Bliss {Contd.}

Bliss (Contd.)
It is such an illusion – you dislike someone or something, and this only makes you hard and your hardness takes a long time to soften, to disappear. It is such a trap for keeping you away from the treasure. Nothing in this material world can give you contentment. An outer-looking mind seeking for contentment gets discontented and the discontentment grows, and complaints and negativity start hardening the brain, clouding the awareness (the aura), and forming a huge cloud of negative energy. When the negativity reaches its peak, like an overloaded balloon, it bursts and comes back to the Divinity. You can never escape the Divine, the long route of negativity, or the instantaneous positive approach. When the Divinity dawns, in no time the shift happens from the untruth to truth, from darkness to light, from the dull inert matter to the sparkling spirit. When the heart is hard, there is no fun. You cannot experience fun.
- Sri Sri

Your questions.. Sri Sri answers..
Q: What is the most valuable thing you can do to your children? Love?
Sri Ravi Shankar: Love is always there. You can't but love your children. Educate
them in human values. Make them kind, make them strong. Some children
are kind but they can be easily hurt, they get easily offended, they
become miserable. And some people are very strong but they are not
kind. You have a challenge to make your children strong as well as
kind. Sometimes you have to scold your children. Don't bring them up in
a goody-goody way all the time. It they are used to you getting angry
with them then they will not get upset if someone else gets angry at
them sometime in the future. Otherwise, they become very fragile,
delicate and vulnerable. So sometimes you have to scold them and put
them on the right path.