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Isis' Message of the Day -

"If we can spread love, we will have peace. All children wish for peace, so just wait for the new children who are coming into the world now! These children are all really serious about love. Children, including me, are more open about expressing love than grown-ups, so you see, it's not really a role, it's our natural state. We don't think of it as a role. That's why it's easier for children to spread love."
~ KOYA ~


I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. Blessings to all. It is a time for reflection and then action. Look at your life with new eyes. See what is no longer needed, and take the action to clear it. See what is needed, and take action to bring it into your life. Remember as you do this that you are worthy of love. Enjoy your journey on the road of life. The ups and downs bring the exhilaration. See the glory of your life. Bless your hearts.

Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
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Heavenletter #4259
Timeless and Spaceless
July 23, 2012
God said:
As the tide of the ocean has been set in motion, so have you been set in motion. You landed running, beloveds. Although in Truth, there is no before and after, in terms of the world, there is a before you and an after you. You didn't start at birth. You arrive at birth. In death, you do not leave anywhere. Your body falls by the wayside. You simply continue along. There is no interruption of you. You are eternal. In Truth, there was no before you nor was there an after you, and, yet, you precede yourself and you ensue yourself.
Time is a convenient way to talk about things. Space is a convenient way as well. In fact, in the world, space is seen as solid. One who is not solid may be seen as spacey. You are neither timey nor spacey, for neither exists. Of course, on Earth, it pays to be grounded, yet in whose interpretation are you grounded or ungrounded or in time or out of time? In My book, you are timeless and spaceless. You can't have one without the other. In Truth, there is neither. There is no direction to go in, and there is no time to go in a direction if you could.
So all the words you use are metaphors. They are "as if" words. If there were time, this and that would be so. If there were space, you would inhabit it, yet there is no space, so you only think and perceive that you inhabit a world that you can touch. In the world, it is advisable to stay in touch.
Stay in touch with Me, beloveds, for I am your solidity. There is no other. Everything else is a mirage. Everything your senses tell you is a mirage. Your body is a mirage. Everything is a mirage except for Oneness.
The apple you are eating is a mirage.
Of course, in the extant world you live in, you need the mirage of an apple to fill the mirage of your stomach so you can carry on the mirage of time and space. I do not say this is a bad thing. You are in the world, and you speak the language of the country you are in. You are in the country that is called Earth, or is called the world, or is called mountain and stream, hill and dale, and you live under a sky that is sunny or overcast. You are so overcast with the illusion of the world. Of course, it seems real. How could it not? Everyone acts as if the world is real. Everyone can see and touch and use all the physical senses. What kind of God can go around saying that the world is unreal? Excuse Me, dear ones, do you not yourself often find the world unreal? What cannot happen happens. What, in world terms, should happen does not happen. Everything is upside down in a world that veritably has no time or space, and, yet, in this impossible world, there is Truth. You are Truth, and I am Truth. And the Truth of the Truth is One. Twain is not Truth. Oneness alone is.
There is no room for space, and there is no time for time, for Eternity and Infinity defy gravity. You can't have both time and Eternity. You can't have both space and Infinity. And, yet, wherein is your choice?
Live in the errant world of time and space and keep in touch with from where you come. Keep in touch with Home. Always remember from where you come, and where you ultimately are. This scrap of space you appear to live on is an episode, an imagined episode, a mutually agreed upon episode that seems to last quite a while and which, in Truth, does not last even what you might call half a minute.

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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, you are very strong. Only the strongest ones, only the masters call to themselves that which would be seen to be difficult and challenging. Let that sink in for a moment. Only the masters would have the courage to say, “Okay, let me try that experience. I want to know that experience from the inside out; not just to look at it as an appearance that maybe somebody else is experiencing, but I want to know it from the inside.” And so then your wish is granted, and you get to experience various things, various challenges as the world would call them, but actually they are blessings.
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SaLuSa: Be On Your Guard In These Closing Times
Through Mike Quinsey
July 23, 2012
The longer we are held back the more you are becoming involved in the activities that are intended to release you from the hold of the dark cabal. That is in fact to be desired as we have always encouraged you to get involved. You have to see out the experiences you need as a Human Race, and it would not do for us to intervene while you are still able to go forward. However, we have our own agenda and there is shortly coming a point where our actions must come together. So we do our best to assist you whilst you still have the impetus to continue and are achieving results. Progress appears slow but in reality you are making very good gains, and people are getting mobilized in case they are needed.
Be on your guard in these closing times, as the dark Ones although severely weakened are planning a last gasp attack on you. We can help you repel them and lessen any outcome of their activities, and you can lead the way. The most positive assistance you can give is by keeping your focus on the Light and when many of you do it, it is a powerful force that minimizes the affect of the lower energies. Whatever rumors you hear, do not allow them to make you fearful as disinformation is intended to create conditions that favor the dark Ones. Obviously some will be based on truth but even so you can take note, and trust that the higher powers that includes us who are working hard to avoid any major incident.
At present you have a number of brave souls who have stuck their neck out at risk to themselves and they are leading the way, and we are behind them. So please identify with them and where you can assist be of help, and if nothing else spread the word so that others can draw some confidence from what is happening. The Galactic Federation of Light is now generally known throughout the West, but not necessarily understood as far as the role it is to play in the end times. It would be advantageous to us if you could help people understand that we are all One, and that we are not aliens in the true meaning of that word. We are you, but from your future and have our origin as you in the One God of this Universe.
We pose absolutely no threat to you, and have reached a high level of spiritual understanding that knows only love for our brothers and sisters on other worlds. When you have the opportunity to write your history up as it was and without inaccuracies or intentional distortions, you will find that we have often helped you when you have been in dire trouble. You will however find that past civilizations have been attacked by Space Entities or even been  taken over, but these are not in any way connected to our Federation.
We have taken an oath to God that we will uphold all souls rights to experience as they choose, providing it does not impeach upon another's freedom. We also acknowledge that each of you has been given freewill to create your own path, to gain the experience needed to further your evolution. That Dear Ones is why we cannot just jump in and take control of your affairs, as that would take away your opportunity to evolve as you have chosen. We do however answer to the higher Beings who oversee your civilization, and have their own responsibility to God to make sure God's Plan works out. That of course is your destiny to complete this cycle of duality with the opportunity to ascend. We are here to ensure you are not denied it by any outside interference or through the activities of the Illuminati.
Remember that many matters that are thrust under your noses and intended to place you under more control, will not in fact be of any consequence. So please do not waste your energy on such threats to your liberty. The dark Ones also know the truth but push on with their plan, hoping to create such fear as to delay your progress. Your path leads you away from such possibilities and the more you strengthen the Light upon Earth, the more you are protected. The dark Ones have a myopic view of life and cannot see beyond their insane objectives. Let them continue to dig their own hole because they will fall into it, and their return to the Light will take them quite a long time. We do not judge them as it is their chosen experience but it does not excuse their criminal acts against others.
Life and the Laws that cover it are written by God, and no one can act against them without creating karma for themselves. Acts against others are nevertheless to be expected due to the low vibrational level of your dimension, and it happens because of the lack of Light in some souls that have fallen so low. That is the challenge of duality and you took it on quite willingly, knowing that you would be helped to rise up out of it. Now the end is in sight, and soon it will be a time of celebration as your long wait will be over. You will not have any regrets, indeed you will be pleased that you had the opportunity to experience the consequences of having freewill. Your reward is a great leap forward on the way back to the higher dimensions. So please put matters into perspective when you face dark Ones, as they cannot stop your progress to the completion of your journey.
Support the people who have been brave enough to put themselves in the spotlight to bring you the truth. They do so at some risk to their lives, although we are allowed to protect them if their life plan still has time to go. However, there are occasions when a great soul will make the ultimate sacrifice to help Humanity evolve. Few of you have that in their plan and you have only to look at the impact it makes, as for example John F. Kennedy. They do it because they are wonderful Beings of Light, and know that life is infinite and that death is not the end. They create a great outpouring of love that raises the vibrations upon Earth. You in your own way can do something like it, and many have incarnated to contribute to the overall plan for everyone's upliftment.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and await our call to push forward with a plan that has to be frequently updated, in accordance with the happenings upon Earth. It needs constant review as the whole scenario can change so quickly. At present we are satisfied that you are carrying the battle to the dark Ones and winning. That is all we ask and our time to become more involved is coming very soon, indeed it has to because time is racing by.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

I receive my messages from SaLuSa telepathically, he is speaking for the Galactic Federation. I have never had the advantage of being able to have a relationship where I can ask questions. I sit down at a specific time to make contact and then I get images or what I call 'packages" of images or words which I translate straight away onto the computer. Since March, 2004 I have been in contact with beings from the Galactic Federation.  *   

SaLuSa to Me: We are Part of the One Water of Life
Channeled by Laura Tyco
July 19, 2012, Message
Laura: good evening, one facebook friend has asked if it would be possible to receive advise for those of us worrying..
SaLuSa: Worry is a form of energy waste, a negative side of creation of imagination. Please do not ever forget the Law of Attraction. When one feels worried and imagines negativity or fear, the outcome is responding to these kind of vibrations..
Perhaps the worries are founded sometimes, and perhaps there is an appropriate response to legitimate worrying. Try sitting down with your fears and worries, analyse the worse possible outcome, and then realise that even the worse case scenario is not so bad as long as you remain master of yourself, master of your destiny, as long as there is still freedom inside.
One would have to realise that releasing any form of attachment and identification would go a long way towards inner freedom. As man is born, he learns to obey, to respond to fear and to the outside world at the expense of keeping in touch with your inner world.
Balance between inner world and outside world is necessary. Balance is needed between what is imagined and what is real. At this point in time it would be helpful to know what is real. Meditation and spiritual work through direct contact with spiritual masters is a good way of shedding negative imagination and remaining with what is real.
Laura: Thank you. Would you also have a general message for us please?.
SaLuSa: Of course dear one. The truth is that you are never alone. We, the ascended masters, the angelic realm, and the ascended civilisations are always with you. We are one thought away so to speak. When you are collected and in a state of receptiveness, you are able to know we are with you by sensing us. You are then able to feel our love, our hearts beam love and join together in a positive beam of light.
When you close your eyes, and find your self in a collected state, the heavens open above you, while you are feeling Mother Earth’s connection, dear ones. Whenever you are able to connect with the energies above you, so to speak, you will receive messages from us all. This form of communication may not necessarily take on the form of a conversation. It may remain on the level of feelings, of love, of empathy.
This you must also be able to feel when you are in the streets, when you are with loved ones, from the human, animal or plant world. Remain opened even when you read articles on your internet. Remain in your sacred space of heart of hearts when engaged in dialogue, when reading or watching the news..
Dear ones, you are witnessing the collapse of an old world. This world is now on the same level as a ghost world. It’s power is fading away as more and more humans are awakening to their true galactic heritage. There will soon be no limits for you all, dear ones. However in order to reach that level of clairvoyance, consciousness and love, you must learn to let go of the world of illusion and mirages you have been accustomed to live in and to believe to be real..
The power of the light being beamed down on to your beautiful planet is removing any unnecessary phantoms of negativity. You have the duty of actively helping in removing these last remnants of a dying world, by being present into your life more and more frequently. Learn to listen to your loved ones, and try guiding them only when you are able to hear beyond their words. Their words are a reflection of the world that they are hanging on to, the world that they live in and desperately hanging onto..
Be the light for others now, as you have always wanted to be. However in order to positively fulfil your mission here, you must first learn to do this work for your self, to understand your self, and to understand the important elements of the world unfolding around you.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and as usual I am sending my love. We have legions of love around your planet, we have legions of angels around you. Learn to listen to them dear ones, and learn to listen to your inner voice. Be love, we are one always, no matter what the cabal would have you believe. We are One, part of the one water of life. Be Blessed..
Thank you, SaLuSa.
Channeled by Laura Tyco
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Greetings from the Federation:
Channeled by Wanderer of the Skies
July 21, 2012
While you may not believe so, there is much that is going on in your world toward the results that the divine plan has been anticipating for a long time.  We are here to see you through these times of doubt and help you in your mission.  We understand the hardship that your memory loss of who you are and where you came from have brought upon you.  We care and we are here.  While you may not understand all the actions and non-actions that have been played out on the world stage, we say to you that all is proceeding according to the plan that was put in place long ago and you are all on course.

Reports will shortly come into your media of a large shift in energy patterns on your world that have been measured and observed by your scientists.  These shifts are part of the ever widening expansion of the energy lifting your world out of its entanglement.  Pay particular attention to the degree to which these shifts have been noticed and you will understand the massive effects this energy is having on your world today.

As we have always told you, the changes you see in your world do not come as a Hollywood movie, but as a gradual set of circumstances that culminate in the desired change the plan seeks to accomplish.  You expected to see massive changes in the structures of your governments, banking and business communities, but this upset would have been far too much for your people to handle.  These changes, like all necessary changes, are gradual in nature and sometimes imperceptible at first.  Yet, they are here and underway.  Have you not perceived the subtle but very powerful shift in the perception of your people towards the banking cartels?  Have you not witnessed the slowing down of Gaia’s natural disasters?  Have you not felt the shift in thinking of world leaders towards those issues and events which are people oriented and not solely beneficial to corporate interests?  These subtle changes are what the behind-the-scenes moves, deals, and actions have been about.

Recently, we have met again on a Galactic scale to assess where we have come in the process and what must been done further to progress towards the inevitable goals desired by the plan.  That meeting, again taking place on one of our great spacers, has led to some interesting consensus about our mutual situation.  This meeting included those delegates from your world as well as representative of the Federation.  Your people were heard and your feelings considered foremost in the consensus.  We have begun in earnest now to undertake the first in the steps of this consensus.  You will see that first step in the form of our overwhelming presence in your skies in the coming days.  The first advance of the major agenda is underway.

Your people have begun the shift toward understanding the Illuminati’s grip on the world.  Those still in power with the ability to put an end to this have realized that the way is clear for them to proceed and that the resistance from the secret ones has lessened to a degree warranting action at this time.  With these bold moves by your own heroes, and the first taken by us in a series of steps in this next phase of the plan, we hope to raise the energy in your world sufficient to achieve the next level and implement the next phase necessary to the goal
You are extraordinary human beings.  You have studied hard and long on this, the greatest of the Galactic spiritual schools, and are about to graduate from the Harvard of learning institutions.  Your services are sorely needed throughout the universe and you will be met with open arms and great reverence for who you are and what you have accomplished.  Remain in love and determination for a positive outcome.  We, in turn, will remain ever in awe of your abilities, your talents, and your raw spiritual power.

Be at peace.

Channeler: Wanderer of the Skies

Council of the Venus Ray: Balancing Act
Received by AuroRa Le
July 20, 2012
Over the past few days, I’ve been focusing my energies on doing some long-neglected personal healing and clearing.  As Lightworkers, we often are so focused on Gaia and on the healing of others, that our own needs can get pushed off into the background and forgotten.  It’s been ages since I’ve taken the time to focus on myself, and to say that the results were amazing would be a huge understatement!  We all need to do this on a regular basis.  Just think of how much better we’ll be able to serve when our own channels of communication are clean and unblocked, our vision clearer and our auras bright and sparkling!
One of the most obvious changes in myself since my healing 2 days ago is in my ability to detach instantly, and at will.  Kind of like  bilocating, I think, but I’m 100% aware and in control of what my physical body is doing and thinking.  It’s hard to explain.  Anyway, it became really obvious to me yesterday while I was out running errands.  As I was driving, I felt a sharp tingling and an intense pressure in the area of pineal (this has been recurring since my healing), and suddenly I was “seeing” the activity around me very differently.  I began to feel, empathetically, the collective energy of the community, or quite possibly, the overall vibration of the 3rd dimensional collective, as a whole.  As I trolled the Public parking lot looking for a space, I was drawn to the people (normally, I’m pretty oblivious), and to me they felt sad.  I was experiencing a sense of exhaustion, a crushing heaviness, and I literally “saw” them melting down onto the pavement under their own weight.  The auras of the cigarette-smokers hanging around out in front of the store, on their break, turned translucent gray.  Later, when I went to the Post Office, I began sneezing and couldn’t get out of there fast enough!  As I drove home past the power plant, I saw it as being immersed in an opaque, grayish fog. It was a bit unnerving, I will admit!
Which brings me to the big questions.  First of all, what is going on?  What does this all mean?  Am I seeing something that’s actually happening, and is only now becoming visible?  And most importantly; if the 3rd dimension is decaying all around us, how do we-the sensitives-survive amidst it’s downfall, with our sanity intact?  The ultimate balancing act…
I felt this would be best discussed with the girls of The Council.  And as I AM a member of The Council (and the only one who is, and ever has been, incarnated in a human body), we have decided that the posts we make from now on will included their perspective from onboard-ship, and my own perspective from here on the ground.  For all of the regular readers of our messages, we hope this is okay.  I’m also including a link to Laura Tyco’s latest message from SaLuSa, where he talks about this subject, also.  Synchronistically,  this post was the first thing I saw when I signed onto Facebook, after I got home from my shopping adventure.  Now it’s time to consult with The Council.  Let’s see where our curiosity takes us…
( My comments are in parentheses )
Rastran:  With the clearing away of your own personal baggage comes the full release of your own precious inner vision.  Without obstructions, this gift is allowed to freely operate.  The removal of obsolete and unwanted energy and programming which impedes your functionality, is a responsibility with which every Lightworker is tasked at this time.  The reason it struck you with such a tremendous impact Sister, is because you have not, in your Earthly body, been accustomed to having such an open line of sight.  This type of experience can be expected to occur with much greater frequency, now.  I wish for all who hear me to be aware of this and to be ready to embrace this immense change.  It can be somewhat disconcerting at first, as you found out a day ago.
(But that awful feeling of decay, and the way the people just sort of melted.  They seemed so hopeless, and it was like they were dying.  My opinion is that it wasn’t actually the people themselves who were dying, but the 3rd dimensional part of them.  Is that true? )
Rastran:  Yes, it is exactly that which you saw, and is a most correct assessment.  Do you see now my Sister, you know far more than you give yourself credit for.  What you sensed is the cleansing.  Your inner vision perceived the falling away of the these peoples’ outer boundaries.  These boundaries are much akin to fortress walls, which have up until now served to lock in their old, 3rd dimensional consciousness.  This is how it appears to us, also, from our vantage point.  The walls are a function of the lower ego, as an instrument for it’s survival.  The lower ego governs the baser instincts, and has required this type of protection in order to survive.  Fixed in place for aeons, the boundaries have grown stronger by virtue of reinforcement from the incessant barrage of negativity that comes your way on a daily basis. This through food, medicine and negative external stimulus.  However, it’s day has come and it can no longer survive the increasing Light energies arriving onto the planet.  It’s eventual demise is a fact. Those of you who are attuned shall be able to see and feel this dismantling, now.  Therefore, it is even more important to keep clean your energetic body and to protect yourself.
Eirenae:  If I might interject, I wish for all to know that we adore you so.  Never, ever will you be left to flounder in the mire.  Beloved Hearts, please call upon us always, at any time.  It will indeed happen for you, and probably quite suddenly, as you move about your day.  Were it I in your shoes, I should choose to view it with an air of fascination, as much did you, Dear Sister.  At least until your analytical side began to question it’s intent.
Rastran:  The old ways are dead and dying.  They have since served their purpose and what we now have is a better way of living being ushered in.  The evidence is everywhere around, if you are of a mind to see it.
Lira:  It is quiet, though, would you not say?  The Earth looks still to me. This day I see so little movement on the surface, yet it’s clear that much is brewing beyond the scope of the common man’s perception.  Like the rumbling of a volcano, I think it to be.  Much is afoot.
( I definitely get that.  Everyone down here is saying that it feels like we’re waiting for something really big to happen.  Like it’s the calm before the storm. )
Rastran:  An accurate comparison, I would say, yes.  Logically speaking, however can it possibly be otherwise?  Look where we are on your proverbial timeline?  What has been decreed to occur will occur.  So it is.  By The Creator’s own design, it remains to be not a matter of if, but when.  Do not despair that you shall be forced to endure a moment more of this uncomfortable inter-dimensional overlap that is absolutely necessary.
( But what advice can you give us, about how to deal with it on a day-by-day basis? )
Lira:  It is so absolutely critical that you do not engage.  You must live amongst the ones asleep.  Of course you must.  And you must love them, for it is through your heart-felt, unconditional love that they shall arise.  Love is what shall open their eyes, and it is then that they shall see.  It is a pleasant consequence of the breaking down of their barriers.  They shall then be able to receive love, unhindered.  Yet, you must refrain from any type of conflict, no matter how vehemently you may disagree or how abhorrent their viewpoints may be to you.  In fact, be done with such lower reactions entirely.  Also, do not mimic their behaviors.  On the occasions where you must participate, adopt a graceful demeanor and complete your 3rd dimensional task in a manner as befitting an Ascended One.
Eirenae:  Which, if you are one who cares to read our words, you are!
( Easier said than done, sometimes!  None of you have ever been human, so you have no idea what it’s really like to live here. )
Torras:  We do have a somewhat good idea, if only by way of our connection with you and the reports you give us when you arrive home, most sleep-times.  The human race greatly inspires us.  And the valor of our ground teams needs no elaboration.  For myself, I find you most heroic.  I send you my blessings now, if you shall accept them.  I do hope you feel my energies and my love.  Your eyes might tear a bit, if you do.
Eirenae:  However do you bear it, I often wonder?  You on the ground are our Forces’ shining stars.  Your powers remain unmatched throughout The Cosmos.  I say this to not merely boost your spirits, but because it is true.
Rastran:  At this point, I feel that we have said our piece.  The Elders are otherwise engaged, this alone ought alert you, so in Sybra’s stead I speak.  I say; remain strong in your convictions and keep your heads held high.  Be of light demeanor and spread tidings of hope and peace wherever you may go.  There are many of a mind to listen.  The hardest portion of your work is near completion, but the ones who follow in your wake have only just begun.  Approach them gently;  and as did our Brother Yeshua, lead and school them in The Way of Compassion.  It is You they have been waiting for.
We are, as above so below,
The Council Of The Venus Ray

About Me

I am an Angelic/Pleiadian, and one of the ten Pleiadian, Sirian and Angelic women who make up The Council Of The Venus Ray.  I’m also a Mom, a lightworker and a business owner.  This wonderful lifetime is my one and only incarnation on the Planet Earth.  I’m known, as we all are, by many names… as Bella Capozzi, on my Earth journey, and (in “reality”) as Archeia AuroRa or LoRa Le.   
There are many of us here on Earth at this time, living ordinary lives.  Some, like me, have known who or what they are all along and safely held that knowledge in a private, sacred space.  This, until the moment we can’t play the game anymore and burst full-force out of the Spiritual Closet, kicking the door shut behind us.  Then there are our other blessed brothers and sisters who are just now having their aha-moment, and are stepping forward to share their amazing truths.
Whichever it is, or if you just happened to find this site by Divine Synchronicity (there are no accidents), be open to everything!  Speak your truth.  Tell the world who you “really” are.  *  http://theangeldiaries.org/  *  Email:  enchantedenergy444@aol.com

Cosmic Weather Report July 2012
by Sarah Biermann
July 18, 2012
I have noticed a few patterns with people (friends, family and clients and myself) that led me to checking into the astrology. What I’ve noticed is people are either experiencing change unexpectedly and are feeling very emotional or are feeling blocked in making changes they desire and are feeling very emotional. A cute and fun example of this was when my daughter came in and flopped on my bed and exclaimed, “Why couldn’t I have been born in Scotland? Why? WHY?! They have theee most lovely accent!” Of course, thirteen-year-old girls are prone to this type of thing, but she was really upset. She knew logically that she was being silly, but at the same time she really felt quite emotional. Other examples are not so cute or funny, not at all.
I started looking at the chart for the New Moon in Cancer on July 18th. Bingo! Both the Sun and the Moon in Cancer, the most sensitive sign. Cancer loves to be cozy and warm with her children  tucked safely in bed. And that is definitely not being supported astrologically. Uranus, the planet of unexpected change and freedom is in Aries. Aries is interested in starting something new, being spontaneous, independent and free. Uranus has been going through a series of seven squares with Pluto in Capricorn. The first was on June 24th. This is being manifested as the upsetting of old institutions, financial, religious, education, etc. But right now Uranus is opposite Mars This is bringing the unexpected transforming events to a more personal level. The changes upset the status quo and require that we change to move forward.
Adding to this, Mercury went retrograde on July 13th and Uranus went retrograde on July 14th. When a planet is retrograde we tend to look back at things, re-evaluate, re-examine (just about anything that starts with re). Old things come up and it’s hard to get new things started. The frustration, resentment and anxiety we feel are amplified through the lens of Cancers sensitivity. Anybody been crying more than usual or feeling anxious and unsure?
The good news is that the Moon moves out of sensitive Cancer and into self-confident Leo on July 19th with the Sun following on July 22nd. This should ease up the intensity of our emotions. With Mars increasing his forward motion we are still being supported in making things happen. Mercury leaves “memory lane” (goes direct) on August 8th. Slow moving Uranus (It will be in Aries for about seven years.) will not move forward until December 13th. And the personalizing influence of the Mars opposition to Uranus is gradually fading away through the end of the July.
Keep breathing and releasing any emotions and know that this is a temporary stage. Try not to make decisions when you are in “high juice” (emotional). You’re less likely to be able to connect with your Greater Self’s higher vision and wisdom. This too shall pass.
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How Transformation Happens
by Tony Samara
July 20, 2012
The meditation that I would like to share with you is very simple. And due to it's simplicity it can be practiced in many places at any time. There is no right or wrong, this time or that time for this meditation and It can take a few moments. its very easy. So I would like you to just take a few moments to practice this.
What you do is, if possible, if you are not driving or if you are not doing something where you need to have your eyes open, close your eyes, just because by closing your eyes what happens is that the senses relax a little bit more. Good to sit up, good to have your back straight so that you're really focused on the conscious aspect of this meditation.
So as you sit up and close your eyes, taking a few moments to breathe in, the in breath is very important. So don't just breathe in, in an automatic way, in a mechanical way. This is part of our attention moving always to the external aspects, even the breath then becomes external to you. So when you breathe in, what you are doing is you are bringing everything around you a little bit closer to you. So basically you are saying to yourself ”I allow my heart to feel more intimate with life. I allow my heart to be more vulnerable to the waves that come and go, that life is always creating around me, with no fear.”
So as you breathe in, its impossible to feel fear. If you take a deep in-breath what you are doing is allowing the fear to move out of that space that occupies feelings. If you breathe in deeply what you are breathing in is a life force that is very vibrant. Breathe in deeply and then just simply, as you breathe out, let go, breathe out, let go, and imagine that all those aspects of life that are swirling around in your mind, or that are occupying the space of the heart or that are occupying you, or stressing or creating tension for you, imagine, imagination is very powerful, imagine that through the out-breath, is moving out from your body, out from you feelings, out from your mind. It requires a little bit of discipline to do this because it's so easy to drift back into another thought, another feeling, another situation, another idea, another dream.
Rather than do this, just have the intention so clear that all that will happen now is that you are letting go and becoming a channel. Becoming an open vessel for the divine aspect that is inside of your heart. So let go of the mundane, no matter how important it is, no matter how practical those issues are that need to be dealt with.
Give your heart a moment to deeply relax, to really come back to itself so that you are doing nothing, all you are doing is breathing in deeply again.
And as you breathe in deeply, not trying to change anything, not trying to change the thoughts or the feelings. Simply allowing the vibrancy of the in-breath to fill your body. See when you do this as you are doing now, what is happening is that you are helping the body move to a higher vibration, to a higher state of being. And this is the only possible way to change any situation around you. That is to move beyond it, not to be attached, not to be caught up, not to be stuck or limited by whatever life is throwing at you. But rather to completely let go as you breathe in, to completely let go of everything except the gratitude of being alive, because that's all that counts, is this moment. And this moment is your in breath. As you breathe in, everything else is of no importance because after the in breath there is a moment between the in breath and the out breath where you can be still. And in that stillness there is an open space, there is a feeling that goes beyond human feelings. There is a deep, divine feeling that begins to bubble up from the depths into this wonderful being that is you. The human aspect that is you. And you begin to feel better. This is how transformation happens.
You transform through joy and happiness. So as this beautiful vibrancy begins to become more your reality, then things begin to shift, begin to change. And wisdom comes to you in a very strong way then those other senses, those more subtle senses are open. This is how we open the other senses. And they begin to allow the energy of the divine to flow through all the glands of the body, all the organs of the body, including the mind and the heart and allow those aspects of yourself, to realize, as you are feeling this gratitude and aliveness in this moment, to realize what is really important and what is simply karma, what is simply an action that takes you nowhere.
When we know that time is precious, when we know that life is precious, we utilize this gift in a very special way. We don't waste it, we don't create limitations around it. And that is the out breath. We let go of whatever stops this feeling. Now that you begin to have this feeling, take a few moments to bring your consciousness back to the area of the heart, the heart energy point. Feel this in the chest and realize that you are not alone, that by doing this action you are connecting to many, many conscious beings around you who at this moment are celebrating the Divine, and you have just been invited to this celebration.
So what else can you do?
When you breathe in and you breathe out and you feel good, and there is happiness inside of your heart; you celebrate and you invite more people to this wonderful space that is ever expanding, that is beyond the limitations of mind, can not be understood through the mind. It is beyond the limitations of negative emotions, of selfishness, of feeling insecure, lack of self-esteem, all those human aspects that are important but that take us nowhere, let them go. As you move to a space of celebration, take a few moments to bring this awareness, even if it is just in the imaginary world, take a few moments to bring this awareness into your whole being. The whole physiology of your body begins to change.
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