The Bible and Christ



Question: Dear Spirit: I've heard that the original transcribers of the first five books of the Bible were instructed to write it exactly as it was given them, with absolutely no margin for deviation. I've also heard that the reason for this involves a code, recently discovered through the use of computers, that, when decoded, contains the entirety of human history within it. That is one of those things that make you go "Wow! God is amazing!" But... and here is the problem for me... those first five books of the Bible speak of exactly the kind of God I have no desire to believe in: hardening Pharaoh's heart, turning Lot's wife into a pillar of salt, etc., etc. So... is the code legitimate? If so, why all the gruesome stories of a very un-Godlike God? Thanks for your help with this, and much love and gratitude to you for your work with mankind.
Answer: God is amazing... even without a code. If you wish to place credence in this synchronicity, however, then remember this: The God of the Old Testament is the same one as today. The bias you see was given in the dispensation of Law, and was a reaction to Human consciousness. As humanity changed, so did the teachings and the teaching energy. This gave the appearance that God changed, but this perspective is actually reversed. Humans changed, giving a new bias and slant to the ever-more-enlightened messages. As parents might treat a very young, difficult child with unflinching and consistent discipline, they also would treat a young, enlightened adult far differently - with choices and responsibility offerings. Who changed? The parents or the child? As the dispensation of Law gave way to Love, and now to Responsibility, God seems to have changed even again! But it is again the Human Being who drives this.
But it doesn't make God any more amazing than right now. Human Beings on your planet are being asked to take their divine power at this unique time in Earth history. Put down the old texts and begin to live the new ones that are poised in your writing hand. Write the new and amazing code yourself. There's wonder in the old items of history, but the instructions for your "now" must come from the new energy information sources... the ones at the core level of your new consciousness.
QUESTION: Dear Spirit, please enlighten us as to the role of the two great teachers - that is, Buddha and Christ. If one were to literally study each of these two masters' lives and work, it would appear that they're not preaching the same truth. Yet, if there is one God, there should be one truth. What is the truth regarding these conflicting teachings? One appears to teach that the end of desires is the gate to immortality or nibbana; the other teaches that by accepting the finished work of redemption on the cross, we have made peace with God and our eternality is assured.
ANSWER: Your question is asked in the posturing of what you've been told today. If you were to understand what both really were about, you wouldn't even ask the question. Today's "history" is one that has been manipulated by the leaders of these two organized religions.
The idea of accepting the redemption of what took place on the cross doesn't even relate to the real purpose of the master of love, who was the Christ. That entire scenario was created later from a false assumption, and did well for those who would control the population with religion (which history will show they did). The Buddha (Siddhartha) also has not had his full true passion revealed. The teachings of both were sequestered early on, and revamped to suit the needs of those who would be in control of the teachings.
The above information may sadden you, but be aware that you can "tap" in to both of these great masters anytime you wish. And when you do, you'll discover that the truth is the same. The ultimate liberation for all beings is within you. You're eternally assured of peace with God because you are a piece of God. Even the master Christ told you that you could be exactly like him... a son of God. How do you justify that information against what eventually became the doctrine? Are you at all concerned that there was no Rapture when it was "scheduled"? Did you know that Christ taught about your past incarnations? Where is that in scripture? Why is it missing?
Things aren't always as they seem, and you must now "look past" what men have given you or taken away. Look past what they manipulated and removed from the teachings of both, and instead, now it's time to pull from the truth within. When you do, you'll peacefully justify all the teachings of the great masters, given from culture to culture, that taught unity for all and exposed the grandness of the Human Being.
Do not let this shake your faith, for the Love of God is still supreme in all these things, and if you seek, you'll discover the true messages, and then you'll love these masters all the more.
(3) QUESTION: Dear Spirit, will we be seeing more revealed on biblical forgeries that pertain not only to artifacts but to scriptural writings as well?
(4) QUESTION: Dear Spirit, I can’t thank you enough for your insight on so many subjects of concern to us all. I hope you can shed some light on this question: Why has the Bible been allowed to survive for so many years with all its fallacies?
Being brought up in a Christian church, I lived in fear of God, Satan, and not being able to live a life without sin. Through your teachings and others I have come to believe differently and now feel free after such a betrayal.
ANSWER: First of all, let us remind you of how Humans are honored with free choice. There is no “giant hand of God” that’s going to come down and correct misinformation. Whatever develops within the Human culture is done so through whatever Human consciousness is there at that time.
What we have told you is that your current awakening will create awareness of false information, and that even the church leaders will see it. Some will try to keep things the same, fearing that it will all collapse if they don’t, and others will begin the correction process. All this will add up to chaos. You’re already beginning to see it.
Basically, all religious systems will begin to fail—all of them. Ancient texts will be found (or revealed) that clearly show the writings you have lived by aren’t accurate, and have been manipulated over the years by men in power. The result will be that some will leave the system and look for better answers and some will attempt to change the church to better conform to what has been discovered. In both cases, it will change the status quo of the balance of religion on the planet.
The new energy on this planet is already doing exactly this. How is old organized religion doing these days? The answer is that it’s slipping in popularity. Are any popular books challenging the premises of years of spiritual teaching? Seen any division in Christianity or Judaism or Islam? The answer to all of these questions is yes. Look around and you’ll see Humanity beginning to try to validate what they believed in the past, and if it’s found wanting, they’re going to find something better for themselves . . . sometimes with information coming only from within instead of from the outside.
Humanity will be intuitively looking for a belief system that doesn’t tear down the Human seed of existence, or place God in a box for everyone to conform to. They’ll be looking for something that acknowledges that every Human is part of the harmony of life, and therefore is eternal; something that begins to “connect the dots” and reveal what every master who walked the earth has said: That you’re empowered to change yourselves and the earth since you’re partly divine yourselves. They’ll be looking for something that “rings true” with what they’re feeling, where they don’t have to suffer to please a higher power.
What they’ll seek isn’t a doctrine and it doesn’t always depend on having a prophet. It’s a way of life that honors the “prophet within” and lets all that has gone before snap into place within a wisdom pattern that allows a realization that God is much, much bigger than previously thought.
QUESTION: Dear Spirit, it seems to me that from time immemorial, the soil in Jerusalem has been covered with the blood of the thousands who die there. One of the channellings confirmed that the New Jerusalem is, in fact, the physical Jerusalem. If this is the case, I'm curious as to why, over all the centuries, has so much blood been spilled on this land/ground/soil? Why does Jerusalem seem to exact payment in blood - even sometimes from travelers who pass through and are killed? This seems to be a most peculiar thing - it's as if this ground/soil demands human blood for its existence. Why?
ANSWER: Your question is truly a profound one. It's against all odds that this would occur, right? It's counterintuitive to the way things work in a divine place, isn't it? This alone should "flag" that there's something here that's different. The reason? Jerusalem is at the heart of the largest religions on the planet (Islam included). It's the center of the "one God" revelation. It's also where the trouble would begin that would end civilization and bring about the tribulation and the end of Earth.
Such a place is filled with the blood of all, even the blood of what you called the Christ. It's all part of a portal that's so strong that it creates human passion, and therefore leads to death (the choice of humanity is what to do with its passion... free choice). God didn't create the blood. Humans did.
The "New Jerusalem" will be such a contrast to the old one that historians will say, "How could a place with such a violent history be the portal of peace on Earth?" This is the potential in Jerusalem. It exists as a "portal to the way Earth will evolve." So far, it has been death and more death. The potential is that it can become the model of "peace and more peace." Can this really occur? Yes. It will take time, but the energy being delivered to the planet from now to the year 2012 will make a difference. Watch the players change. Watch what the children will do.

{To be continued}


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