Blessings Outlook Insights 4-2012



Isis' Message of the Day -
"Go and learn from your teachers and your religions until you are bored. Then seek the answer that feels right within your soul. When the truth feels right, that is your soul rejoicing, because the grandest truth is unlimited freedom - whatever allows you to experience any truth you desire."

~ Ramtha ~

Today's Angel Message
Channeled by Ann Albers
My dear friends, we love you so very much.
Happy Holy New Year dear ones! We are so excited for you as you enter the year of 2012. Far from being the end of the world it is a year of new beginnings. Out with the old, in with the new never had as much meaning as it will for your world this coming year. Each of you has been feeling this coming. Each of you has been releasing a lot of old emotions. Each of you is eager to get on with life, to make dreams come true, to allow for the love of God to flow into your hearts, homes, relationships, and indeed all of your lives!
Celebrate dear ones! Although there will be circumstances on your earth that cause many concern you can stand in a higher truth, knowing that what does not work is being catalyzed to change. What has been hidden in human hearts is coming to the surface. There will be a cry for more equality in the world, less greed, more compassion, more love. There will be more recognition that you are one world, one human race, and indeed all of you are in this life together, cooperatively, relying on each others' gifts, talents, and assistance to make the world go 'round. Your illusions of separation will be dissolving. Celebrate! Out with the old and in with the new!
For each of you personally you will be called upon during the year, to stand in faith or stand in fear. Choose faith dear ones! Have faith in God's love! Have faith in God's desire for you to live a life of your dreams, for indeed those dreams were planted in your hearts by God himself. Stop trying to control your days, your lives, others, your own heart. Allow yourself to just "be" who you are in any given moment. It is in this surrender to the truth of self, one moment at a time, that you are guided, directed, loved, and assisted. If you force yourself to do things out of fear, we think you know that this will not bring you a peaceful life. If you attempt to coerce, change, or "Fix" others you will find yourself in frustration. Let yourself be who you are and allow others to be as well. And while some may find the changes in 2012 challenging, you can sail through the year with grace and ease. As you bring love into every situation in your life you can transform not only your own lives, but indeed your world.
God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels
With much love,
Ann Albers

Blessings for 2012
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
January 1, 2012
Let us sift through the old debris to co-create life anew as we venture forth into this new year of greater expectations and undoubted promise. Sorting out the infamous wheat from the chaff, seeking ever that which is of highest good, that which our hearts dictate and from our very souls express. Let this new year of 2012 be the precursor to all the wondrous possibilities that are ours for the making and ours for the accepting, in grace and in ever highest divine order.
Let our hearts be opened wider than ever before as the road ahead opens up with grandeur and pristine possibilities as we, one with another, realise the true sacredness of our unified consciousness, merging and melding all that God is into the sheer Oneness of All That Is. Let this ensuing year live up to all the grand expectations as we diligently persevere with the One heart and a pureness in purpose, leaving behind all that no longer serves our highest good. Let us be the vanguard of loving co-creativity as we collectively recreate heaven on earth in majesty and humility.
Let there be light and love to guide and inspire us, allowing all that is obsolete to fall by the wayside, and seeds our new earth with the promise of true and sacred new beginnings for one and for all, no matter what colour, race, creed, belief or persuasion. Let there be light! Let there be Love. Let there BE!

We are the love from the Omniverse, we are the heart of the Cosmos, we are One with All That Is.
Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind

Guardian Council of the Golden Ray:
Outlook and Insights for the Year 2012
Shared through Jill Renee Feeler
January 1, 2012
Greetings and blessings. We are a collective consciousness of Guardians of the Golden Ray sharing wisdom and perspectives on the very unique time phase you are experiencing. We offer our unique perspective on the Cosmic relationship to your Personal Ascension and your unique Role in the Shifting of Ages. Our energetic translator is one of us, choosing to serve her role from within the bodysuit at these magical cycles of time on your planet.

Let us begin with this sharing session.
You have volunteered to be part of the ground crew in ushering in the dawning of what we term the Platinum Age. Given its uniqueness relative to other Golden Ages and the unprecedented nature by which it is occurring, it seems fitting of a unique name. You are utilizing these cycles and shifts to carry out an unprecedented growth phase; an evolution of humanity and of Earth which strongly effects the vibrational rate of not only your solar system but each of your Soul’s “homes” within the Cosmos and All that Is. Many representatives from throughout the Cosmos are among you in embodied form at this time. We see many Specialists and tremendous Mastery when we view you and it is our honor to share our insights with you, assisting in your re-Member-ing.
Simultaneously, you are escorting out this passing Dark Age. The awakening, clearing and transformation necessary in order to sufficiently affect this Grand Shift is profound and, as more and more of you are demonstrating, very “real” and very possible. We applaud your achievements in this important area while recognizing the work continues. You are clearing the records, beginning with your own elected programs and we will share more helpful details on this herein and in other sharing to further your progress.
We feel a sense of urgency to share with all ears that can hear the importance of the overall opportunity you have elected to participate in. We remind you that this Grand Shift is not being done to you or for you but rather by You. That was and is your voluntary role. Your Soul’s Mastery offered you the unique embodied state you now experience. A Golden Ticket, not for your observation but rather for your direct participation; your Co-Creation of this Platinum Age you are in the midst of Creating.
These transitions require much courage, compassion and perseverance. At your Soul level, you have access, in this present moment, to absolutely everything that is necessary for you to Be all that you dream of in this human experience. Anything you view as an obstacle or hindrance, either internal or external is a perception; a program, that you placed there and are fully capable of facing and releasing.
You are facilitating the clearing/healing of not only the collective human record but also the collective planetary record. Notice we used the term Collective. This goes well beyond your Soul’s own kharma. The collective human record and the collective planetary record is filled with much lower frequency programs, pains and wounds that are being experienced, and perhaps defining, your personal journeys. They defined the Dark Age. They remain in your personal reality, affecting your level of joy and well-being and lovability until you elect to face and release them.
This can be done and is being done by Master level Souls. By Specialists. By You. Your ability to step into your Mastery, allowing your Soul’s Divine Core energy to be experienced and amplified within your embodied state greatly expedites this process. By discovering the Master Within, you can more readily notice what doesn’t suit your Gloriousness, your Sovereignty and your birthrights of inner joy, Universal love, and self-created peace. Once you begin to expand your consciousness into these highly effective and empowering energetic vibrations you more easily see the remnant programs that had owned, defined and locked you into the separation and confinement of the passing Dark Age.
This multidimensional approach to overall Ascension is by design, with Your masterful assistance. It is ideally-suited to your embracing this New Age and to your releasing any and all attachments to these programs. Your responsibility, your volunteering is very much related to these two avenues being pursued from within your carefully crafted journey. By You. For You. Which simultaneously affects All that Is.
We wish to share a very brief overview of this highly effective clearing process made available by what we call the New Energies. It is your personal attachment to various forms of the collective record that allows each of you to face them and release them. You release them by no longer identifying Who you are, What you are and what you can Be to this painful or limiting experience or feeling.
By no longer personalizing them nor choosing to identify your Self with these lower frequency feelings and programs, You release them. It can be and Is that simple and it is highly effective. This approach also allows a quite rapid expansion process, particularly when coincided with a simultaneous Discovering, Activating and Allowing larger levels of your Inner Light, and Inner Mastery to be present in your Be-ing, Reflected in as many areas of your human experience as you are capable of.
This approach is being personally demonstrated through some embodied beings on your planet. We feel you will make your process your own as Masters often do (smile). We encourage you to follow your Inner Guidance, not replacing your programs from the Dark Age with any new programs that may also serve to limit or constrain your Inner Light from being fully accessed, quite readily, in any way. When looking for currently embodied examples, we share that a be-ing’s level of inner joy is an indication of their embodied vibration. The higher vibrations we are discussing radiate as joy and love almost through the skin, like a self-illumination. You have examples of this in your recorded history of Ascended Masters. It is a very real and tangible effect of embodying higher light quotients and it happens quite naturally through the process we highlighted briefly herein.
You are capable of choosing love and trust that All is Well All the Time, even in situations that are uncertain, covert, seemingly conspiracy-based, “uncontrollable” and perhaps even “life”-threatening. Any resistance you are feeling at this moment to that state of be-ing is a marker for further healing and releasing (including fear of what you call “death” which we address in detail in other messages).
We encourage you to focus your energies on further discovering your Inner Light, amplifying It and Be-ing it in its purest form that you are capable of in all moments, in all circumstances with as few exceptions as possible. Be your Light by re-examining who and what you are at your Core, which is whole, perfect, fully in tact, knowing, filled with well be-ing, allowing love, peace and harmony to emanate from this Divine Core, your Soul. The New energetic frequencies allow you improved and easier access to these vibrations than ever before.
From our perspective all the programs and resulting pains and wounds are not magically resolved due to or on any one date or even any one year. The shifting of ages is a process, not an event. As we have shared, Ascension is a very personal process. Some Be-ings are going faster than others in clearing their programs and in accessing more and more of their inner God frequencies while others are farther along but going at a slower pace according to your linear time. We recommend patience with your Self as well as the masses, choosing to Trust that each Be-ing is doing the best they can with their present state of consciousness. This will assist greatly in staying out of judgment and from feeling like a hall monitor for the overall progression into the Platinum Age.
By further discovering and amplifying your own Light and further releasing your own programs, pains and wounds you are serving yourself as well as All that Is. All you can release is your own chosen programs. All you can amplify is your own Inner Light. This may seem small but in the contrary; it is powerful and hugely uplifting to the collective vibration of the human race, your planet and the Cosmos.
You will witness an ever widening spectrum of experiences on the Earth plane. Many are continuing to animate the lower frequency programs, unconscious of their Divine Within. Simultaneously, at the other end of the spectrum many are embodying Light quotients difficult for most to perceive as possible in human form. The realities experienced at either ends of spectrum or any shade in between could seem like living on different planets. This is what many have interpreted as the splitting of worlds. From our perspective, it is a widening of choices, an expansion of Free Wills being demonstrated, the spectrum widened by the cycles ensuing and the New Energies being offered to all and embraced by few as of yet.
All have access to their Divine Within. All are being offered support, guidance, and assistance from their Higher Selves and their spiritual support teams and free will offers many ways of experiencing this Grand Shift.
This ever widening spectrum of realities, from a sense of hell on Earth to the other spectrum of creating a personal heaven on Earth is something we envision continuing for what you know as years and possibly decades. Another reason to further activate your inner sense of guidance and your inner sense of well Be-ing.
What Can You or Should You Be “Doing?"
We share many messages for assistance, reminders and insights relative to your own personal ascension process, utilizing the New Energies and also fresh perspectives on the overall view of ascension to help you expand your consciousness, increase your light quotient and further release lower frequency programs and pains from your journey.
We encourage you to seek out these messages as you feel led. For the purposes of a more complete message herein, we share some brief highlights.
  • Become personally responsible for your own sense of well-being to the best of your present ability.
  • Own and Be your Mastery, your God-frequencies, to the very best of your ability.
  • Allow and Amplify your inner Light to levels that will continuously exceed what you feel is possible while in human form on planet Earth, for your own enjoyment and the Collective’s.
  • Watch for the flows of the Universe as it Guides you. When you are on purpose and in Divine timing, pursuits seem almost effortless, feeling like a red carpet being unfurled before you, honoring and recognizing who you are Be-ing and how you are Be-ing Your Light.
  • Develop your inner Guidance System.
  • Utilize the New Energies being offered to you.
  • Notice the distractions, obstacles and barriers, stepping fully into your Mastery and respond accordingly.
  • Create the reality you desire by expanding your consciousness and training your thoughts and feelings to work in harmony with your heart-centered consciousness.
  • Release any personal attachments to the passing Dark Age and experience the Platinum Age, starting with you, which is all that you are responsible for.
  • Avoid comparison to others by recognizing the very unique experiences each of you chose to work with and the vary unique Soul experiences you bring “with you.”
  • Trust others enough to allow them the experience They are creating. By viewing others as the Co-creator they are, at their Soul level, you offer energetic encouragement and support for their Master vibrations. Your acknowledgment of the perhaps dormant Sovereignty that is within them is filled with potential activations and light codes the other being may choose to accept, or not. It is their choice. Detaching from the outcomes others are Creating for themselves may be a healthy approach, recognizing the energetic boundaries between the reality you are choosing and the one they are choosing.
  • Refrain from Judgment (which is feeling or indicating that another being is making the “wrong” choice or a “bad” decision). Discernment is rooted in love, honor for self and honor for other. Discernment is noticing that You are not making that same choice for you. Discernment allows you to notice the varying choices being made without the need to label another’s choice as good/bad, right/wrong. Deciding something is not in your highest good is discernment. Determining something is not in another being’s highest good is judgment and beyond the scope of your authority or responsibility relative to free will and personal Sovereignty be-ing offered in your realms.
Of all of these, stepping into your mastery could be viewed as the primary objective. For it can be the most challenging as you are just transitioning from the Dark Ages. Be-ing your Sovereignty. Not in arrogance but in recognition of the unique aspect of God that only you can Be and that you volunteered to embody during this magical transition of Ages.
In terms of outlook, your individual process determines how long remnant Dark Age programs and energy grids are experienced in your personal energy field. Clearing these remnant programs and lower frequency patterns is a process that could continue well into coming decades, perhaps existing only as debris by that time phase or possibly remaining as looming obstacles and fear-based outcomes. Whether you choose the debris level or the looming level is entirely dependent on your trust, courage and ability to Be your Mastery without distraction and without hesitation, rooted in love for Self and love for All that Is, and remembering that All are Light at their Core, recognized or not.
As humanity evolves into realms previously unchartered, what you thought it would be like or what you were told it would be like might be quite different from what you Co-create. This will require even more flexibility and fluidity in how you view yourself, others and overall what Is. The Soul’s evolution is never “done” What fun would that be? We witness you resonating with this, stirring an excitement in your Divine Core...activating your Master vibration(s). Your Creator frequency asking itself, “What’s next?” “What can we Be?” “What can we try?” Precisely, and we witness your Creations, your experience, with reverence and gratitude as you explore these ever increasing possibilities, allowing more and more expansion and growth for your Selves and for All that Is.
The Guardian Council of the Golden Ray shared through Jill Renee Feeler

Hilarion's Weekly Message: January 1-7, 2012
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff
Beloved Ones, 
Let the mantra for these times be the word “focus.”  No matter what is occurring in the World around you, focus your Love on it, bless it and shower this Love whenever and wherever you may walk. Know that you are each representatives of the Divine and that your every thought, word, action and deed has become most important in the bringing in of the New Earth reality. There will be many in the days that lie ahead that will try to distract you from this focus and it falls upon you to remember your vision and your purpose for being here at this time. 
Find a way to spend as much of your free time as possible in a quiet environment that will allow you to focus on your goals of personal and Planetary Ascension. This is the time to take action and the days of passively waiting for others to come to the rescue are now over and done with. "You" are the Creators, Beloved Ones. All that you have accomplished and overcome to get you to this point is now to be put into practical use in service for the highest good of All. It is crucial that your Light and your feelings of Love and compassion, daily reach out into the people and places around you. 
Try to hold onto the feelings of joy and bliss that the New Year energies bring in. When you feel these powerfully uplifting moments, take note of these and learn to bring these feelings up within you at will throughout the rest of your year of incredible changes. Believe in the miraculous and watch the wondrous synchronicities begin to occur. Open your hearts to ever greater downloads of Light, Love, upgrades and attunements and always remember to ask and intend these, both morning and night. 
It is time to bask in these uplifting and empowering feelings that the new energies are helping to invoke within you and as you do this, you invite more of these feelings to be divinely attracted to you. The Universe will ensure that you be on the receiving end of many blessings that are waiting to come forth and become an integral part of your life. As changes take place in every part of Human society, the blessings that come forth for you will multiply in their appearances in each of your lives. Enjoy each moment, live in the moment, focus, focus, focus!  Let all that happens flow through you and around you while you stay in the fluidity of each moment. 
Allow the Love that is within you to shine through you in all that you feel, say and do. Bless every happening that takes place in your lives and express your gratitude constantly for all that you are given. By choosing the state of Joy, you allow more grace to enter your Being and your daily lives. Capture this feeling of Joy and embellish it often by your expressions of it in all that you do. Feel joy, "Be" joy, radiate joy in total and sublime purity and innocence, believing in the magic that comes through because of it, for it is not naivety to cultivate this essence within you, it is a power that infuses everything in your life with blessings that multiply. 
Set the tone for the rest of this year by the great power created by your determination and intention to "Be" your highest and greatest potential and watch it unfold for you in wondrous ways. Dare to dream "Big," dare to do all that you have longed to do and somehow never got around to do. Believe in your own value, uniqueness and worth and see yourself as a Master in all that you do. Write a new script for the great play that is your life and then "Live" it! If you can dream it, you can "Be" it! All is waiting to manifest and accommodate your deepest desires. Claim it each day and watch it unfold in magical ways. 
Until next week…. 
I AM Hilarion

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, you have built many gifts into this reality, including the gift of hope, the gift that says things will be better tomorrow. As you believe that and as you know that to be true, things do change for the better.