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1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  SaLuSa: As Spiritual Beings You Are the Children of God
3.)  The Group: Building a New World
4.)  The Lovers Dance
5.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
6.)  Uphold Yourself

Isis' Message of the Day -
God said:
All My love is reigning on Earth. This has always been so. And now it is seen. Eyes and hearts have opened. The thunderstorm is over, and now there is that specialness of air after the rain.
Get ready for new everything. New you. New you in that you stand taller. You ring the bells of freedom. You are in accord. You are My beautiful stewards of the Earth. The past is erased. The past is fleeing itself, and newness arises. Your heart is new. Your life is new. This is the new world, and you are its cornerstones. The wondrousness of the Universe has arisen. You are sensing the wondrousness.
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I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. We are glad to greet you once again. It is a beautiful day. Spring is just around the corner and with it much needed rain. We ask you to visualize a gentle soaking of the earth, land, and soil. Remember what it is like to feel the caress of rain upon your skin. Imagine the colors of the plants, trees, and lawns appearing brighter after receiving the life giving benefits of the rain. Make the picture of the gentle rain falling as real as you are able to imagine. Then be in gratitude and thankfulness for the rain as if it has happened. Be in peace and bless your heart.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *   *      

SaLuSa: As Spiritual Beings You Are the Children of God
Through Mike Quinsey
March 19, 2012
It is clear now to many people that a big shake up is about to occur in the halls of power, and that will enable more far reaching changes to go ahead. It is important that those who block progress and vital changes necessary to free you from control, are totally removed. That process is well underway and those standing in our way are well aware that their time is up. There is no way out for them and their crimes are well documented, with absolute proof of their involvement. We are talking about a measure of weeks rather than months before our actions begin to bite. We are therefore hopeful of taking a great step forward very soon, and one that will be such that you will get to learn of it. We have some backing from the media, and believe it will not take much before reporting of what is happening will spread and be accurate. We are not out for sensationalism, but nevertheless the events will be quite extraordinary. We want it to be known that the old regime is no longer in charge, and that it will be replaced by one that truly represents the people. The Light is returning Dear Ones, and it will reach into everyone's lives for the better.
To reach this point in your evolution has taken a long time, and required a great deal of faith at times. You are now in the throes of being rewarded with a succession of changes that shall lift you out of poverty, and give you a taste of what is to come following Ascension. After thousands of years of subtle controls that have gradually taken away your rights, so much so that you have accepted them as being normal, you are at last to experience freedom at a level you are unfamiliar with. The dark Ones deliberately created the circumstances that led to your virtual imprisonment in your own homes. As Spiritual Beings you are the Children of God, and free to choose your own experiences. However, it must be added that you chose duality as a means of expanding and speeding up your evolution.
What is left of this present cycle no longer holds any fears for you, as the dark Ones have failed to achieve their objectives. You have learnt much from them, but were not intended to be totally at their mercy or desire to take complete control over you. Your big lesson has been to experience separation from the Source, to see what it is like to establish once again your connection to the Light. You were given every opportunity to create your own reality, and at times in earlier civilizations you did achieve a high level of peace and serenity. However, the dark Ones were never far away plotting your downfall, and there were equal periods of darkness that resulted in the total collapse of the last two civilizations.
It might strike you as odd that duality serves a dual purpose, and in the end benefits all souls that have taken part in it. Every experience has value to everyone involved, and bear in mind that although today you may be fully committed to the Light, there will undoubtedly have been periods when you also served the dark Ones. Because there is no judgment involved you have no reason to look back and carry guilt with you. What matters most is whether you have learnt the lessons it gave you, that you may have gone through more than once. Your ego will feed your waking mind, and has no hand in decisions based on your consciousness levels. That is where your Higher Self comes in and when often a battle of wills takes place. We would expect those of you who have established yourselves on the Ascension path, would lead their lives and make their decisions based on Love and Light and be guided by their Higher Self.
It should be reassuring for you to know that whatever hardships you are enduring at present, before the end of the year they will have been dealt with. Try to see what remaining karmic lessons are involved with your final experiences, particularly as often your hardest tests are left to the final stages of your life. We can tell you that you are never given more than you can cope with in spite of what you may feel. Whatever the situation it need only have a limited affect on you, and as your consciousness levels rise up you are more able to deal with them. These are times when it is important that if you have been wronged that you do not think in terms of retribution, as that will only heap up the karma once again.
Forgiveness is a vital and essential requirement if you are to keep rising up, and the sooner you can put matters behind you the better. This is particularly important where family feuds or disagreement are concerned, as you want to leave duality having made your peace with everyone. Remember that at some stage you will review your life, and the differences you might have had may not always be as you understand them now. It can be quite revealing to hear the other side of disputes or arguments you have been involved in.
With such little time left in this cycle, concentrate on your immediate needs that will ensure you are ready to ascend. Be what you imagine you need to be to achieve it, and we can assure you that it is relatively easy to live your life that way when you are maintaining your Light at all times. See how people around you respond, and note that your presence often helps people feel good. It is because the energies you give out are harmonious and uplifting. In the greater picture when many souls are doing it, the upliftment occurs on an even higher level. If you consider the reverse situation you will also see how easy it must be for souls to be pulled down by the lower energies.
For quite some time your Earth has been bathed in ever higher energies, and the net result is that the lower ones are being transmuted. The cleansing continues and with the removal of the dark Ones, a quantum leap forward will take place. It will be overtaken by the final alignment when your Sun lines up with many other planets, and the Great Central Sun. Then you shall change in the twinkling of an eye, and find you have ascended into the beauty of a new Earth. One that bears little resemblance to what you know now, that is vibrant and of all Light and the most beautiful colors, shapes and sizes that harmonize with each other.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank you for your support of the Galactic Federation that holds such love for you, and which you will soon learn to know much better.
Thank you SaLuSa 
Mike Quinsey
I receive my messages from SaLuSa telepathically, he is speaking for the Galactic Federation. I have never had the advantage of being able to have a relationship where I can ask questions. I sit down at a specific time to make contact and then I get images or what I call 'packages" of images or words which I translate straight away onto the computer. Since March, 2004 I have been in contact with beings from the Galactic Federation.  *     

The Group: Building a New World
by Steve Rother
March 15, 2012
Greetings from Home
We bring you such an incredibly comfortable energy. We have stepped into your realm of expectation for you have come looking for answers, guidance or a nudge in the right direction, one that would give you validation and let you know that you are doing exactly what you should be. Let us explain first that much of your life from this point forward may be without some of that validation.
It is very difficult for you to validate your path with only one step, but the further you move into it, the more comfortable you become with your abilities to create. That is what this is all about. We wish to bring you this day a view of yourself from another perspective, one that you probably have not considered before. You are evolving through these different levels of what we are calling humanity.
Throughout your own history you have documented so many evolutions, but this particular one has many different levels. This particular evolutionary process you are experiencing not only involves the physical being, but it is actually the first time that you have evolved to a point at which you can carry more of your own soul and light. These changes that are happening right now, even with your own physiology, for it is starting to shift on levels that you are unfamiliar with. The Vagus nerve will become very important for many of you, as you start to understand that it is your interaction with the rest of the world. Through this nerve the physical body both feels other spirits and exudes yours, making these connections.
Reaching New Heights Using Overtone Harmonics
You have had discussions here today about removing the veil and seeing how connected you really are to each other. We also wish to talk about harmony, for that is going to be most of the key important pieces that humans will have to learn to work with: energetic harmony. So, how do two energies harmonize in some way? First, let us go back and describe what we consider to be harmony so you will understand the concept. If you repeatedly strike two notes on a piano keyboard that are very close together, you will be playing chopsticks (which is tolerable but aggravating). It is because you have two notes that are so close together that they do not meet at regular intervals; they do not actually support each other. They are two unique notes that insist on being totally unique from one another. It is when you move to a comfortable distance on the keyboard that you can play what you call a chord, where two notes overlap at regular intervals. Not only do they support each other, but they also create a third tone which you hear as the harmony. It is very magical when you listen to music, bringing in a tremendous amount of harmonics and overtones. In harmonies, you only hear the three notes that make up the harmony. The first original note is the first part of this harmony, the second note compliments the first, and the third note is what you hear. What we are telling you is that your ears are only capable of hearing certain ranges. There are overtone levels of that harmony that you cannot hear, but we can. There are overtone levels of this harmony that will reach out into humanity much further than you have ever experienced as an individual, and this is why harmony on this planet is becoming so important at this time.
Pain -- Changing the Role
Now that we have described what harmony is, let us share with you some of the challenges in finding harmony where you are right now. Let us take a look at one part of humanity that has been with each of you over and over again. It is known as the one motivating factor of all of humanity. What is it? It is pain; it is what you experience as pain, and it is a great motivator. You have used it over and over on planet Earth to either do things or to not do things. If you look at your own lives, many of your daily structures are made to avoid a specific pain. As you start removing this veil and begin seeing the many ways you are connected, the first lesson you will discover is that pain is carried by the collective. Therefore, one may feel the pain but it is not theirs to own because the pain is only the temporary carrier of the gift.
Find the gift and the pain is no longer needed so may be released. There is actually beauty in that darkness. Because you live in a field of polarity, you have become so accustomed to judging everything as either good or bad. We tell you, dear ones, that there is no good and there is no bad. Everything is somewhere in the middle depending on where you choose to put it at that very moment. What we are going to ask you to do is to find that beauty in the darkness, even in the pain that you still carry or experience.
Each and every one of you has a life pain that you have carried with you. Some of you have resolved the pain, yet it sits heavy in a bittersweet part of your heart. Pain is a huge motivator in your life. Consider the human expression of creativity such as music, poems and movies. Many are written from pain or painful experiences, or the unusual situations you get into. What we are asking you to do is to prepare yourself for this next level of humanity now, and do not wait to be faced with all of the pieces of it. Take a closer look at the joyous pain that has been in your life thus far, which has motivated you in some way or permanently shifted your direction. Even if we could take them from you in this very moment, you would not release them because you have paid for them in a way and that gives pain a real value. Find a way to give thanks for the pain as the carrier. If you know the benefit of that, you will gladly put yourself through that process as your spirit often does. It is the humanness within you, the reaction of the animal which you have blended with that sometimes repeats the same patterns over and over again looking for success on different levels. Many times when you move from one level to another, your truth shifts to a clearer understanding. These are many of the changes that all of humanity will be evaluating and searching for the answers. The most important part is to keep in mind that you are building a new Earth, filled with the vibrations and the particles of dust you have all gathered. Your eyes are open and all it takes is your intent, your desire expressed as a thought. Those particles come together very magically and you have created a new Earth on which to live. Does that mean you will be switching planets? No. It will happen right here. The question we have for you is, are you ready to step into that Earth? Are you ready to be fully responsible for your thoughts? Are you ready to be the creator of your own destiny? Are you ready to remove the veil? That is what is taking place. With every step that you climb, the collective removes a little part of that veil for humans no matter where they are in the bandwidth. It makes no difference whether they are at the very top edge of the highest vibration, or at the lowliest of low on planet Earth at this moment, you are all moving together and it is working. It is moving faster than the speed of love. It is moving faster, quite honestly, than anyone on this side of the veil had even anticipated.
Outside Filters Have Been Removed
Many are beginning to attract attention throughout your globe on different levels and demanding a better world, because this evolution is not only in the area of spirituality. It is touching every person on this planet. There are times when it is even necessary to ride through a wave of energy that can help all humans everywhere to alter and shift their vibration to the next level. This is currently happening with what you are calling a flu virus. It is basically bringing possibilities to many people quickly. When you go through an illness of this nature, you are no longer the same person. Why? It’s very simple. You are vibrating differently. Does that mean every illness is going to take you up a level? No, but it means the illness is simply a part of of your process. Illness is not always a sign of something wrong, although that is a typically human concept. You must understand that you are healers. Many of you are helping other people to take these steps and acclimate to this new energy, to live in this energy and use it every day. This is the greatest wisdom that we can offer you as the healers of the light – to hold your knowledge, to know that you are here on planet Earth for a purpose. It is also very important that you know that you have everything that you need to do your work.
Re-Balance the Ego
Many of you will be called to a new place, or suddenly will find yourself without the support that you had before. You will wonder what you are doing wrong and why you are not being supported by the universe. You know that your spirit is there, you can feel the direction and the energy of your spirit, but you cannot always reconcile it with your own movements and your emotions. Harmony – how do you harmonize with another? It is easy for the Keeper to look out and see that he has known every single one of these beings, many of them many lifetimes. But it is not easy for him to re-member that when we are not with him. It is a typical veil that keeps you from re-membering your role and to take the place of that, you build something called the ego.
Now the ego is your sense of self. It is your sense not of unity, but of separateness. It is because of your sense of separateness and your identity as a human being that many of you believe the ego is going diminishing. You will always need the ego, however it does need rebalancing as you step up. You need a sense of self to pretend to be a human. Very simply put, the basic understanding of your energy will be different. Back to pain for a moment, what is the greatest pain a human can have? Well, we can tell you that the Keeper has broken many bones during his lifetime. He’s experienced much pain, but none as difficult as an emotional pain that cracks the idea of what his ego was. We will say that again. You build these structures called the ego to house your identity as a human being. Then when you experience an emotional ripple, when someone lets you down, hurts you, or reflects you so accurately that allows you to truly see your own flaws, it cracks your idea of your ego and it hurts to your core. That is the greatest pain. Now if you are harmonizing pain and looking for the beauty in pain, we are also going to tell you to do the same thing with the ego. Find the beauty in it. There is no need to release it, for is a part of you. Now if you are able to build a flexible ego, you can grow. You realize that it is not about you after all, for the challenge with the ego is that it seems to have its own life. Many times it can become so much that you block out the rest of the world. All of you are familiar with that paradigm and many of you ask, "Is my ego too big today?" We think that is absolutely hilarious, because if you really had a problem with it you would not be asking that question. The reality of it is that the ego needs to be in balanced in both directions. It cannot be too high but neither can it be too low, and that is the biggest challenge that we see. Find the balance where you can stand up and say what you value.
Share the message that you brought from Home, and can deliver it without cracking the idea of your ego. This is the piece that we need to re-build on planet Earth for humans to be able to take the next step and live as empowered beings. It must be not only an expansion of the ego, but a complete re-working of the ego. Instead of being a solid, rigid structure with no flexibility, we are now going to honor the people that come into our lives, saying simply: "I like the effect you have on me. I will wear that effect very well and I will bounce it to the rest of the world blending. I will start looking for the beauty." That is the one common denominator, the piece above all else that each of you brought from Home. You are not creatures of planet Earth…you are here on a short visit. If we can help you re-member where you truly came from, you will re-member the fun little games and the rules you set up so you could play this game.
Changing the Rules
Dear ones, the rules are changing and you are changing them. We ask you to make your voice heard. Does that mean you are the only voice or that you have all the right answers? You are creating a new world. Your input is needed, and if you experience pain the first thing to do is to allow yourself to feel it. Let it wash completely over you like a wave and experience the pain fully, for there is a gift in it. Find the gift and the pain transforms. Find the balance in your own ego, by discovering where it hurts. Ask yourself, "What is the solid, rigid core of who I believe I am?" If you can allow these reflections to come in and incorporate them as you move through life. That will allow you to experience more enjoyment, being able to fly over here or play over there for a little while. Oh, things are getting too serious here, so we are going to have to come over here and play for a little while. That is the basic idea of what you are doing. You are spreading light every chance you get. Every time you smile, every time you speak a truth from your heart, your eyes flash and light penetrates throughout everything.
You have reached more hearts than you will probably ever know, and many of you are just getting started. It is a new world that you have created. We also wish to tell you this, for many of you have been struggling and waiting for when life will become easier. We tell you, dear ones, that the hard part is over and you have made it! Now all you need to do is to alter your expectations. Enjoy this journey, dear ones, for you are miracle creators beyond your understanding and you are creating miracles every single moment.
It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every chance you get and open the door for each other. It works. Re-member it is a brand new game you are playing and play well together.
The group
Steve Rother
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The Lovers Dance
by Allison Rae
March 14, 2012
Here, where ages meet, weaving tendrils of time, a pause. A kiss. Infinity.
These nights, if the sky is clear, you’ll witness the sacred dance of celestial lovers. Venus and Jupiter reign in the west after sunset. They draw closer together each night through mid-March.
In the east, Mars holds court. Their invisible partner, Pluto, cavorts in the distance. Together, these planets form a rare and auspicious grand trine, a majestic prelude to the more intense, chaotic energies on the way in coming months.
First, a kiss.
Moments of Grace

Gazing on the beauty of these jewels in the night sky, I feel them inviting us to dance, too.
Venus and Jupiter in Taurus inspire love, wisdom, romance, beauty, the arts. The context is Pluto in Capricorn, a 16-year transit that signals the reshaping of our world at the most fundamental levels. This transit heralds the slow, deliberate reorganization of systems, structures, institutions, politics and economies in ways that serve humanity’s evolution. In Virgo, Mars contributes the analytical skill needed to redefine our beliefs and reinvent ourselves when so much is changing so swiftly.
Amid the turmoil and revolution we experience in our world each day, this is grace.
What’s Important?

Opposing Mars, healing Chiron and spiritual Neptune in Pisces urge us to release outdated beliefs. Under this influence, though, it’s easy to succumb to escapism, fantasy and addiction rather than facing truth.
Together, the potent pre-Equinox configurations invoke transformation through transcendence.
At this juncture, the focus is on values. What matters most? What do we keep, going forward, as individuals, as communities, as a people? What do we invest in? Will we thrive, or just survive, in this next big phase of our evolutionary journey? It depends on how adaptable we are in this dance with evolutionary forces.
The energies will shift again early next week when the Sun crosses the Aries point and a new astrological year begins on the Equinox (exact on March 19 or 20, depending on your time zone).
Within this passage, we have another opportunity to get real, go deep and open the heart. Tend to matters in the material realm. Explore options. Refine relationships. Dance with creation.
Astro Update

The next four months will shed light on how the next seven to eight years are likely to go. Beginning with the Equinox and Aries New Moon next week, energies will build in a crescendo that culminates in June with the historic Transit of Venus and the first of seven exact squares between Uranus and Pluto. The effects will spill over into July.
The full moons of April, May and June (which includes a partial lunar eclipse on June 4) will bring into conscious awareness the challenges, issues and themes we need to address along the way.
Allison Rae explores eco-spiritual dimensions of consciousness evolution through 2012 and beyond. A passionate teacher and author of several books, Allison offers individual consultations by phone, and leads workshops, retreats and sacred sites journeys with groups. Please visit her website for more information: * Copyright 2012 Allison Rae/ All rights reserved. *  

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
A very dear brother who has written much in what has been saved in your holy Scriptures had a saying in the writings: Christ in you, your hope of glory. Now, it wasn’t glory in the worldly sense, but Christ in you, the remembrance of the Christ in you, is your hope of knowing, really knowing the holiness of you, the glory—translate that as holy—Christ in you, your hope of remembrance of the holiness that you are.
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Heavenletter #4133
Uphold Yourself
March 19, 2012
God said:
No longer are you to scold yourself. Now you are to uphold yourself. Even if you drop a treasured dish, congratulate yourself. Be happy. One less dish to wash, to think of, to worry about. Think more of yourself than you do a dish.
Think more of yourself. Favor yourself. Listen to this, beloveds. The less you fault yourself, the less will others fault you.
Have you not pounced on your perceived faults? Haven't you done that? I am telling you that you have overdone that. You have faulted yourself way too much.
You may complain that other people discount you. You have discounted yourself. You have been like that figure in Greek mythology who climbed the mountain only to slip back time and time again. He never could quite reach the top. In your perception, that's you in a nutshell.
Now you are going to be a great friend to yourself. Would you talk to your good friend the way you talk to yourself? Are you your own good friend, or are you an instigator?
A friend doesn't probe into what is wrong with you. A friend doesn't say to you some of the remarks you make to yourself. Tell yourself:
"Hey, you are good. When you fall down, you jump right back up. You are bright, and you stand tall. You are a blessing. You are a good guy. Most of all, you are good to yourself. And so you are good to others. Of course, God says there are no others. Well, then, you are a leader of the world, and leaders don't berate themselves. You have no time for that. You are busy on other matters.
"A leader in the world is a leaper! And you are one who leaps to the occasion. You always come up running. No grass grows on you. If you fall down, you leap up and keep on going. You are a great resource to yourself.
"You have a great attitude. It is such a pleasure to be with someone like you. I want to be like you.
"You know that if you find fault with yourself, you are clinging to the past. There is no reason for you to hit yourself. Let bygones be bygones.
"If you are keeping a list of errors you made, throw out that list. I tell you this as your friend. Compile a list of the beautiful things you have done and are going to do. The first thing on your list is that you will encourage yourself at every turn. Just the way I, your good friend, talk to you, this is how you will talk to yourself. No longer will you kick yourself. Now that is a foolish thing to do. Never make that mistake again. Never get down on yourself again.
"From now on, you are going to be your own buddy. You will be cheerful about yourself and others and everything. So what if you made an error. Let it go. No matter what you've done, let it go. Let it retreat. Let it recede. No longer belabor it. Even love your errors. The minute you make an error, you graduate from it. Congratulations.
"When you make an error, you have a tiger by the tail, and so you move forward in life. You move lickety-split. You are moving forward and have no time to recount the past whatever its state was.
"You are one who leaps over tall buildings! This is for you to keep in mind. Not lapses, not trials, not errors. Carry yourself high. You are a champion. Chin up," you say to yourself.
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Jesus/Jeshua: The Simplicity of Life
Channeled by Pamela Kribbe
March 15, 2012
Dear friends,
I am Jeshua. It is with great joy in my heart that I am here connecting with you. I love you deeply and I am connected to you like a brother. I was human like you are, I know all the struggles you go through as a human being. I know them from within, I was not a saint. I was human and I had a connection to the light, but I also experienced pain and doubt in my life and that is why I can connect to you so deeply. We are one.
The Christ-energy is not only mine; I was a messenger, a representative of this energy. I came here on Earth to remember all of you of the light within. This light is universal, we share it. And when you feel this light, the energy of Christ within, everything becomes very simple. Can you feel at this moment the simplicity of who I am? I accept you as you are. I see so many of you struggling in your life, there is tension in so many of you. You are suffering too much. Today, I wish you remind you of the simplicity of life. Once upon a time you knew this simplicity from within; this was when you where a child. A child doesn’t think of tomorrow or yesterday, they are here in the present. Children have an easy connection with their divinity, their light. They don’t doubt that they are good as they are.
Now as I speak of this, travel with your awareness into your body. Go to your heart and into your belly. That is were you find the child within. Remember this place inside where you can enjoy the moment.
A child is able to receive, there is no judgment in a child, it takes life as it is. Feel this energy inside your belly. Dare to open up to life again. When you were a child you dared to have big dreams. Right now we need to have big dreams on Earth. Times are changing, and more people are becoming aware that something needs to change. We can only change this world if people know how to get back to the inner child: the source of unconditional love and joy.
What are your dreams? What were your dreams as a child? Do you remember just the feeling of it? Now see the child in front of you, the child that you were. She or he is carrying a flower; the flower comes from their heart. Can you feel what this child has to offer to the world? It is such a special and unique energy. Can you admire the innocence and the courage of this child? They have come to Earth, a place full of danger and fear, carrying this delicate flower with a passion in their heart to share it with the world. Caress this child within. How does the flower look like at this moment of your life? Is it blooming, is it healthy? Or does it lack the right nourishment? Do you feel tension, fear, bitterness around it? Now imagine that you reach out your hands towards this flower and tell it: “You are so beautiful, so precious. I will remain loyal to you.”
The flower is a message from your soul. It contains the energy your soul wishes to manifest on Earth in this lifetime. See this beautiful flower and notice if there is pain, discouragement or fear inside you about your destiny. Look at these emotions with compassion. You are very courageous to even be here on Earth. You are here now to bring change, to bring light to Earth, but you are also here to have joy in life. Remember the simple joy of being a child, living spontaneously according to your nature. Bringing light to Earth is not meant to wear you down. You are a child of Earth as well. Mother Earth wishes to give you everything you need.
When I was on Earth, I had a mission. I came here to plant the seeds of a new consciousness. You essentially have the same mission as I had. Now, this world can make you very sad. Your mission depends on your ability to have joy here as well, and to receive like a child. When you feel down and depressed, remember to connect to the inner child in your belly. Have fun and take things lightly for a while. No matter how you feel, this child still carries your life energy, your spontaneity.
See yourself as a beautiful angel of light. On your lap is your inner child. Together you are creating your path on Earth. The child represents your earthly part. As a cosmic being taking human form, you have to work with the emotions of the child. Whenever the child feels sad, or angry or fearful, you have to take these messages seriously. Like an angel you can attend to this child. The child holds the key to paradise on Earth. Take care of her/him with tenderness, and in dealing with other people always remember there is a little child inside them as well.
Pamela Kribbe
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Faith and alertness appear to be completely opposite in nature. When you are alert, usually there is no faith and you feel restless and insecure. When there is faith the mind is secure and rested and you are not alert.

There are three types of faith:

Tamasic faith which is because of dullness. Like when you do not want to take responsibility or action and you say, "Oh it doesn't matter, anyway God will take care of all these things!" (laughter)

Rajasic faith which is brought on by intense compulsion of desires and ambition. The ambition keeps the faith alive.

Satvic faith is innocent and is born out of fullness of consciousness.

Faith and alertness, though apparently opposite in nature, are actually complementary to each other. In the absence of faith there can be no growth, and without alertness there can be no correct understanding. Faith can make you complacent. Alertness makes you tense.

If there is no faith, there is fear. And when there is no alertness one cannot perceive or express properly. A combination of both is essential.

In Gyana (state of wisdom) there is alertness without tension and faith without complacency. The purpose of education should be to remove the element of dullness from faith and the element of fear from alertness. This is a unique and rare combination. If you have faith and alertness at the same time, then you will become a true Gyani (the Wise One)!

- Sri Sri