Birthing Unity

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Polaris: August 2010: Gathering Momentum
3.)  Birthing Unity and What It Has Shifted Within Us All
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  Energy Forecast - The Passion Returns!
6.)  Keep Your Heart Open

Isis' Message of the Day -
The love you are waiting for does not exist until you allow it to touch you.  The blessings that are all around you in your world cannot be known until you give them presence in your life.
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Uriel's Message -- Are you Focused on Healing?
Healing is the purpose of every lifetime, until healing is complete. Then you are free to live your lives through creation, instead of your destiny. But you are so focused on healing that you do not know how to proceed. What do you do when your healing purpose is fulfilled? While there is always some aspect of energy to transform, healing as a focus removes joy from your lives. You forget to live, to be in joy because you feel that there is a reward that comes when the healing is completed. Yet the joy you seek is there for you on each step of your journey.
The atonement you wish to create comes from your belief in your disconnection from Source, where you feel you must heal the world as you heal yourselves. While the atonement and reconnection process has been very slow, the disconnection process was sudden and instantaneous. Just as a child is suddenly thrust into the world at birth and separated from the mother, that is how you were separated from Source. As you complete each lifetime you come closer to being able to fulfill your dream of returning Home.
You believe that healing will bring you back Home and so many of you miss that energy now more than you ever have. The more the veil is lifted, the easier it is for you to recall your spiritual connections. Your longing to go Home creates a need to complete your healing mission now, to heal yourselves and humanity, so you can be finished. But you are not going Home, you are creating energetic openings for the ascension to happen on Earth. And your focus on healing is preventing you from creating joy in your life.
As healers you have come to heal the world of its pain but you have also come to show the world joy, love and peace.  See the world as healed, as being open and ready for love, its energy transformed and ascension occurring. Find time for joy, laughter, to marvel at the wonder and beauty of the planet because these are all part of your healing journey. Humanity's healing also includes knowing vibrations beyond fear and you can teach this by bringing these energies into your lives. You are the healers and the way-showers, so show the world the way to joy by learning to en-joy yourselves and incorporate lighter energies in your healing work.
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About the author
Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She also channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel.  Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder of, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel.  Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email for information.   *  

Polaris: August 2010: Gathering Momentum
Channeled by Karen Murphy
August 1, 2010
A note about Monthly Messages: as in any month, the trends we outline for this month upcoming are just that — trends. These trends are based on a variety of influences that include astrological influences, the collective consciousness, and extrapolation from numerous outcomes gleaned from potential futures based on the point from which we give the initial message. As with everything in life, all this is subject to change, and of course, choice. We attempt to outline trends that show the influences that will affect the greatest number of people, but there are always those whose experience doesn't fit within what we map out. We encourage you to use this information as a roadmap of possibility in order to better understand your personal experience as well as your experience within the context of the greater world around you.
In this month, time again seems to speed up. The seeds you have been sowing will find fruit in the harvest beginning this month – in other words, the inner work, external projects, and anything else begun earlier this year (and even back into late 2009) begins to bear fruit in some tangible way starting this month.
The first several days of August will feel much like the latter part of July – unsettled, anxious, chaotic, moving. But by August 6 things begin to calm down. The energy smooths out. You feel a sense of flow, of “rightness” about yourself and the world around you. This does not mean, necessarily, that you won’t continue to be barraged with sensory information about the suffering of the world, but nerves are not as raw. Your emotions are not as much on the surface. You feel a peacefulness and even, perhaps, a glimmer of what inner quiet feels like.
For many this month, what has been on the inside becomes what is on the outside. Again, inner work bears fruit here, and you begin to see how your own inner transformation changes the world around you. Personal interactions become a little easier as a result, as those in your sphere sense the changes within you as well as your newfound sense of peace with your Self. Those who feel this palpable change are likely those who – ironically, perhaps – have been having the greatest amount of inner difficulty and tension these past several months. If you have felt the struggle within yourself, knowing, perhaps, that you have been making strides and realizations, then this is the time to see how all that work begins to pay off in positive ways. This is no time to rest on your laurels, however, as energies later in the month, beginning around the 23rd, move you into a new cycle of growth, but the peacefulness in the middle of the month can help you realize how far you’ve come and how your work helps you on all levels.
On a wider level, again the energy this month is all about gathering momentum for what is to come in the future. Some of the dynamics we’ve illustrated on a personal level have applicability on a larger group level as well. You can look toward group movement (moving toward the eventual evolution of the group in its purest form) occurring this month in various groups, from families, companies and communities to socio-political groups like countries. Understand that any one individual’s needs and desires may be swallowed by the group’s evolution, as each of these groups has the capacity to act as a sovereign entity. This may be dismaying and upsetting to individuals who become heavily invested in a particular movement pf the group concerned. All of you are part of groups of some sort: your success this month (and into the future, as August is merely a beginning of a new way of interrelating on a group level) depends on your ability to sense and understand the dynamics of the group as a whole rather than your individual thoughts and desires. Notice this is no small task; as humans you of course will have individual desires and will potentially have difficulty allowing the varying perceptions and desires of others within your various groups.
To assist with this process of releasing attachment to individual desire within the context of any group (this works for groups of any size and configuration), we offer the following meditation practice:
Imagine that you are sitting opposite the group you have in mind. You are approximately the same size, both energetically and spatially. It is as if you are sitting across from a mirror image of yourself, but one that just happens to contain the hearts, minds, and sensibilities of the group you have in mind. Don’t worry about logistics; all can be contained within the space needed.
As you sit across from your group, bring your attention to your heart. As you do so, begin breathing intentionally. With each breath, send some of your own heart-energy across the space between you to your group. Imagine that your heart energy makes connection with the heart of the group. Now, with each breath, pull some of that group heart-energy back across into your own heart space. You now feel and sense the connection between you at this most basic level.
As you sense the connection between yourself and your group, say these words in your heart: We are one. We support one another as best we can. We connect through Love.
Use this meditation daily, especially if you are feeling conflict with your group, or conflict within it.
Other things to watch for this month:
A sense of ennui, especially in the middle of the month. Having had the initial rush of connection where things begin to make sense on a large-scale basis, you find yourself wishing for repeated "high" experiences. Distraction and ennui results when you find you are unable to duplicate that high.

Feeling disconnected from others, especially on a universal basis – this especially occurring toward the end of the month. This is necessary as you begin to again separate and move away for a time from the connectedness and again into a space of separation. While this is part of the human experience, having sensed a connection already on a deep and intrinsic level, you may find the shift to separation disquieting.

Increased desire to connect in a tangible way to nature – gardening, hikes, beach time – becoming almost desperate by the 29th or so if not sated before then with plenty of outdoor connection time. This is to assuage the increasing sense of separation with your fellow beings and should be honored if you wish to keep a sense of equilibrium.

Practices to engage in this month:
If you haven’t been consciously and regularly finding connection to nature, this is the time to begin. Take walks; meditate on a flower; take up gardening; enjoy the fruits of your own garden harvest; commune with animals; be with others or alone in nature.
Journaling your emotional journey. By taking pen to paper with intention of chronicling your inner journey, you open yourself that much wider to the depths of your experience.

Look for signs and omens. This could be the ever-popular 11:11, nature signs, shapes or forms that you notice, or anything that seems to speak to you with some intention and meaning. You need not know what the message is, but making yourself open to there being a message at all will create a sense of comfort that will be useful to you in the days ahead. 
As you move through August, feeling your own momentum gathering, pay attention to that which you desire to create. By being open to the energies around you and engaging in your own inner work, you make yourself available to the ongoing evolution of the species.
Who is Polaris?
Names are kind of arbitrary. Energy, however, is not. Polaris is wisdom. Polaris is teaching. Polaris is knowing.  Polaris, most of all, is love.
Polaris is wonderful and loving, sort of a super-being who is guiding us on our path to joy. Polaris is a group consciousness that exists in a reality we can't see—but we sure can feel it! The feeling Polaris brings is something Karen describes as "a feeling of pure love, in a totally physical fashion. Polaris is what each of us is, the highest and best of all of us in every moment."
Polaris comes to us from the non-physical world.
They operate in another plane of reality—a reality in which the perception of separation does not exist. Polaris knows—and experiences—that we are all One! While not having eyes or other physical senses, their perception goes to the very heart of things and they have complete knowingness of the perfection of the oneness of All: the energy, vibration, and connections that exist between everything there is.
We talk about Polaris as "they" and "them" because, as they tell it, they are a group of thousands of souls that have united to teach those of us still in physical reality. Each of these souls brings lifetimes of glorious experience in the physical reality that we know of as home. Each of them experienced everything that we think of as simply a part of being alive. Because of this, they truly understand the challenges and joys we feel every day.

Polaris brings with them an unlimited wisdom. They bring to us a stronger connection to the Source of All That Is.
They lived, they loved, and they experienced sadness, joy and all of the human emotions and experiences that we encounter every day. These experiences served to reconnect them to who they are and to the awareness that we all have access to: of the oneness of All That Is—Love.
Polaris is a being of energy. *  *  

Birthing Unity and What It Has Shifted Within Us All
The Star Elders channeled by Aluna Joy Yaxk'in
August 2, 2010
Just as the Star Elders predicted, we are in a huge integration period initiated by grand alignments, eclipses, the solstice and the accelerating energies of the Maya calendars. The cycles are quickening and intensifying at a multiplying rate of speed. Many people feel exhausted, and we need to sleep more and do less. Many of us are having little health scares in various forms. We are feeling emotional for no apparent reason. Our bodies are under great pressure to assimilate the energy pulses from tsunami size waves of heightened frequencies of light.
The universe is asking us to slow down and listen for updated working orders. If we don't slow down and listen, the universe will find a way to make us do so. According to the Star Elders, and what I read into the Maya calendars, this integration is expected to continue until the end of August, and then pick up again briefly between September 01st through September 10th. What happens after that we can only speculate as we cannot conceive what has shifted as yet. We are still integrating the new territory. We are pioneers of a new future.
Raphael and I went to Kauai for the Conscious Convergence (July 17 - 18) inspired by author Carl Calleman. We were hoping that we were going to have a nice little beach vacation. Yes . . . I was trying to escape the coming tidal wave by going to a well known Lemurian paradise. The goal was to have a much needed break and to explore a possible new home base, but the island had something else in mind. I think the spirit of the island knew it only had a week to do as it wanted with us. So let us say that relaxing on the beach didn't happen. Every time we went to the beach for a swim or to relax in the sun, it rained. As soon as we got back to the car, the rain instantly stopped. This happened over and over again until it became hilarious. I was starting to take it personally that the island was not giving me what I wanted . . ., BUT ultimately I did get exactly what I needed! What did happen, once we surrendered reluctantly, is that we connected with the local community and understood its focus and way of living in these turbulent times. We found our flow when we connected with friends, and made a bunch of new friends.
As we saw it, the community of Kauai lives from the heart with a great commitment to support to the community. With this commitment comes a great deal of trust for living in the moment. The community does not buy into the global, collective consciousness of fear, which was a nice change from mainland paranoia. Maybe this is because Kauai is untouched Lemurian energies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (the Peace Ocean). This I feel is Kauai's community's greatest gift to the collective consciousness. . . fearless living, trust and support.
Once we got home we were fairly worn out, and slept for three days. Yes, we integrate while we sleep, even though we think we are wasting time. Soon I began to see the global shifts that this powerful time has initiated. It is a very volatile, unpredictable energy surrounding the planet right now. We are feeling stuck, and shoved all at the same time. This is because the universe is trying to tell us something NEW, and we don't now how to hear it as yet. It is not a familiar territory, and it is driving us a little crazy. We can't be in our heads anymore. We have to live from the heart. We need to find a new way to relate to our world, because the basic principles of reality of this world are changing right before our eyes.
I began to notice that this new energy is making us feel, in many ways, like we are back in spiritual kindergarten, and many of us are feeling quite self critical . . . in some cases we can't stand parts of ourselves any longer. I am sure this is a process in which we are letting go of outdated aspects of ourselves that we will no longer need in the new world. Right now we are creating a new world. If we like different aspects of our reality, then they will come along to the new world with us. If we don't, they won't. The necessary, critical emotion is helping us shape a new world in which we will manifest our bliss . . . not our blisters. When the time comes for the final phase of the shift, it will be easy to LET GO of all that is not blissful for our evolution into the next world. Right now we are learning about the ultimate surrender.
Because of this process, we are getting stuck in our heads an awful lot . . . trying to decide what is the right thing to do. Nothing about life feels smooth, or peaceful, but yet oddly it does. We can't seem to decide between different opportunities. Things that used to be important to us to participate in, we find ourselves on the fence about it, or not caring if we do it at all. We want something, and then we don't. We want to go somewhere, and then we don't. We want to move, and then we don't. Many of us know that we have everything we could want or need in this world, and still are not feeling fulfilled. We feel this way because our spirit is already aware of the paradise emerging right in front of us. We are preparing to let go of all things that make us feel unfulfilled, so we can be reborn into a new world.
This new law of Unity is also about sharing resources; not hording them . . . and supporting community; not competing with others. We are being asked to think beyond our personal lives. Unity comes when we understand that the universe has unlimited abundance for everyone on Earth as long as we come from a consciousness of sharing and supporting. In other words, we must think beyond our own personal needs and think of the entire global community, because what we do for ourselves affects everyone. Spirit supplies what we need . . . not necessarily what we want. Need is manifested from Spirit. Want is created from ego. If we look for security (a.k.a. fear of the future), or something familiar (a.k.a. the mechanistic mind), or even something for our individual self (a.k.a. ego), it doesn't seem to work as well anymore. We are at a time that we must broaden our intents to include our neighbors, our countries and the entire planet.
When we achieve unity, it will strip away our titles, costumes, and guru followings. There will be no more need for spiritual hierarchies. Everyone is holy; not just the few we isolate up on lonely pedestals. Unity is the ultimate family circle. Unity is not about us all being the same, like mindless clones, but about coming together with all our diversities revealing an entire holistic picture of the collective. All we can do now to get to the promised land is to follow our heart's path, and know that, only when we express our piece of the puzzle, will we begin to see the whole picture together.
We are also becoming painfully aware of those that have been pretending to be working in the light, and have other energy robbing and disrespectful agendas. Remember the story of "The emperor has no clothes"? The new energy will not tolerate false prophets, and new age predators dressed in sheep's clothing any longer. They are revealing themselves right before our eyes.
A new shift in the collective consciousness will manifest when we quit looking over our shoulder for catastrophe, and being to look forward realizing the collective of humanity can and will manifest a new and fully awakened world. We will live with integrity, sincerity, humility, impeccability, and self responsibility, while living in the present moment. We will be set free from our sorted, painful history and limiting memories that influence us. This freedom from the past will help us to drop our armor and boundaries that separate us, and we will become unified. This is a time when everyone will come together as equals, global cosmic/citizens.
I am looking forward to the day when we can come together as equals not knowing to each others titles, spiritual status or positions or giving more authority to one or another, and relate to each other with respect knowing that each one has an equally important part to play in this awakening. Some positions may look more glamorous or prestigious, but that is just our old perceptions of a fading world. Everyone has done their part to help the awakening if they recognized this or not. We are all in the same boat. If you think you are cruising in an exclusive yacht, your ego is kidding yourself.
So this is it . . . The only thing I know for sure at this moment is that if we follow the flow, and not fight it, and listen to our hearts, our new world will manifest just as we have dreamed. We are ALL members of the awakening human race. We can do this, if we do it together.
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, the secret of receiving is to know that truly you already have it. There is nothing outside of you. It is all within you and all within your power to bring it forth. The secret of receiving is to pray believing that you have received. Know that you have received, and then it will appear instantly right in front of you, right in the midst of where you are.
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Energy Forecast - The Passion Returns!
by Emmanuel Dagher
August 2, 2010
Hi my extraordinary friend! Has feeling unmotivated these past few months been a common theme in your life? Many of us have probably not felt like our self at all lately! If you have been experiencing this, not to worry as it has merely been a physical manifestation of the major energetic processing we've been experiencing on the cellular level from all the astrological alignments and solar energy waves we have been receiving pretty much on a daily basis!
Although all these alignments are exciting and are vastly moving us forward as a united people, it can get a bit wearing on the body, mind, and psyche. When we are feeling tired physically and emotionally, it's our body and mind's way of reminding us that they need to relax, so that we can integrate with the energy shifts and rejuvenate to an even more optimum state than before! Isn't it just amazing how divinely intelligent our bodies really are? If we step back for a moment and just observe, it's absolutely miraculous!
So, where are we in this now moment? We are in a time where our deepest passions in the most creative, personal, spiritual, and even business oriented aspects of our lives are re-awakening and taking center stage again. If you are not feeling motivated yet, you will soon begin to feel like the fire within you has been lit. You will notice a great deal of the distractions you were experiencing these past few months quickly dissolve, clearing the way for you to start focusing on sharing and bringing your gifts into the world again, and this time it will feel even more graceful than before. If you are feeling that inner pull to take inspired an action, then it's very important to honor this nudge within you at this time! A great idea is to keep a journal near you at all times so that you can readily write down any inspired ideas and creative insights that will serve as a guide to anchoring the next chapter of your visions for your life!
During this time, we might also notice in our lives and in the lives of those around us that many chapters that needed resolution and closure will happen. This closure could manifest in areas of relationships, career, sending a child off to school, cleaning and simplifying our physical space, and finally healing physical and/or emotional ailments that until now just weren't ready to let go. With these chapters of our lives receiving closure, other brand new and exciting chapters begin.
On a global level, watch for a progressive shift in the world's monetary system in the next few months, one that I know many of us have been sensing and waiting to manifest for quite some time. Just know that with these changes, a new more integrity-based system will soon follow. It's very important at this time for each one of us to go within, breathe, and quiet ourselves from the outside world (news, gossip, dramatic TV programs) as these are just forms of distractions that prolong what we know is the eminent emergence of the new peaceful and heart-centered world. When we turn off the outside noise as much as possible, we quickly align back with the highest and most gentle path for us, which makes life a much more joyous and miraculous experience.
Remember that as we are processing all the current influx of energies, deeply rooted wounds and belief systems that no longer serve us will come up to the surface to be released. Sometimes these seeming obstacles or issues seem so real we begin to identify with them, maybe even thinking all the inner work we've done on ourselves hasn't paid off, however I want to invite you to look at these seeming challenges as blessings when they arise within you, because now you know that this only means they are ready to be released once and for all. An important part of this process is to be willing to give yourself permission to let these energies go. It's in the instant recognition of this releasing process that we free ourselves completely of all that no longer serves us, and moves us back into the awareness that we are each a physical manifestation of Unconditional Love!
With deepest heart-felt gratitude,
Miraculously yours,
©2010 Emmanuel Dagher, All Rights Reserved - You are absolutely welcome to share these forecasts with others as you feel guided! Thank you!   * 

HEAVEN #3540
Keep Your Heart Open
August 4, 2010
God said:
When your heart feels hardened, put your hand over your heart. When you place your hand knowingly on your heart to melt the hardness, you will begin to feel the hardness melting. Yes, put your hand over your heart with pure intention, and your hand and your intention will do your bidding.
Whatever the situation, you do want to have the tightness in your heart lessened. It is going to leave anyway. Whatever event seemingly hardened your heart would fade eventually anyway, so make it sooner. You don't want cramping in your heart, your beautiful heart that I intended to stay open. My instructions that came with your heart were to keep it open and warm and palpable.
You look to justify the hardening of your heart. You justify well. Yet what does it come down to, beloveds? Does the situation really matter in life? If you had to write down three dire situations, would this one right now that causes you such heartache, would it be on your list of three? Unlikely. The hurt will recede as so many other incidents have done and have been forgotten.
If this current event does not merit your misgivings, why dissect it then? Simply let it go. It's not worth a tuppence of your heart.
There may be those who have even hardened their hearts to Me over events far greater than the little scenario you are excruciating over now. Far greater, and, yet, even so, that restriction of your heart has no merit. You, perhaps, may have asked Me to stem the tide, and your will is not done. Dear ones, it is possible that the tide followed its own natural bent before you even asked, for time cannot be marked in Heaven. Only Eternity in Heaven.
Walmart has rollbacks, but even Walmart can only change a price ticket today. It can't go back and change the ticket on a day that has already rolled by. It is necessary in life that you roll with the punches. You can do that now where time is measured on Earth.
Miracles abound, and yet patterns in the relative world have been set in motion. You do not really want Me to be in the mainstream of the relative world, buoyed by waves. It is not that My mind has been made up, and yet you wouldn't want Me to be changing My mind all the time, not even for you, for what else might be left in the wake of what you want?
Of course, you want your loved ones to live forever, and, of course, they do, yet not in the body that you have become accustomed to.
You didn't want to lose your job, and yet something was wound and unwound, and you are out of work. Despite the darkness and havoc you see, there is more to it. Don't be put off when I say that you are growing and there yet may be something good for you in this. You say you are sure there couldn't possibly be, and I say, "Do not put a shroud over your head. Take it off, and look from a different point of view. Columbus would not have discovered America unless he set out to look for something."
Even the situation against the grain of your heart that may be going on now, even this minor squall in your heart, you can look at it differently and accept its blessing and stride forward with peace in your heart and good will for all.
Dear Lady of the Light,
Your beautiful writing about the Statue of Liberty  *  * Thank you so much, dear friend. Gloria *
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