Can U Feel The Change ?

Can you feel the change?

Greetings can you feel the change? this reality seems so hard to function in at the moment, like moveing through treacle, people around us and even our own bodies seem so slow....,people who we thought we loved seem to be distanceing, yet others seem so close, can you feel the change?....What seemed so important working nine to five amassing funds to live the life you were conditioned to, seems to be falling away, bills still come in, but they don`t seem that important anymore do they!.... When you lay your head to rest you awaken in the night more than you used to, sleep patterns are disrupted, often by quite vivid dreams....

have you noticed of late when you open your eyes in the morning, you need more and more motorvation and even the air you breathe it seems thick/glutinus, of course you do... if and when you switch on the tv or read a newspaper the old aspect of "that relates to me",(for you can only be interested in anything that relates to you) no longer exists......can you feel the change?, Your body is here but your mind is often elsewhere daydreaming........shure! you have noticed the strong palpitations and tingleing you get from time to time when you are still, you used to call it stress but now?......can you feel the change?, your mind and your heart now speaks the truth, for that is where truth lies, you struggle to keep in sync`with the world, you feel like a square peg in a round hole and feel you swin upstream every day...can you feel the change?.... To go with the flow of change is so hard because every day we feel we have to kick and swim, because in the past that is exactly what we had to are not alone!... everyone who reads this can identify with it (weather they admit it or not)..........let go....go with the change within you, its not wrong, you are not wrong......this world this! the moment...mass awakening is happening not only to you but others....., stay calm, ignore the fear, finance worries, potential wars,ect..., that others generate for they know you awaken, the only tool left is distraction ,(they know they can`t stop change they can only slow it down now).........The quickening is here....can you feel it?........I honour your leadership qualities....for all souls on this vibration now are natural are ,you would not be here reading this if you were not!.. you are just two steps infront of the masses...........but you can feel that can`t you? Blessings David Mikaal