Birthing A Better Future {Channeled}


1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  New Energies: Higher Light Quotient and Expanded Consciousness
3.)  Birthing a Better Future
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  All That You Have Been Given
6.)  Message from Spirit on Finding Solutions

Isis' Message of the Day -
To create the miracles that you intend, do not focus on the result. Instead, create a belief within you of that new reality.
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Uriel's Message -- The Choice of Soul and Self
Each lifetime is a healing cycle, an opportunity to re-align energies which have, through an aspect of fear, created imprints that are out of alignment with your highest energetic potential of unconditional love. The return to the material plane in each lifetime is made to re-align self and soul so that they are perfectly integrated and aligned with this energetic potential. Each person is on the alignment path, which is accomplished through healing cycles, an energetic journey of recognition, understanding, alignment and transformation. 
The healing cycle involves a shift in energetic vibrations, experienced through physical vistas that demonstrate the kind of energy that is out of alignment. A choice is made each time a healing cycle is presented, to live through the healing or allow it to transform it so its imprint is changed and aligned with a higher vibration. This choice is made by the self and the soul; the self wishes to overcome, validate its experience and to conquer. The soul's desire is to create an energetic shift and release connections. When these two desires are aligned the healing cycle can continue through to completion. When they are not aligned another healing journey has begun, with the purpose of allowing alignment to occur. 
Understanding comes from the soul's knowing that pain results when energy is aligned with fear. Allowing the fear to be transformed and released, without seeking to blame or judge another, aligns the self with the soul and shifts the path from healing to transformation. Can the self be satisfied with gentle, pain-free healing or is there a need to 'do' something and to create an outcome that validates the self's desire to be exalted and feel powerless within the exact situation it once felt powerless in? The self seeks validation in each experience; the soul understands that all experiences are mirrors of one healing purpose and that to heal one is to heal all. 
When soul and self are aligned through a common energetic vibration and understanding, there is full knowledge of the nature and purpose of the healing cycle. This brings transformation for where there is understanding there is also acceptance, compassion and forgiveness. Without these things the healing aspect of the healing cycle becomes the path of the self and the soul's participation is disregarded. The choice to be healed is to complete the cycle so that transformation, understanding and re-alignment with unconditional love is the result. This is what is called heaven on earth, the re-alignment of the self and soul into the highest energetic vibration of unconditional love and this allows ascension to occur.
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Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She also channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel.  Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel.  Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email for information.   * Enlightening Life  * *        

New Energies:Higher Light Quotient and Expanded Consciousness
Guardian Council of the Golden Ray
Through Jill Renee Feeler
June 2011
Greetings and blessings.  We are a collective consciousness of Guardians of the Golden Ray sharing wisdom at this time to assist you in reaching the next expansion of consciousness.  Our energetic translator is one of us, choosing to serve her role from within the bodysuit at this magical time on your planet.  These messages are accessed from the higher realms relative to Earth’s vibrational frequency.  Let us begin with this sharing session.
Many are feeling a building of energy, from within.  Another expansion is on the horizon for each of you in your journeys and these continue in waves going forward.  You can sense this, wondering what’s next and what you can be “doing.” 
We wish to remind you that activated God-frequencies lead to experiences well beyond your mind’s ability to understand or even comprehend.  Each of you are capable of trusting yourself and this Earthly experience enough to allow,  know and be your multidimensionality without reliance on additional evidence and proof.  A firm level of Trust and Experience avoids the necessity of explaining it, understanding it and proving it in order for the situation to be real to you. 
Trusting and then Experiencing a higher dimensional reality, without Proof or perhaps even Understanding is an updated approach for raising your vibration amidst the New Energies now in your reach.  The 3D reality often is based on studying, learning, understanding and then doing.  This mentally-oriented approach works well for anything requiring training, for tasks that do not come naturally.  As a Divine Soul experiencing humanity your goal is to allow and be the real you, as a Soul.  From our perspective that doesn’t require training and it is not easily achieved through the mental body.  Experiencing your God-self through your human body suit is truly the most natural way for you to be. 
Training, and a well-written resume are not necessary to experience your multidimensionality.  There is no placement test to take or to pass.  It is also not necessary that you know “who you are” at a soul-level before you can fully experience your multidimensionality.  Many are be-ing their higher dimensional expressions without even beginning to access their soul’s resume.  It is irrelevant to experiencing it.  You don’t need the resume or the training.  You already have the job.  You are already a recognized member of God’s family.  You are given permission to experience your God-self without classes, certifications or years of studying and testing your understanding.  None of that is necessary for your be-ing who you really are as a Soul who volunteered to experience humanity at one of the most wondrous moments in Earth’s timeline.  Your volunteering is already a sign of your courage, your love and your hope and it emanates from your core. It is who you are, not who you are trying to be-come. When you can trust this, you can free yourself from all the programs, beliefs and “truths” that are in conflict with the Greatness that is within each of you.
Trusting and then experiencing is how the beings you know as the Ascended Masters and many others in body suits at this time are able to embrace and be the highest energetic frequencies now within the Earthly dimensions.  My friends, the frequencies planned for Earth are even farther beyond what the Masters experienced.  That is the plan being carried out, by you, right now.  This is why we are offering new perspectives in experiencing and integrating the highest frequencies. 
We offer a path of expansion that begins by holding a loose vision of what is possible.  Second, ask for assistance from your spiritual support teams, your Higher Self and the Universe in experiencing this vision as your expanded reality.  Third, Trust.  Fourth, Allow.  Fifth, Experience.  Finally, the new experiences provide sufficient firsthand “proof” for your consciousness to expand, broadening your range of multidimensional realities.
Vision.  Create and hold a Loose and dynamic vision of what is possible.  Please friends, dream big here.  Allow yourself to consider the most beautiful dream for you, for humanity, for Earth, for all who reside on the Earthly plane.  Dream big because the developing blueprints are quite remarkable on all these fronts.  And it is you who brings these blueprints into reality.  Starting with you.  You discovering your inner light, experientially.  You playing with and experiencing your inner light and all the love, joy, peace and abundance that naturally resides therein.  You can then expand your sense of Self by broadening your light-filled experiences, in all places, in all your roles, in all that you are.  You will become a glowing, beaming ball of light that changes everything about who you are.  Sharing your light, yourself in any way that comes from your God-self, will expand your light quotient.  Please be cautious of your ego-ic voice’s instructions to wait until you are “ready” to share your higher vibrational abilities.  You were born ready -- they are a natural part of who you are as a Soul.  Please don’t wait a moment longer to be the You that you came here to be.  Each of you are a complex mosaic of beautiful, pieces of Divine material.  You brought with you many, many facets to play with and experience.  Start somewhere with this beautiful Soul-ful part of you.  Start anywhere, it does not matter where.  Play with your multidimensional abilities.  Practice them with yourself and others.  Play with them.  Allow them to be a natural part of you, expanding into all the roles you play in your journey.  This approach allows you to experience your inner light in all facets of your life, thereby raising your vibration.  By raising your vibration you are expanding your multidimensionality.  From this wider set of vibrational realities, you access the true freedom of the Divine being you are, experiencing humanity, as a volunteer on Earth during this present evolutionary Ascension phase.
Ask.  Ask your spiritual support team for assistance.  We are here for you.  We always have been.  We honor you for your role and it is our pleasure to assist you in re-membering your Divinity, your Power, your Mission.  Anything that separates you from your own Divine within is a distraction, many intentionally provided to distract you.  Ask for our assistance as you discern who you really are, as the loving, joy-filled, playful light being we know you to be.  That is your Center.  That is at your Core.  It is not outside of you, waiting to be discovered along a windy, obstacle-filled path.  It always was you and always will be you.  Ask. 
Allow.  Allow the experiences into your reality, into your truths, into your belief systems, into your consciousness.  Allow yourself to be the purest expression of your God-self you have been in this entire journey or in any journey.  The Energies on Earth at this time are continuing to be materialized, providing tremendously rapid and profound experiences, allowing you to Be your light.  Allow. 
Experience.  Experience the higher dimensional aspects of you that are simply waiting for you.  These other layers of you hold the limitless love, joy and inner peace.  Your multidimensional self knows that all inner peace, self-love and limitless joy are not held in the third dimensional reality.  These are attributes of the higher frequencies and your higher dimensional realities are an ever thinning membrane away from where some of you are right now.  Through experiencing your inner Light, you re-connect with your heart-center, expanding into your multidimensional layers of Self. 
This approach may not make sense to many.  We witness many initiating their expansion through study, seminars, mental learning, hoping that the more their mind is filled with spiritual and multidimensional knowledge the more they will experience their God-self.  Thinking about things first is a common approach to learning.  The path we are sharing is very different, helping you re-member who you really are and why you chose to experience humanity on Earth at this magical time. 
Let’s share an example of how this process works.
Imagine you are asked by a dear loved one to close your eyes and taste something.  Would you proceed with the blind tasting?  Do you choose to experience it, evaluating whether you liked it before learning (thinking) what it is?  If you insist to see what your dear friend is asking you to taste, to know what it is before you taste it, you are putting mental evaluation before experience.  You are not deciding to not trusting yourself or the other being enough to simply experience it followed by knowing what it is.  Lack of trust stems from fear.  Fear is the opposite of love.  It is love that is at your Core.  It is fear that you wear like a suit of clothes, part of the Earthly experience.  But that experience is changing.  The time is right for a new set of clothes, when you are willing to trust...yourself, the Core of you, not this fear-based set of programs you’ve been pretending to be.
Envisioning what is possible, trusting, asking, allowing, experiencing and then expanding your consciousness is an approach for raising your vibration that is available with the New Energies now present on Earth.  The Universe is inviting you to experience your higher dimensional states of being in every moment, without an instruction manual.  Demanding the instruction manual, allowing your mental body to persist in the hows and whys is akin to slamming on the breaks of your Ascension.  Until the consciousness is sufficiently expanded to truly grasp what is possible in your higher dimensional state of being, the mental analyzer cannot decipher, interpret nor understand higher vibrational experiences.  Inability of your mental body to understand does not make these experiences any less real.    
Similar to being able to taste the mystery item, you are capable of experiencing the higher dimensions without fully understanding them or even knowing what you may experience.  It is the Universe, coordinated by your Higher Self, offering you this blind tasting.  You actually can enjoy the new taste of food without fully analyzing it’s origin, the chef, the collection of ingredients, how they were assembled and in what order, etc.  Sometimes we need to prove to our mental body what is possible by actually experiencing the magic firsthand.  All of the analytical rigor stems from the ego-ic mind.  This is not good or bad.  It just is.  Understanding isn’t part of this recommended approach to raising your vibration and expanding your multidimensionality.  Understanding is not necessary for experiencing who You really are.  How it works is much, much less relevant than that it is working, that you are experiencing and be-ing your multidimensionality.  This is true in spite of your ego-ic mind’s tantrums demanding to understand and slow things down so that it can think them over.
Get in the Game.  You aren’t experiencing humanity with front row seats to witness Ascension. You are not in the stadium seats, my friends.  We know this because you are the Soul wearing the body suit.  Everyone of you in physical form is a member of the on-field team.  And you are not rookies.  You are the Pros.  We do not look down on you in any regard.  You are equal partners in the current jump in evolution of the human race, choosing to play your part from within a human form.  The sooner you identify yourself as the Specialist you Are, actively participating in your own God-self expression, the sooner the magic you’ve been waiting for can be personally experienced.  Consider this a formal invitation to join your fellow humans who are already on the field. 
You may feel lost.  This is a new way to Be.  That is Ok.  They didn’t know what they were doing at first either.  Trust.  You don’t need the playbook.  It is encoded within you.  Trust.  You are not a reject of “heaven”.  You are capable of holding more light in this journey than in any Earthly journey before.  That is the plan and many are already bringing this plan into reality, starting with themselves.  When you are ready, this amazing level of light will also be beaming out from within you. 
Do you see the misalignment you can feel by viewing yourself as a perpetual student, as a bystander to your own Divinity?
Already feel like you’ve accessed your multidimensionality?  Wonderful!  We’d like to share that there is more waiting, for everyone.  No one is ever “done” with their expansion.  We notice your current vibrational frequency by your level of joy.  Some of you feel joy in almost all things, all experiences, all of your roles and it is both a cause and an effect of your higher vibrational level.  Feeling like you can still handle more joy?  Great, we invite you to re-read this message, personally attributing it to you this time, as opposed to the friend or loved one you felt needed to hear this.  You are reading this for you, dear friend.  It all starts with you.  This Earth-bound experience is all about you and all about All That Is, simultaneously.
The higher frequencies now with you are a very different dynamic than even what you experienced as recently as two years ago.  All have equal access to the highest frequencies; young and old, experienced lightworkers and “newbies”, all starseed lineages, all astrological signs, all body types, all cultures, all belief systems, all genders... all in physical form on Earth in this timeline have equal access to their multidimensionality.  Everyone is a VIP in this Ascension timeline as soon as you choose to identify yourself as such. 
We share our love, gratitude and great appreciation for the unique frequency each of you bring to the Earthly plane by your be-ing.  We hope this message assists you to access more and more of your God-frequencies, increasing your light quotient higher than you ever dreamed was possible.  Dream large, friends.  We feel you may surpass even that.
The Guardian Council of the Golden Ray
About Jill
Jill is a spiritual teacher, channeler, healer, writer and inspirational figure for many seeking to access their God-self in their current journey.  Her awakening process in 2009 amidst the higher frequencies and her soul blueprint offered her ready access to many of her spiritual abilities, sharing them professionally since 2010.  Her spiritual support team is still in the process of sharing with her who she is as a Soul.  At this time, Jill is aware of several aspects of her Mastery, her Guardian roles as well as Spirit Guide roles.  She is a gateway for bringing in the highest frequencies to Earth.  Her service include assisting others in re-membering how to "be" in the higher frequencies, how to bring the New Earth into their personal reality in the present moment.  Her spiritual support team is displayed to her like a sports stadium filled with Ascended Masters, Angelic Ambassadors, Master Teachers and Guides as well as many Ambassadors from various Star systems.  To Jill, they feel like family.  The wisdom she accesses most often feels like a highest realm of unity consciousness.  In addition, individuated souls also participate in her work including the Souls we know as Mother Mary, Jesus, Thoth, Buddha and Quan Yin.
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Birthing a Better Future
As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
You each walk into a stairway of questing, of questioning, of asking, what is the next step of my journey, of my mission? You stand at the top of the stairway to heaven, seeking Jacobs ladder.  Your hearts’ desires live above the patterns of matter.  As you reach into your higher heart for higher truths, you also reach for higher creational abilities.  These abilities live in the invisible.  They are visible only in your mind, in your heart and in your dreams.
You are asked to place all of your wants and needs –upon an invisible future.  the invisible will manifest in accordance with how deeply how powerfully you believe in it.  You cannot see your future because your future does not live here on earth.  It has not come about as of yet.  you are always ahead of your creations.  It is like baking an invisible cake from a cake mix box that has no directions on it, putting it into an oven that is invisible and turning on a timer that does not exist. There is great frustrations, as you feel all alone in your creations. 
Each of you holds your personal 'vision in invisibility.'  Every great person that has existed on this earth has held the vision in a place of invisibility.  First they imagined it, and then they loved it until the invisible became seeable.  It did not birth by some divine decree. It came into manifestation through the hearts, the yearnings and the desires of those that called it into existence. 
You are responsible for creating the invisible dream that lives in your heart.  hold it as one who holds a baby bird– comforting it, giving it warmth, nurturing it.  You are continually birthing what you need, and what you desire.  Most people give up before it is manifested -- the very day the birth is to be announced they quit, they stop, and they walk away.  They think who will notice?  Who will care?  Alas, Everything of life notices and everything of life cares!  All of Earth was ready to welcome in that manifestation that you so lovingly created, and germinated inside of your heart and that you so thoughtlessly aborted before it was birthed. 
Trust the seeds that you have planted.  You must trust that what your soul yearns for is true and will come forth and be birthed. The Creator does not ever and can not ever hold back from you or sequester something from you.  You are given full reign on earth. You are the ones that will birth the future. 
When you see a need, fill it.  At that moment in time the universe is saying to you – “Help me to birth this.  Help God to birth it by just holding the vision long enough for it to manifest".  Each of you is asked continually to help birth a better future, a better Earth,  just by you're thinking.  Hold the vision of goodness  for your world – not just your own creations. Whenever you have an opportunity to seed another’s thought – give them the gift of what you know to be truth and hope.  Hold that gift long enough until it is birthed.  Do not ever give up on it.  The Creator, the Source has never given up on you. Do not give up on others.  Do not laugh at their dreams or toss their dreams to the wind because sometimes a person’s dreams is all that they have to live for.  Help to birth the dreams, the desires, and the invisible into the visible.
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, I believe in you, and I know that you are serving a certain plan that was set in motion before the incarnation. I know that it has to be good. I believe in you.
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HEAVEN #3865
All That You Have Been Given
June 25, 2011
God said:
Give the thoughtful little acts. They mean so much. Visit the lonely, the sick, the poor, and give them occasion to feel better. Sometimes all it takes is a little attention. I will call this survival of the fittest, you being the fittest, beloveds. Survive by giving to others that which is yours to give.
You will find many occasions to bless someone, and so you are blessed. You are blessed twofold. You are blessed by your ability to give, and you are blessing by the deed of giving. Maybe thrice-blessed, blessed again that someone gives you the opportunity to give.
Do not overlook the power of the little things. A word. A glance. A deed.
Remember to give what someone wants more than you want to give something else that you favor to give.

Company may or may not be a gift desired. Sweets may or may not be a gift desired. Give what the receiver desires. Think of what the receiver desires. It could even be a bowl of lemons.
There are occasions where your presumed needs take a back-burner. Not what you want, but what means most to another.
When you are grateful for your own life, express your gratitude in the avenues of others’ lives. This pleases Me very much. Any kindness you give to one of My children, you give to Me. I thank you for your generosity. I thank you for taking care of My children as if they were your own. Of course, that is the case. Every child is yours. Everyone is yours, and therefore everyone is for you to care for.
In your awareness, skip no one. Just as you might total bills, tote up those who value a thought from you and can use it.
Once you had a narrow awareness. Now it has widened. Your awareness widens with your vision. Soon your vision will be all-encompassing. In passing, you will take care of everyone. You will see out of the corner of your eye. You will see even that which the eye cannot see.
You will look into My eyes, and see through them. You will see all. You will hear all. You will be All.
Responsibility is not worry. Responsibility is awareness. Your reach is long. Your step is long. Your giving does not even feel like giving. It is where you are. And so you carry out every responsibility to the world and to yourself. It is to yourself that every generous act is directed. You skip no one.
It is that your mind and heart encompass all. You are a soldier of mercy who carries everyone to the light. There is no battlefield. You succor everyone. You carry a sword of light that mutes all darkness out in the field. You are the ray of light that eager eyes look to. You light up hearts, and those hearts light up other hearts. You lead the Light Brigade.
In so doing, you put out fires. They are so easy to put out. They never should have been. They submit eagerly at your feet.
And, so, the whole world becomes at your service. You who serve the world are served. Not a day goes by that you are not served. This is true for everyone, only what you are served may not be as you desired. Give more, and desire more. Everything is for you to give, and everything is for you to receive.
As you widen your eyes, you will see all that you have been given. This makes it very easy for you to give, and give you will.
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Message from Spirit on Finding Solutions
Through Barbara Dutcher, M.A.

Dear One, thank you for presenting your dear heart and your situation into the light of love for information. Shining light on anything helps to reveal its true features, much as you would shine the light of truth on an idea, or shine a flashlight into a dark corner.

As with all situations, there is always a solution. This solution, if you so choose, will be the very best outcome for you. It is wise to turn completely all earthly concerns over to spirit for resolution. To do so indicates that you are completely trusting, completely at ease and completely certain of a positive outcome - and not just positive, but the best outcome for all concerned. It cannot be otherwise if you turn all over to spirit, which alone guarantees that all knowledge, love and wisdom enter into the resolution of your situation. How do you surrender in this way, you ask? In each moment, of course; but in the world of time there is what is called a learning curve. This means that you begin by intending that the best solution is reached. You affirm that this is so, and already taken care of. You are simply patiently waiting for all to be revealed. You present your concerns, if any, to spirit for resolution, insight or inspiration. Then you rest in gratitude and certainty, trusting that all is well and that you will receive information as it is needed, and that you will follow your hunches, and trust your inner knowing. In this way, you will be certain to receive the messages that spirit will surely send, in all ways that you can notice. You must be willing to receive an outcome that you did not expect; you must be willing to trust; you must be willing to act upon your knowingness. Practice each day your intentions, affirmations, presentation of concerns or questions, and your gratitude and certainty. You cannot fail; you cannot make a mistake; you cannot be outside of God's care - ever.

All is well. Find joy in each of your days and open your heart, your mind and your eyes and ears - spiritual insight is coming!

Rest in God, always.
Barbara Dutcher, MA, is a teacher, channel and certified spiritual counselor. She teaches a method for reliable connection with inner guidance, and receives kind, loving and wise messages from Spirit on behalf of her private clients. To learn about her Audio Lessons, Self-Study Course and Workshops, please visit * For information on her Spiritual Counseling services, please go to: * For Articles, and Messages from Spirit, you may visit  *       

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