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1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Hilarion's Weekly Message: November 21-28, 2010
3.)  Can Humans Overcome Genetics?
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6.)  May All Be Crystal Clear

Isis' Message of the Day -
The Colleen Thomas video spoken of in SaLuSa message in yesterday' s Ezine:
I cannot see videos as I still use Windows 98 and  a dial-up internet connection so I have no capability to see videos to know whether they are truthful or not. I have no idea what was in this one. When one has been added to a submission to the Ezine I add them as well and leave it up to my readers to "discern" the truth or untruth of them. I do not know Colleen Thomas, nor have I ever heard of her. I did trust Mike Quinsey's channeled information from SaLuSa as they have always been truthful and right on the mark. Now could it have been a mis-channeled information? . . . Yes, as no one who channel is above being misled by other than who they think they are channeling. Could it have been a test from SaLuSa to see if you are all listening to your "own Inner Self?" Yes. If this video upset you . . . could your perception of it been wrong? Also a yes.
So if the content of the video did not right true to you then it wasn't, simple as that. Always, but always go with "your own" inner-guidance  . . . "your own" inner feeling about anything. Not something anyone else tells you.
I will never "knowingly" publish untruths in this publication.
Much Love to your all!
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
My dear friends, we love you so very much

As so many of you celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday realize that the angels give thanks for you. You had the courage to come to earth, to be the bearers of light and love and God's truth, and to strive constantly to create a kinder reality. We honor and acknowledge each and every one of you for in God's eyes, you are perfect, beautiful souls. We would never find it in our hearts to judge a single thought, word, or deed, for we know how challenging it can be to incarnate on your very diverse school called Planet Earth.
And so as you look back upon your lives, give thanks for each and every experience for it has shaped you into the person you are today. Your challenges have made you strong. Abusive souls have forced you learn self love. The needy people in your life have helped you learn boundaries. The losses have taught you to appreciate what and who you have right now. In every challenge, there is a nugget of gold for the soul - a lesson, a gift, and a blessing waiting to be discovered. It takes courage to embrace such lessons. It takes fortitude, strength, and tenacity, and we guarantee that each and every one of you on this list has those very qualities, for each one of you is striving to dissolve the illusions that keep you coming to earth and to see the love beneath it all.
Dear ones give thanks for all of your lives for each one of you is a precious gem, often formed under heat and pressure, carved out by life's experiences, and truly a shining and precious jewel as we gaze upon you.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels
With much love,
Ann Albers
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Hilarion's Weekly Message: November 21-28, 2010
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff
Beloved Ones, 
And so the cleansing and healing continues for each of you and as this process takes place within your hearts, a feeling begins to take over, a feeling of hope, of peace, of joy and happiness. Savor these moments Dearest Hearts, for in these moments you have raised the frequency field around your dear Planet Earth. Each moment spent in joy is a moment for magic to occur, each moment spent in laughter is a moment for miracles to happen. Each moment is All That Is in the here and now. See yourself savoring the moment, if you are walking, know that this is where you are in this moment – walking. If you are washing your windows, feel yourself completely in that moment. Start to focus your attention always in the here and now and as you do this you will find that you are in the consciousness of your greater Self experiencing Self as you! 
As you practice this discipline each day, you will discover your inner power and this will enable you to accomplish miracles in your life. Being in your body is a miracle in itself. It is a privilege, an honor and a great adventure. Become aware of the miracle that is you, observe your actions and if you do not like something in your life, change it. There are always new ways of viewing each situation, new and uplifting solutions that can overcome and wash away old issues and patterns just by giving these new ideas a chance to enter your consciousness and take root. This is the way to mastery of your Being, to come into your full power as a loving, enlightened Divine Being of Light, spreading your good thoughts and feelings everywhere you move, living each moment as the love that you embody and truly are. Let your luminosity from within shine forth! 
Have you ever wondered why you are experiencing the feeling of darkness? It is because you need to recognize your feelings of lightness, to know beyond a shadow of doubt that you are Light, that no matter what difficulties you are experiencing, you are of the Light and you are never alone and that allowing love to enter your heart will transform the moment. Make love your bottom line Beloveds. If there is something or someone that you cannot trust completely and it makes you feel unsure, take the risk and just love and allow, instead of resisting what apparently is. In the moment that you do this a transformation takes place within you and your situation and your World around you is changed. Your personal World and the events in it do not happen by accident, it is all brought about by your thought processes and of course, the overlighting of your OverSoul or Great I AM Presence for the greater purpose of soul expansion and consciousness, for it is in your greatest challenges and frictions that the mastery of Self is honed and takes place. 
Each of you is learning once again the Mastery of Self whilst in a physical body. Each of you is an alchemist turning lead into gold. You are the gold Beloved Ones, and worth every effort you have ever made to bring this into being. You are the Golden children of Creator. The Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness flows through every cell and atom of your Being, through every chakra and power center, every pore of your skin. Take this thought and build upon it each and every day for you are THAT. Love yourselves unconditionally and practice manifesting through your Being each day the nine fruits of the Spirit; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, trustfulness, gentleness, and self-control. This is truly the road to Mastery.
Until next week….
I AM Hilarion
©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff
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Much Light, Love and Rainbow Blessings,


Can Humans Overcome Genetics?
by Neal Donald Walsch
November 19, 2010
My Dear Friends...
Conversations with God tells us that we are three-part beings, made up of Body, Mind, and Soul. Two weeks ago in this space we began to explore together the pathway to the Soul. I am motivated to embark on this exploration with you because I get many questions about the Soul, and how to get there. If you missed earlier installments in this series, I hope you will go back and read them.
We concluded last week by saying that the question now before humanity is, are we willing to go to the next step in our evolutionary process? Are we willing to embrace as being at least possible some of the notions and ideas and messages of A New Theology that cannot be verified by mutual or similar experience? Are you, individually, willing to shift your ground of being (that is, your whole way of being in the world, your whole way of moving through life) from a Mind-based platform to a Soul-based lift-off point? Are you ready to start at a different point in your consideration of things, in your look at Life?
Well continue this week by observing that if you do this, you will have changed everything. You will have changed your Being, which will open you to a new place of Consciousness, which will raise your level of Awareness, which will drastically alter your Perspective, which will dramatically shift your Perception, which will monumentally realign your Beliefs, which will produce brand spanking new Behaviors---which will result in an entirely different Experience.
It is this shift in our experience, both individually and collectively, which is the next evolutionary step for our species. Yet this shift is something we must create, it is not something that happens automatically when we get to a certain age or arrive at a particular stage of development. This shift is something that we must consciously choose when we reach that age and that stage.
We are in the time of what futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard calls Conscious Evolution. That is, we are aware of what we are aware of---and we are choosing with full awareness what we choose to BE aware OF in our future.
It is like a person deliberately choosing to be six feet tall and making that happen, rather than simply watching his body grow and waiting to see when it stops and how everything turns out.
Can a person deliberately choose to be six feet tall? Can a person overcome his genetics? Are we simply creatures of biology, chained to our DNA? Or can we change our DNA into the Divine Natural Awareness of the Soul and become, metaphysically if not physically, entirely new creatures?
It is possible that---unlike the heavy, virtually immovable physical energies of our being which take years or decades or centuries or even millennia for our species to alter through the evolutionary process---metaphysical energies are so delicate that we can impact and affect them in much, much less time? Is it like the wind blowing aside lace curtains, but not budging the rock---or needing to?
I believe it is. And I believe that we are standing right now, as a species, on the precipice of A New Age. The winds of change are blowing, and we are about to see what is behind the curtain. Unlike the Wizard of Oz, however, we will not discover there a fake or a charlatan. Rather, we will find beyond the veil the first beginning glimpse of Who We Really Are.
And then, then at last, we will be free.
And we will continue this exploration in this space next week!
Love and Hugs,
Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. With an early interest in religion and a deeply felt connection to spirituality, Neale spent the majority of his life thriving professionally, yet searching for spiritual meaning before beginning his now famous conversation with God. His With God series of books has been translated into 34 languages, touching millions of lives and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives. * ( * 
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
You have the saying in your Scriptures that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son. Who is the only begotten Son? You are; each and every one of you come forth into this realm, this reality, to bring life and Light and love to this reality. For God, the one Creator, loved the world in all of its chaos and all of its complexity so much that It gave Its only begotten Self that ones might know life once again.
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HEAVEN #3649
November 21, 2010
God said:
You can focus on whatever you want to focus on. Focus means to put your attention on. Put your attention on where you want it to be. Your tendency may be to go off on tangents. Your tendency may be to go off to what is less important, because what is less important may come in with a loud voice or be right in front of you. Remember that you are the chooser. You choose to go every-which-way, or you choose to focus on that which matters. You may love everything that pops up at you and want to respond to all, yet perhaps it is time that you learned to prioritize, unless, of course, you prefer to put off that which is more important in favor of the lesser things that pull you toward them.
You can decide what is most important, and you can put your attention there. You are not at the whim of every Tom, Dick, or Harry or every email that comes your way. You are, it would appear, at the whim of yourself. I know it is quandary for you. Do what you love to do is a good refrain, yet do not while away your time on what diverts you from your purpose.
There is such a fine line between what matters and what you might like to do at a given moment.
If you have to work for a living, you have to work for a living. Can you play all day?
You may think that something is most important for you to do, yet if you choose less important things to take care of first, what have you decided is most important to you? Fooling around may be more important to you. Getting more done may be more important to you than doing what may be your main responsibility.
Everyone on Earth needs a day off now and then, and I suggest you take it. I also suggest that you get your work done. And if you have too many things to do, make your choices, dear ones, and do not blame your lack of focus on time or everything else you have to do. You are understanding what I am saying, aren’t you?
Good for you if you can make every responsibility play! Then take your major responsibilities as play, and play them well, and play them first. Everything you have to do cannot be essential. What would happen if you didn’t do some of the things you insist you must? The world will still revolve. The Universe does not hinge on you. Well, yes, in a way, it does, yet the non-essentials will somehow take care of themselves.
There is a lot to be said about not taking life too seriously. I tell you that often. Of course, I do not mean that you can let everything slide all the time! I encourage you to take care of what most needs to be taken care of. Take days off, but not everyday, yet be sure to take days off.
Roll with the tide. Do not swim against it, and yet do that which merits doing.
I will not point any fingers, but I know someone who may do well to consider where her time goes, and I may ask: Do you put your time where it makes the most sense, or are you simply taking the line of least resistance? It is good not to resist, and yet you may put some things aside in order to take care of others. Of course, I love you as you are, I love you regardless of anything, yet dallying and delay do not begin to be who you are.
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May All Be Crystal Clear
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
November 20. 2010
Two ones, divisible or multiplied are one as well as two. Two ones are also simply eleven. Numerology can always facilitate all equations and all energies associated to or with any date and or any time. This coming year of 2011 AD is to be a year when many sums will be adding up in a myriad different ways as the impending possibilities present themselves with prime timing and immaculate impeccability. These imminent days will indeed be occasions that will stretch one to the limits as well as nurture one into greater and fuller expression of living! Never before have we faced such great opportunities as that which will surely be our real privilege to work within and for. To multiply collectively this roller coaster's drive and zip as we soar high into the heavens and then dive down again to the 'earthing' of this manna from heaven, nurturing deep into the heart and body of our beloved Mother Earth.
The penultimate year to 2012 leaves one with both excitement and grand responsibility as we marry into the awakenings that will most powerful be. No one will be able to say that year 2011 was quiet or uneventful. No way can  that be ordained for much, so much, has to be realigned and reconciled as the pounding waves of  the ocean will be seen to tremble, with the mighty yet gallant winds of change, which will blow and blow until all is to be levelled to the ground, so to speak. The year of ever greater preparation and undoubted promise as the walls of Jericho are seen to be tumbling down and the old establishment and die-hards begin to waver and falter. And the glimpse of promising new beginnings are already etched in the etheric market place, where man is ever to be seen admonished by they with keenest tongues and whom would words of enlightenment speak to all...
Perceive a vibrant crystal pyramid with its diamond heart centre glowing in mesmerising splendour, as it's multi-facets are being honed into majestic  and infinite beauty, from the realms of illumined truth whose presence is ever a blessing to behold by one and all. Envisage the glowing chakras  that emanate forth from this mighty prism, this massive goliath of sparkling energetic power, that seemingly fills our universal backdrop with many emanations from the ‘39 rays of God.'
Envisage the local and vibrant  twelve God rays, co-relating with this solar system, issuing forth in such majestic splendour and all is simply alive with pure and pristine crystalline energies. Perceive the rays spilling forth in multi dynamic precision, crystal star dust and adamantine particles spreading over all and everyone from planets to stars. Feel all to be as One, in pure  splendour and in soulful embrace as androgynous being merges all forth into the soul of souls, into the One.Connect your loving heart / mind and your grand illumined self to bathe in these energies, for this is the breath of life and manna from heaven, which pours forth to you the magical  wonderful beings of  a new world, that together are you co-creating. You, the beings of ever radiant light and unparalleled love to bath in this spiritual shower of crystal energy and dance in the splendour of All That Is.
Breath in the kaleidoscope of a myriad colours and be then still as beloved Metatron, Michael, and God Itself, proffer to you the Golden Chalice and it is placed so reverently and lovingly to your lips, bidding you to drink from this Holy Grail, the nectar of Life...drink deep...fill yourself with this nectar of the Gods, for so shall it surely be. Perceive around your feet the many loving hands and laughing voices of the elemental, devas and angels, who lovingly wash your feet in crystal clear waters, preparing  the way, drying your feet with their soft flowing hair, with such a love, with such a respect, with LOVE unlimited shining forth from their hearts to yours. For so it is, So be it.
Selemat Cojan
(C)Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and ever United Kingdom. *  Please copy in entirety and share, giving full credit to the source.  Ever in the light of love and in the love of light.  Expect a miracle, it's you...BE it. *   *       

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