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1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  SaLuSa: Live from the heart and love will accompany all you do and say
3.)  Didymus of Regulus: Remembering Your Star Origins
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  It has begun. Can you feel it?
6.)  This Imagined You on Imagined Earth in Imagined Time and Space

Isis' Message of the Day -
God is Love. Love is the ONLY reality. All else is perception.
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Uriel's Message -- You are the Anchor of the World
There is much fear in the world today as all of humanity begins to understand its connection to the earth and its responsibility for the energies that are manifested there. Like young children who have done something wrong, you are beginning to wonder whether you have created irreparable errors, have gone too far in your use and abuse of the planet and its energies and have created something that neither you nor the planet can recover from. But this is the symbol of the end of an energetic cycle, which must reach its ultimate end before another cycle can begin.
As you contemplate the fate of the planet, you begin to fear your creation and its effect on your own transformation. You forget that you are here as an anchor of the existing world's energies as well as its transformation. As you approach ascension to higher dimensions the realization of what the separation means is brought forward with great clarity. This insight brings fear because of your presence in the third dimension and its focus on punishment for wrongdoing. There is no punishment in the higher dimensions, only the peace and joy that come with reconnection.
Your multi-dimensional view of your separation exists to remind you that you are here to reconnect, to bring heaven on earth and to create the balance between the spiritual and material planes. You are each an anchor for your energetic vibration and its reconnection and healing, but the recalibration process is painful and challenging as you gain awareness of the imbalance, are shown where your own energies are out of balance and bring yourselves back into wholeness.
There nothing that has been done on the third dimension that cannot be repaired through your intention for healing. All that you perceive as wrong with the world can be healed when you bring right thought into the process, and this requires your trust in the unconditional love of Source, through which nothing is irreparably broken. You have each come to anchor this love through your acceptance of it in your own lives. In this moment and in each moment, accept the unconditional love that is available to you. Know that there is no wrong, mistake or separation. Be an anchor of the love you know is yours by divine right and accept the transformation, ascension and return of heaven on earth that is the end of the human cycle and the beginning of the presence of the divine.
Article Copyright ©2010 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.
About the author
Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She also channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel.  Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder of, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel.  Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email for information.   *  

SaLuSa: Live from the heart and love
will accompany all you do and say
July 14, 2010
Over eons of time you have given your power to those who would lead you, and some have been true to their spiritual beliefs. Most have usurped power for their own gain, and established law and order to ensure they keep it. In more recent times you were placed under the rule of Kings and Queens, who declared they were appointed by God or indeed were gods, and the right of succession was born. Along with the Church your freedom of choice was taken away, and since then you have rarely had a true Government of the people. Increasingly, power has since been seized by those who control almost every aspect of your lives, and it is power and money that has taken over. This brings you right back to the Illuminati and the wealthy banking families, that set up a system that has denied you your sovereignty, and your God given rights to live in peace and happiness. As a result your reality is in dire need of change, and not just because of the problems deliberately set up by the Illuminati.
As promised, within the provisions of NESARA are virtually all of the steps necessary to reverse the established systems that have held you back. These are necessarily far reaching and indicate the direction in which Humanity should have progressed. The changes that we have participated in that are awaiting an opportunity to be introduced, are those very same benefits and they are close to becoming part of your new reality. In part you have created it by showing your intent to manifest changes for the good of all. That indeed is the key, and has the backing of the Spiritual Hierarchy and God, and has been the flag that St. Germain has carried for you. The present period of time was foreseen millennia ago, but even so you still had the freewill to determine how it worked out. The Light has never been far away and battled with the dark Ones for supremacy. However, as you slipped into the lower vibrations, you forgot who you were and fell victim to them.
Now you stand tall and know where you are going, and fear has been replaced with the certain knowledge that you are safe within the Light. It is your shield, sword and suit of armour, and cannot be assailed by the dark energies. You the Lighted Ones are the Knights in Armour that have arrived on Earth to win the final battle, and we tell you that it is already won. The emphasis of power has switched to you, and the Light is now so well established on Earth it cannot be extinguished. In fact it continues to grow exponentially, and is opening up the path to Ascension for all to see. More souls are awakening to their true self, with the knowledge of 2012 and its significance. As always the choice is yours as to whether you accept this unique opportunity to ascend.
Our mission has been to not only assist in your awakening, but ensure that the dark Ones were unable to interfere with your evolution. Where you have accepted their rule, that has been your free choice and it was not for us to intervene. However, many of you have expressed your intent to move forward into the Light, and because of that decision we will protect for you. Being of the Light is a state that you work towards, and every aspect is embraced by Love and your ability to express it in all you do. It is being gentle, compassion-ate, kind, considerate and most importantly non-judgmental. It comes from understanding that all life has its source in the Creator, and therefore you are All One. What you do to One you do to All, and that is expressed in the saying “that no Man is an Island.” Whatever you do effects everything else, and creates energy levels that can powerfully influence other souls.
We come to you not to preach but there are conditions created upon Earth that must be changed, if you are to be prepared for Ascension. So many of you look for guidance and that is what we give, but you must find what satisfies your search for the truth, and yet even so it will most certainly change as your consciousness expands. This is why the path of another soul will not necessarily be for you, but you should have no difficulty in finding yours. If it feels right it will serve you at the time, but do not fall into the trap of becoming too rigid in your beliefs, and leave space for change. You will find that knowledge and understanding, is far more expansive than you could possibly believe whilst you are still held in the lower vibrations. Allow for the fact that it will be a long time before you can possibly know everything there is.
You might ask where do we stand as far as evolution is concerned, and we would reply that we as member civilisations of the Galactic Federation have already ascended. We continue to evolve, and will do so until we find ourselves at One with the Source of All That Is. No matter who you are or how you view life, or what your beliefs are you will still evolve through the experiences each life provides you. You may go in all directions at various times, but the fact is that the net result will see you progress towards the Light. You may choose to stay in your present dimension, and that does not mean you are not evolving. You can return to any level you desire in the interests of gaining the experience you need. It is not usually a decision you make alone, and your mentors and Guides will assist you in making it.
In reality life is quite orderly inasmuch that every individual has his or her own plan, yet it still interacts with the whole. The Laws of the Universe apply to each one of you, and you are very much affected by the Law of Attraction. You may not knowingly use it, but if you do it can be very beneficial. Cause and Effect are real and that is why you take responsibility for all of your actions. Indeed you are also responsible for your thoughts and words, which carry energy according to what you intend. Be careful Dear Ones, and think before you act and simply check that you are not about to harm another soul in any way. It sounds rather hard to be in control as you are prone to act first without thinking, but you can if you put your mind to it. Live from the heart and love will accompany all you do and say.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and in the time we have had together, a lot has passed between us. We have followed your consciousness levels as they have expanded, whilst helping you with your spiritual understanding. We are now much closer as a result, making our coming tasks so much easier.
Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey

Didymus of Regulus: Remembering Your Star Origins
Received by Maureen Quinn
Didymus: Greetings dear friends and fellow star beings! This is the one you call Didymus of Regulus coming in to talk about the bigger picture and the greater plan of what you are doing here on this planet Earth at this particular time in what you might call the history of your planet. Each of you who is on this planet consciously knew prior to your birth what you were choosing to come here for. All of you knew that this would be quite the ride you might say because of the potentials that were known to be in place for the timing and the alignments that would occur during this particular lifetime. Most of you have been here before, some of you many many times, with reason, with purpose. But so many of you, you whom I speak with in the now…those who are attuned first to believing it is possible to communicate with an entity such as I am, not of your Earth plane and realm, but those of you who are aware that you are star beings in origin…you came here as part of the grander plan of the universe, not only involving planet Earth but involving the many star realms where you did indeed originate. Planet Earth is the happening place in the now as far as where it is being played out, and yet there is so much interconnection between your planet and the many other realms that are also participating in this universal expansion that is taking place in this now moment of time.
Now, let us talk a bit about what this means, perhaps a bit about some of the particulars of what is happening. You that I speak to who are present in this now moment did indeed not only observe but participated in quite an explosion of energy last evening that you might call an activation. This was not solely caused by the conjunction of Regulus and Mars, and yet the energies that have been aligned…yes, magnified by this conjunction…certainly were part of the precipitation of the light show and explosion of energy that you witnessed and that you each took into your own being. Now, what is the purpose of this? I would say that not too many others sat and observed and indeed took in the energies in the entirety and in the same manner that you did, for not too many others are in the same place of readiness for the absorption of energies as you are. What this was about was part of your own star activation, part of your own initiation of the remembering of who you are and what your purpose has been in coming here to this planet in this now moment of time.
So many are aware that it has been spoken that a new Golden Era will be upon you, that this is what this process has been about that you have been going through, that this is what this journey has been for…that has been quite difficult and challenging when you look at it simply from the human reality and perspective, and yet when you meet with those of your star families in your other dimensional experiences…of which you have many…there is major and grand excitement over what is taking place, for you are moving things along better than had been anticipated as far as your purpose of opening the doorway of communication to bring the energies of these different realms together.
You might say that so many of you, so many of you star beings who have chosen to take on the costume of humanness in this lifetime…you are acting as special agents for the star realms you represent. The Golden Era is not just about the humans of this planet attaining a more peaceful and more prosperous way of living. Planet Earth is the conjunction point for many realms to come together to be able to interact in harmony and to expand interdimensional living beyond where it has even been imagined before. And what this means is bringing back the interactions of ancient past cultures that participated actively and willingly with the star beings. You are aware, so many of you, that your pyramids were not built in the manner that history has portrayed them. No one has been able to document the exact mechanism that allowed these structures…interdimensional communication devices…to be born upon your planet Earth. And as many of you are aware, a great many ancient civilizations did indeed communicate with the star beings. Much as Merlin has spoken of the energetic ratios that make up the flow within your own unique signatures as the Divine beings you are, you have star ratios within your signatures as well. Each of you has spent much…oh I will say experience rather than time for time is not measured in the same manner outside of this particular reality…each of you has spent much experience in many of the other realms. What is coming is not only the remembering of this, but what is coming is the mmmm not even re-creation of this, but the creating of a new reality of melding dimensions with the ability to interact with as many of the different realms as you choose.
Now, so many of you find that your human reality, which has been challenging, has caused you to mmmm not perhaps lose focus on this bigger picture of soul purpose in coming here, but to diminish your focus because when you are in these physical bubbles of biology as they have been called, what is in your face as you might say are the requirements of living as a human on this planet. You dear star beings are breaking the mold as far as what it means to be a human, for you are expanding the potentials of what can be experienced and what can be achieved while living in human biology….which is why there will in the future be a need to expand the paradigm of how you live as humans because so many are going to desire incarnating as humans because of the expanded potentials of what that means.
Now I would talk a bit about the potentials of human relationship, and I am not speaking merely of what you would consider romantic partnerships in relationships. I’m speaking of those of you who come together sometimes without understanding what has attracted or drawn these others into your experience or has attracted or drawn you into connection with someone that perhaps may not make a great deal of sense on the human level as to why you would come together. I would say that all of you would be well advised to honor those who are brought into your experience. It is a requirement of healthy living on the planet to take care of one’s self and certainly to live the reality of not getting caught in such things as codependency and drama and all of those human issues found in relationships, and yet to also honor those who make their way into your experience. There are star potentials of living that go beyond the human potentials that your soul had in mind when it agreed to incarnate in this particular lifetime. Many of you have had a variety of relationships over the course of this lifetime simply because…oh the example of a kaleidoscope is a good one. It was a bit of a playing with a kaleidoscope to see what your energies together would end up creating, would end up looking like. There have been no mistakes. Mark my words on this! And yet many of the potentials that were there and that were explored and that were played with a bit did not come to fruition because the other partner in the potential had not expanded to their own place of being able to match where you were in potential.
It is a continual shifting of energies and many of you who have been…oh in the human manner perhaps disappointed by the lack of coming to fruition…you’re going to find that your pool of potentials expands rapidly as you open to the allowance of remembering of this grander plan than just the human one, and as more and more souled beings upon this planet begin to walk through their own expansion. Much of what is happening on your planet that seems so disastrous in the now is part of the process that will catalyze others to their own awakening.
Some of you might feel that particular relationships that are in your experience have run their course, have reached their full capacity, and yet you have further potentials down the road for what you cannot yet access consciously. Some of you will have new relationships coming into your experience that were not primed or ripe to occur previously because you needed to reach the place of expansion that you are in and that others are coming into in the now.
The rules of the game on planet Earth are changing. The feeling of what you have called ‘cluelessness’ (laughter)…the feeling like there is not solid ground under your feet…part of this is because those of you who are in the place of awakening in your now are expanding beyond simply the rules of play as you have known them previously on planet Earth. You have been jumping off cliffs so many of you. I like that expression! You have been leaving behind the known and familiar of your planet and yet a big part of the reason that not more of the new has kicked in or materialized in manifestation for you as of yet is because you are going beyond simply living and experiencing as humans. You are opening up to these star realm potentials becoming part of your reality as humans. And this is not something that you have any frame of reference for. You have heard many times that you have no frame of reference for what is coming, yet I wish to come in today and perhaps shed a bit more light on what is coming. It will be sounding so fantastical to those who are not in the place of having awakened yet…that they might well dismiss you, dismiss these messages…they might desire to take you away in the straightjacket! And yet you all have experienced so much of that in different capacities and different ways in your experiences as you have moved beyond the known and expected of human reality that I encourage you to not let it affect your further expansion, exploration and experimentation with what is swiftly moving into the realm of possibilities for you.
And so I would like to encourage you. It will not happen immediately…more patience is required…but you will be seeing the movement forward that has been spoken of. In this movement forward I would like you to be aware that you are opening to these grander and grander potentials at a far rapidly increasing pace and rate. To all who do listen, and hear, and resonate with a message such as this, I encourage you to not only continue your deepening of connection to your Mother Earth and Nature in all its beauty on this planet, I encourage you to continue to deepen your connection to the star realms, to the celestial energies that do touch and dance with and kiss you here on this planet. They are not some far distant places as you measure things in light years. ‘Light years’ is again a part of the scientific documentation of this planet that is a bit like time. It is a human construct and we who reside in these other realms are far, far closer to you than you have any idea. And perhaps this conversation today might be a bit of proof of that. Our energies are intermingling quite frequently. We connect without the constructs of your human realm interfering, and so you will find that it becomes far easier for you to have experiences of consciously intermingling energies with those from these other realms.
Each of you will feel a draw to particular realms, particular stars, particular planets, particular configurations of celestial energies. Pay attention to these for they are assisting you in your remembering of your origins beyond planet Earth, and as you remember and awaken in this manner, you will find it becomes easier to access your own purpose and desired role that you chose for yourself in your incarnating at this particular time. You each have many gifts to share with those on this planet here, indeed, but you each also were specifically selected for your ‘special agent’ role because of your abilities, because of your gifts, and because of the uniqueness of you, the star being that you are and the representative that you are of the star realms that are a part of your energetic signature.
This is enough in words for today. Each of you is in charge of your own pace as far as opening to remembering and bringing to consciousness the roles you have come here to play. Do not measure yourself against anyone else. Do not judge your progress by looking at others. I will say that there are some who are disappointed that they are not having the experiences that others are having, but there is great reason for this. It is all part of your self-chosen pathway and the timing for opening to what you have come here for. It is to be greatly honored and respected. Those of you who are moving fast and quickly on your own journeys and sometimes having trouble staying balanced in humanness as a result… you have chosen this and you were chosen to be a front runner in what is occurring because of what you have come here to do. Those of you who feel you are idling behind or not moving forward at the same pace, it is most important that you remain grounded in your humanness in order to perfect the timing of bringing forth what you are here to bring forth. Each of you…trust your own personal journey. It has been orchestrated with amazing collaboration by many who are an integral part of your team, though they may not be physically present to you in this human reality. Much interaction takes place and those of you who find that during some periods of expansion and activation you require so much more sleep, it is because you are so busy on the other realms. You are doing so much collaborating and doing so much that is beyond your human comprehension in the now moment. You are not mere human beings and I am certain that so many of you are awakening, if not already awakened, to this fact.
Allow yourselves the gift of time to, as a human, be undisturbed in your communicating with your interconnectedness. The key to this is within you. So many of you have had circumstances that have removed you from the pace of the world that was once your reality. You have had much purpose in doing so…even if it has in ways wrecked havoc with your human life. It was meant to. You are not here to get sucked into merely being human. You are here to remember the all of who you are. And so savor your time to be with yourself, whatever your circumstances. You are not creating your experiences only from a human perspective. You have much celestial input. What I would like to leave you with is this…I wish to tell you that you are doing so well and even while your human reality may appear to be in chaos, the grander plan is unfolding in a manner that looks very good for success and this is quite wonderful! Continue on my dear and beloved star family! There is so much more to come!
With that I will use your greeting of Earth of aloha. Maureen is still not able to translate my greeting from Regulus! But hear it with your heart. It is a beautiful greeting to beautiful brothers and sisters who think they are of Earth but are so much bigger. You are dearly loved. And so it is. ~ ~ ~

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, people are calling out for love. They want to be loved, because truly that is your nature—love. Everyone who has ever done anything that the world would judge to be wrong has never been judged by the Father/Mother/God. Everything that has been done has been a choice in order to know what is going to happen with that choice.
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It has begun. Can you feel it?
by Blossom Goodchild
July 13, 2010
Remember we are here at this time because we are the ones who volunteered and were chosen. So many asked and yet WE are the ONES who were chosen.Best then we do not take any one given moment for granted. Best then we call upon our inner strength for we Know great changes are to take place upon our planet and it is for us NOW to become those warriors that we are. Time to display our colours and act in the manner that we know is our Truth. And ... within that TRUTH their can be no room for doubt, no space for fears. We know within the Highest level of ourselves that fear and frustration, despair and uncertainty are merely deterrents from the very tasks we came here to perform. We have waited for so very long, we have cried tears of impatience. We have buried our heads in the sands of time and allowed those with their own interests of control and power to beat us with their darkness until we could not find the Light at the end of the tunnel. And indeed at times has it not felt that the Light had gone out?
It is now changing. We are changing. We are transforming ourselves in order to bring through these changes to our planet. The plan is working. It is happening now. The time is now.
So release those patterns that have chained and bound you. Set free your souls and KNOW that the LIGHT THAT YOU ARE is preparing itself to shine. This Light of yours, this LIGHT that IS each and every one of us is empowering itself in readiness for that which lies ahead.
This feeling within your hearts. This response to your Higher calling is telling you that it has begun. There is no turning back.The road shall present itself as treacherous along the journey and yet you each have the tools to overcome the rocky terrain. You were trained as warriors and NOW you are moving into action to walk yourselves and many other's into the NEW WORLD.
Those who are of great strength shall carry the weak when the rivers become turbulent. Those who are of MIGHT shall assist all the little ones who do not understand and lead them onwards.
We have talked of change . We have asked of your TRUST in our words and you have listened with your hearts and now shall we ... together ... walk hand in hand across The Bridge.
You call out to us as your hearts weep ... we answer you and we feel your sorrow, yet we cannot allow you to drown in your own tears. For this reason we heed your callings. We, that are your family join you now in blessed union and say to you that procedures are in place , although unseen, and in that moment of glory when we reveal our TRUTH for all to see , then each shall KNOW. Each shall remember why they are here and what they came to do . All questions shall be answered and there shall be a determination and a recognition that far surpasses anything that has presented itself thus far.
Some of you have dreams of this moment. Some of you allow your hearts to show you images of what is to come. There can be no denying in your hearts the LIGHT that is to fill your Beings. For this Love filled Light shall melt your FEELINGS into a blissful state instantly.
This day shall come. You KNOW OF this. It shall make its mark and it shall change your world as you know of it today.
So, let go of your fears about all that is taking place around you. Know that the DIVINE spark that is within each one of you cannot and shall not go out. We are here to assist you. We are here to help lead you through. You SHALL KNOW US as you dream of knowing us. For your dreams are your future reality.
We embrace you ... Our family in Light.
Blossom Goodchild is a professional ‘direct voice’ channelling medium working with spirit and cosmic energies. She has been channels the Native American Indian Spirit Energy ‘White Cloud’ and shares his messages of Unconditional Love by means of personal readings and group meetings.
These meetings have been recorded and ‘White Cloud’s words transcribed and subsequently published in three books. ‘Walking in the Light and the Love,’ ‘The Spirit of ‘White Cloud’ and the latest book ‘A New Dawn.’
Through all of these experiences, Blossom remains firmly grounded and with her easy laughter and warmth is a delight to be around.  *  

HEAVEN #3519
This Imagined You on Imagined Earth
in Imagined Time and Space
July 14, 2010
God said:
One minute someone is here with you, and the next he is somewhere else. Of course, that's all illusion, because neither space nor time exist.
You are always, and everyone is always. IS. ARE. There is no past tense, no future. There is no tense! There is no sooner, no later, no then, no now. There is Is-ness. Not Are-ness because there is One and only One, never alone, but full. Full Oneness. Richness. Present-ness.
It is not that you are between two places in either time or space. It is like you are suspended, however. There is no ground for your feet to touch, yet you are always immersed in Heaven. There is nothing but Oneness, or We (the imagined We) can call this so-called suspension Allness. There are not two places. There is no place. There is nowhere which amounts to the same as Everywhere. No time is the same as Eternity. No space is the same as Infinity. Space and time are the same non-existent concepts. The five senses apportion space and time. They are emissaries of the non-existent time and space. The senses fill up time and fill up space, so to speak, but time and space are hot air.
There is no empty because there is only fullness. There is no hurry because time does not exist.
You got caught in an eddy and call that perceived movement time and you call it space. Time and space are an agreed-upon machination of the mind, much like the Emperor's New Clothes.
If you were to escape time and space, you surmise you would be falling through the rabbit hole. You think that there might be an untimely end to it all. There is no end because you are eternal. There is no rabbit hole to fall through. There is no ground for a hole to be in. There is no emptiness, and fullness can only be fullness of nothingness. Meanwhile, you perceive a world of dark and light, sun and shadows. There is no thing.
Do not misunderstand Me. Illusion can be wonderful. It is wonderful. The only thing with illusion is that it doesn't last. Based on your presumptions, it fails you. It is not dependable. You can't pin all your hopes on it.
You have a foundation, beloveds, and I am It. And I am you. Eternal life exists. It is forever. I am One with you, and you with Me. There never was a time We were not. There never was time. We embrace now. We are anchored in a boundless sea of wonderment and love. We don't stride. We don't walk. We ARE. I AM.
It has been easy for you to feel that the world is not for you. It is for you, beloveds. It is an imagined place for you to play in, to make mud pies in, to circumnavigate, to roll over on, to jump on, to leap over as if it did really exist. And so here you are now, this imagined you on imagined Earth in imagined time and space as if it were forever which you know it is not, for you leave this imagined place.
Of course, you have been with Me always and always shall be. You cannot spiral out of space because space never was. You cannot run out of time for time is not. Existence is real. Eternity and Infinity, whatever they may be to you, are real. The words that describe are not real. They are a good attempt.
Nothing has happened. Nothing is happening. Your appearance on Earth is fiction, and yet the fiction serves to tide you over on this imaginary plane you think you live in.
Dear Lady of the Light,
Your beautiful writing about the Statue of Liberty  *  * Thank you so much, dear friend. Gloria *
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