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Heavenletter #4194 Call It Love, May 19, 2012
God said:
So many thoughts you have. How they race around. Come, settle down. Let your mind rest a while. Your mind does not have to be so busy, so occupied with one thought after another. Your mind can recline in a hammock, put its feet up, have a little recess from thoughts racing back and forth and up and down like a scale in music.
You have been resting your heart and speeding up your mind. This is askew. Let the mind rest and your heart surge. Your heart is ready to go.
Your heart is now coming into its ascendency. The mind is taking a step back. The active mind is going to recline a while and let your heart have its day in the sun.
It's your heart's turn. Your heart is coming out of the closet. Your heart comes tumbling out, happy to be getting its day in court, in the courtyard, rather -- in the courtyard of love where love dances and beckons every heart to dance with it. Your heart is quite polite, generous, perceptive and receptive. Your heart is love on the move. The love in your heart is much more than the frosting on the cake. Your heart is more like the cake in the oven, maybe even more like the batter prepared and just ready to pop into the oven.
We could say that, with your intent and consent, the cake of love is baking in the oven of your heart right now. Love is all prepared there. It has been stirred there. The baking tin is already full with love. And love bakes, and then you serve the love generously, right and left. What kind of cake is the love in your heart?
Any cake you choose -- the cake you love to bake and love to serve. Look, it can even be bread spread with sweet butter, perfect. No two hearts exactly alike, yet, at the same time that all hearts are alike, each heart makes a difference. Each heart follows a recipe, a long-standing recipe, and yet each heart has its own touch. I made everyone's heart individually by hand.
I am the Source of the love in the oven of your heart. The cake in the oven of your heart is ready. It is just the right time for your love to come out and for you to serve it to the world, the Universe, and to Me. How happy I am when you love.
I realize that you are not quite sure what love means. I will tell you more. This is not a specified love We are speaking of. This is more of a generic love, but not mass-produced. Say to yourself right now: "I have a heart that loves. The love in my heart does not have to be aimed. It does not require a specific goal. It just has to go out."
Now, I will tell you how to recognize the love in your heart as it pops up as if from a pop-up toaster. You also know love by another name, and that name is joy. Whenever your heart reclines and you notice that you like being where you are and the people you are with, then you are experiencing the love in your heart. You can experience the love in your heart as well as anyone, as well as I.
Your heart feels light. Love is happiness being spread, and that happiness also spreads on you. It is spread on the field that surrounds you and that you walk in. The love in your heart takes you with it. Your heart is plump with love, and We can name what you feel as a kind of general well-being. We can call it joy. We can call it peace. We can call it love.