Born 2 Love

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Heavenletter #4225 Born to Love, June 19, 2012 

God said: 

You can afford to love. You cannot afford not to love. You have to give love. It is a necessity. Otherwise, your heart will be stuck with hot tar and cut off from itself. Your heart is meant to love, so let it love. Encourage love. Give your heart ample room to love. Your heart is not meant to be held back, crushed, discounted, denied, delayed, endangered, fretted, fractured, guarded, hampered, hidden, impaled, jammed, kept, lied to, monitored, mishandled, negated, overridden, put aside, quarantined, restrained, stepped on, tied, undervalued, victimized, wrestled, or zipped closed.

Your heart is meant for freedom, the freedom to be, and the freedom to lead not only yourself but the world. Your heart is meant to set the pace for the Universe rather than keep the hearts of My children under wraps.

It is summer now in the heart of the world, and all winter coats are to be removed. Your heart is not to carry strictures within it any longer. The summer of hearts is here. Your heart has been on the rack. Your heart is not meant to be confined. Your heart is not meant to be held down. Not you or anything is to bind your heart and make it small. Undo the boundaries in your heart. Be done with restraints. For Heaven's sake, free your heart from all the conditions you have made. Love. Just love. Love is to be given, never squelched.

You were born to love. You were not born to trespass against your heart. You were born to love the wisdom of your heart. Your heart has your best interests at heart. Your heart knows you want it to love, only you have put love under wraps as if love were deformed and not quite honorable. No, beloveds, your restrictions damage your heart, your beautiful heart that simply wants to love and make you and the world happy.

Open your heart to everyone and everything. Make room in your heart for love to be its song, free to sing under all circumstances, never to close down.

In your misguided attempt to guard your heart, you have imprisoned it. You tied it tight. You might as well have shot bullet holes into it.

But then was then. Never mind then. Now open your heart. Open the doors of your heart. Set your heart free to be a lover of life, mankind, the world, and God.

Do you feel the relaxation your heart feels when you even contemplate freeing it? A whole lot of inhibition will leave. You will not be reckless. You just won't heckle your heart. You will have set your heart free to love. To love is a good thing. Your heart is filled with boundless love, and now you are going to give your heart permission to do what it has always wanted, and that is to love with all its heart, not some, not a little, not censored, not derailed, but just to love as a heart is meant to love. Give your heart opportunity to love, not just here and there, but everywhere.

Love from a big place in your heart. Love given without thought of gain will not be taken advantage of. When you give your heart, you do not give it for a price. You are not even thinking of a return. You are not thinking in terms of something due you or something that you owe. You are simply letting your heart breathe. How happy your heart will be. It will alight, and it will fly and love some more. All hearts simply want to love. Your heart wants to love. You can love the ugly and the beautiful. As you love, you will no longer see what now appears to you as ugly, for your heart will begin to see Me in everyone, in everything, everywhere.