Blessings of August

The Blessings of August: Shedding Old Paradigms and a Deeper Movement
into the Heart of Oneness
By DL Zeta

The next few weeks usher in a new time on Planet Earth that draws each
of us deeper into the heart of oneness, unconditional love and the
opportunity to experience more of our infinite nature in our daily
lives. During this time, our awareness awakens more than ever before to
the web of interconnectedness that weaves the fabric of reality. A
greater infusion of light brings glimpses of the energetic strands that
bind you to all others. Every action you take now brings instant
feedback that reveals how your purpose and destiny is intertwined with
all life.

A New Experience of Physical Time

In August, time as you have known it will cease to exist. You will find
your experience of some reality threads intensifying. New experiences
and relationships will arrive in your daily life. These will seem to
have existed much longer than they have in physical time. This is
because you are experiencing life more and more in vertical time where
depth of experience trumps longevity.

At the same time, moments from your recent past may fade faster than
ever before. It will become clear which experiences from your past have
served as foundation builders while others have been mere distractions.
In times ahead, you will become increasingly impatient with people and
situations steeped in the essence of old paradigms founded on narcissism
and empty endeavors. Only that which feeds your soul by allowing you to
serve the highest good of all will satisfy you.

Service to All Life is the Bright Star on your Horizon

The key to service now is to see through the demands of your own ego and
the ego demands of others. It will be easy to see through the demands of
your own ego. Any way in which you were overly endeared to your own
identity in the past will appear before you now. There is no need to
judge yourself. All that is needed now is to allow your heart and mind
to be guided by a new and much brighter star appearing on your horizon.
This star will help you move deeper into the heart of oneness where you
are able to experience more of the infinite nature and blessings of your
entire being.

An important part of this transition is learning when the highest good
is served by allowing others to experience their lessons. Those who open
themselves to greater influxes of light will find many drawn to their
beacon. To help sort out these energies, your spiritual vision will
greatly expand to allow you to "see through" the requests of those who
are seeking growth without effort and other "something for nothing"
thoughtforms. Those still holding back from true rites of passage are
best served when you bless them and allow them to become the source of
their own empowerment. Do not allow others to dictate how you "should"
help them; rather, open to allow spirit to show you the heart of each
person who comes before you now and the higher needs of their soul. It
is in this unconditional light that you are able to act in true service
to all you meet.

The Rapid Acceleration of Spiritually-Empowered Visions

Thoughts are manifesting quickly now. Whatever you have been seeing on
the screen of your inner vision is but a heartbeat from arriving in
physical reality. Align with the essence of your visions but open your
heart and mind to allow spirit to act through you, breathing life force
into your desires. Remember to align all your visions with your
spiritual purpose which is always at its root a movement toward greater
self-realization and assisting others in this direction as well.

Human Angels and the Path of Love and Freedom

There is a great movement now among human angels to lift up all forms of
life on Planet Earth. The call has gone out across the ethers for many
to align their hearts as one being. You will know these among you by the
strength of their humble service to the smallest and most vulnerable
among you. If you want to understand the heart and soul of a person,
observe their treatment of animals and the environment. For inspiration,
look to those who lay down their lives to save a single species from
extinction. For spiritual guidance, look to those who give tirelessly
without the need for recognition or reward. Those who align with the
powerful energies of this time will be able to move past the enslavement
to self-gratification that binds many to lower-vibrational realities. It
is spiritual freedom that allows one to act on the behalf of all life,
lifting up the planet by clearing a path to love and freedom for one and

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