Celebrate Your Successes

Jennifer Hoffman

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Celebrate Your Successes
by Jennifer Hoffman
When my Indigo son was in college he would put his good test results on the refrigerator, as we had done when he was a little boy. He wasn't joking, this was his way of celebrating his success and letting the world see that he was proud of his work. And every week he would take his best test result or the one he was most proud of, and put it on the refrigerator for all of us to admire and appreciate. I thought it was funny but I knew this was important to him. And he had a point, as it's important to celebrate our successes, something we rarely do. 
We remember, recount and review our failures, so why not take a moment to celebrate our successes? There is a need for us, as Indigos and Crystals, to do this because when we celebrate what we have accomplished, we increase and build on that energy, instead of starting over again with each endeavor. Imagine going from success to success, instead of creating a success and then, the next day, starting all over again. Yet we do that and then wonder why we get discouraged and burned out. 
Our memory for failure is long, while our memory for success is short, which is why we need to congratulate ourselves for a completed goal or milestone because unless we confirm it as significant and a successful step on our journey, all of our successes fall into the 'that's just one small step on a very long journey' syndrome. Indigos do tend to be pessimistic and focus on the big picture which also means they see everything as taking a long time and a lot of energy. But when we celebrate our successes we set acknowledge one completed step before we set the bar higher for the next one and give ourselves the gift of completion and closure on each step on our journey. 
You don't have to post your successes on the refrigerator so you can look at them every day, but a success ritual or ceremony represents closure and completion. In addition to marking the end of a process, it also creates alignment with its energy. Moving quickly from one thing to another doesn't allow us to fully take in the energy of an experience but acknowledging a successful completion does. So celebrate your successes, without judging them as big or small, and pause to acknowledge yourself and the experience before you move on to the next one. You will find that the next step is easier to take on and intentionally focusing on the positive helps maintain that focus in the long term too.
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