Body Mind and Soul



 Your body is energy, your mind is energy, your soul is energy.
Then what is the difference among these three? The difference is
only of a different rhythm, different wavelengths, that's all. The
body is gross--energy functioning in a gross way, in a visible way.
    Mind is a little more subtle, but still not too subtle, because
you can close your eyes and you can see the thoughts moving;
they can be seen. They are not as visible as your body; your body
is visible to everybody else, it is publicly visible. Your thoughts
are privately visible. Nobody else can see your thoughts; only
you can see them--or people who have worked very deeply into
seeing thoughts. But ordinarily they are not visible to others.
    And the third, the ultimate layer inside you, is that of con-
sciousness. It is not even visible to you. It cannot be reduced into
an object; it remains subject.
    If all these three energies function in harmony, you are
healthy and whole. If these energies don't function in harmony
and accord, you are ill, unhealthy; you are no more whole. And
to be whole is to be holy.
     My effort is to help you so that your body, your mind, your
consciousness can all dance in one rhythm, in a togetherness, in a
deep harmony--not in conflict at all, but in cooperation.
     Consciousness is energy, purest energy; mind is not so pure;
body is still less pure. Body is much too mixed, and mind is also
not totally pure. Consciousness is total pure energy. But you can
know this consciousness only if you make a cosmos out of the
 three, and not a chaos. People are living in chaos: their bodies say
 one thing, their bodies want to go in one direction; their minds
 are completely oblivious of the body--because for centuries you
 have been taught that you are not the body, for centuries you have
 been told that the body is your enemy, that you have to fight with
 it, that you have to destroy it, that the body is sin.
     Because of all these ideas--silly and stupid as they are,
 harmful and poisonous as they are, but they have been taught for
 so long that they have become part of your collective mind, they
 are there--you don't experience your body in a rhythmic dance
 with yourself.
     Hence my insistence on dancing and music, because it is only
 in dance that you will feel that your body, your mind, and you are
 functioning together. And the joy is infinite when all these func-
 tion together; the richness is great.
     Consciousness is the highest form of energy. And when all
 these three energies function together, the fourth arrives. The
 fourth is always present when these three function together.
 When these three function in an organic unity, the fourth is al-
 ways there; the fourth is nothing but that organic unity.
     In the East, we have called that fourth simply "the fourth" --
 turiya; we have not given it any name. The three have names, the
 fourth is nameless. To know the fourth is to know God. Let us say
 it in this way: God is when you are an organic orgasmic unity. God
 is not when you are a chaos, a disunity, a conflict. When you are a
house divided against yourself there is no God.
     When you are tremendously happy with yourself, happy as
you are, blissful as you are, grateful as you are, and all your ener-
gies are dancing together, when you are an orchestra of all your
energies, God is. That feeling of total unity is what God is. God
is not a person somewhere, God is the experience of the three
falling in such unity that the fourth arises. And the fourth is more
than the sum total of the parts.
    If you dissect a painting, you will find the canvas and the col-
ors, but the painting is not simply the sum total of the canvas
and the colors; it is something more. That "something more" is
expressed through the painting, color, canvas, the artist, but that
"something more" is the beauty. Dissect the rose flower, and you
will find all the chemicals and things it is constituted of, but the
beauty will disappear. It was not just the sum total of the parts;
it was more.
    The whole is more than the sum total of the parts; it expresses
through the parts, but it is more. To understand that it is more is to
understand God. God is that more, that plus. It is not a question of
theology; it cannot be decided by logical argumentation. You have
to feel beauty, you have to feel music, you have to feel dance. And
ultimately you have to feel the dance in your body, mind, and soul.
    You have to learn how to play on these three energies so that
they all become an orchestra. Then God is--not that you see
God, there is nothing to be seen; God is the ultimate seer, it is
witnessing. Learn to melt your body, mind, soul; find out ways
when you can function as a unity.


Meditate - running can be a meditation - jogging, dancing, swimming,
anything can be a meditation. My definition of meditation is:
whenever your body, mind, soul are functioning together in
rhythm it is meditation, because it will bring the fourth in. And if you
are alert that you are doing it as a meditation -- not to take part in the
Olympics, but doing it as a meditation -- then it is tremendously
beautiful ...
But the basic fundamental is, whatever the meditation, it has to fill
this requirement: that the body, mind, consciousness, all three
should function in unity. Then suddenly one day the fourth has
arrived: the witnessing. Or if you want to, call it God; call it
God or nirvana or Tao or whatever you will.

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