Calling U-2 The Shore of GOD

Mary Magdalene: Calling You to the Shore of God

Transmitted through Mercedes Kirkel on November 13, 2010

(Note from Mercedes: At the beginning of this transmission, Mary Magdalene was addressing me personally and what I was experiencing. But she very quickly expanded out to a universal message for all.)

My dear one,

It has been a while since we have connected, and yes, you are needing direction and inspiration and help in staying connected. You are sensitive, and you experience very acutely what others might be being affected by, yet aren’t necessarily consciously aware of. So you have been experiencing a kind of anxiety at your core, and a difficulty in staying connected to your spiritual source. Know that this is greater than you, and is not a result of something that you have done in your individual life. This is part of the greater process that is going on at this time, of many things being purified at a mass level and change occurring that is laying the foundation of a great shift forward for many people. Old structures within your etheric body are being released, and this will often feel disconcerting and scary, as you are letting go of the familiar. This is part of the process that is happening for many at this time, and it is a positive change of growth, yet it may not feel comfortable. It is valuable to have reassurance from those such as myself, that this is part of the spiritual path at this time, so that you don’t feel like something is wrong or that you’ve fallen off of your path. Quite the contrary, it is a sign of purification, of release of the old that is allowing in the new, the greater, that is part of your spiritual unfoldment. Beyond having reassurance that this is part of your growth in God, it is also valuable to have a practice for how to respond in these times that can feel challenging And that is what I would like to address now.

The first step, when these challenging times arise, is to let yourself fully feel it. This is the same as the process I have described before, and it is valuable to repeat it and for you to hear it again and again, because most of you have such a strong imprint and training to not feel your discomfort or your pain or your disturbance. So I am offering this to help counteract that programming that says “don’t feel.” That old programming tells you to avoid feeling at all cost, usually be trying to distract yourself from feeling or by trying to “fix” the problem so that you don’t have to continue to feel it. Yet it is not a problem, and in trying to “fix” it, or really make it go away, you will have obstructed your own growth. So rather than trying to avoid it or fix it, simply feel.

This is a kind of meditation. It is a feeling meditation. This is more the feminine form of meditation. The masculine form tends to have you use your will to discipline yourself, to structure your activities so that they are oriented toward the Divine. So you think positive or blessing thoughts, or you discipline yourself to not think, and you discipline your actions to do good works. This is all important. Yet it is only part of the whole. And you will find that you run into problems when you have emotions arise, because emotions don’t respond to discipline. If you try to discipline your emotions, you generally end up suppressing yourself. And then the emotions don’t just go away. They simply move from your conscious part of your being into the unconscious. And from there they have great strength to control you, actually more power than they had when you were holding them in your conscious aspect. So now they continue in your unconscious, and affect you physically and emotionally and energetically. And once they are in the unconscious they are much harder to access, and to release. People who have suppressed their emotions tend to be very bound up. You can see it in their bodies. And there is an emotional emptiness, like a black hole. They tend to be more in their minds, and often deny that they have any pain, or else blame their pain on outside forces. Yet if you feel their energy, and receive the communication of their physical bodies and their emotions, it is obvious they are in pain.

So all of that is to say, that it is to your great advantage to feel your emotions, your discomfort, your pain, your confusion, or whatever you are feeling when it arises. Don’t try to suppress it. Rather, invite it in and savor it, like a good wine. Be with it, merge with it. This is the feminine way, and it is important. Most of you have developed your inner masculine strongly, or at least are well aware of that path even if you’re not as strong in engaging it as you could be. You are well aware of the path of discipline and engaging the will, because you have been trained in this since you were young, and it is frequently reinforced in your society. It is the common way that most people know to address challenges and to grow. But most of you have not been equally trained in the path of the inner feminine, whether you are men or women, and so you are not in balance. Optimally, you want to have both of these paths strong. But since most of you have not been trained in strengthening the feminine, and this is not generally reinforced in your society, you find this very difficult.

The path of the inner feminine always begins in feeling. And this is your grand opportunity whenever you experience discomfort, disturbance, pain of any kind. It is not random or something bad that has somehow landed in your body or your world. That is an erroneous idea, that feelings are like external creatures that somehow land on you. Feelings are part of you, and if you are to love yourself, you must love and value your feelings. They have a valuable function. Do you believe this? It is so, and you only doubt it because you have been trained otherwise.

Are you afraid of your feelings? If you are avoiding them or trying to get out of feeling them by fixing your situation, then you most likely are afraid of your feelings. So now you have two levels of feelings going on. You have the original feeling, and you have your fear of experiencing that feeling. Your president Roosevelt once said that you have nothing to fear but fear itself, and there was great wisdom in that statement.

What if you chose to fully allow the feelings in the moment? Is this not part of the path of being in the “now” that some of your teachers espouse? In fact, this is one of the biggest parts, as your feelings are the fuel that run the engines of your beliefs and thoughts. So the most direct way to change and grow spiritually is to be with all the parts of yourself, which means your thoughts and beliefs, your actions, and your feelings. But since most of you aren’t as skilled in being with your feelings, you need support in this area.

Just having the understanding that the process is actually to be with your feelings, rather than to avoid them or get out of them, is in itself great support. So this is the beginning. Open to your feelings, merge with them, relax into them, fully experience them. And let this take you to Source. Ultimately it will take you to your true Source, which is God. But at first it takes you to the particular source of that feeling. And that will always be one of your Inner Divine Qualities that you are longing for. Your Inner Divine Qualities are all the aspects of God that are manifested within your human form, and they are always beautiful. So the source of your discomfort or pain is always an inner beautiful quality.

In this time of anxiety you have been experiencing, the source of that anxiety within you is your longing for the security of your familiar experience of yourself and your energy. That sense of security is one of your Inner Divine Qualities. It is an aspect of God. When you let yourself fully be with the feeling you’re having, which in this case is anxiety, that process of resting in feeling will lead you inevitably to this source. And then a shift occurs, as you shift from the discomfort of your anxiety into the purity of it’s source, which is the sense of security. You shift into your feeling of love for that Inner Divine Quality, your inherent love for security. It is a pure state, not related to any particular way that you may experience that quality of security. It is simply the beauty of security itself. And that is an aspect of God. God is the ultimate security, because nothing can take God away from you. And so connecting with the beauty of security, in it’s purity, inherently and directly connects you with God.

Even now, as you hear this, you can feel the shift within yourself, can you not? You have shifted into resting in God, communion with God. And you are in the sweetness of that, are you not? And what is more wonderful than that? That is what we all truly long for, and what truly satisfies us. So let your emotions take you into that, like a river that carries you to the beautiful shore. That is their true function. Allow them to do their work, and be carried to God.

I love you and shine my light and love upon you, and call you to that shore. I wait for you there, in love and joy.

I AM Mary Magdalene

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