence, you are going to co-
 create a new energy that even we cannot predict. Renovation! And
 so right now, your future is one that is in renovation.
     We want to give you several items to think about in the
 following list (which again, unfortunately, we have to give to you
 in a linear fashion). In this list of items there will be a message for
you. That's why you came. That's why you're here. For when we
are done, many of you will think that it is tailored exactly for you.
We know this, because we know why you are reading and hearing
this information. You think it's an accident?

Thank you for your visit - John

To be continued, much more to come - please check back ...

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