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Heavenletter #4207 The Truth of Your Own Heart, June 1, 2012
God said:
There are times when you have to stand up for yourself. And I am yourSelf. There is a difference between ego and yourself, Myself within you. There are times when you have to stand up to the Truth of you. Do not let anyone or anything dissuade you from the Truth of your own heart.
There have been times when you let Yourself down. You downplay Yourself. You give over Yourself in order to win favor. You think there is some kind of reward for you. You listen to the logic of the world. And you sacrifice your truth for another's truth or convenience.
Life teaches you that you do not have to have your own way. Nothing has to be as you want it to be. And, yet, when it comes to Me within your very Self, it is better that you stay with your Truth and not give way even if the whole world does give sway to less than Truth.
There are times when you cave in. You give up your heart's truth for a false coin. You give up your heart and let something else come before your heart. You give in to popularity, perhaps. You give in to someone's will that is more definite than yours. There is will and Will. Do not give away My Will for you.
Everything in life will support your evolution. Mistakes will. And, yet, do not forfeit your evolution in order to be accepted or gallantly tread or for your billfold. Do not let someone's else esteem of you be your guide.
It is so easy to get caught up in what is untrue to your heart. I speak of your True Heart, not your whim. Give up your whims. I am speaking of the Truth of you. Do not be less than you are. It matters. Don't be led down the garden path because someone else seemingly knows more than you. Concede. Be humble, but do not sell yourself short, for it matters.
You do not have to win every time from the world's point of view. Nor do you want to send yourself down the river in exchange for a moment of a salute to you.
The question here is: What is your Truth, beloveds?
The whole world can sanction acts and perspectives that are not right to your heart. The whole world can say it is okay to steal from the innocent. The world may say It is okay to steal under certain circumstances and in such ways. The world can talk about wily ways. Because you can get away with something does not make it right.
What I am saying to you is: Do the right thing, even when the world says it doesn't really matter.
I am not asking you to become a hero or heroine of the world. I am asking you to be true to your own heart. Stick with your integrity, even when the world's integrity is different from your own.
Do not be the world's plaything and move your heart the way the world says is all right when your heart says: "I am not sure about this."
Do not kid yourself. Do not get away with being less than true to yourself.
Honor the God within you. This is what I am saying. Do not let yourself be detoured by the majority unless your heart truly agrees. Stick to your guns where it matters. Your heart matters. Be true to Your Self.